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Is it true that goons removed all the porn from this game?

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But that doesn't look like suspicious porn game at all.

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I don't know, but I do know that goons are our worst enemies.

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There was no porn in that game. Only capitalism.

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Yes. I particularly loved the Nagi and Charme scene, sexy and hilarious as fuck.

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Yatta -> Yayifications, seriously what the fuck.

Also get out CF devs.

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You don't remember Chun-Li saying "Yayifications" in her victory poses in SF2?

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I don't even mind cute localizations, but that went way over my quirky-and-random tolerance threshold.

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I found it a cute localization, don't see what the problem is with Yayifications.

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It's because we're all bitter and hate fun, despite being on the site that has spawned a lot of similar cute/zany things. No, BECAUSE we're on the site that has spawned a lot of similar cute/zany things.

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Bread is expensive in Nunavut.

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The localization wasn't bad at all.

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Play the original, see what they removed. Some of it is completely arbitrary. They removed a bath scene with no nudity or suggestive anything because LOL WE'RE GOONS AND WE HATE THE ANIME CHILDRENS TAKING BATHS.

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Warriors of the Wind was a great action-adventure film.

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The fuck? Why did she win? Because she's a woman?

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I think there's a little bit of damage under the KO sign. You can't really tell how much Guile's been damaged because of the O.

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you are kidding me.

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I need to see proof of this scene. I want to see official Recette nude CG! Although I know they did the same with Fortune Summoners, except they put a towel on the lolis.

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>they put a towel on the lolis.

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I don't mind a little Working Designs-ish translation to spice random useless NPCs up, but you can't just make up everything and throw in pop culture references everywhere. Not only the Carpe Fulgur games, but some goons work on other games, too. It is a bit immersion breaking to find Lowtax's Banhammer or the Fat Lute in Morrowind, or the guy in Final Fantasy 5 saying "you goons wrecked my ship up something awful!" Might as well have /b/ translate your game.

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"Everyone who likes things that sicken me should die!" - typical normal, 2012

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It's a good thing we're headed that way, since I'm sickened by breeders. Time to weed out the normalfag population.

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"Holy Crackers!"

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While lots of them certainly might think that it's not exactly okay to sexualize little girls, you guys DO understand goons only make huge deal out of this shit because it gets people like you riled up, right?

It's one of the best long-running trolls in the history of the internet.

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Please don't claim that. It's seriously naive. They do a lot of things for laughs, but they also dish out bans/probations and engage in "anti-pedo" activism because this is a big deal to these people. I'll admit a lot of goons probably don't care that much, and do it just to fit in. Normally the only people who dare oppose these things are the posters with earlier join dates.

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Zorak made a Let's Play of a game series where little girls fly around and shoot each other. If you beat one of the games on various difficulties, you're rewarded with pictures of the little girls in various sexy outfits.

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slowbeef made a Let's Play of a game where the protagonist walks in on a 14-year-old girl showering, and a large part of her breasts and buttocks are visible. He also translated its spiritual sequel, which had a few fanservice scenes centred around a teenage girl.

Something Awful - Hypocrisy/Bourgeois General

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this is my favorite ban on SA

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I don't get why they think lolis dehumanizing children is a bad thing. LIke, do they want realistic cartoon child porn? It's like they hear the word dehumanize and think that's automatically bad.

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What game is that?

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goons are socially inept normals. they probably (read: definitively) think that liking loli means you want to fuck 3D children.

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The Rance series.

Page he's referring to is http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Rance

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I didn't know those forums were this bad. People pay to join up?

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I meant the let's play.

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they used to be really really good. now they are basically reddit. only worthwhile board is FYAD.

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Yep. 10 bucks.

I never understood it either. I've known about SA since 2002 or earlier and I never liked the site, and definitely never joined that forum.

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Why do people get so mad at Rance?

I feel like people who get so up in arms about rape have never actually interacted with a rape victim and assume that all rape is the violent, horrific stuff they hear about on the news.

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> It's a game about saving the world by raping your way through the women. That ban should really be a permaban.

> I was wondering if that thread was really just a honeypot for creepy anime dudes. One down!

> I can just imagine the guy saying "PRUUUUUUUUUUUUDES :argh:"

> I was considering reading that thread since the concept was dumb enough to maybe be enjoyable but if the other non-banned people talking about playing the Rance games (literally surprise sex, the game) and Saya no Whateverthefuck ('horror' VN about a guy who, post head trauma, sees everything normal as meaty horror and sees some kind of weird monster as a 12 year old girl, which he fucks) are typical of the thread then yeah I think I'm better off without it!

> anime.. anime never changes.

> To be fair, as soon as he posted that, like three people were immediately like "Dude, I wouldn't admit to playing that even in ADTRW."

Something Awful.

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I know some sign up just for the LP archives.

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Something Awful is an irrelevant, uninteresting piece of shit full of retards and faggots. Anybody who still browses it should feel bad.

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>now they are basically reddit.

Oh god, don't tell THEM that. They loathe Reddit a lot more than they ever did 4chan.

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To be fair, with some of the people they make fun of... that's probably actually the case. They see the worst people and think we're all like that, just better at hiding it.

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They've been brainwashed by feminists. They seriously believe normal rape is worse than death and torture.

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Good, I know what to say if I ever get the chance.

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The Retsupurae guy? Huh, I thought he was kidding when he said he knew Japanese. He's a bigger pervert than I though too?

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I really have no clue why reddit has this kind of reputation here.

It's as bad as 4chan, only redditors think being a bunch of racist, misogynistic pedophiles is the most normal thing under the sun while 4channers are aware that actual normal people would consider them outcasts.

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How does that even warrant a ban? What the fuck is up with those powertrippers, jesus...

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Snatcher, he LPed it twice. To be fair, I twisted the facts a little. The original scene (http://youtu.be/jSM0coG2Mps) was edited slightly in the American release to make her appear older, though the towel sprites were pretty much the same. Didn't stop slowbeef making suggestive comments once an in-game variable was changed from "14" to "18", even when there were no sprite changes.
He has played the original Japanese version, and made a wonderful comment about the heinous pedoshit here:

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Is SA still relevant? The last I heard anything of them was like 4 years ago when I last visited /b/.

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well 80% of SA mods are fat pre-op trannies. not joking. the forums are so shit that theres a board dedicated to making fun of rest of the forums.

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SA bans are nothing because unless you're a poor kid with no job you can afford to shell out $10 for another account.

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Mod sass. User loses posting privileges for 6 hours

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Why would anybody waste that amount of money on a shit site?

>> No.9641994

If I wanted to blow all my money on retarded shit in a week or two I would go back to corean f2p mmos.

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Paying just to post?

That forum must be really good

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You make it sound like $10 is a lot.

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That's as retarded as buying hats in TF2.

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The only thing they're relevant in is EVE Online, which is far from relevant. So no.

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Define relevant. There are still people posting there, if that's what you mean. It still gets new users.

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You are fucking kidding me.. nothing makes anyone look more like a closet pedo than shit like this.

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im going on ADTRW to report the Dog Days thread for pedo content right now.

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I like reading the PYF bans/probations threads about pedoshit.

>Perhaps it really was at the tail end. The two of them could have developed a purely platonic relationship, with Homura the big sister and Tatsuya the little brother, and then when he finally reached a (legal) age, they decided to take that relationship down a romantic path. It's unorthodox, sure, but not impossible, and it at least carries some meaning/discussion to it versus having Homura paired off with some random nobody (which seems to be the case with Madoka and Kyouko).
>Before the translation, people complained that the artist had paired the girls off with random faceless men as their husbands (in addition to them being, well, men). Perhaps I'm giving the artist too much credit, but at least having Homura hook up with Madoka's brother (as an adult) is an interesting concept compared to some of the more uninspired (and often insane) concepts other fans have come up with. It's a moot point anyway as the odds of this being made canon are astronomically low (and again, it isn't necessary that Homura ends up romantically involved with anyone), but it's not the craziest idea I've seen.

>You really shouldn't ship young girls with toddlers (even it involves waiting until he's of age or whatever you are on about), nor should you post speculating on whether magical preteens can give birth. It is exceedingly creepy. If you really are incapable of processing why this is the case, please do let me know! User loses posting privileges for 1 week.

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Wait, they're seriously allowing a Dog Days thread?

Zorak has banned people for way less. OreImo is pedoshit according to him.

>> No.9642025

Who said anything about closet? Fuck off.

>> No.9642026

Is moot banned from SA yet?

I know Saber and the other n4c admins were. Someone have the screenshot?

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Every mod on that site needs to die.

>> No.9642029

Would you pay money to wipe your ass?

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They removed the nude bath scene from the localization. CF can go fuck themselves

>> No.9642036

Do you not wipe?

>> No.9642037

Relevant as in if they've done something recently that has caused people to talk about them.
It feels like I see a thread about them almost every day lately.

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well hopefully it'll be removed after my report. god forbid people could talk about things other than One Piece and shitty mecha trash.

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Wasn't Ichigo Mashimaru pedoshit according to SA?

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also lol at people complaining about ADTRW post 2006. fucking nerds.

i am looking hard but i can't find any decent pics of Recettear

>> No.9642049

yet SA had a 700 page thread about Gurren Lagann, a show in which first episode a mole burrows between the DD sized breasts of a 14 year old girl.

>> No.9642050

I wipe with handfuls of dollars.
I tried using euros, but the coins got stuck in my ass.

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You misunderstood my post. I was calling the goons who removed that stuff closeted. People who react to potentially-sorta-half-quasi-notreally pedo stuff like that are clearly trying to hide something, and this hypocrisy sickens me.

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it's always fun bringing up the SA magical word pedo

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You seriously believe this? That's pretty dumb.

>> No.9642063

But he's doing a great job! Some choice responses:

>Holy shit, how is he not banned yet?
>I mean, Zorak has a well-documented history of hating anime pedophiles. And even in ADTRW, anyone who makes that many creepy posts about little girls getting pregnant is probably a pedophile.

>ADTRW is really a lot less creepy than people give it credit for, Zorak runs a pretty tight ship in there. Most of the creeps have either been banned/perma'd or just chased out by now.

>Yeah, I mentioned it in the last thread, but I'm really impressed by Zorak's modding. I think the fact that ADTRW is a reasonable place and that guys like Primoman are the exception is really a testament to his skills.

>The fact that he's doing that is half the reason for the reputation. After all, look at all the creepy people from ADTRW that got banned.
> VVV - My point is that it wasn't deserved because he does purge creeps whenever they pop up, that's all.

>I don't think there's been a lot of bans in ADTRW since the pedocaust days, and given that Zorak is pretty strict, that says a lot of good things about the forum.

>Yeah, the creepers tend to stay away because there are tons of places to go be creepers about anime that won't cost them $10 every time they decide to cross the line.

I'd like to know what their criteria for being creepy is.

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liking anything but HOT BLOODED shonen or mecha. not joking.

>> No.9642072

it's probably true

>> No.9642073

Liking anything someone doesn't

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this is SA creepy

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He has a point, though. It's not all HERP DERP THEY HATE PEDOPHILES THEREFORE THEY'RE PEDOS THEMSELVES reaction formation, but they are overcompensating way too much. They're all paranoid as fuck. Post any non-"creepy" image of a child, you risk getting banned for it. Doubly so if it's a drawing.

>> No.9642084

if you posted that picture on GBS you would be 1) perma banned in 12 seconds 2) the thread would turn into a 300 page manhunt where they find out where you live and then drive past your house shouting 'fuck you freak!' for weeks

>> No.9642085

Anime is basically the SA equivalent of Railgun.

>> No.9642087 [DELETED] 

I was already permabanned dude remember? :0

>> No.9642090

dear god

>> No.9642091

i was painting a picture for the people who dont know how SA works

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there is something wrong when i can't proudly proclaim on a forum how cute girls are

>> No.9642099

holy shit....

holy fucking shit

>> No.9642101 [DELETED] 

Where did my posts go?

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Their definition of creepy is not our definition. Deal with it. Dealt with it, in your case.

>> No.9642104

I don't get the appeal of forums.
Most what I've visited tend to turn into 'huehue suck mod cock or i ban u'.

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>No Yukurri, they are downright creepy.

I actually said "what". These people are fucking weird.

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are you surprised? this is what the avg. female poster looks like on SA

>> No.9642112

gently caress this poo poo

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Well, I saved them at least.

>> No.9642118

My favorite SA ban was a guy getting banned for saying Sengoku Rance is a fun game.

>> No.9642123

Janitor, I am not really gigs. You know that, right?

>> No.9642124

What was the specific reason? "Creepy"? "sickfucksickfucksickfucksickfucksickfuck"?

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Probably rape. That has always been a touchy issue on SA for years.

>> No.9642135

Zorak is a pseudointellectual nazi that makes shit LPs
Slowbeef is a retard
Everyone else is shit, but not notable enough to get a mention

>> No.9642136

I have given up on trying to figure out the whys behind these things, and just go out of my way to verbally abuse this sort of person as much as possible.

>> No.9642138

Who is gigs and why should I care?

>> No.9642142

Sometimes I feel like anons are the only people these days with any fucking sense

>> No.9642144

Gig is a major character in Soul Nomad, from Nippon Ichi Software. He hangs around inside the main character's head, offering advice, abuse, and power in his quest for freedom.

>> No.9642146

What I don't get is why people are banned for things outside of the scope of the forums. For example, I just read a post where someone said some of the items in their Etsy store were copies of other people's creations, and he was banned for it. What's more, the reactions seemed to strongly agree as though a ban was the most appropriate course of action. For a transgression on a different website.

Doesn't SA discuss drugs? I'm thinking Kirtaner, Dave_O, etc. Are people banned for it now?

>> No.9642149

Dude the people on TCC take their drugs very seriously. Don't take it lightly.

>> No.9642152

its SA aint gotta explain shit. if you go on SA for any other reason than FYAD you might be a fucking retard.

>> No.9642155

I don't get it.

>> No.9642159

I thought Helldump got removed.

>> No.9642162

I go to read ban reasons, fuck you.

>> No.9642165

I like the idea of SA and how it's organized. Obviously a lot of the humour and so on is what also attracted me to 4chan.

But whenever I visit the site, it reminds me of exactly why I hate normalfags and pseudonymous forums.

>> No.9642166

thats acceptable too. personally they just make me mad.

>> No.9642176

It wasn't always this way. Back when 4chan was still just a baby website SA was pretty much what 4chan is now but more orderly.

>> No.9642177

Pre-2005 ADTRW

Everything else sucks.

>> No.9642181

>OK guys, we're going to have an anime forum, but you are NOT allowed to talk about creepy stuff like sex!

Maybe this would have worked in the 90s, but all anime these days revolve around semen making glopping noises as it flows into little girl vaginas. It's so silly. It's like having an Otaku Culture board, without being allowed to talk about anime.

>> No.9642182

I don't really understand why you would like it. Paid forums just take the problems forums already have and make them much worse, or at least more apparent. At the absolute best you get rid of the people that are there to just shitpost, but even that is not guaranteed.
And that's not something that is exclusive to current SA. It's always been that way.

>> No.9642186

FYAD is /jp/ with less shitposting and about anything instead of jp stuff.

>> No.9642193

Oh you.

>> No.9642194

I seriously hope that when this place starts genuinely dying off it does so with slightly more dignity than SA.

The lack of self awareness about their own decline and waning influence is honestly one of the most terrifying and pathetic things to see happen.

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