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Is ZUN!bar really gone?If so he was the last original shitposter left.

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He wasn't a shitposter. But yeah /a/nons made him leave. I doubt he cares though, he just goes with a flow and doesn't give a fuck.

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>He wasn't a shitposter

He ONLY commented on off-topic posts in his last few months here.

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I'm not a shitposter!

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No he didn't

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Delusional ZUN!slut fan

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>last original shitposter left

offense taken

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Go fuck yourself. Zunbar had the /jp/ spirit. There is a sexshop thread on the front page right now which has like 200 posts right now. /jp/ is dead.

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That should be deleted too (Where are these new Janitors and the sticky?) but that has nothing to do with how off topic ZUN!bar was.

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>le my personal 2D/Random board face Xd

That's not /jp/ spirit, friend.

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Will somebody please explain why the HELL Kotesu Jeeg is punching wheelchair Yukari.

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>touhou/random is xD
oh now we gone full circle because touhou is 2D, whud the fug do we do now?
Same as you and me or every poster that has ever been on /jp/ but Zunbar got singled out for it. Wonder why.

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Actually, taking it easy is /jp/ spirit. You are very un-/jp/.

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zunbar wasnt a sh!tposter
how rude
calling someone a sh!tposter is the worst insult a jper can give to someone ;(
i thought bullying was againstthe rules?

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When did you get unbanned bad poster?(Not a shitposter just bad at posting)

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I saw him post earlier, although only his tripcode was left and the "ZUN" part was omitted. I didn't really like him in any case.

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Can't take it easy when the frontpage is full of pigspam and "ironic" finnish memes

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Then you should get the fuck out.

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im a good poster jerk i had a long conversation with mods and they begged me for forgiveness for the bullying and gave me honorary [GOODPOSTER] status
any mod who bans me now gets fired and anyone who deletes my posts gets a stern talking to

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Why do you always reply so late? Who the fuck do you think you are? Why should we be put on hold so you can go fix your hair or whatever the hell else you do in the meantime?

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Okay seriously here now.
How can you support such spam?
It's not creative, it never was funny, it's just pure shit that even /b/ could do better

Please explain to me why you think that this is anything but spam made by retards so they can sit in their chatroom and jerk each other off

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Shut up skank!


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I love you dont bully meormyfriends-chan!

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sorry im trying to charge my psvita :/ it wont charge no matter what i do i even plugged it into my ps3 and i didnt work :( i also had to make that image with the song in it

why do you bully? dont you realise im a real person?? your hurting my feelings and you dont even care?

i love you too anon!!!!!!

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You called me a jerk!

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Whenever you show up I begin to feel very sadistic and have a strong desire to abuse you. But when you reply back to me saying your feelings are hurt, another emotion wells up from deep within me and I start to regret my actions. This cycle will continue until one of us dies.

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Man I wish I could kill the both of you

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you called me a bad poster!

wbhy do you want to hurt me?/ i havent hurt anyone :(

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>implying u read this ha fag

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>wbhy do you want to hurt me?/ i havent hurt anyone :(
Because replies like that get me hot. I enjoy making you sad.

I'm sorry.

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If you apologize I might take back what I said earlier....

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I'm a girl!

Ask me anything!

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um okay im sorry! insulting doesnt solve anything

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Are you Brasilian...?

Please respond

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You are forgiven and I take back the insult...

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Everyone who posted in this thread should get banned.

Except me, of course.

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Please don't misuse the spoiler function.

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You may have his trip, but you are not dontbully chan

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thanks!!! <3

do you prefer dogs or cats??

get your hand out of there o_o

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Do you like this song?


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wut happen to zunbar

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