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How did you enjoy your NEET day /jp/?

I busted out my electric razor and shaved my ballsack and now my crotch itches like crazy. (I don't have any STDs btw) I kind of want to see if aftershave will help but I don't want to burn my dick.

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Don't use an electric razor down there...Please get some normal razors, preferably female ones, and take it slow.

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Felt depressed, went for a long walk and was filled with rage and hate during, felt better by the time I got home.

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I busted out my electric razor and shaved my head since my hair was getting long. Then I ate a bagel.

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Leaving the house... what is wrong with you?

n-no thank you.jpg

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Today was nice. Woke up, poured a glass of iced tea, went to the kitchen to make some vanilla custard/pastry cream, made some choux pastry and piped it into longer shapes, then when they came out of the oven I cut them and spooned in the custard and dipped the tops in chocolate ganache.

I got the cream for the custard last night and was really excited to make something with it. Having something to look forward to the next day helps me fall asleep.

Then about ten minutes ago I went to the gas station for a drink and was told it was free. I felt guilty taking it.

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house leavers pls go

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Well, I ate a really good tasting bread that had cheese baked into it with a pack of olives and roasted garlic pieces that I got at a really fancy grocery store. I swear that was the only time I left the house today! And to pick up mom from work BUT THAT'S IT I PROMISE!

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How fucking NEET are u /jp/, no seriously. I don't ever go outside or anywhere for that matter get on my level

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Please go

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I was Neet for three month, but soon I will go to university/

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Stimulant medication is great for enjoying life as a NEET.

Within 30 minutes of taking the pills I immediately feel my mood rocket up and I strut around my room dancing and singing for hours.

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I was NEET this past weekend, and today too since my classes were cancelled.

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You're lucky man.
I'm afraid of my future classmates.

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what medicine? and how would I get my hands on it?

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Just regular ADHD medicine. You can get it really easily if you live in America and just go to any doctor and mention a few ADHD symptoms. You'll come out a few minutes later with an adderall prescription.

The fun thing about these pills is that depending on the size of dose that you take it can make you feel nearly as euphoric and confident as meth or at lower doses it can just be a great study aid for learning things like Japanese.

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Can I be Neet, if I go for a walk with dog every day?

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Woke up at 7 AM
Made some coffee
Made some refried beans and had burritos
Still hungry, made a frozen pizza
Watching dumb shit on TV, read some, wasted time on the internet this whole time
Took a nap from 4pm to 11pm
Watched some horror moves for a few hours
Jerked off, felt depressed after
Now it's now, 5AM getting on here for a bit
Probably going to sleep again soon

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How much money would I need to construct a small log cabin in the forest and live as a hermit?

Whether or not I can get internet connection is optional. I would like it, but it's not really needed. I love nature and I want to spend my life surrounded by it, but there are too many people outside so I rarely get a chance to go outside and enjoy nature.

I just want to live in an isolated spot in the middle of no where where I can enjoy nature but not need to deal with any people.

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Woke up at 8pm got up to piss, and ate cereal, layed back down at 12am went back to sleep until now...

Thinking about what to eat again.

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Depends on how much space you need. You could do this for as low as five grand for land and shelter if you don't need anything too big.

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how would you be able to enjoy your Chinese media then!?

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How are you going to take it easy living like that? You'll have to do a ton of physical labor just to get enough firewood for the winter you know?

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Which state would be the best to do this in? Some place with lots of forests and a low cost of land I guess, but I don't know which state has cheap land. I think I would only need an acre or two at the most.

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Tired, orientation on the 28th and I am nervous.

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>You'll have to do a ton of physical labor just to get enough firewood for the winter you know?

I think I would enjoy doing that. I love moving my body around and doing physical labor, but I just can't stand to be around people. It's too much for me. If I could be completely alone then I would love to cut up lumber and do all sorts of physical activities.

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You need to look around. I had planned on doing that here in Ohio. Your best bet is to find something bordering a national forest. Then you only have to buy a small lot but you will still have access to a huge forest. If you build somewhat close to the road you will still have easy affordable access to electric and possibly water.

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Is this going to be another thread of talking about school and work? Why?

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Because people on /jp/ go to school or work.

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Why not post about it elsewhere? This is the NEET thread, not the work/school thread.

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After college I am planning on working for a few years and save some money to live comfortably as a neet for a while

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The best work for NEET - freelance.

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Because you can be Neet on holidays, even you are at work/school.

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How much money could I realistically make from doing online freelance translation work?

At least around minimum wage?

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Where are you live?

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I live in the U.S.

It doesn't have to be minimum wage though. I live with my mother so I have no expenses. Any extra money that I could save up would be good.

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2:30-4:30 PM: woke up and played video games
4:30-7:00 PM: Ate some mini-corn dogs and watched TV
7:00-9:00 PM: More video games
9:00-now: Reading Muv-Luv and drinking gin

I hope I never change.

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Then please keep the discussion steered clear of work/school related topics, thanks.

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NEETs be slippin. Where you at fugboys?

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I'm right here on my couch watching Friday the 13th 4. I just ate some hot dogs.

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I'm here but I don't have anything to write about.

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I'm almost done with Sleeping Dogs. That game is kinda bad, but I might as well play to the end.

The story is basically bad Infernal Affairs fan fiction, the combat is a simplified rip-off of the latest Batman games (which aren't really good to begin with), and most of the missions are repetitive. Some of them are practically filler too, since they're only tangentially related to the main story. At least it looks great on PC.

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Woke up at 8:30. I went on my computer immediately because I thought that I was 30 minutes late for a Rogue Trader session. Got informed by the GM that it was called off regardless. Then I ate and played Dark Souls for about 6 hours.

Also got informed that my cousin OD'd. I wasn't really related to her, and I met her once if memory serves correct. So I had no real reason to care. But my uncle is a good guy and I honestly felt kind of bad for him.

Nothing too important outside of that.

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What did she od on?


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Probably cocaine or meth, which implies just a dash of dick.

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The "slippery slope" concept applies perfectly to addictive drugs.

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Finished. The last few missions were pretty good. Still I'd give it a 6/10.

also, wich Sleeping Dog wud u fuk

I like Jeng because she's the only that isn't a turboslut.

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People can OD on cocaine/meth? I thought those drugs usually just gradually chip away at your health until you eventually die at an early age from a stroke.

I always heard that downers are typically the drugs that people accidentally overdose on.

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My dog chewed my telephone cable so my internet is really slow and unstable.

In a way it's a breath of fresh air, because I'm forced to do other things. I even read some of a book yesterday. And scarcer posting = more taking it easy = higher quality posts.

I hope my internet never gets fixed.

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Holy shit. How stupid can you be! Even my little sister would know that.

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He probably knew that deep down. But people don't usually OD on that stuff, it is usually downers. Where I live anyways it is.

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Most people die from speedballing. They take a big dose of heroin and snort some cocaine, at some point they accidentally take too much heroin without realizing it and then the cocaine wears off (it was the only thing keeping their heart beating) before the heroin and their heart stops from the CNS depression that the heroin is causing.

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Still trying to work up the courage to get autism bucks. Might have to go hole up in a homeless shelter since my parents want to kick me out if I do something like that.

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Starting college in 2 weeks after 3 years of living as a NEET

My parents are helping me buy a netbook. 50 bucks so far.

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Get out.

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It did not go well. I learned that a girl who goes to my rehab program (it stops people from telling me to get a job or go to school) lives RIGHT ABOVE ME in my apartment complex. I think I've heard her putting her ear to the floor recently.

She's cute, but this is NOT like my chinese girl cartoons. I'm scared.

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I'll be back in 3 years. This is like an investment.

After this my parents wont bug me for at least 10 years

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The time has come.

Should I buy this: http://www.cosplaydeal.com/touhou-project-kirisame-marisa-maid-black-and-white-cosplay-costume.html

Is it a good deal?

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The material looks pretty low quality.

>> No.9640387

Not him but what would you recommend?

>> No.9640390


Is it worth it to just get one custom tailored?

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Find a way to turn that fear into pleasure. Fuck and be crazy together.

Ah, that's probably it then. Though I don't really know the details, I assume that it's fast lane drugs because she apparently had a lot of problems with them in the past. Maybe it was sleeping pills, but it would be rude of me to ask.

I can't say that I'm sympathetic. She had a good life, a family and a nice house next to a river in sunny, sunny, Florida. What she did was retarded beyond belief. But my uncle must be torn to bits right now. He spent some time in prison for doing something stupid as a teenager. Struggles to get his life back on track when he gets out and finds that he has a son. Starts up a now thriving business. Ends up marrying and having another child. Gets a nice house and does everything that can be considered 'right.' And well, THIS happens. she was a stepchild , sure, but he talked about her like she really was his daughter. He's going to be thinking that he failed when he did nothing wrong. Such is life, I guess.

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She's just as scared of you as you are of her. Or is that bears?

>> No.9640438


I'm not sure, it was just an observation that most of these 'cosplay costumes' have low quality material. It's probably fine for private use but i'd not want others to see me in a cheap looking costume.


Regardless of material quality it will probably look better if it's custom tailored to you, If you do then make sure you get all your measurements correct.

I had to modify some of the first things i bought because i didn't get them custom tailored, despite the fact that they were cheap i wish i had to save me the trouble.

>> No.9640467

I just want it to wear at home and browse /jp/

>> No.9640505


If no-one else will see then material doesn't matter so long as it makes you happy/feel pretty. Custom measurements are still worth it so you feel extra pretty though.

Stay cute /jp/

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the OP picture makes me happy.

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My brother went back to school today, so I'm home alone.

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Whatever happened to the guy that was going to meet his NEET girlfriend's mom?

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Not a NEET, but I love how civil you guys are and one of the few non misogynistic groups on here.

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My mom is making me go to therapy and trying to get me on meds. Anyone have experience in therapy?

>> No.9640778

if you're a truneet you'll hate it. otherwise it might or might not help

>> No.9640779

Are you Canadian, American or OTHER?

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I called every tailoring place in the phone book and none of them do custom tailoring.

It's "too hard". Fuck youuuuuu tailors!

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Therapists are normal fags that think they know about you're life.
I've been to a therapist.
I asked him what his longest period of NEET was during his life.
He couldn't reply.
So I asked how he thought he could understand me having never been in the same situation as me.
He couldn't reply.

He didn't ask me back for another session.

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Make sure he isn't in it just for the money or you will be in debt. If he can prescribe pills be wary.
Also consult a medical doctor before taking anything, I have heard some horror stories.

>> No.9640807

I argued with mine.
Asked him how he could help when he had everything given to him and makes money by not doing shit.

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Therapists can do that in America? You need to be a real doctor with specialization in psychiatry to prescribe antidepressants here.

>> No.9640826

I went to therapy when I was 15, got prescribed some anti-depressant that caused me to not be able to sleep. Couldn't function at all because I would sleep 3-4 hours a night. My mom wouldn't believe me when I said I can't sleep and claimed it was because of my depression. Threatened to put me in an institution if I didn't take my medication.

have fun.

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Our "doctors" just have a masters in psychology.

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that actually sounds better than not functioning at all because you sleep too much, like me. At least you have more time to do mindless shit like browse /jp/.

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What's the longest you've gone without eating?

>> No.9640899

I haven't taken the drugs in years and sleep sorta fine now. I'm 27 now please subscribe to my blogspot.

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Two weeks while on IV nutrition.

>> No.9640904

Working on day 4, won't have food until September.

>> No.9640909

I haven't had a real meal in months, live off of ramen and granola bars.

>> No.9640915

I don't trust drugs except aspirin and maybe cough medicine.

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Tried to install Arch.

>> No.9640929

Maybe I should do that too. I have some extra weight I need to lose. I mean, I'm not fatty but considering most people on /jp/ are borderline anorexic, I kind of feel like one.

>> No.9640932

i'm obese and i eat next to nothing and have been for years.

>> No.9640934

Most /jp/ are white american middle class kids. Go figure how many of them are borderline anorexic.

>> No.9640938

I've lived off processed chicken for 15 years.
I start vomiting uncontrollably whenever I eat chicken now, processed or not.

>> No.9640941

I wish I could send you food somehow.

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I don't enjoy my NEET day. So bored.

>> No.9640947

I'm trying to NEET it up in peace, but there are far too many stupid people and normals in all imageboards that I go too.

Do I have to find chans that aren't on the clearweb to find people who don't blog incessantly about their girlfrends/jobs/etc? How do you feel about a wrold that has abandoned you, yet demands that you contribute to it?

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Same here. I have a dozen games I mean to play every day but I never do.

>> No.9640949

Went to work, had sex with my wife and played some Vicky 2. Pretty good day.

>> No.9640951

I've been meaning to learn how to play Vicky 2. How hard is it compared to Europa University 3?

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Finding something else to do helps. If I think I'm going to play video games all day, I find myself reading, and vice-versa.

>> No.9640985

It's much more complicated than EU3 but I wouldn't say it's difficult to learn. EU is baby's first Paradox.

I recommend you play as Japan if it's your first time and learn the ropes as you go along. Japan allows you to civilize and become a Great Power fairly easily without needing to fight for survival or forcing you to hold onto a large empire. Avoid playing as the big European powers until you've grasped how the game works.

>> No.9640990

When your parents cut you off you lose that luxury.

>> No.9640991

I do nothing but browse /a/ and /jp/ anymore. I can't even enjoy video games or anime anymore.

>> No.9640992

After several years of trying to reintegrate into society I lost my job yesterday. It's pretty sad how someone can fuck your life up just because they felt like being a dick that day. So for the time being I'm a NEET again, and I genuinely am enjoying my day for the first time in a long time.

>> No.9641002

I started taking online college courses, I probably will stop after a week.

>> No.9641006 [DELETED] 

Its time!
Chitose Get you.

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My power keeps going out cause of the storm. I fucking hate Florida sometimes, good thing I'm on a laptop.

>> No.9641085

just finished by 4th all-rune run in dungeon crawl.

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Oh... I never feel better after that.

Also downsage for quality thread.

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I'm too lazy to edit the picture, sorry.

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I hit an all time low /jp/

I just melted cheese on a plate and ate it.

It was sub-par

>> No.9641424 [DELETED] 

At least throw a tortilla on there first.

>> No.9641435

You didn't eat the plate did you?

>> No.9641440


Shit, I do that all the time.

>> No.9641442

Very good.

A couple of old e-friends have returned and the teamspeak community is back to strength.

I'm also spreading at a rate of 170-200 day on through a couple of sites I run, so I'll be very powerful once I buy a $100/month VPS in Israel

>> No.9641446

lol 10\10

>> No.9641447

because this is a NEET/BLOG thread thanks to the new rules.

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Help /jp/
My ass stings every time I take a shit.
I didn't eat anything spicy.
I think it's a hemorrhage or whatever.
It goes away after a few hours tho, but then next time I take a shit it hurts again.

>> No.9641456

Its sin leaving your body better change your ways

>> No.9641459

Goddammit, Ameripigs. Why melt it? You can eat cheese without doing that. I've seen it done before. I even did it myself. It's possible. Trust me.

>> No.9641461

I don't sin, I'm a good little girl

>> No.9641466

I like cheese but I don't like it as much as bread so I thought it would be awesome.

>> No.9641467

Happens to me too. It's like the bottom of my anus (side closer to the spine) is ripping, and sometimes there's blood.

>> No.9641469

It tastes better.

And what are you suggesting, anyway? Does melting the cheese make it more fatty? How does that work?

>> No.9641471

I think there's some dish where you place the cheese between two slices of bread then eat it. I can't remember what it's called, though.

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I fapped for the first time in 2 months.

Felt pretty meh. I'm not sure why people say it's amazing if you hold out.

>> No.9641481

smoked finished beserk watch beserk abriged ate now bored

>> No.9641485


It's only amazing if you're really turned on and you edge. I don't think there's anything fun in just holding out

>> No.9641486

I went three years without and when I finally fapped it was amazing. I think it's largely because it was a renewed experience, though. I had forgotten what it was like.

Also, someone linked this a few days ago: http://youtu.be/wSF82AwSDiU
Besides No Fap for the sake of No Fap, it sounds like restraining yourself might have some benefits.

>> No.9641492

Listened to some T-ara,Sistar and Baby Soul while discussing plastic surgery with some people on the internet.

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Warmly waiting for my package to be delivered. It should have been here by now. It's late. I'm getting bad feeling.

>> No.9641498

Speaking of IV nutrition, is there any real way to buy some and just live off of a nutrition bag with only small amounts of food intake?

>> No.9641499

Tried programming today. Got really confused on larger scale programs. Listened to C82 music to calm me down.

>> No.9641523

What is this edging you people keep talking about? Just stopping to fap when you're about to cum and then continue a while later?

>> No.9641526

You could have still eaten it by itself, just without melting it before.

I'm just under the impression that there's cheese that's meant to be melted and cheese that isn't. Melting the the latter is kind of uncultured, hence "Ameripigs", if that's what you're getting at. It's just a matter of taste and opinion, though. No hard feelings.

>> No.9641529

What is it?

>> No.9641532

I've never heard of another anon who lived in Ohio. It's perfect for a neet, there's absolutely nothing to do here anyway unless you're in Columbus.

>> No.9641533

Cheese is cheese. Unless you're buying horribly processed cheese, then you can do whatever the heck you want with it. What you're saying is like saying you shouldn't toast certain kinds of bread (in before it turns out this is the case).

>> No.9641543

But that isn't her name. I'd give it a 7/10, because 7 feels a bit low and 8 seems way too fucking high, and I wont give it a 7.5 because that is a faggot bullshit number for a rating.

If you didn't have much fun playing this game then I don't know what to say to you man. Did you just go from story mission to story mission? A lot of the side missions that give you face are pretty fun, and the races are a nice challenge (if you don't own the best car in the class).

For an open world game this is one of the best around I think. Plenty of secrets, cool locations, things to do.

>> No.9641546

How about a 75/100?

>> No.9641555

I went on a water fast for 6 days once, for fun. Even though I am underweight.

If I ever manage to live alone (which is my number one priority right now, I can't take it easy having others around - can't do that without working though), I will do fasts more often. When there is always food around, it's easy to fail, and hard to get motivated.

>> No.9641559

This guy is a homo and his video promotes normalfaggotry. I steer clear of sexual things as much as possible, hoping to eventually to become celibate, but he's essentially saying that people should stop watch porn so that they can find relationships in real life. It's absurd. Both things are just as bad.

>> No.9641563

I sometimes go three days without eating just because I can't be assed to walk to the store.

>> No.9641565

But that's wrong you fucking retard.

The only people who can prescribe pills are Psychiatrists, who have been through medical school. Psychologists have a masters in Psychology and can recommend pills, but not give you the prescription. Therapists don't even need any psychological background, all a therapist 'needs' is an understanding and helpful personality. Psychiatrists > Psychologists > Therapists.

Stop looking at the world through your angsty "i hate america so everything in it is stupid and i hate it, boohoo" glasses. Fucking idiot.

>> No.9641567

That's the idea. I really find the concept of minimal eating very appealing. I feel much better physically. The only downside is when the habitual mind patterns take over trying to convince you that you are hungry. The urge is honestly not there if you're preoccupied with interesting things. Normals can't into that because they are always suffering with work and other things, so they always say that fasting is difficult. Not at all.

>> No.9641572


Ill never be a cute young lady. Ill never be able to cosplay Touhous and fit the part. I'm just a man with man boobs and skinny-fat flab. Ill never be able to act with my confident, morale-boosting demeanor typically attributed to males as a female.

Hold me, /jp/.

>> No.9641575

you can still be a trap for us.

>> No.9641581


Doubt I could pass.

Also everyone always says at best I sound like a drunk and at worse that I have down syndrome.

Woe is me!

>> No.9641582


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>If I ever manage to live alone
>can't do that without working though

Says who?

Picture is one of my local mental health hospital accommodations. Has an ensuite and a shared kitchen/lounge. Free on the NHS if you're suitably messed up.

>> No.9641589

Yeah, no thanks. I was put into a local institution against my will a while back. No internet or any form of electronics allowed. People come in and check on me every single hour, including during the night time.

Polar opposite of taking it easy, really.

>> No.9641592

I'm finding it hard to get past such big numbers in my ratings systems, but I think that works fine.

>> No.9641597

I'm not even American and I hate America because it's so ass-backwards and hypocritical. A visit to Norway could be an eye-opener for those who genuinely believe that the States are somehow the world's greatest place. You're completely free to do it, only your voluntary ignorance is holding you back.

>> No.9641598

thanks for giving me a flashback to some of the worst times of my life, dickhead. think before posting, you might hurt someones feelings.

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We just want to help you, Anonymous...

>> No.9641600

I agree with you. Honestly, I don't know what that anon was thinking.

>> No.9641604

Sorry. I was going to include a tr*gg*r warning, but my dad shot himself when I was a kid.

>> No.9641611

my dad killed himself too when I was 10. doesnt stop me from thinking about other people before posting.

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File: 53 KB, 936x385, omeglejp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone wanna chat!?

>> No.9641622


My sister was impaled by a p*st. Thanks for bringing up the trauma again, jerk.

>> No.9641623

I've been interested in trying out fasting. I don't think I've ever gone without eating so not sure how difficult this would be. Are there any health benefits from abstaining from food?

>> No.9641631

thats it im gonna kill you lock your door bitch

>> No.9641642

My dad would say this all the time

>> No.9641643


You know, obviously normals will be normals and will hold a similar opinion on what's best with full reliance on various modern medical protocols or just healthcare in general. However, you'd probably expect them to be a little better than everyone else being in that field, right? Let me tell you, my whole stay over there was like a really cruel joke.

I was taken away by the police and put there because I am considered somewhat insane by their standards. As evaluated by a hospital psychiatrist (I will cover why this is important further on). If I were to continue being anti-social, they would keep me there indefinitely. After a few days, I built up enough confidence to pull off a somewhat normal front. As in, I went to the lounge and started talking to some of the people that were working there. That's when everything got progressively worse. I won't go into details, but to me it seems like I was in an insane asylum, except the insane ones were doing the imprisoning. You have no idea how primitive they were. And they are people in healthcare! They are supposed to be saving people from death! It was a really traumatic experience.

Oh yes. The hospital psychiatrist. Let me tell you something I learned. People who work for the government in healthcare don't care about anyone's health. Everything is really systematic and robotic. Mental health is a delicate thing, but even in that respect, they treat you like dirt with no regard to your state.

cont'd ...

>> No.9641644

I'm thinking about moving back to my parents' place in the backwoods. City life didn't magically turn me into a normalfaggot so I could as well save money and help them with chores.

>> No.9641646


Mine too, but like 30 minutes later he'll come to my room and apologize and I'd just wish he'd go away because I want to play video games and he's there giving a speech about something he did. Don't know what that's about.

Then he'd get mad when I ignore him and say "Why won't you accept me into your life!?" or some shit

>> No.9641653


Cut dicks are superior.

>> No.9641659

After that, my mom was insistent that I keep on looking for someone to help me. I found a person that worked alone through his own psychiatry business. There is absolutely no sensible way to compare the two. The difference is unbelievable. While expensive, the person I spent that next few months talking to was a really nice experience. Everyone here would love him.

If you're going to look for anybody to help you, do NOT go to someone that is employed under the government. Just my advice.

>> No.9641663

when I was institutionalized there was a kid who refused to take showers and had to be forced and another kid who would eat light bulbs. (i was 14)

I met a really nice and pretty girl there but it turned out she was addicted to sex and tried to fuck anyone she could. (not me in case you were wondering)

>> No.9641674

I was in there for 7 weeks because I told my school psych that I had thought about suicide. First and last time Ive talked to anyone about my problems offline. Im 27 now.

>> No.9641686

You cut her addiction lel

>> No.9641702

It's easy as shit if you don't do physical labor or heavy exercise. Eating a lot is just a habit like drinking or smoking. I've done all three. They are indeed difficult to give up unless you live in the peaceful limbo of NEETdom.

>> No.9641710

i doubt it. a few days before i was set free she was caught doing lewd things in a cleaning closet. she threw a huge tantrum and had to be put in restraints by multiple grown men.

>> No.9641712

Did you guys end up in a children's hospital/ward? How were your experiences compared to >>9641643?

When I was 15, I almost ended up in an institution for under-18s. Most of the other patients were cute girls with eating disorders. I was shown around the place and it actually seemed fairly cosy, and I figured I would end up getting into zany harem scrapes like in my cartoons. However, the place was full, and I never ended up living there. I was told I could live in an adult institution, but all the doctors I spoke to recommended against it, and implied it was full of pretty bad people.

>> No.9641726

Probably what she wanted anyway.

>> No.9641728

Calorie restriction increases lifespan, and fasting has a lot of benefits on the body short-term as well.


>There are also recent studies on mice that show that fasting every other day while eating double the normal amount of food on non-fasting days can lead to improved insulin and blood sugar control, neuronal resistance to injury, and general health indicators. Punctuated fasting diets produced superior improvements compared with mice on 40% calorie restricted diets. Alternate-day calorie restriction may prolong lifespan and attenuate diseases associated with inflammation, oxidative stress and aging. Fasting has been shown to be an effective treatment for hypertension.

I want to eventually be disciplined enough to pull it off.

>> No.9641732

> I almost ended up in an institution for under-18s. Most of the other patients were cute girls with eating disorders. I was shown around the place and it actually seemed fairly cosy

this is exactly what it was like. just replace cosy with cold and depressing. if you were sitting next to a girl watching TV on the couch you would have a orderly tell you to move.

>> No.9641734

I've been in an adult institution.

No computer or internet. Sucked balls. Left after less than a month because I thought the treatment was poor and I hated the other patients there.

>> No.9641735

Man, 4chan keeps blowing my mind.

Is there some catch to this though? Like how polyphasic sleep turned out not to be all that beneficial.

>> No.9641742

So you couldn't interact with people? Or was it just the opposite sex?

>> No.9641748

>No computer or internet.
In a way, I would like that. It would be like when 4chan goes down, so you do something productive. Except when 4chan goes down, you really just sit there refreshing the page. This would actually work.

>> No.9641749

Nobody knows for sure. There are just a bunch of scientists running around doing experiments, seemingly coming to more or less the same conclusion. I don't doubt that some are against it. The problem with humans is that they are way too stupid to figure out what is truly best for the body because of many biased opinions. The only way to figure out anything is to try it yourself and see how your body response in the short-term. If you are happy, then you can decide to continue. Nothing is for certain though. Just like those people who smoke all the time and live to be 110+ years old.

>> No.9641750

You might want to check out Arkansas.
I've lived here most my life and besides summers being kind of hot I like it.
You do have to watch for tornadoes at certain times of year though.

>> No.9641751
File: 113 KB, 533x585, 1324271217491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9641753

opposite sex mostly. if you were playing othello or some shit with a girl you would have an orderly watching you like a hawk. i guess it makes sense but that was pretty much the only time i managed to actually interact with girls so it felt like shit.

>> No.9641760

Well, what strikes me as odd is how it deviates from nature. Or does it?

I figure the typical, average, healthy human who ever lived had daily meals at around the same time each day. Shouldn't we have evolved to accommodate that? Or is this too simple?

>> No.9641765

You can't use plentiful food as an ego boost like most do or resort to comfort eating.

>> No.9641771

I just spent most of my time in my room sleeping. There was nothing 'useful' that could be done there anyway. They wanted me to interact with people who were horrible to interact with.

>> No.9641774

I did maybe 10 side missions, but I thought most of them were pretty lame and not worth the trouble. And you barely get any face for completing some of them (even with the buff), so I avoided them most of the time.

I normally don't like open world games either, but the Hong Kong setting + Infernal Affairs story interested me. The game isn't too bad, it was just pretty mediocre with some ups and downs.

>> No.9641775

losing your freedom is worse than death.

>> No.9641776

It seems this time the subtopic is institutions, huh?

I was inside once, for a week that felt like years. Too many "Fuck you" without a single break and I thought it was the time to end it. But I looked for help and was put in there. It was the only time in my life when I actually felt uhh... the cogs inside my head screeching and falling apart.
I don't know what the hell I was made to take, but it left me... stupid. When I entered my room and found two of my fellow madmen "making my bed" I didn't suspect anything. When I found my PSP and music player were gone I didn't make the connection. The staff didn't do shit, of course.
But at least the food was good, and one of my roommates was a cool guy. He looked like he was 100, while he was probably around 40. Life didn't pull any punches with him. He had that spark that said "You can talk and reason with this guy; no need to engage low-IQ mode". We had some laughs.
Too bad I acted like the retard I am and didn't take his cellphone number. Of course he wouldn't call me even if I did gave him mine.

>> No.9641777

>I figure the typical, average, healthy human who ever lived had daily meals at around the same time each day.
Agriculture is a new invention.

>> No.9641779

Like I said, it's all way too opinion-based. From all the knowledge I have accumulated and the things I have chosen to believe, I feel way better eating less food. But that's only me, you see.

There are just my observations:

>People who eat less are in better shape.
>People who don't/very rarely eat meat are in better shape in old age.
>Food takes up too much time, and people seldom use it to stay alive. 99.9% of the time is for stress relief.

I'm sure there are more things, but these are amongst the most prominent.

>> No.9641781

Your roommate was probably a plant. Most medium to large institutions have a couple of staff members living as "patients" to spy on everyone else.

>> No.9641785

>Food takes up too much time, and people seldom use it to stay alive. 99.9% of the time is for stress relief.
This is so true.

>> No.9641807

I guess you were in for paranoia, huh?

>> No.9641864

>>People who eat less are in better shape.

Michael Phelps eats 10,000 cals a day training, and probably 6,000 on average. Here's some more anecdotal buttpillaging: I eat close to triple what my NEET physics-obsessed friend eats and I'm 3 times stronger and can outride him by 50 miles on the road bike any day.

Plentiful amounts of food lend to a stronger, fitter and more capable body, but on the other hand these people who eat lots and train hard (like athletes for example) are not going to live past 90 years old.

Better to live 80 years as a wolf than 100 years as a sheep I always say.

>> No.9641874

oh yeah faggot? i run 50 miles every morning and im training to be the worlds first NEET astronaut you poser bitch.

>> No.9641876

Please stop bullying.

>> No.9641881

>Better to live 80 years as a wolf than 100 years as a sheep I always say.
What the HELL are you doing on /jp/?

>> No.9641885

I didn't. I have a JOB, losers.

>> No.9641893
File: 178 KB, 457x330, 1344907171772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got it. It's a new keyboard.

It's tiny and hell to type on. My average wpm dropped 5-10 words from my old keyboard. I guess I'm just not used to it. It's a lot smaller than my old huge massive keyboard so I feel like I lost a lot of real estate for my hands. The keys are also feel smaller even though they don't look smaller and I end up pressing neighbor keys a lot when I try to type quickly. I don't touch type the conventional way either so that doesn't help my case at all. The keyboard itself is extremely minimal and square and sharp and it hurts the edge of my palm.

I don't want to return it though, it's too much of a hassle. I guess I'll just have to deal with it and use this keyboard for 3-5 years depending on how long it lasts (probably 10-20 years because it's a mechanical and a cherry mx blue).

Feeling a bit of buyers remorse but I really should try to appreciate it more, it's not a bad keyboard. I'm just a whiny baby.

>> No.9641895
File: 274 KB, 961x871, 1341777012683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How ignorant can you possibly be?

>> No.9641898

I never proclaimed it was truth, anon.

>> No.9641904

Everything he said is true, Americlap.

>> No.9641917

Lifting and eating quark isn't going to cure your autism, fellow person.

>> No.9641922

T-thanks for s-s-standing up for me.


>> No.9641942

did he look like giorgio armani?

>> No.9641959

My son keep going to his hispanic friend's house after school and isn't doing his homework. He usually comes home and eats but whenever his friend calls hes skipping meals.

Just on Saturday I bought him a new game and he promised me that he won't go to his friend's house, but today he went anyways.

I've never had good experiences with these fucking spics and I don't want my son hanging around them. Just on last Friday he went to their house after the little spic said a week ago that they were going to have a "party" and that their spic parents are going to buy them treats from McDonalds. Seeing him so excited I decided to let him go. Later that nigh I was told there were no treats and the spic parented pretended it never happened. Jesus fucking christ an icecream and some fries would cost $10 at most for two kids. Pieces of shit.

>> No.9641965

Tripfaggots should die

that is all

>> No.9641968


>> No.9641977

my wpm dropped by a ton when switching from a laptop to a desktop with a '3D' keyboard
i hate laptops so much

>> No.9641983

You should get a mechanical keyboard

>> No.9641992

Hey get out of my NEET thread

>> No.9641995

That's really sad. Hopefully your son will find somebody that deserves to have him as a friend.

Also, there's no need for racism; I've met white families who behaved similarly to the hispanics that you've mentioned. Their hispanic cultural background has little bearing on their bad behaviour.

>> No.9642012

You have a terrible sense of humor.

>> No.9642034


I'm a neet as much as the next guy

your actions reflect directly on your own people.

>> No.9642044

But this is a mechanical keyboard. I just mentioned that, didn't I?

>> No.9642047

What are you on about?

>> No.9642054

I play rpg today

>> No.9642058

which rpg

>> No.9642088

Learning to play 3rd eye, going ok so far

>> No.9642096

Hey dude, not to scare you out, but, in Costa Rica, that is the most common way from pedos. McDonald's and ice cream. Keep a hawk eye on him. The parents of the spic could be forcing their son to befriend your son.

>> No.9642098

はぢきせ and Arcanum Knights.

>> No.9642107

How can I find a rich man that will take me as his wife and let me be a NEET forever?

>> No.9642111


>cultural background has little bearing on their bad behaviour
This exact wording is just idiotic, no matter the context.

>> No.9642115

that is disgusting. please stop being such a gaybo king of homos

>> No.9642139

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out. They have like 30 people living in that small house.

As far as I'm concerned all the two kids does is play on the wii and play on their sonic figurines. But I need to find a way to separate those two. Nothing good has come out of their friendship so far. He went from being an honor student to skipping school two days a week in just a year after befriending him.

>/jp/ - parenting culture

>> No.9642154

>As far as I'm concerned
Have you confirmed? If you look at Wikipedia, a HUGE part of infant pregnancy comes from hispanic countries, which means they've more loose pedos. As for the quantity of people, look at the ages of infant pregnancy.

>> No.9642160

How old is your son? Maybe you should try getting him involved in some kind of hobby.

>> No.9642171

No it's not. Shut up.

>> No.9642172

Build Gunpla with him! It's the ultimate bonding. Have you ever bothered to play games with him either? I used to love watching my older brother beat a level too hard for me.

>> No.9642184

Yes it is. Quit trying to force your gay agenda on everyone.

>> No.9642196

check you are privilege cis scum

>> No.9642216

I'm sorry for not dumbing it down enough for you, troglodyte. Try improve your reading comprehension.

>> No.9642222

I was about to ask in the Something Awful thread, but it was deleted:

Are there any decent, sizeable forums with boards that cover a variety of topics? I don't mind some barrier to entry (e.g. paying) if it's worth it (i.e. not SA).
I lurked Wrong Planet recently and it was decent, but I'm not autistic enough to appreciate their ways. I wish there was something like an English 2channel, but unfortunately we're stuck with world4ch and 4-ch. Which are okay, but slow and spammy.

>> No.9642223

Imagine it like this.
rather doing something you like and live for 80 years than being a normalfag and live for 100

>> No.9642225

1) start believing in reincarnation
2) kill self
3) respawn as a nice looking girl
4) suck some nasty cock
5) NEET lyfe

>> No.9642231

The internet is shit now and it's only getting worse. Learn to deal with that or find a new way to spend your time.

>> No.9642234

How is eating less being a normalfag? Also, are you implying that eating minimally is suffering?

>> No.9642244

> Learn to deal with that or find a new way to spend your time.

Are those the only two options?

>> No.9642245

Why don't you learn Japanese? Then you'll have a lot more imageboards/textboards to browse.

>> No.9642252

Can you think of anything else?

>> No.9642253

Considering that "new way to spend time" constitutes every other possible thing in the universe and existence, yes.

>> No.9642256

I am having a medicine review soon. I am on Paroxetine 30MG at the moment and have been for a while although recently i have still been wanting to kill myself and it never stopped me being depressed.

I wonder what they will do and if there are even any medicine that will help me take it easy and not feel depressed

>> No.9642262

I'll just stay here since I got nowhere else to go on the internet.

It actually is at first but once you keep going through the pain you just get used to it and have much less of a need to be constantly comfortable. Even though you'll be in more pain you'll feel more clear headed mentally and can overcome the physical pain.

>> No.9642263

I know some Japanese, but not enough to read Japanese boards. At least, not without consulting EDICT or Denshi Jisho every five seconds.

Besides, I'm happy to put up with the burden of pseudonymity if I get some good reading material or discussions going. I just want somewhere to hang out other than /jp/. I spend over 12 hours a day here, I need to wean myself off it.

>> No.9642266

>keep going through the pain
There is no pain involved. Where are you getting this from? I would contest that you're being a normalfag if you eat constantly because you're unhappy with your configuration in life, unlike a truNEET.

>> No.9642271

These threads always seem to pop up when I'm sleeping. I woke up at 6PM today.

>> No.9642275

why would you want to talk to normies?

>> No.9642278
File: 132 KB, 500x555, 1336935966000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need an exciting new NEET prescription drug that I can request from my doctor.

What legal drugs are fun, /jp/? I need names.

>> No.9642292

Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextrostat, Vyvanse that sort of stuff

>> No.9642293


>> No.9642297

As an experiment. It's not that I dislike /jp/, I'm just worried it's distorting my worldview (in a bad way) and making me overly cynical. I'll probably come crying back after a day.

And non-normalfag forums are fine too. Like I said, I tried Wrong Planet. The only subcultures I wish to avoid are gamers and hip nerds.

>> No.9642300

Well I do also exercise so that could be why and I also feel really stressed out for no reason often which could also contribute to emptiness hurting. But below that I like the mentally numb feeling minimal eating and on and off fasting gives me.

>> No.9642302

just do DXM. dont even need a doctor for that. only negative side effect is liquid shit

>> No.9642307

Ritalin or Adderall.

>> No.9642311


"Nootropic" is largely a buzzword, but this guy has written some pretty fair and useful analyses.

>> No.9642320

I've been thinking about DXM or even trying out DPH but one question. Do you ever get ID carded when even buying that stuff? Because being a NEET I have no drivers license and no ID even at 19 here.

>> No.9642321


frig the hell out of /jp/

>> No.9642327

im almost 30 so i dont have the problem. cant tell you. they wont sell you multiple bottles at once though.

when doing it for the first time just make sure you can get to a toilet (no stairs or steps in your way). once the shitting / sweating phase passes you'll feel real smooth for at least 5 hours. the first time i did DXM i spent 1.5 hours on teh toilet (felt like 5 minutes though)

>> No.9642329

What do I need to be 50 to use /jp/?

>> No.9642333

what the F*CK are you going to do about it homodumpster

>> No.9642339

How long are your parents going to support you don't they tell you to get a job and stuff i was NEET and my parents told me to get a job so i got autism bucks and moved out lol.

>> No.9642345

People like to pretend that everyone here is old and mature.

>> No.9642346

some parents dont do anythinga bout it, especially if they feel guilty for how you turned out

>> No.9642347

Stop assuming every country gives away autismbux just like that

>> No.9642353

All I need is one for DXM to test it out. I'm not going crazy my first time.

I need to get on autism bucks soon, my time is running out here and I don't even know how to do that.

>> No.9642373

i wish i had a talent like drawing so i could make cool stuff instead of spending 23 hours per day doing nothing.

>> No.9642390

What is something? What is nothing? All will be lost and forgotten with time regardless of what you do.

>> No.9642395

not if you do something really bad

>> No.9642398

Pick up programming. It's the easiest way to pretend you are doing a lot of work without actually doing a lot of work. All you need is basic problem solving abilities.

>> No.9642410

Nobody will care about Hitler in ten million years

>> No.9642413

Are you creative? Pick up a Loomis book and a pencil, or read Ravenspiral's Guide to Music and make some music.
Are you logical? Learn to program. Read Learn Python the Hard Way or SICP.

You can't be neither. The Sims taught me that.

>> No.9642415

No! Don't say that! Even if it is true!

Fuck you!

>> No.9642422

How do you know?

>> No.9642427

>Learn Python the Hard Way
Don't do that. It's shit. There are much better Python books out there.

>> No.9642439

i'm creative with shitposting and thats about it. i've tried all of those things and failed because i got disgusted at how bad i was at them.

>> No.9642443

That's basically a blogging thread ?

So I had to go out today to see some doctor. My mother dropped me in front of the hospital, I lost my way inside, had trouble filling some papers. Then I had trouble answering his questions, I shaked a lot when he touched me.
I felt really sick when leaving and it was so hot than I threw up.
Then my mother forced me to go buy some bras for the first time since 5 years I guess. The shop was next to the hospital. I was embarassed as hell.
I went back to sleep at home.

>> No.9642453

Man I don't know shit about programming, every time I try to get into it I get confused at which language I should begin with.

What exactly can you do with python that you can't do with java or something?

>> No.9642454

i hope you don't think im creepy if i imagine you as a cute little girl.

>> No.9642471

It's kind of natural to be bad at something like that when you are first starting out, dude.

Don't worry about the language you start with. If you actually enjoy it you will end up learning more than one anyway. Just start with Python so you will be able to more easily understand programming as a whole without being bogged down by syntax and all that.

>> No.9642478

I don't.

Oh man, it just blows my mind how much media is going to come out over the next ten million years. I guess we can look to books and theater as examples of what happens to entertainment over the years. It seems that everything that's made more than 100 years ago is largely obsolete, archaic, and aged to the point where it's not culturally relevant anymore. In other words, there is really no interest in consuming most of those things. Will this pattern always continue? I mean, I can't enjoy most anime from the 60s and 70s. 80s to an extent, as well. Will I look back on the 00s in the same way in 50 years?

And imagine those poor, poor souls that will be born later in the future who will have all that media to catch up on.

>> No.9642494

ten million is way too long of a timeline
we'll probably blow ourselves up by then
try 100-1000

>> No.9642496

It's ok, we're all little girls.
Though I'm actiually not little nor cute anymore ;_;

>> No.9642500

No, because that wouldn't demonstrate my point properly. Hitler will still be relevant in the next few milleniums.

>> No.9642502

You mean you didn't try enough, and you later justified it to yourself with self-loathing and feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe I'm projecting a little, but I imagine a lot of people use self-pity as an excuse to not exert any effort. You can follow a Python tutorial. If you can read this post, you can follow basic instructions. You're not mentally retarded or illiterate. Now go do it. Don't be all meta and defeatist about how unmotivated you are, just do it. If you have to, write a schedule. Pick up a pencil and write down that on every weekday from x o'clock to y o'clock you will spend some time reading a book or website. It seriously helps.

>> No.9642510

you're supposed to replace your bras every 6 months.

>> No.9642512

its ok, you will always cute and little in my heart and mind.

>> No.9642513

>projecting a little
>a little

A-ano ...

>> No.9642516

I want to get rid of my butthair, but I don't know how. I'm scared of taking a razor to my anus.

>> No.9642517

H-h-h-ere I go...!

>> No.9642520


You're welcome

>> No.9642521

You are projecting a lot actually. I mean, what you are saying is legit, but tone it down, man.

>> No.9642523

I want to get rid of all my hair on my body. I am extremely hairy and I hate it. I just want smooth skin all over.

>> No.9642529

Ten million years is an awfully long time.

In a few ten-thousand years I only expect the barebones of today to be remembered, even if we archive much better than the folk of ye olden days. If we ever settle other systems they'll all probably collectively lose their origin in legend and myth.

>> No.9642535

By what standard ? I needed new because they were worn out.

You're sweet, Anon.

>> No.9642542

Hair removal cream and a women's razor. I just tried it yesterday and it's fantastic, the cream gets rid of 98% of the hair and you use the womens razor to get rid of the last few bits that didnt get enough cream.

I'm now smooth as fuck and loving it.

>> No.9642543

i'm not trying to be sweet, just posting from my heart. please take it easy always.

>> No.9642557

Still always use hydrating cream afterwars or it will itch.

>> No.9642562

Is it possible to shave your asshole hair with a straight razor? I was thinking of moving to one from my DE razor, but if I can't shave my asshole it's not even worth it.

>> No.9642568

its not only possible but also epic as HELL. you feel like a total badass doing it

>> No.9642569

who WWE Raw here

>> No.9642573

Last time I tried to shave my cock area, I ended up having ingrown hairs and a really bad experience with itching/hurting. Same with underarm hair. I don't know how to shave without that happening, so I just sticking to trimming manually. Is there a way to do it properly? I wish to be the little girl.

>> No.9642585

So some of you must be females, right? I'll be more than happy to take care of you, but you have to be super yandere towards me.

>> No.9642590

Is it okay if I'm fat? I'm already naturally yandere.

>> No.9642593

If you shave after a hot shower, it makes everything shaving related loads better. Before shaving, maybe try exfoliating the area if possible. Also, don't shave against the grain. A pass with the grain and then across it usually gets things pretty smooth.

Make sure you're using a fresh, sharp razor too. Sometimes areas of skin on the body are just too tender to shave closely without getting ingrown hairs and other things.

>> No.9642621


But we're all little girls silly anon

>> No.9642623

A fat girl being yandere would be kinda gross, sorry. She needs to be super cute.

>> No.9642648

I jerked it to my best friend's girlfriend today.

>> No.9642658

>shaving pubic hairs

>> No.9642668

You better stop the bullying or theres gonna be HELL to pay.

>> No.9642685

You enjoy having a sweaty jungle between your legs?

>> No.9642690

Has anyone else done stupid things or could have caused people to make fun of you for the rest of your life if people found out what you did?

I've done some pretty dumb things when I was young, but no one that I have contact with knows that i've done such things.. The things they do know, man am I ashamed of that.

This is why I never make fun of people of the embarrassing things they've done in the present and past, it is distasteful to insult someone through any silly things they've done and acknowledged that they've been wrong and feel shame for it.

>> No.9642693

I remember what you did. I will always remember.

>> No.9642698

i pooped my pants once.

>> No.9642703

My pubes are the size of 2 fists and I don't notice any sweating or itching

>> No.9642705

I used to make a fool out of myself pretty often. Bad memories.

>> No.9642707


If you had any contact with my online gamer group than i'd be alittle nervous, but you don't. So you wanna go me or what? Ill break your shit!

Just kidding! I wouldn't initiate physical confrontation over words and emotions.

>> No.9642716

In elementary school I used to say this one stupid phrase at least once every 5 minutes. Everyone thought I was the 'random' kid and I had massive pride in that.
Then I went to a different middle school from my old classmates and grew out of that phase.
Once high school came around I chose the same high school that most of my elementary school friends would go to out of nostalgia.
Biggest mistake of my life.
"Hey, aren't you the [phrase] guy? Hahaha what a loser."

>> No.9642724

what's the phrase? is it "i'm a homo"

>> No.9642726


Yep, that was me. I used to say "Zoltan" and made a "Z" with my hands and my thumbs was the horizontal line. But people didn't call me a loser and for some reason I was always accepted in the majority of social cliques, yet I did not take part because I didn't really want to and it probably has something to do with the Internet.

Probably dodged the bullet.

>> No.9642729

'i fucked ur mom'

>> No.9642747

Awesome phrase. I would be proud. Anon is being really stupid with his anxiety of the past.

>> No.9642783

not so awssesome when you get beat up 5 times a day you insensitive b*tch

>> No.9642793

sh*t sorry

>> No.9642828

>trying to pick up NEET girls

>> No.9642843

Just imagine how rancid they must smell.

Unbrushed teeth.
Unwashed hair.
Unwiped ass.
Genitals smell like rotten fish.

Ohh I'm getting rock hard just thinking about it.

>> No.9642847

since when does NEETing entail not washing ur ass hole. i go out once a month for 30 minutes and i shower everyh single day.

>> No.9642851

Not sure if life would be better or worse with one.

>> No.9642864

I'm all of that except for the last one. Being a female is probably suffering. Glad I'm not one!

>> No.9642866

Do you really not wipe your ass? How do you deal with that?

>> No.9642867

>unwipped ass
and you started to sound good

>> No.9642868

I walk around with smelly, shit-stained underwear, what do think?

My ass has not been whipped in the past.

>> No.9642871

>I walk around with smelly, shit-stained underwear, what do think?
I'll rephrase: how can you stand being so filthy?

>> No.9642872

please wipe your butt anon

>> No.9642874

I'm going to watch NHK again, maybe my life will change this time.

>> No.9642876

I can't stand not showering for more than 1 day. I'm a neat freak.

>> No.9642877

I sit being filthy.

What are the benefits?

>> No.9642884

>I sit being filthy.
But you're filthy when you stand up, too.

>> No.9642886

I just want to save you and turn you into a proper lady.
>implying O can even save myself

>> No.9642889

more like NEET freak am i right guys hahaha is that funny

>> No.9642891

I mostly sit, though. Don't understand why you would ask me about standing when I mostly sit.

I'm not a lady.

>> No.9642896


>> No.9642898

Well hence why you must be turned into one

>> No.9642899


>> No.9642902

Are you going to slice my cock off with snippers?

>> No.9642905

This does make me wonder about how much the average /jp/er looks after their personal hygiene. Personally, I shower every day without exception and brush my teeth 1-3 times a day. I don't actually go anywhere, but I just can't take it easy if I feel gross and unclean. It's just what's comfortable to me, but I guess I can understand not everyone has the motivation, or maybe they're already comfortable without it.

>> No.9642906

Because you said you walk around with filthy underwear, poop-kun.

>> No.9642907

clean people = normalfag summer/weekend NEETs

dirty as HELL people = truNEETs

>> No.9642908

you're welcome btw i also fucked ure mother (sorry but she was really aggressive and im just a little sissy boy)

>> No.9642910

Parents making me go look for a job tomorrow...

>> No.9642912


>> No.9642913

hey words cut deep dont do that next time

>> No.9642915

Kill them.

>> No.9642918

long hair is a pain, gets greasy fast.

>> No.9642922

i feel sorry for you. worst come to worst run away from home and live in a trashcan for a week.

she said i make her fele like a woman

>> No.9642928

fuck off, i was taught to shower every day since i was 6 years old. i literally cant sleep if i dont shower.

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

>> No.9642929

I already steal hiring signs so they think no one is hiring.

>> No.9642932

you fukken lier you gots dots on your fingers n sh*t

>> No.9642939

I would kill myself almost right away.

My dream scenario when I finally get kicked out is to just buy a few 24-packs of water to stay hydrated, lie down in a park or forest, and just starve to death.

>> No.9642944

please dont joke about dying. stay alive and mooch of the system till your body breaks down.

- me, to you

>> No.9642948

Starving to death would suck, though. A lot of pain, a lot of waiting.

>> No.9642954

if you put that much effort into it you deserve to go to NEET heaven

>> No.9642957

I have enough money to buy a ton of ramen. Theres a small nature stream a few miles from me and some abandon houses/factories I can live in.

>> No.9642971

I don't go out much, but I've taken taco bell, burger king, mcdonalds, a big one on the side of a video store, and a wooden post one from some assembly line place in the last month.

>> No.9642977

son, i am proud.

>> No.9643009

I realize that if I kill myself I won't get to life in the era of waifus becoming real

>> No.9643017

Hopefully soon. Same here I'm living to one day live in a virtual reality.

>> No.9643043

I'm Ohio too. Where at?

>> No.9643081

Tonights a floor night, got to practice for when I'm homeless.

>> No.9643124

Anyone want to watch something together tomorrow?

>> No.9643168

every time i feel down i imagine some poor dickhead waking up at 6am with a splitting headache after 3 hours of sleep so he can get to his dead end job.

d-d-dont give up, /jp/!!!!

>> No.9643169

watch THIS

*grapples cock*

>> No.9643170

That's a terrible scene. I feel so sorry for normals. I never make fun of them for this reason.

>> No.9643173

Do mental health institutions have internet?

>> No.9643177

HELL no.

>> No.9643179

Well, they have internet, but you probably won't be allowed to use it.

>> No.9643183

Mine or yours?

>> No.9643194

You can maybe spy on a nurse checking her facebook but thats about it.

>> No.9643202


>> No.9643221

Speaking of mental health, what are the signs of insanity.

>> No.9643222

sure. I haven't interacted with anyone in a couple weeks now, what do you want to watch?

>> No.9643226


I am in the southeast on the Ohio River right on the border of WV.

>> No.9643236

Anything, maybe an anime on synchtube or something.

>> No.9643241

Want to watch me stroke my cock? Synchtube can be linked to Livestream events.

>> No.9643244

Mid-east boarder on Pennsylvania.

>> No.9643260

That sounds nice. The whole eastern half seems nice. Everything west of Columbus is pretty shitty.

>> No.9643280

What if we all pulled our money and lived together?

>> No.9643282

I have $0.

>> No.9643286


I don't think most of us can stand groups of people.

>> No.9643290

what money

>> No.9643294

I have $43 and a jar of pennies.

>> No.9643296

If I somehow got ridiculously lucky and won millions of dollars the first thing I'd do is invest in the /jp/ mansion

>> No.9643299

Liar. Uso!

>> No.9643300

I don't have money but I can suck cocks.

>> No.9643304


>> No.9643307


>> No.9643994

Starving to death is incredibly difficult, not to mention slow and painful.
Best off going into the woods and hanging yourself.

>> No.9644007

Why can't I find a nice NEET girl, /jp/?


>> No.9644010


>> No.9645049

I would really like to do that.

There's no way I'm getting a loan from the Jews, and paying rent is a waste of money, too, so I'm probably just going to live with my parents until I've saved enough money to buy property. The problem with that is that you can't just buy some 30m² patch of land because no one wants to sell land that small, but buying bigger would be too expensive.

The best solution is to found a NEET(-minded people) settlement. Anyone up for it? I'm from Germany, but doing it in the Netherlands, Belgium or Denmark should be fine, too. Eastern Europe might be less expensive, but I don't think I can deal with the people there. Spain and Italy have the advantage of warm climate, so you could build with less isolation, but they're pretty lawless countries, too. Is France an option?

>> No.9645728

Please respond.

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