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So /jp/, how is your autism/schizophrenia/depression treating you?
Have you been taking your medication lately?
Are the autism bucks good?

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No meds.
Bux are great.
But I have a medical form I need to fill out, and if I don;t they gonna cut my bux ;_;

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Having waifus is an /a/ related habit. It doesn't belong on /jp/. So if you have a waifu and intend to talk about it, kindly leave.

/jp/ is for translators, artists and scholars of Japanese culture only. It is a place to create original content and engage in meaningful discussions. Not a place for man-children to salivate over imaginary cartoon girlfriends.

Now that this is settled, please continue.

PS: Stop jacking off to touhous.

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Sex with Eirin!

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Thanks for reminded me to masturbate today.
I almost forgot!

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I don't take mind-altering addictive drugs that they call medicine, which actually have no legitimate medical value. Nor do I adhere to their fabricated and arbitrary labeling system for mental issues.

I do not get SSI checks or disability either, as I am not even 18, and I would have to jump through hoops that I cannot jump through at this moment in time. Although, I would and might take advantage of the USA's very loose "free-money 4 everyone" programs.

By the way, I didn't go out with my half little sister (who I have only seen a handful of times in the past years) and my brother for her birthday, because I hate restaurants, mini-golf, and didn't want to see my dad even for a moment.

Made me feel like a piece of shit for not going, and I still feel like a piece of shit. I hope she doesn't remember this when she's older.

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I'm okay.
Every day.
Still good.

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Can we have an Eirin thread instead?

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>as I am not even 18
Back to le Reddit, ``please"!

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I love these blog posts. They really serve to instill a sense of community here on /jp/. It feels like we care and watch out for each other.

That said, you should get the hell out, you underageb& shit.

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Don't hijack a shitty thread for that.

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What a good boy.

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"Back to le Reddit, ``please"!" ~ /jp/ shitposter using very worn out satire #1345249065


Okay then, I will get out because you said so. Goodbye forever.

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le edgy guy

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I'm fine, I swear! Don't put me on any weird medication!

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>USA's very loose "free-money 4 everyone" programs
Oh wow. How can you even call yourselves a free democracy if your education system is that selective?

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Today I had fries and a croquette for dinner.

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I recently got on the bux, but they slapped me with a dual-diagnosis for "substance abuse". That implies that they don't trust me with my bux, so they give it to my mom first who then gives the bux to me. I'm appealing and will probably have that fixed soon. Btw I'm 29 and NEET.

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How the fuck did you make that happen?

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Maybe he's a junkie.

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Jackass actually told the "doctors" that he likes using mind-altering drugs that weren't given to him by the "doctors".

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I told the doc that was interviewing me that I smoked marijuana, only after he asked. I was being super honest as to not be pinned as a liar because I told my psychiatrist that I smoked weed and I would piss test positive if they did test me.

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>substance abuse
Haha, America.

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no bux, but I take my meds

lately it seems like everyone around me is totally useless. It's like if I ask someone to do something they screw it up so I'm better off just doing everything myself

I'm kind of worried by that, worried and pissed at the incompetence of other people

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i only have adhd and anxiety diagnosis

no govmoney

but i do get amphetamines and benzos


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Have to flush my meds down the toilet soon because they're taking up too much space. They're worth hundreds of euros but I'm lucky that I don't have to pay a single cent for them.

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No bux, medicine doesn't do shit for me, but since I'm calm the doctors think it is working. My depression is at the state where I'm not sad, or not as I used to be, but I'm rather separated from the world. I have no goals and I just do shit because I'm forced to. I need to fix that soon because I've been in this state for almost a year, and in front of my parents eyes, that's a lot of time.

I wish I could become a NEET, take it easy for 5 years, and then kill myself. But it seems that I'll be going soon. *shrugs*

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I hope he meant that he was at least 17. I will never get used to being around people that are younger than me. Fuck kids.

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>Fuck kids.


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ghost bump

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With the exception of a few posts that he deleted based off his personal dumb fuck beliefs.

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Been off my anti-depressant for four days now because I couldn't get my refill, and it sucks. I'm going through a regression/withdrawal, and work was an absolute bitch today as a result.

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I only take my meds when I'm feeling extra autistic.
which sometimes happens because I'm a crazy baka.
dem bux. not much to brag about but its a living.