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Hey /jp/
help me here

Which one should I choose?
I only have money to buy one of these

also, here's an important thing:
The TV isn't in my room

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Ar tonelico all the way. Dont hesitate.

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If you've already played the others, then go with AT.

Though it's not the type of game you play with other people around.

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Ar Tonelico.
It has better music, so all your thug nigga neighbors are gonna ask you what those phat beets are.

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>The TV isn't in my room

Are you ten years old or something?

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Not everyone has money.

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I bought Disgaea 3 off ebay for $10 and 3 bucks shipping. Are you really so broke?

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>The TV isn't in my room

Why the fuck is this important?

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Yeah, I've played AT 1, 2 and Disgaea 1, 2 too

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Don't you have an lcd monitor you can hook your ps3 to with an hdmi cable?

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I only have 2 TVs
The one in my room is 4:3, can't read shit when playing

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sing a long with EXEC_Z/.

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He means your computer monitor.

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Ar Tonelico. Disgaea was a one trick pony that lost it's charm and uniqueness after in 2003.

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You can turn that off, I think

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But why would you want to?

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I don't know

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stop being beta and just go with it faglord

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Disgaea 3 was shit. I used to be a huge N1 fanboy but even I wouldn't touch that shit. Bought it on release day but couldn't stomach how mediocre it was, which is a shame, because I played the FUCK out of D1, 2, and Nippin Ichi's other games. I've heard that the Vita version of D3 is pretty awesome, but that doesn't really help you, does it.

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Go with Ar Tonelico 3

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Buy a half decent game instead of some god awful JRPG. There's plenty of games out there with actual gameplay that isn't "use enemy's weakness against them, if you can't win, grind for an hour", and stories that aren't convoluted bullshit. I can understand people enjoying pretty much every other genre, but a holdover combat system from the early 90s that only really existed due to the ease of coding and low system requirements shouldn't be around today.

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If you liked AT1 and AT2 you should really play the third one. It's not a very good game (I think GUST peaked at AT2 and MK2) but it wraps up the story completely. I know this is embarrassing but it gave me a overwhelmingly depressing sense of closure, it's like seeing a relative pass away peacefully on a hospital bed. They put so much effort in developing a extensive backstory and world for their games, they even invented their own language for it, and they'll probably never re use any of this in their games ever again... knowing this makes me cry. That's how special these games are to me. Dunno if this is a convincing argument.

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Get Ar Tonelico. It has Cocona.

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They're actually worse now. The old Final fantasy II or III at least had faster combat, for games like Atlier you need to sit through 5 minutes of cut-scenes every attack.

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You are out of your mind. The recent Atelier games have some of the fastest turn based combat around.

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Only NIS games do that, and you can turn those animations off.

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This is what I'm talking about. I bought Rorona and was severely disappointed.

Just look at that, he spends 30 seconds cooking a big ham for a tiny attack buff.

A good turn based combat system that is recent is Final fantasy 12. That was amazing, and also took a bonus element of positioning to play.

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If anything, I'd buy AT3 > D4 >>>>>>>> D3. Seriously, why would you want to play a Disgaea game where the main character is one self-righteous, whiny, emo little bitch? At least Disgara 4 has Fuuka and Desco.

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I want to visit the people who make these really shitty games like Ar Tonelico.

I'll enter their offices, and head up to where the guys are drawing the 3D models. There I'll see an ugly loser nerd. He's just drawing his cell shaded lolis with a slight smile on his face. This is all he can enjoy in life. The job doesn't pay well, but its enough to live alone in a small apartment with. Outside of drawing lolis, he's very depressed, because his life is only downhill from this point onwards.

I'll walk up to this guy, and knock over all his shit. He'd whimper, and I'd punch his fucking teeth out, shattering the glasses on his greasy dumb fuck face. The omega in him would tell him to just curl into a ball, but I'd whip my dick out and start jacking it, and hold his arm he can't cover his face. After I cum, I'd mash it in his face with my shoe and slide my dick all over his paint pad or whatever the fuck he has on his desk, then leave.

Now he has to work with tools that have my ball stink all over them. The loli he was drawing? In his mind it will also be the slut I raped.

These weeaboo games are fuckin trash.

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Nice kopipe.

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I can't play the new Ar tonelico, Atelier and Disgaea games since I had to sell my PS3. Decent PS3 emulator when?

>> No.9635057

Probably never.
The PS3 has a super IBM CELL Extreme core CPU, you can't emulate it.

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both are trash.
buy this instead and play anything for free.

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>The loli he was drawing? In his mind it will also be the slut I raped.

Gotta admit, I lol'd. Especially considering all the losers here who actually think like this.

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Ar Tonelico just to finish the series.
The game per sé is a failure, with a horrible battle system, stupid fanservice, bland characters and awful story, but at least it has some good bgm (not many actually compared to the other games) and closes the whole series.
Ar Tonelico 2 is the peak of the series, why did they change the battle system, goddamn?

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Are you saying Finnel isn't a sex beast, and Ar-Ru's flatness isn't the miracle of the universe? I couldn't finish AT3 because I was always distracted by the strip scenes and ended up fapping instead of fighting.

Besides, do you really think AT2's battle system was good? Good at fucking up your fingers, maybe. Oh, and all the characters except for Mir were shit (by the way, Luca is a slut).

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AT3 is a piece of shit, unless you dig in the serie I highly suggest you to stay away from it.
Disgaea is for people who love to grind.

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AT2 battle system was just as shitty as always.

Thankfully the art and sound design makes up for everything in this series. Kudos to those who can appreciate it.

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The AT2 battle system was at the very least fast, easy and visually pleasing.
Meanwhile you have AT3 that's slow, convulted and boring.

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Good turn based JRPGs exist. SMT series, especially Nocturne and Persona 3/4, were bundles of fun.

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1° hell yeah harem rpg awesome songs
2° we are comic now! holy shit 99999lvl epic grind!

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Finnel was worse than Luca in sluttiness and I don't like M characters that much.
And I played it just to see the girl naked, not for the story.

AT2's cast is not the most original and I do agree Luca is a slut but Cocona loli, Jacqli and even Cloche are good characters. At3's ones were good just as fap material.
The BS is not "lol let's strip girls and click square randomly to eat the enemy" and it's more complicated.
The story is on a whole total level.

Anyway Tirya > Ar Ru.

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i dont get why people use weeaboo as a insult on this board

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Disgaea 3.

I'm fan of Ar Tonelico games, but Qoga isn't nearly as good as previous two. Battle system is way worse and everything is more stupid. At least the music is still there.

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Disgaea 3, mainly because the TV isn't in your room.

>> No.9635398

People trying to be ironic 24/7.

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Finnel is the best of the three just by virtue of being the only one to actually survive instead of turning into a mindless doll, but then again most people on /jp/ wouldn't mind that at all

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It's just a case of you getting sick of playing D1 and D2 too much. D3 is usually considered a step up from D2.
They're pretty much all the same.

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Am I the only one who never grinded on Disgaea1?
I haven't played the others.

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I'd say Disgea will be more acceptable with other people around

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i like AT1 and 2's battle system. AT3....i don't get whats happening.

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not Op but can I jump D3 and go for D4?
I think Disgaea history quite enjoyable

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I liked D3 more, but I only played it on the vita so I don't know how much better it is than the original.

Beryl-sensei is the best disgaea

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I know this is a copypaste but I'd be happy if I had the ability to make perfect 3D loli models for games. You can come after me, I'll be ready with my baseball bat to knock your teeth in.

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>The TV isn't in my room


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They're in no way connected story-wise, so go for it. Plus you can get Nekomata w/o DLC.

They failed at ripping off Tales of series. I would have been happy if it was 3D turn-based. They could have tweaked it so it felt like a natural progression from AT2, but instead, they go backwards on a tangent.

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>Beryl-sensei is the best disgaea

Yes, this guy knows what's up.

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I am just starting the PSP version right now. Any suggestions?

It's a shame that they screwed up the DLC characters' voices and ended up removing them. How hard can it be to allow them to have voices?

>> No.9635878

What's your favorite NIS game?

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Pretty sure he's hit 999:99:99 by now.

Have a hospital glitch.

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Autism has a name.

>> No.9635927

Wait... Are these all ulillillia!?

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I wish I had autism.

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Not much different than the aspies who play shit like TF2 and Dota for 1000+ hours. I'm sure you've seen a few.

>> No.9636712

You guys don't level grind for perfect runs? And here I thought I was on /jp/

>> No.9636719

But those games aren't pointless grinding. They're playing with other people.

>> No.9636726

It's nice to see when someone puts some time into a game, and that's one game you can really put time into.

>> No.9636730

>with other people

>> No.9636737

DOTA 2 and TF2 are multiplayer games, so the people who play them are playing with other people. Please try to make sense.

>> No.9636743

Playing with people doesn't make it any less autistic. My opinion wouldn't change if Disgaea had online multiplayer.

>> No.9636868

playing solo is aways the same and same thing

multiplayer isn't

that's the autistic thing

>> No.9636869

Is chess autistic? I mean, you're just playing the same game for thousands upon thousands of hours if you play it a lot.

>> No.9636879

Chess is a game of skill, not a game of equipment. Unlike the average 4chan fuckturd believes, there's nothing autistic in improving yourself through repetition.

>> No.9636900

So doing sports isn't autistic?

>> No.9636902

Is that even a question?

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I don't know about TF2, but DOTA2 does not give you bonuses in anything for grinding. Save for their hero, which isn't restricted except by the picking process, everyone is equal at the beginning of a game.

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