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What's her appeal?
Her sword is Youkai-forged, who forged it?
If her half-phantom self exists independently from her half-human self, why is her body temperature affected?
How did the Konpaku family end up serving Hakugyokurou?
How short is "short"?

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Stop wondering nerd shit.

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The softest

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Just where did I put my snow shovel... No, wait. There seems to be something soft inside the pile, so it might be dangerous to push a shovel into it.

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Wait would you do with a snowbound Youmu?

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It's one of the mole people! Kill it!

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>How short is "short"?
Tall: Sakuya, Meiling, Yukari
Fairly Tall: Reimu, Yuyuko, Alice, Letty, Ran
Fairly Short: Marisa, Youmu, Patchouli, Lunasa, Merlin
Short: Remilia, Lyrica, Chen, Cirno, Rumia, Flandre
Basically, if we consider the top level as the height of a human in her late teens or older ['10代後半以降' means 15 years old or above] and the bottom
level as the height of a human in her early teens ['10代前半' ], that puts them in a fairly short class (though none of that
level are human).

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Says it's not a mole. Don't look like one neither.
What now?

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Sex with Youmu!

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Being stolen by Yuyuko!

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Not a chance.

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Sorry Youmu... Yuyuko's just too much.

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I be sucking on those Yuyuko tit-tays all day and all night if you know what I mean.

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What I'd do to become Yuyuko's plaything. Look at the size of those babies. Getting to hang out with Youmu wouldn't be so bad either.

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But Youmu is a dork and youd get bad street cred with the other Toho.

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But the other touhous are a bunch of jerks.

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It's not like I'd step outside of the Hakugyokurou anyways. Youmu and Yuyuko are more than enough to keep any human, youkai, or fairies at bay.

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>Her sword is Youkai-forged, who forged it?
Probably someone long dead. Both swords were more than likely passed down through the Konpaku family for generations.

It's also extremely unlikely Youmu even knows herself who forged the sword.

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Delicious Youmu maid!

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Oh please Youmu, If you were "Delicious" I'd have eaten you already.


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>What's her appeal?
"The dicks I can't erect are next to none!"

>Her sword is Youkai-forged, who forged it?
A youkai

>If her half-phantom self exists independently from her half-human self, why is her body temperature affected?
Even so, being half ghost has to affect her body somehow.

>How did the Konpaku family end up serving Hakugyokurou?
There's nothing stated but I like to think they come from the Japanese feudal system and they've been serving the Saigyouji for generations.

>How short is "short"?

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Youmu is so cute! I want to rape her!

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So, we take these two and...

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Win? y/n

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Sometimes such pics look really good, this is not the case this time

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How soft do you think Yomu's vagina would be? I'm betting pretty damn soft, yeah.

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Who's Yomu?

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youmu on a hot day

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That's ō, turbonerd.

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Secret slut!

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is yuyuko giving myon a rimjob?
holy shit that's hot

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Raping a dork is like fucking a dork PLUS a Japanese woman.

It's like a dead fish that's really dorky and smells bad.

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Youmu please put your clothes on

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That's terribly inaccurate, Marisa is one of the shortest characters in the entire series. She's 126 cm tall.

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Childbearing hips.

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But Youmu can't get pregnant!

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He's a secondary.

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If you keep trying it will work eventually. Trust me, I've read a lot of H manga.

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That's what you think.

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Child hips

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Noooo! She can't! She has so much to do already!

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Don't worry it was only myon under her vest. The other guy is just a gross pervert.

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It has to be possible, unless Konpakus reproduce in some ungodly way.

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Of course it's possible. She just really, really doesn't want to.

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all 2hus reproduce asexually.

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I want a lot of quarter-ghosts.

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Youmu is so cute!

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Sex with Youmu! Gehehehe...

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A Youmu appreciation thread and no incontinence? Astounding!

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There's only one way to find out.

Come on anon, she wants to hear about your awesome adventures in the outside world!.

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Don't let your gaze wander

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is it possible to be more moe than youmu?

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All these threads about her are making me start to hate her.

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don't turn into a hipster bro

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It's okay, I didn't like her much in the first place anyways.

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Holy shit those fucking shoes are nice.

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this thread has been reported for lewd

NSFW content goes to /b/, /e/, /h/, or /d/, take your pic

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NSFW content goes into YOUR MOM LMFAO

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To what? Her penis?

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The softest overlord.

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Is he? Who wouldn't put it in Myon?

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The dorkiest.

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lmao wtf happened to yuyuko

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Let's touch Youmu inappropriately

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Reading that guys stuff made me upset. I've read a lot of things, but his youmu ground my gears.

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I thought it was pretty funny. For a more serious Youmu, Saku Saku Tei's got me covered.

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You pin her down, I'll get the rope and hair clippers!

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Youmu is a growing girl!

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5 needs to go between 1 and 2.

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This is from Zun himself you fucking secondary.

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Nooo! NOOO!! Not the hair, please not the hair!!

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Your pussy's going to be bald, Youmu! No more of that hairy Japanese bush you got going on.

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Worst hair. When it grows back it will be better.

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Bush...what!? That's even worse! Please don't touch her!

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Get away from that Youmu, silverbitch!

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Thoughts on Aoi Yuuki voicing Youmu?

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It was a rhetorical question.

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So is the fanbook that HE WROTE, you tertiary scum.

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Youmu is really sexy!

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to lewd

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Youmu seems to have no waist either.

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Holy shit, she has been cut in half

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