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How do you do things, /jp/?

Brute strength and force?
Diplomacy and intrigue?
Stealth and subtlety?
Technique and finesse?

Just what kind of person are you!?

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With my cock.

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Turtle and build up forces until I have a decisive advantage, then storm over my opponent.

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I don't do things.

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If I am leading a group, I love to use brute strength and boost the morale leading by example.

If I am alone, I like to use stealth and subtlety because I am really good at 1 on 1 mind games.

Of course, this is talking about video game situations.

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This. And if someone tries to force me, I retreat. Then I wait until it's safe to come out and continue doing nothing.

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Lazy and apathetic.

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rofl u guys epicNEETs or somehtin?

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Brute Strength is best.

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No, I'm an EPIC running-awayer.

Only the foolish charge into battle.

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epicNEET 4 lyfe xD

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/jp/ mascot

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But if you always run away, you lose ground and will eventually be overwhelmed by the severe disadvantage you have taken upon yourself!

Haven't you ever played video games!?!??!?!?!

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I'm a last minute man. But I always get the job done.

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Showing off and gloating.

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Pick an original but awful strategy, then lose a lot. Wait for the time to come when I finally stop losing.

Sometimes I have to wait hours, sometimes hundreds of hours, sometimes forever.

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>Haven't you ever played video games!?!??!?!?!
It's a trick to make you think you have to fight. The world is trying to condition you to fight. If you keep running you will never die. If you charge you will die. It's better to run.

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That picture displays Technique and Finesse. Any kind of style can gloat and show-off.

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Depends on the game?

In RTS, I just mass forces and hope numbers can win by turtling a lot. Less effort and risk than attacking.

In most game though I go with technique. I beat bayonetta with zero cheese garbage, I practiced combos and got good with reaction times until I got rid of witch time altogether, and just got that item that does damage when you dodge. Then to my surprise I go to youtube, and every faggot ever just jumps really high and spams missile boots or the charge move from the lightsaber.

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I will go with what logically will do the most damage, and repeat that. Very predictable. Seems to win over most opponents, though.

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i say Technique and finesse, becuae in th ereal words, getting angry doesnt solve anything..you have to take it easy and be polite and play your cards in a smart way

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Not necessarily, there are some fights that need to be fought. We are talking about metaphorical battles, so say, battle to overcome an addiction or to get some important work done or battle to keep your body fit. If there is a conflict that needs to be resolved, like either go out and eat fast food or buy some fresh food and cook it yourself, it's a "battle". You can always just take the easiest routes, but you'll be taking more negatives than positives.

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If I can do it tomorrow, I won't do it today!

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Look at this joker. "Metaphorical battles". Puh-lease. You can't compared enjoying whiskey to running into a bullet.

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Brute Strength and Force. With all my angst I will destroy everything.

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Even physical combat can't always be ran away from. If you are living in the first world where resources are plenty and are at the point where physical violence is not necessary then yes, fighting is really not necessary and you might as well just walk away.

But you act like as if you can always just say "well im just gonna take a nap then eat like 20 burgers because it feels good now" that kind of hedonism will get you wrecked.

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There aren't very many real battles for your average first-world denizen to fight anymore.

I mean, you can sign up for them if you want, but then you'll just spend all day killing sand niggers for nobody's benefit at taxpayer expense.

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Who said anything about hedonism? I was talking about running away. Just because you equate "running away" with "eating 20 burgers" doesn't make it so. In fact, nothing you're saying even has anything to even do with the OP.

Sounds to me like you just don't like the idea of someone running away.

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I love Marisa B's speed in the EoSD/PCB/IN games. Fuck auto collect, I collect everything already.

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I am a killer

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What about Reimu/Aya in SA?

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MoF-style games a shit.

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I'm a momentum fighter. If I catch you in a combo, or catch you out of position/in a bad situation, you're done for. I won't let up.

...However, If I DO somehow get stopped, that's generally it. All momentum gone, and i become a sitting duck.

So, balls to the wall, I guess?

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Technique and finesse, but I rarely ever succeed.

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Where is the option for magic? :(

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Strength probably. I'm not smart, persuasive, or skilled so there really wouldn't be much I could to to solve a physical problem other than by hitting it with something.

Good thing I applied video game logic to real life and started making myself stronger to make up for my inability to do math.

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>Fell free to resist

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I'm quite smart, physically strong and know a few difficult skills. I'm bossy and neurotic though so I have to work hard to be diplomatic. I think this thread would be more interesting if people identified which area they were weakest in.

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I don't run at the first sign of trouble, but if I gauge a victory to be out of the question then I'll fucking book it. This is hilarious in MMOs. If there's a chance of victory I'll stay but being clearly outmatched isn't smart.

So I guess technique?

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I don't do things...

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Elaborate strategies that hinge on grandiose calculations and unnecessarily thorough analysis. The conclusion is usually decisive and elegant.

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How often are you able to employ these strategies in real life?

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Towards absolutely everything I do. If an action or plan isn't modeled or adequately considered in advance I wont do anything at all.

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I'd say I'm probably in between Diplomacy/Intrigue and Stealth/Subtlety. I'll fuck with your mind, But without you knowing it.

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Uh huh, sure buddy. You in 9th grade or somethin?

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11th, But good try, i would have said the same thing.

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Oh how I wish Marisa would do me by force ;_;

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I can use any/all of them depending on the situation.


Do you love it when a plan comes together?

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I'm usually indifferent towards a success. Miscalculation and general error within thought/performance tends to get me quite frustrated, however.

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I plan for absolutely everything and then drop everything I planned and take the easy way out.

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Brute strength and force?

Diplomacy and intrigue?

Stealth and subtlety?

Technique and finesse?

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>Miscalculation and general error ... tends
Why did you conjugate singularly when the verb "to tend" was attributed to a plural (i.e. miscalculation and general error)? Are you really that incompetent?

Well, don't take this too seriously. I am only teasing.

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I like using brute strength, but I'm weak so I just stay depressed and not do anything or get anything done.

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just get a cute ak-47

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Yes, with one of those you can slay from far away.

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I don't want to hurt anybody.

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but you use brute force

u fukn liar i guess you dont like telling the truth too

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Maybe he's one of those pussy heroes that never kills his villains.

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im pretty good at diplomacy

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ENTJ, I do what I want when I want, and I plan it out first.

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Please don't forget to post with a Milky Holmes picture! Here's an emergency Milky Holmes picture!

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I manipulate people with the use of words.

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aw heck my mind is full of emtpy thanks for having my back <3 love you

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Well your shameless exercise of pedantry has appropriately highlighted a personal "flaw" that I feel can actually prove to be quite crippling. I truly struggle with this superficial type of accuracy, lack short term memory and generally can't into details. Fortunately there exist many of you folk who seem to flourish and exclusively wallow in these mires of facts and trivialities to bear the menial demands of society. Reliable steeds, if you will.

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Put down the thesaurus supernerd.

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please kepe your words simple thanks :)

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God damn it, I told you not to take my post so seriously.

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I could be your reliable steed if you know what I mean.

>> No.9621491

My response playfully followed your theme of literary snobbery. You began this contest of pretension, why so eager to throw away the win?

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I love schemes. The depth of what I can plan out in passing is usually far beyond the absurdity barrier such that people would prefer to believe that I have no ulterior motives.

I'm very, very good at thinking - almost unfairly good. I learn quickly and am able to immediately use acquired knowledge insofar that any time I show that hand, it's slapped away by the insecurity of a weaker-minded individual. I can only imagine how heart-wrenching it must be to devote years of time to a thing, and watch someone completely new surpass you within days, or perhaps hours.

I think, adapt, and act quickly. I don't know what you would call that. "With wit" might be accurate.

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Sometimes, you have to constantly be on the offensive to do that. Pic related.

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Brutal diplomacy

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If you so insist on continuing this display of folly when it so very evidently was not my original intent, have at it! I shall indulge you in your foolishness.

But I really must question your sanity, fellow. Why do you challenge me when the contest naturally tilts in my favor? A "theme of literal snobbery" you say; perhaps truly so. But regardless of its inherent pretension, you must remember who initiated this skirmish. It was I, indeed! And as such, do you not believe I hold superiority here? Come, tackle me with your seemingly profound (but verily opposite in actuality) library of letters -- for I shall not be tricked. Your efforts are as the vain cries of the defeated; as rubble at the scene of the conquest; as blood of the slaughtered beast.

Fire away once more, and aim for my heart! Nay, reply not -- for regardless, the result will surely, inevitably prove to be one and the same:

I will be the victor, forthwith; and you, the vanquished.

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>Just what kind of person are you!?
You don't really want to know this, do you?

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Why I read this automatically in British accent in my head?

>> No.9621547

I really must ask. How much of your boasting is fiction, and how much of it is truth? Judging from what I have read of your past posts, you are certainly intelligent, very much so -- I cannot and will not question this fact. However, just how authentic are your claims of genius? Oftentimes, I must admit, your words seem as little more than the ramblings of a lunatic.

Of course, I suppose I myself would appear to you as one of those "insecure" neanderthals. I would likely enjoy your company in real life, but alas -- that will never be. I doubt we'd get along at any rate; you'd probably think I was too dumb.

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I was kind of going for that effect. Pompous, absurd, and British: all wrapped up into one obnoxious post.

>> No.9621554

Oh gee billy. Really?

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I like to imagine myself as someone proficient in
>diplomacy and intrigue
Always creating characters in RPG's that are such and focusing on the controlling everything aspet of RTS'es, but honestly though, i realize that i'm actually an asocial fuck who is unable to speak to people without his voice going squealy as fuck from the feelings of inferiority, i guess, or something as psychologically retardating.

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this thead makes my head hurt ive read it over a billion times but i cant understqand it :/

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You should punch it.

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It's okay, just walk away and pretend it doesn't exist. Running away is always the best choice.

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He is a lunatic. But he's a smart guy too. He gets a lot of shit from other posters though, so don't call him out about that. I think he's kinda sensitive.

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good idea *runs away*

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Yes. I'm sure much of the scorn he receives is justified, but much of it must also be the result of the "insecurity" he describes. 4chan in general doesn't seem to prize intelligence as it used to, so the status quo could certainly be frustrating for him.

Could that be the root of the haughtiness which he is so renowned for? Tiring of the hoi polloi, Imrinfected must make it a point to continually display his superior wit. But in this manner, ironically, it is as if he is the one with the inferiority complex -- not due to incompetence, but from neglect -- he feels alienated as no one truly understands him, or even sympathizes with him. He spends his days collecting the world's minutiae to whittle the days away (and he enjoys showing this off), but ultimately, he knows all too well the aimlessness of his existence. Truly, strictly: he is alone.

Or maybe, he's merely a bombastic twat who isn't the cerebral juggernaut he thinks he is. There are such types on 4chan. Can't say for sure. I don't know enough about him to come to a decisive conclusion.

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You are like a cuter, but more retarded version of wtH.

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File: 156 KB, 1280x720, [Zero-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.59_[2012.01.27_01.25.11].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey dont defile his mmeory :( and im not stupid! words hurt

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Probably a mixture of both. You know he's schizophrenic? Anyway you should talk to him if you're curious but he's probably sleeping.

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Technique and finesse.
Basically I can do the bare minimum with the least amount of effort to get the job done.

>> No.9621976

All right, all right... At least I said you were cuter.

I'm not defiling his memory. I actually thought he was charming in a way. Played some MMOs with the guy. He gave me some free cash. Don't you think that was nice of him?

>> No.9622000

Yeah. If I recall correctly, guy's prone to hallucinating. Fortunately enough, that isn't something I suffer from.

That's fine. I don't really care. It is none of my business to begin with. I was simply feeling a little meddlesome tonight, that's all.

>> No.9622005

A balance between force and finesse, just enough to get the job done without going overboard.

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yeah... me too ;_;
i miss him and i hope hes ok
thank you for the compliment...

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In vidya I like to try to use diplomacy to get things done. If that doesn't work, I use brute strength(and faith[I like paladins]).

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Thirding this, although if life were like AP tests, I would wait until 2 days before the test, study my ass off, then take stimulants to the dome and get a bunch of 5s.

Sadly, life is not like AP testing.

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I used to think I was smart. I was in the top 5% total in ACT and SAT scores and didn't even study. I wasted 2 years in college and now I'm in debt and don't have a job.

I do things the taking it easy way.

>> No.9622075

How can you take it easy when you're in debt?

>> No.9622083


Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?

>> No.9622114

>in debt
This is why I never take debts.

>> No.9622131

Or is this just a Fanta sea?

>> No.9622263

I love you and I want to participate in a gangbang where me and 4 or 5 others rape you

>> No.9622266

I always roll characters with high diplomacy.

>> No.9622273

You too? I want to tenderly rape her until she loves it, and lusts for cock.

>> No.9623275


Nah, all they will get is PTSD

>> No.9623294

What does save scumming run under?

>> No.9623465

I prefer the reckless attack strategy. It's a lot more fun than the other options of you ask me, although I like adding some style into it as well. I'm not a patient person.

>> No.9623669

>How do you do things, /jp/?
Not at all if possible. Most of the time, I just let things happen and avoid the ones I don't like. If push comes to shove, I will usually choose whatever involves the least effort: silence, ignorance or obedience.

>Diplomacy and intrigue?
>Stealth and subtlety?
>Technique and finesse?
Those last three sound awfully similar to me.

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