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*rustle* *rustle*

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Let me just get this out of the way here, but I wish little girls actually did dress like Rustle lolis.

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Wait a sec are you trying to rustle me again

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>trying to rustle me

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They actually dress even more lewdly than Rustle's drawings. Just you go to a mall at a saturday afternoon.

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I prefer them pale.

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This isn't lewd

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I wish little girls dressed like Kobato

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I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren't voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing.

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Let me rustle you anon

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We have a winner.

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I think all guys are actually pedos but wont admit it.

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I KNOW that all guys are homosexuals but just don't want to admit how much they love the cocku~

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How often are anal scenes? From the few works I've seen they are extremely rare and not worth the time, unless I'm missing some.

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No homosexuality is different brain functions.

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ur worng lol

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I think most /jp/ers take what they can get.
Or take what they can rape.
But since they are all weaklings who don't even lift, they can't rape anything that isn't severally disabled.

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rms doesn't know shit. Stop quoting this just because it's him, as though his internet fame adds weight to the argument. That's called an ``appeal to authority'', look it up.

This is bullshit, through-and-through. Unless he means skepticism in the classical sense, in which case it doesn't really matter. The evidence points to the fact that yes, adult-child relationships harm children physically and mentally. If he means pedophilia as an attraction and not as any actual sexual activity, then it depends on the pornography and other activities involved. What he should have wrote is: ``I'm an ignorant fucktard taking the most liberal opinion because I haven't read any actual literature. My opinion is irrelevant because I'm a hacker and activist, not a psychologist or lawyer.''

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What evidence, ``faggot"?

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It was in response to a question about Dutch shit and teenagers fucking middle age men.

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Rustle should be a fashion designer.

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heres some mostly mental ones


though maybe theyre controlled by zog


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Not even going to read it, because everyone with half a brain knows that the psycholigcal harm comes from social abuse.

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>Higashiyama Show went into hiding after tracing accusation, no upcoming contributions
>Rustle slowly going blind

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I guess some ``NEET" knows more about a subject he's never studies than people who've devoted countless year to the subject.

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Stop confusing people who like teens with actual pedos. Why do normals do this?

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>That chair when no volume 3 or anime adaption.

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It's out of stock.

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We will never know how many of this guys where from /jp/

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Yes, I actually do. Most people, even so-called experts, are really fucking bad with basic human psychology. I am great at it, much like everything else.

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This. Stop lumping pedophiles in with those scum.

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since 4chan is run by nazi, a lot of people will use this board from now on


with "chan" instead of "xxxx" (yummychan) (url is banned)

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Rustle is going blind guys


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Looks like his CP tracing days are over.

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God must be punishing him for being sick fuck. Thank god.

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even Beethoveen was blind in the end

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Writing stupid papers is the only thing that keeps them from killing themselves for spending their lives with bullshit. It's actually pretty sad if you think about it. I wish I could help them.

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the guy at 2:00 min mark

How can a human being have such voice lol

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But he composed music. Oh damn, but he got deaf. But still he made his most amazing symphony as deaf. All with help of his musical theoretical knowledge. Anyway, same won't happen with drawing. Unless the heathen pervert sicko developes extreme sense for touch. Also go fuck yourself for dragging Beethoven into this.

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Why are you bumping?

The only thing worse than normals trying to convert us is we trying to convert normals and pretending to understand them.

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>Still worshipping a dead kike nailed to a stick.

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Whoa buddy, take it easy and cool off in >>>/b/

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Beethoveen is the start of the fall of the western music. He put emotions over seek

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But I am not dead, a kike, or on a stick.

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lol le edgy teen detected. this a christian board so fuck off.

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Fuck you! HEIL SATAN!

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Heil Satan my brother.

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I didn't know of the Show part, thanks for ruining my day.

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Excuse me I am a scientologist and I am tired of you christians bossing me around.

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You didn't follow his twitter? Well he deleted it now.

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I should clarify that I'm not a pedo, since I really don't find appeal. What I am is an extremely open-minded person.

He is just doing what he likes, draws it and, well, makes profit out of it. I've always thought that if Ice Cream was brutally illegal and viewed so brainwash-edly socially wrong, then eating Ice Cream is the same as being a pedo.
You just grew thinking it is wrong, you actually don't have a well-thought point of view of it. It's like religion, you are told "believe in this", and since everybody does and if you don't, "ok".
I don't think it's bad. I really don't see why is it so illegal, then again I haven't done any research in the laws about this. I think that, well yeah, raping and insemination should be prosecuted, but why just having sexual relationships? Even if she's willing?
Can anybody tell me that?

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That moment when my Christian parents freaked out when they saw me watching DBZ and heard "hooray Satan!"

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Liking loli isn't pedo you weirdo

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You didn't make any good argument in that inane rant. I think it should be legal simply in same reason call of duty is legal. The girls don't exist.

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So you're saying the greatest work is yet to come as he get progressively more blind?

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Come on anon let's rustle in the bed together!

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Why does her vagina get to wear a sombrero

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Soon he will be using the Pencil effect in photoshop to automatically make his stuff, after that, when he is completely blind, the sad state of Japanese accessibility software will leave him submitting CP pics without the slightest modification.

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no, this is a muslim board

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Yes, we'll be fapping to movies scanned from his brain when he goes blind. It will still be accused of being traced.

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His later symphonies were better.
Democracy is terrible because you have to deal with the bullshit of the 95% stupid people.

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pedophili is an illness , it should be treated not punished

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First report: http://www.freep.com/article/20120229/NEWS03/120229035/southfield-child-pornography-FBI-Facebook
FBI's request for arrest/search warrant: http://www.mediafire.com/?5b3cnad1ibrvcy2
Thad pays bond: http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2012120301054
Various court docs: http://ia700806.us.archive.org/4/items/gov.uscourts.mied.267304/gov.uscourts.mied.267304.docket.html

Stallman's wise words: The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally--but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness.

Some rules might be called for when these acts directly affect other people's interests. For incest, contraception could be mandatory to avoid risk of inbreeding. For prostitution, a license should be required to ensure prostitutes get regular medical check-ups, and they should have training and support in insisting on use of condoms. This will be an advance in public health, compared with the situation today.

For necrophilia, it might be necessary to ask the next of kin for permission if the decedent's will did not authorize it. Necrophilia would be my second choice for what should be done with my corpse, the first being scientific or medical use. Once my dead body is no longer of any use to me, it may as well be of some use to someone. Besides, I often enjoy rhinophytonecrophilia (nasal sex with dead plants).

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which is why i must kill them

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>lolicon is treated by being forced to have sex with busty older soccer moms

And suddenly my opinion of modern medicine skyrockets.

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He had actual cp and, telling people on facebook how to get it, and had it in a folder called do not click. He deserved what he got.

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You guys need to explain why you haven't purchased rustle's stuff yet.

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jail time

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Tenso said no lewd thing in their faq, so they probably don't want me to buy it.

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He called me on the house phone at 3AM and yelled at me, callingme a baka gaijin.

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i dont like traced children

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Why would I? He's just going to fucking spend it.

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Then why did he put english in Little Girl 4?

>rustle thread
>not liking traced children

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What else would you do with money?

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give it to cute /jp/sies in exchange for sex :3

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Money is a store of wealth and is supposed to be hoarded.

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I wish he would make more safe for work stuff.

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The covers alone make me want [0][1:2] and [1][1:4].

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Scratch r1 c2 though.

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Not everyone in /jp/ is a disgusting pedo.

Some of us actually have respect for the purity of young maidens instead of viewing them as sexual objects.

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I don't know what's worse, the people that made that program, or these "predators" that were stupid enough to think that they will have a sex with 12 yrs old.

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Rustle's lolis are so lewd that there's no way it could be a crime to fuck them. In fact, any moral man would punish them with his dick for being so lewd.

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Your numbers. They confuse me so much.

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Everyone I know who has been in sexual relations from a young age in a case that was considered pedophilia is a nymphomaniac.

Take of it what you will.

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My experiences do contradict yours, so either my winning personality once again inspires miracles or there is not a correlation there..

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From what I have seen, the ones that are not, are a minority.

Perhaps we are looking at different cultures?

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US here.

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Fuck you, no.

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Anyone else like to imagine what it would feel like to just completely beat the shit out of a Rustle loli?

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Just as I thought.

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You gonna scan LG4? I'm sick of this korean shit.

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I mean 3

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Anyone else hate Rustle?

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No, I'm not gay.

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Counting the days until LG5 gets scanned...

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Filthy dumb /a/ scum

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Thanks for your quality contribution.

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It looks more like midget bodies than little girls.

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lol i just farted but there was poop in my fart XD lol now i have to change my thong ^__^

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Typical veteran goodposter from /q/

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Remember when /jp/ was good before /q/?

Those were the days.

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No I don't remember that it was literally shitpost after shitpost

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Really? You do not remember that? It was hard not to notice.

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well that's what I heard from my bros on /v/ anyway

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Rustle's lolis seem to have the same mentality of fully grown 3DPD, which sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

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They're too slutty, yes. I prefer my lolis pure and innocent.

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Fuck off with your Rustle shitposting.