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Upload/request music using your browser: http://skully.hopto.org

Listen to the stream using your music player:

Skype Chatroom: http://skully.hopto.org/skype/ - Your browser will ask for permission to open Skype.
IRC: Idle with us on #/jp/radio on the Rizon network.

It's been a rough ride, with C82 followed by an electrical outage at Pyonta-kun's hone, but the should be no real problems from now on.

Enjoy the stream.

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Haven't listened to the stream in a while because my internet randomly disconnected every 5 minutes. But now it is fine again and I will listen to it again to fall asleep.

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Skype is an enemy of your freedom.

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Yay. I was worried that it died.

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Anybody got a download for the capsule x daft punk song. I genuinly cant find a decent download of it anywhere. Is it part of some compilation?

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Do the same autists stay on 18 hours a day and request boris and ducksauce over and over?

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i have only one thing to say


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Hope you mean this.

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I was scared too but don't worry they're still around

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where mah homie niggas attttt

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The Joshiraku OP makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Both OP and ED are wonderful.

Can't wait for the ED single.

Too bad full version of the Lagrange ED was so disappointing, I uploaded it too but I think I'll just loop the TV version twice and upload this instead.

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Thank you for getting the stream back up! I really enjoy listening to it.

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Holy shit, a Mystery in your Town remix!

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>7 listeners

Come listen to the stream, guys.

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Why not be happy with what you got?

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o-ok anon

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Because there were at least twice as much listeners usually before the stream went dark for the past couple days - some people probably didn't notice it was up.

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I'm in.. and joined the irc aswell

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>and joined the irc aswell
Must be lonely

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Say, when is that game supposed to come back? I miss it.

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it is, dude.. it is

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Stream didn't work the other day when I tried listening so I was afraid it was dead. Great to see it's still alive.

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I can't at the moment. I'm sorry.

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Someone requests "World's End Girlfriend - The Offering Inferno"

Jesus christ what am i even listening to?

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I'm glad it's back.

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Never seen this thread today. Open the stream and holy shit.

This day just got Kawaii nigger

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Come on people. Listen(.pls ;_;)

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What things would Moetron do to that squid?

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>Listen(.pls ;_;)

i c wat u did ther

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dango ma nigga

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epic reaction image /b/ro :)

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thanks for all the /q/uality posts

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I posted most of them, did I win something?

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Stay here and don't delete your posts, i'm calling the /mu/ mod to give you a surprise.

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File: 139 KB, 1280x720, 「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 オールスターバトル」 第1弾PV.mp4_snapshot_01.20_[2012.07.05_12.39.55].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Do you guys use the Skype at all?

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Activity happens in bursts but there's always people around. The discussion is freeform and people participate in subjects of interest when they come up. The dynamics are different from those of an IRC channel or imageboard but that's not bad in itself.

Hm... It's like an office watercooler, or should I say, like the waiting room in my old trucker job, where I would meet different drivers and company staff at various points in time (depending on my schedule) and sometimes spontaneous, slightly awkard conversation happens, depending on many things, like what the news on TV, the weather, incidents on the road, company policy changes or gossip and sometimes common interests (not I that I could personally discuss the latter).

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Not him, but I'm scared to enter the skype chat because my skype name has my real name.

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Right. I suppose that's how Skype works. But is it up right now? I'm told the "host" of the conversation is offline.

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Oh, so links to convos don't work like Pyonta-kun imagined. Make a contact request to ferongr (me) and I'll add you.

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Okay, I sent the request. Sorry for responding so late. Had some business to take care of...

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I lurk in the IRC but no one ever talks.

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I joined the irc for one day but left because that place is fucking dead. At least they talk sometimes every day in #/jp/ on rizon.

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Moskau, Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand,
Russland ist ein schönes Land, ho ho ho ho ho~

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I admit that I don't know a lot of the songs because of my low powerlevel but listening to this improved my last few days.

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Thanks for the great stream, OP and company.

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so when are you guys going to get djs?

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Never again.

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dont bully clumsy moe

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He deserves every bit of it though.

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the skype chat takes forever to load for me

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this stream officially has too many songs with baby crying sounds in them

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You're a crying baby.

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After the recent downtime a problem with SAM's installation necessitated a reinstallation of it. In all the confusion, I forgot to replace the LAME library with the modded one from RareWares that loads the encoder config off an ini file instead from the arguments passed by calling program. So, until that momentary pause a few minutes ago the stream was operating in (shitty) CBR 192kbps using an outdated LAME version.

Now it's back to LAME 3.99.5 ABR with a target of 190kbps, using -q 2 (high quality encoding) and midside stereo. Enjoy

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Does anyone have a nnd link for that cover of Utauyo!! MIRACLE by Some Japanese dude?

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the quality is still crappy

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>192 kbps
I... couldn't. That would kill my cap. Would you offer something a bit lower, such as 64 or 80 kbps as well?

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Sadly, I will support this request.

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Did you ever listen to 80kbps music? It's horrible. Even Jewtube is better.

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I've got some 128kbps and it's not all bad. Sure, I notice a difference between 128 and 320, but if I'm listening to an 80kbps stream and hear something I like, I can then choose to switch to the 192kbps stream.

Something that I've seen lacking in many streams like this though, is a song artist and title is often impossible to find if you hear something nice. Website for this sort of thing should have an auto-updating list of roughly the last 10 songs and their details. I notice that http://skully.hopto.org/ does have this function, which is rather nice.

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Where are you from, Ecuador?

I'm guessing you're using mobile data. In that case, you can relay the stream yourself from your own machine at home and downsample the stream in the process as you see fit. Of course, the existing relays could do that as well, but I have good feeling that they won't.

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it could just be that his ISP has bandwidth caps

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Yes, it's my home connection. The speed is alright, but the cap is insanely small.

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>data caps
Jesus christ, how horrifying.

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Welcome back, /jp/ radio!

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It can't be helped, I'm not personally not currently confident in running a second encoder in parallel on BOX because of CPU utilization, not to mention there's no free upload speed for that.

The CPU utilization issue is because an expensive SQL query runs on every homepage pageload that causes CPU usage to spike on trackchange when browsers request the new page (It's the Top 10 requests panel). That could be fixed by running the query once in the background and cached the results to display, but there's some effort involved in that.

The upload issue can't be helped, unless a relay can host a 64kbps stream. In that case only that relay would accept connections, with BOX only having one extra slot running. The codec would probably be HE-AAC or Vorbis in that case, with the caveat that tags might not display correctly at all.

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a bit late on that

how large(small?) is the cap

>> No.9632454

Enterprise quality.

>> No.9632480

5GB per month

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What the actual fuck.

>> No.9632505

I ask myself that every day, yes.

>> No.9632647

How do you live with that?

>> No.9632665

how much are you paying?
also, what ISP is it

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Tried searching the archives, but was there a solution to:
Detected extension: .riff
File Upload Failed!
The filetype you are trying to upload is not supported. Please make sure you file is either an mp3 or ogg file.

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>The filetype you are trying to upload is not supported. Please make sure you file is either an mp3 or ogg file.

Self explanatory. The data inside the file are probably PCM so you need to encode it to MP3. Where the hell did you find music in RIFF anyway?

>> No.9632716

It's an mp3. Was trying to upload a better quality of Strawberry Chips.
I remember this happening before with another song, but forget which.

>> No.9632733

The extension and data might be .mp3 they may be packaged as RIFF [1]. I can't help you anymore since I've never had exposure with those kinds of files.


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I see, thanks. I'm still wondering how that even happened.

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I see it's 80's night on /jp/ radio.

Thanks, other guy, for playing along.

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uploaded a song I love, going to request it as soon as it's processed :3

>> No.9635712

It's a good thing you told us, otherwise none of us would have been able to prepare our bodies for the holy experience that is your brilliant taste in music.

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There's no such thing as the /jp/ music stream, just a music stream some fucker has posted on /jp/.

How desperately are you seeking some kind of internet recognition?

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Stream is made for /jp/ by /jp/ and is mostly user run. /jp/ uploads the tracks, /jp/ requests the tracks, /jp/ can voteskip the tracks, /jp/ is the only place the station is advertised at. How much more /jp/ do you want it to be, need Moot to come onto /jp/ and brand it as an official station?

>> No.9637103

But moot cannot brand anything as /jp/ because he is not one of us and does not get us. moot is an outsider.

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Might add some new icons soon. As always, if anyone has icon sized images they'd like to see added, or ideas for icons I might wanna scout for, feel free to post them.

>tanigon(ついったー東方部) - Scarlet Tea Party
Thanks for reminding me I need to get Cafe De Touhou 3.

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It's such a special feeling when SAM plays one of your favorite songs on its own.

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the stream is awesome tonight!

>> No.9641666

>need Moot to come onto /jp/ and brand it as an official station?
What if somebody wants to make another "/jp/" radio?

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Sure why not go for it if its good for what ails you, Satan

>> No.9641966

Glad to see so many listeners again

>> No.9642493

>No sleeping!
Even if I'm really tired?

>> No.9642650

So many good songs around me


I want to her them all

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Sorry if this track annoys anyone, but hearing so many onii-chans in a row just warms my heart.

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Get out

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Thanks for all the hard work.

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Man, I forgot how neat these Duane & BrandO songs were.

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Why is it all pokemon. I thought this was /jp/ radio not /vg/ radio.

>> No.9648302

Did nobody else vote with me to skip that long ass medley?

>> No.9648309

I didn't, because I liked it.

>> No.9650308

What the actual flying fuck? They don't even offer caps this low where I live. 20$ gets you an uncapped real-static-IP-for-real 1MByte/sec connection.

Maybe we should start a charity to buy internet for people who can't afford a good connection.

How much do you pay per month, Anon? How much for normal internet?

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Requesting some Hatsune Miku songs for her birthday.

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♪┌|°з°|┘♪ └|°ε°|┐♪ ┌|°з°|┘♪

>> No.9662528

Please request ;_;

>> No.9664651 [DELETED] 

Request some energetic music for a bit, please.

>> No.9666536

Someone likes Happy! Lucky! Dochy!

I'm glad, because I uploaded it.

>> No.9666561

How do I join the Skype?

>> No.9668288

You don't.

>> No.9668403

Does anyone know where I could download Smile Again - The Great Wall of China? I heard it here and no matter how hard I search I can't find any relevant results.

>> No.9668409

It comes from a lame flash animation, though I don't have a link handy right now.

>> No.9669449

ure mum is lame, faggot

>> No.9669510

btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-x3h8czsuo

>> No.9670990

theres info in the OP about it

>> No.9671022 [DELETED] 

le chair when ear infection and cant hear anything in one ear

>> No.9671085

Do we talk with voices in the skype thing or text? I'm afraid everyone will make fun of my accent.

>> No.9671099

text, i dont think theres been voice chat there for a while. also, there are quite a few people with accents

>> No.9672538

>"The Distance" by Cake

Am I the only one that likes to think of this song as a metaphor for masturbation?

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An entire hour of vocaloid in one song? Really?

>> No.9672813

request a skip, then

>> No.9674416

How do you do it from an iPad? The link takes me to the app but all I see is my contact list, nothing happens

>> No.9674418


Actually, this doesn't seem to work and I will revert the instructions to the ones in older OPs when I make the next post.

For now, just search and add ferongr (me) and I will add you to the convo.