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who like FEET here

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Let me tell you how I developed my obsession with feet and assholes.

It was the year 2001, I was 12 years old and a woman that fled Romania lived with us (she was about to marry my brother for citizenship). I slept in the same bed as her. One night I was still lying awake(she was asleep) , when the sudden urge to lick her feet and sniff her ass overcome me. As a careless 12 year old I, of course, gave in to my desire and licked her feet and sniffed her ass. Until now, It is the most delicious taste i've ever tasted. The next day she slapped me without apparent reason infront of my mother (she was awake the whole time, but didn't say anything. Maybe she was embaressed. I don't know.). My mother was furious and kicked her out of our house. I've never senn her again, but I think she's dead by now (she had to go back to Romania.).

True story. I'm kinda fucked up... I know

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Okuu's big feet~

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Feet are gross, thats what you step on the ground with

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YES! God, I'd love to smell them!

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Okuu's big feet in my face~

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>Feet are gross

look at this comedian

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Guys! Ew!!! I'm eating!


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What do you think they smell like? Would the extreme temperatures she works in kill all the bacteria on them?

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Sanae, could you take off your socks so I can see your bare feet, please?