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The darker side of Gensokyo.

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If I were in Gensokyo, I'd find the Hourai Elixir at all costs so I could teach those youkai shitheads a lesson.

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Why they're blushing?

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Same.. cept I make them all follow me and then take over our own world. I'll become Lord God Ruler Of The World!

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Enjoy my grimdark touhou folder /jp/!


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We should make a revolution in Gensokyo so that the balance of power will flip over to the humans.

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Yes. However, >>9609017 isn't allowed in because he would end up betraying us.

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All it takes is faith.

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I won't betray any one! Just shoot everyone who disobeys me in the face!

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Joke's on you because I'm immortal!

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Because it's lewd to eat human flesh, of course! It tastes like hips moving on their own.

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Oh great. You would be a powerless immortal human. Unending food supply for youkai.

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Damn, if only I've kept that Scarlet Jasper doujin with the pro-human Reimu, I could post it here.

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Looks like we will have to gain super powers somehow...

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I'd work out a lot and get ripped as hell. Who needs danmaku? I'll just punch them really hard.

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Faith, just get the people to worship you.

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Guess I'll just get ripped too and throw rocks really hard at them!

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Just use science on 'em. They're weak to it, remember?

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Good idea. Nothing can go wrong!

We will be an army 10,000 strong, each soldier immortal and ripped. Those youkai had better watch out...

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You have to wonder what the anti youkai weapons actually look like and do.

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Yes! and the we wil RULE THE WO- Er Free all humans!

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You are acting very suspicious, Private #9609056... I will have to keep a close eye on you.

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They're holy weapons of course. You know, like charms, talismans, etc.

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More like "the real side of Gensokyo"

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True story.

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Uh oh, you just incited the wrath of those youkai lovers who deny the fact that youkai still eat humans.

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What's wrong humans, can't handle the thought of you being not the one who brutally slaughters for food for once?
I thought the food chain makes so much sense to you?

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A wild youkai appeared!

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not canon tho

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Of course. We are the master of this planet after all.

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Don't worry, I got your backs.

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How can it be real while it's not canon?

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Youkai eating Outsiders is canon though.

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So you justify all these animals you slaughter with things like "the strong eat the weak! It's only natural!" but if you are the weak one being eaten you flip your shit....

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That's why we should be the strongest!

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Damn straight, Tenko.

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why would tenshi protect humans?

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Because she ain't got anythin' better to do.

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Though luck, you are not

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Oh yes, we are. You youkai won't exist without us after all.

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Thug yōkai nerds just gotta deal with not being allowed human meat. It’s not our fault G-d made us master of everything.

If wolves aren’t allowed to eat humans, neither should yōkai.

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Because she's basically the female version of Porky there.

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I'm so tired of people pretending youkai are some wild animals that eat humans all the time.

Humans are a delicacy to them but for several reasons they only eat them very, very rarely if at all.

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The terrible truth of the SDM.

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Yeah, that's because their main victims are those poor Outsiders.

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I don't see your point. Most youkai can't easily get pass the border and if thy do, they'll have to answer to Reimu.

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Outsiders pass through the border and stumble into Gensokyo sometimes.
They either get eaten or are lucky enough to find Reimu or the human village.
Reimu then leads them out, except when they decide to settle there

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Cool secondary bullshit.

>Because of the youkai's civilization of magic, the youkai grew to be powerful enough to freely open even the Great Barrier sealing Gensokyo.
>Food-gathering teams would go out at regular intervals to hunt humans. Of course, the youkai couldn't let the humans know that they were on to them. Under the guise of various accidents and incidents of people running away from home, the youkai hunted humans. A simple missing person would barely even make the news; meanwhile, the humans living in the human world only multiplied.

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I thought they have annual hunting parties to the Outside.

I'm sure it was mentioned somewhere in canon, like in the prologue of EoSD, or PCB, or something.

I speculate Yukari is behind it because she's the one who can control the Border other than Reimu.

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Ah, that's what I was talking about.

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inb4 the pro-youkai guys bring up us hunting animals to extinction to justify the youkai killing humans.

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Now where's that essay I've read one day that talks about how the fact of youkai eating humans is a good thing? It even has the author stating his distaste of mainstream religion so it's definitely written by a hippie hipster.

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If we take the canon source you are talking about serious then it's safe to assume that leaving the border is actually pretty easy.
But someone here mentioned once how that particular book is not trustworthy

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Everything is untrustworthy if you're talking about Touhou canon.

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Moriyas managed to get a lake and shrine through the border. Mamizou entered Gensokyo with no problems.

Breaching the barrier is not hard for strong youkai.

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I don't understand why ZUN is specifying touhou canon just to keep things even more vague

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Aside from any porousness weird things it even has a standard way in and out, the Hakurei Shrine. It's funny that none of the characters ever consider trying it when it's right there where they hang out all day.

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How did Mamizou just waltz on in at will?

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What game is that

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Touhou Mother.

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Yeah, that's why I think the Border is more for the humans rather than the youkai.

Think about it. If you're a human, the only way you can leave Gensokyo is by the permission of Reimu or Yukari. In a way, you can think of Gensokyo as a gigantic jail, designed to keep the humans in just to preserve youkai.

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There are several ways in and out of Gensokyo that do not involve going through the barrier but are not accessable by normal humans.
You can travel freely to Gensokyo via heaven, hell, the neatherworld and the moon. None of which are currently acessable by normal humans.
The Moriya Shrine though was LET IN by Yukari. Reimu wasn't being active enough so she brought in competition, being Gods Kanako and Suwako could come to Gensokyo anytime they chose-apparently they didn't know about it until recently-through any of these alternate routes. But bringing the shrine itself, that had to come through the barrier.

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>The Moriya Shrine though was LET IN by Yukari

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The manga shows that things that are obsolete and forgotten in the real world migrate to Gensokyo all the time...
Yukari wanted Sanae for Reimu to compete against- the other two were just the price to get Sanae

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>Yukari wanted Sanae for Reimu to compete against- the other two were just the price to get Sanae
Which manga? I don't remember reading this in WaHH.

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Okay wait, lakes got forgotten and migrate to Gensokyo?

Sorry but that's utter bullshit. It was Kanako's plan. And I really doubt Yukari wants all this religion wars crap in her peaceful Gensokyo.

Moriyas are masterminds behind pretty much everything important that happened since MoF.

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Including the Buddhists and the Taoists?

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Demons and Dark Souls humans are pretty much purpose built to kill Touhous.

In fact these motherfuckers have already killed analogues of Touhou characters throughout both games.

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I never played Dark Souls. Mind explaining?

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Geysers caused by Utsuho's power destroyed seals of Byakuren's followers starting her resurrection. Remember who gave Utsuho her power?

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I played Dark Souls and I have no idea what he's talking about.

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What the fuck is your problem you goddamn autist?

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You answered your own question.

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Bring one army, the humans were beating the moon rabbits AND Gensokyo before they hid away.

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It'd be twenty times more fun (At least for me) if you could play as your favourite 2hu in both of those games.

I don't know why, but the idea of it just seems a tonne of fun to me.

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The PC version is coming this week I think, maybe it will be modable.

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>maybe it will be modable
there are no official tools, so dont expect anything for a while, if anything will show

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What would you need to do to make guns that could kill youkai?
Bless them? Enchant them?

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Nice collection.
Art style kinda reminds me of a manga I read called Alichino.

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Just keep shooting!

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"Darker" side? Isn't that how they would be normally? I don't understand why someone would want to go to Gensoukyou if they're just going to be killed/eaten by the youkai there.

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I don't see why I wouldn't be able to go to Gensokyo as a youkai after committing a ritualistic suicide. Holy hell, in mythology humans turn into youkai just by accumulating negative emotions.

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Going to where powerful creatures dwell to find rare loot is just what adventurers do.

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Oh boy, secondary shit again.

Moon War is bullshit. Exaggerated lies spread by cowardly rabbits. Humans got raped hard by Watatsukis.

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>people actually caring about Touhou in aspects other than the games and ero-doujinshi

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That's only because they quite literally have an infinite amount of tries to figure out how to best them due to them being spirits and undead. Now you've got me curious as to what kind of weapons can be made out of slain Touhou souls.

>captcha: rend something

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Who are you quoting?

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I will be Udonge.

Though seeing your favourite 2hu hollow would be kind of.. Sucky.

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>I don't see why I wouldn't be able to go to Gensokyo as a youkai after committing a ritualistic suicide

You mean going to hell right? 'Cause that's what totally going to happen if you commit suicide in the Touhouverse.

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The future looks pretty bright in that case.