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Ok /jp/ my class gets out at 4:00 pm on tuesday. My school is right by Shin-Okubo but i dont mind meeting anywhere off the yamanote. Who wants to get late lunch/drunk?

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People like you, make want to commit suicide. How the hell did you end up in Glorious Nippon? I aspire to become like you.

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/jp/ - Social Board

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>my class - blogging
>get late lunch/drunk

Fuck off for various reasons.

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>that fucking nigger that posts on /k/
>ZUN !barYV1VtIA
>Sax !2tvnoVB17M
Holy shit.

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How old are you? Also, are you really a nigger and if so are you going to rob me?

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You would be lucky if he only robs you.

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>Who wants to get robbed?

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>I'm a nigger
Derp I has guns I'm gonna shoot people.

Fuck off back to /k/.

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1: Board train
2: get sick
3: come back to America and kill off all the pussyfooted people with terrible immunity
4: make America a land of the few and strong
5: repeat with other countries in the G-8
6: Get all nations to go to war with China and WIN
7: Let Japan own China
8: Go back to Shinjuku or Shinsekai, wherever you said you were
9: get drunk
11: Profit!
>>Profit margins should be at least 300,000 yen.

Make Koizumi proud.

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haha its easy quit being such a loser and take some time from your 4channing to actually get yourself here. If yuo really want it go for it. Im here on a summer anth. research grant but i suggest you go for study abroad programs through your university if you arent underage b&

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How you can condense so much horror in a single thread?

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Normalfaggotry. I hope KKK lynches you when you get back home.

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Im 20 and i am half black half filipino and no im not going to rob you =p if you really are that scared about getting robbed in one of the most crowded cities in the world by a guy with a skin color that stands out more than 100 drunk puking salaryman in the country with the worlds best police force i probobly dont want to have a beer and box of takoyaki with you anyway

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"Loser?" I don't think you know me asshole. I went from having a disease that nearly made me commit suicide, to become an alpha male. So shut the fuck up.

And I can't study abroad, I'm an accountancy student, we're not allowed outside our country, before internship.

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Your list:

1: Get off the internets
2: GET a job, I'm sure you're qualified.
3: Learn Japanese, if you haven't already.
4: make plans to go to Nihon
5: Paperwork, visas...
6: Board plane in LAX
7: Arrive in one of Toukyou's, I donno, like, thirty-thousand airports
8: be a contributing gaijin in Japanese society
9: ????
10: DEBT, if you're anything like my old man.

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Now I'm pretty sure you're a troll. Get fuck out zombo.

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>best police force
You're new aren't you? Enjoy your stay.

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>alpha male


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Search his IP, see where he is.

I doubt it's Japan. He's probably a /ko/rean /jp/&ese wannabe, I see them all the time.

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nobody cares.

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not a troll and who is zombo? here is proof Btw.

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Search his IP, see where he is.

Ban the whole fucking IP range.

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My god this thread is terrible... you got Sax !2tvnoVB17M now claiming to be an alpha male, ワルテルちゃん being retarded (as usual) and some mutt looking for a victim.

How awful can this thread get?


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08:34 am... why are you awake?? Shouldn't you be sleeping?

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Please go back to /b/ or /k/ you fucking faggot zombo nigger.

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Dont forget hidden.

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>>ZUN !barYV1VtIA
>>Sax !2tvnoVB17M
this thread ...

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OP is forgivable but this thread has a serious infection...

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It's a cancerous tumor.

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You forgot:
>"hay /board/ date

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>OP is forgivable
Go back to /b/.

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haha i figured /jp/ would have less trolls than /k/, /o/, or /sp/ where i usually post but i really thought there would be way more people actually IN japan

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What the fuck are you on, son?

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Best thread on 4chan today.

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ITT concentrated cancer

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No nigger you are the trolls.

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I think this thread turned into /jp/'s equivalent of a bar-brawl....

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lol no
We only download shit from Japan.
Few importers too. Heh, buying things...

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Yeah, really.

It was ruined by the replies. OP started a good thread, but the jealous butthurt faggorts were all "OMGEE NO U ARNT I WANNA BE JAPAN NOT EXIST I GO BACK TO TOUHOU!"

BTW, OP, nice job getting to the Promised Land.

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so /jp/ is just trolls and /a/?

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Now it's + clueless nigger.

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Take this shit to /trv/.