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This is a Remilia general discussion thread

Please post all opinions and thoughts about Remilia here

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8/10 wud fck

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She is a warrior of the fucking sword, not a goddamn pillow.

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Mine Remilia is an elegant ojou-sama with childish charisma breaks. She is not a primitive monster, that should be Flandre.

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in power terms,
what position have Remilia with the other Stage 6 boss?

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me too

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What the fuck does Weee have to do with that?

Though I just checked her medicalwhiskey thing and the latest picture is of Reimu, which is interesting.

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she's the 2ns 2orst 2hu
also SDM a shit

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Remilia is truly beautiful and should be appreciated.

I wish I had a Remi fumo ;_;

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I wish you weren't a pedophile scum

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remilia is a fucking faggot

can't beat her yet

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Looking at Remilia is like looking at vomit.

She's like Flan. Shit-tier Touhou.

As bad as Wriggles.

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But Remi is not a child.

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Who is that boy?

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Why do you hate Wriggle?

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Disney called they want her back.

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Are you the same anon that hates wriggle

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Appreciating beauty makes one a pedophile? What kind of fallacious logic is that? Besides, isn't Remi all old and crusty?

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One of.

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It pisses me off when she is sunbathing. She's a freaking vampire fgs.

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I want to annihilate her asshole

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remilia is a giant! !

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Please look at the giant umbrella over her head

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we ZUN now

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Maybe she's a masochistic vampire and likes the burn.

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She's an elegant lady who enjoys parties and the company of other people. She likes when things revolve around her. Some may say she has an egocentric personality, but it's not like it's mean spirited. That's only part of her charm.

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This vampire on beach shit is getting old.

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Maybe they are like Blade and they can go outside in the day.

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Canonically, they can't. Remilia needs a parasol to play in the outdoor stages in the fighting games.

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Remilia sounds like a vampire of danger if she would consider going out even with a parasol.

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I doubt simple direct sunlight could even harm a vampire as powerful as her, but it would possibly be quite uncomfortable to warrant the parasol in the first place, precluding any pleasure garnered from sunbathing.

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Reimu showing her adorable feet, am not worthyy! FUFU<3

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Are her parties crazy, or refined?

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But we don't have any other vampires aside from Flan with her broken power to compare her to.

For all we know she's shit tier compared to the OG vampires hanging out in Transylvania.

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That's Remilia you TWAT, how dare you!~

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She's already been shown to survive outside with a parasol. However, even if one blocks the sun with such elementary shade, they still receive minute amounts of sunlight from their surroundings. Given the fact that they do not seem to hinder her greatly and her willingness to expose herself in such conditions, it may be taken as evidence that simply walking into sun won't instantly turn her into dust.

Or maybe the sun really doesn't do anything and the parasol is just all for show/something for Sakuya to carry. It seems like something Remilia would do, in order to act the part of a traditional vampire despite not possessing their traditional pitfalls.

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They're crazy refined. Brah.

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Thoughts on long hair Remilia?

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Depends how much booze they have.

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As unacceptable as short hair Mokou.

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It's nice, but what really gets me is when the artist forgets her wings.

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What sort of teeth does Remilia have? Does she have the petite human teeth (usually kept in pristine ivory condition), in addition to the canines that are distinctive of vampire? Or does she have a full set of feral teeth as befitting her beastly ancestry?

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Probably retractable fangs.

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Silent Sinner in Blue begs to differ.
But yes, you are right that it seems like something she would do.

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Shark teeth.

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That depends on how drunk Reimu is.

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Who do you guys pair Remilia with?

Reimu, Sakuya, Patchouli, or Flandre?

And do you prefer her penetrating things with her thick gungnir penis or being penetrated?

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I often self insert as Remilia.

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Would you let Remi suck your blood?

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Only if she can turn me into a vampire too.

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Remi can flay

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I'd be honored. Getting your blood sucked by a vampire supposed to be pleasurable to the victim, or so they say, but it doesn't really matter when it comes to Remi.

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No one because I'm not a shipper faggot.

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Yes, as long as she doesn't use the straw.

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>Not shipping everything and anything


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that looks painful as HELL dude

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It's strange, I've actually thought about this before and I don't even like Remilia as much as you guys do.

I think I'd be okay with it if it makes me immortal.

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But Remi barely noticed her wings were burning until it was pointed out to her.

That means it's probably barely painful at all, if it is, for it to be ignored as such.

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I have always thought all the SDM residents were boring.

They feel like the stereotypical loli characters of the series.

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I'd let her drain me of my fluids, as I slowly lose consciousness, happy knowing that I am being used by Remi.

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I admit, SDM is a bit like the popular kids clique in high school.

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Only if the last fluids that go from my body to hers as I die are ball-breaking loads of semen into her hungry vagoo.

If not then I'd just like her to step on my dick for a few minutes and then fuck off to suck on Reimu's asshole or whatever.

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>Liking the SDM
>series is called Touhou
>Touhou means Eastern
>SDM isn't even Eastern
>What are they even doing there?
Who am I even quoting?

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Would you rather Remi step with a boot, or with her bare feet?

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But it's stated that she is a light drinker and thus can never create another of her kind.

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Either. I can't be picky when either way it'll be the best few minutes of my worthless life.

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Why does Remilia stop Flan from escaping every night at 2:00 AM. I thought she has the ability to manipulate fate?

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Because that isn't the real Flan, just some abomination cooked up by shitposters.

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On her own, that is. Since vampirism often works a lot like a disease, I'm pretty sure that Eirin could create a drug that could either increase the potency of Remilia's bite or someone's susceptibility to it. Assuming you could persuade her to do so, and that said drug didn't kill you.

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What's to say Gensokyo vampirism isn't magic or non-transmissible? Has there been anyone who's been turned into a vampire canonically?

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A little less /b/ please.

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Unless it works differently in Gensokyo vampires are made when one vampire drains a victims blood completely.
Since Remi's a light drinker this never happens. It doesn't have anything to do with 'potency'.
If you force feed Remi you could probably get something going.

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I want Remi to suck me dry and spit out what she doesn't want to swallow.

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You mean /d/.

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You are confusing zombies and vampire.

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I pair Remilia with Yuyuko.

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crack pairings pls go.

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>implying I would ship Remi with another 2hu

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who are you quoting?

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There are a variety of settings in which it works the way I described, a lot of which focus on individuals who have been bitten but haven't turned yet. Often in these cases it does behave like a disease, even to the point of having modern pharmaceuticals interact with the condition.

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Which is probably one of her many lies, since it appears that she was the one that turned Flan.

Of course Flan's wings came out deformed and her fangs too undeveloped to feed herself and, oh yes, also psychotic. So Reimilla may still have good reason to avoid trying to turn another person

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Whoa that post reminds me of a very old thread

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I like her endless confidence. If her food is cold it's because vampires enjoy the cold of death. If her food is cold it's because vampires can withstand even the hottest fires. If something damages her house it's part of her grand design. If she starts to lose a fight than she hasn't even begun to show her true strength. If she loses a fight she was bored and it's also part of her grand design.

And in the end, everything always works out for her. I would follow her to the ends of the earth.

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That's what happens when you can manipulate fate.

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I like her endless confidence. If her food is cold it's because vampires enjoy the cold of death. If her food is hot it's because vampires can withstand even the hottest fires. If something damages her house it's part of her grand design. If she starts to lose a fight than she hasn't even begun to show her true strength. If she loses a fight she was bored and it's also part of her grand design.

And in the end, everything always works out for her. I would follow her to the ends of the earth.

I hate having to delete and repost something just because of a minor typo

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That's funny. You re-edit your post over a minor typo, then misuse the spoiler function like a retard.

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And then he forgets at least another grammar mistake. Ojou-sama would not be pleased.

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Relax dude, before that guy started the "fuck off with your spoilers" fad no one on /jp/ cared about how people used spoilers. I hide my shame in blackness, it is irrelevant to the rest of my post so one does not need to look at what they say to get anything out of the rest of my post.

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Just because a retard started it, doesn't mean he doesn't have a point.

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You're not pursuing a point you're just parroting a fad because you think that makes you clever.

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>I hide my shame in blackness, it is irrelevant to the rest of my post so one does not need to look at what they say to get anything out of the rest of my post.
That "logic" is so fucking backwards. You either say something and leave it unspoilered or leave it out completely. You can't expect people to read your mind and know when you use them properly or not.

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"You will never have Remilia straddle your lap while slowly draining your veins completely dry of blood causing you to slip out of consciousness and forever into the void."

Kill me /jp/.

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

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You yourself are parroting a fad of misusing spoilers.

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That's why she's one of my favorite touhous

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I don't know, I don't think you've got the stature to serve me anon. Maybe Satori is looking for pets?

>> No.9608252

Considering /jp/ was misusing spoilers for ears, it is hardly a fad.

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years even.

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I'm not sure. I don't think you've got the stature to serve me anon.

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Shit touhou

>> No.9608269

Oh come on, I'm not THAT short.

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But I've got this
*grabs dick*

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If they have room for vagrant fairies they surely have room for a multi-talented person like myself. My repertoire includes professional footstool and designated coffin warmer.

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Shut up. Go see if Satori needs any more pets.

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Best Remilia doujin on the internet.

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Don't tell me you're testing sage.