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>For the First Time, Researchers Decipher the Retina's Neural Code for Brain Communication to Create Novel, More Effective Prosthetic Retinal Device for Blindness

Better start saving some money for this shit. I personally can't wait to have an HDMI port implanted into the back of my head.

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i should kill you

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I will torture you to death

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much better

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It's an incredibly strong step forward, but I'm not sure if we're THAT close to being able to simply plug images into our brain.

>The chip, which she calls the "encoder" converts images that come into the eye into streams of electrical impulses, and the mini-projector then converts the electrical impulses into light impulses. These light pulses then drive the light-sensitive proteins, which have been put in the ganglion cells, to send the code on up to the brain.

So this system is still dependent on the 'ganglion cells', and everything behind them that gets the signal to the right part of the brain.

Still an amazing breakthrough.

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VGA a shit.

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>So this system is still dependent on the 'ganglion cells'
Would you mind explaining why this is a bad thing? Why would it be better not to use them?

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Well, it means the system doesn't allow for something as simple as adding an HDMI/VGA/DVI/RGBHV/S-video/whatever port to the back of your skull.

It depends on proteins which have to be introduced through gene therapy, so it's not something that people can use to just whimsically watch videos streamed into their head. This helps to set up the groundwork for that, yes, but we're still not there.

For the purposes of just helping the blind be able to see, there's nothing wrong with the need for ganglion cells.