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I don't like Kaguya looking at me like that.

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please punish me kaguya-sama~

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Why, are you gay?

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Yeah. What are you gonna do about it, dork?

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I've been told I am beautiful and that I have a bright smile by some people. Can I join this thread?

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You think I'm pretty?

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pretty GAY

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I think I'm going to buy some replica Kaguya clothes to wear around the house. Does any /jp/sies know where else I can buy clothes like Kaguya's? (comfortable, long loose sleeves, down to feet, frills preferably.)

Not for cosplay purposes, I just want to feel pretty and comfortable in my own home.

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stop posting shitty art.

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They do look comfortable. I'm interested as well.

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Beat you with a crowbar, faggot.

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I want to gently brush their hair every day.

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Why doesn't she wear a hat?

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Just a reminder that there will never be a doujinshi featuring these two as main characters together.

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Because she's the eternal moon princess.

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fuck off

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pls go

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I want Moko to leave

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Would you lane with Kaguya in dota?

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I would be impossible for me because I don't play shit games.

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Kaguya in the kitchen is miracle of the universe.

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i want /v/ to leave

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would you try to kill mokou to get your hand on the aegis immortality ?

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Time to fap.

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Of all the lewd stuff I'd do to her...

At the end of the day though, I prefer efe's Kaguya.

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Bet she can't cook.

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After I spend half the game coaxing her out of the base, I guess I will.
Mokou will simply own everyone who tries. Aegis is for pussies like Roshan, she's too badass to need that.

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It was a joke since you know... she is immortal..

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I'd eat her liver.

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My dick wants a canon manga about them.

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That better not be what I think it is.

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God, I love Takemasaya.

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that art style reminds me of Sankarea.

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Kaguya and her pretty bullets.

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She's adept at playing with balls and sticks.

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She's a spoiled as hell princess who lived in luxury for thousands of years.

I bet she played with more balls and sticks than you could even imagine.

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Since it's impossible to tell from ZUN's art, I wonder what really makes her so amazingly beautiful.

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she's actually not.

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Fanart you idiot.

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I seriously doubt fanartists are capable of accurately portraying her beauty.

It's supposed to be something out of this world.

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Why does Eirin have so much devotion to Kaguya? It makes no sense. They have both refused going back to the moon under the pretense that their home is Earth now. Kaguya forsakes her royalty. Eirin forsakes her bond with the moon. Why keep serving someone who is no longer a princess of a place you don't identify yourself with anymore?

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Ulterior motives?

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>straight black hair
>black eyes

I am quoting racist japs trying to force this shit

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Love, loyalty, friendship. Kaguya is their beloved princess.

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Just stop trying to discuss Touhou canon.
You can't. ZUN is a shitty writer and that is a fact. The deal has always been you're only supposed to fap to Touhous here on /jp/ if you can't follow the deal's rules then you need to get out.

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get out turbonerd

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They knew each other for thousands of years. Who knows what happened in that time.

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In chinese equivalent of Kaguya's story her husband was an archer.

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They have probably been through some shit together and are now bros for eternity.

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Wrong. There's definetly subservience from Eirin's part. They don't see each other as equals.

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Still, they are probably just as close as Bruce Wayne is to Alfred as far as people and their servants go.

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Who wouldn't want to serve an unearthly beautiful princess?

I'd rather be her personal feet cleaner than a millionaire.

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It's always been a dream of mine to get free room and board in a fancy house just for doing menial labor.

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That is a loyalty called love, anon.

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the spoiled brat and her nanny. both are overpowered as hell and before you say "moko pls goo" that hobo is even shittier.

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and bang her for the sport

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Is Kaguya the NEETest 2hu?

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all touhous are NEETs.

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She's not hip enough to be the truNEET

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only if you fuck me with strap on in the ass

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i can't read moon

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Why is she so perfect?

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so beautiful

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Yuyuko, Yukari, Kanako, Byakuren, Eirin, and the rest of the hags.
Kaguya too, I guess.

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Dem ears.

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Udonge like Kaguya.

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best kaguya

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you are the prettiest toho

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Prove it.

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negro please

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>who BEAUTIFUL here?

not Kaguya that's for damn sure

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Canon most beautiful touhou~

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Can Reisen be beautiful too?

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baaaaka, she is most beautiful 2hu

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She's only good for her sex appeal.

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But she's pretty too!

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Don't give a fuck ZUN can suck the largest part of my dick she's bland and pales in comparison to other way more attractive Touhou

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I dunno. I think Keine's prettier than Kaguya.

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Thank you!

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This guy has a point. Sure she may be canon hottest but as far as design goes, there are plenty better.

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I come to /jp/ just for the Kaguya threads

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That's because not even a great artist like ZUN can encapsulate her out-of-this-world beauty.

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Kaguya threads are the only Touhou threads I participate in.

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>le stupid rabit face when

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you can't be beautiful on the outside unless you are beautiful on the inside

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She looks pretty average in normal clothes.

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She looks pretty average outside of normal clothes

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She just looks kinda average in general.

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forced beauty is not real beauty.

>> No.9603352

In a setting where everyone has some outlandish style of dress it's the natural beauty that looks boring.

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I'd fuck her average face and ass

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Why doesn't this self-centered cunt care for Reisen?

Poor Reisen is always trying her best to please her and she never once acknowledges her hard work.

It pisses me off.

>> No.9603617

People don't usually thank their employees for doing their job do they?

Maybe an unusually nice employer might but most won't.

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such is life in Eintei

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Oh god, if she had bright red contacts then she would have the perfect Reisen crazy vision.

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I was waiting for this to move.

I hate you.

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Kaguya threads have the manipulation of eternity.

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Good work does go unnoticed, yes. But Reisen works hard.

Hopefully she knows that a lot of people appreciate her!

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I am extremely attractive.

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The cunt of Eientei is Eirin. Kaguya is nice to Reisen.

>> No.9606971

of course she is. Kaguya is Reisens Master after all. Reisen is a good girl.

>> No.9607032

>"Eirin, we were worried that time, as well, but we were better off for having met her. Reisen is truly our ally. So, why don't we go meet this moon rabbit, too?"
>"Kaguya, you don't seem to be fully aware of your position as a fugitive. I don't think you'd be able to get off easily if we were found by the moon's emissaries. There's nothing wrong with a little caution."
>Kaguya simply replied, "Eirin, you love to worry," and began to drink some tea.
>"Well, why did you decide to meet with Reisen, then?" She asked presently.
>"Because I wanted to know what was happening on the moon. Moon rabbits have that special ability, after all."
>"Didn't you think about what might happen if she decided to turn us over to the emissaries of the moon?"
>Of course, I did. In fact, that is the reason why I'm being so cautious now.
>"If she'd decided to turn against me, then a single rabbit wouldn't be too much for me to... "
>"How cold."

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How is she supposed to treat a traitor who just sold them? Give her candies?

And moon sluts killed before. No wonder they would kill again.

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hey bitch

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just take it easy Moko