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Ho long could a moderm army last against the youkais of gensokyo ?

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So like ten seconds maybe?

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Even if they all die, Mokou and Kaguya can probably finish them since they'll be around even if a nuke is dropped.

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Hmmm, even with the ability to regenerate, superhuman strength, and crowd clearing magical devastation, a headshot's a headshot. I think youkai would get torn the fuck up.

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Gensokyo will become the 51st state of the USA.

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But they would just get reborn. (SoPM)

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which 2hu wul you vote for president ?

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What about mutual assured destruction?

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Canonically, guns don't do shit against youkai unless they're old western pieces.

Honestly, most Youkai gotta eat, so even if Gensokyo could survive a nuclear assault, there'd be no food.

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Like she gives a shit.

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Until they bury her under several tons of indium.

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They could all move to former hell. They manage to have food down their without ever coming to the surface.

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Canonically, a small army could easily clear out gensokyo. I forget which 2hu said it.

They're in Gensokyo because they were too weak to make it in the modern world. If they were really strong, they wouldn't need to hide in a small tiny section of Japan hidden from the rest of the world.

Patriarchy >>> Matriarchy

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I call bullshit.

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Not very long~

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In 1v1 fights and small scale battles, Touhous win.

But they just don't have the numbers to fight anything too large scale, any war of attrition will eventually win them out.

Then again, they are very well hidden, so it'll probably never come to that.

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Reisen's not that big!


People aren't that small. I don't even know anymore.

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She would bring the country back into it's former glory.

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Giant Suika foot stomp.

Is there a limit to how giant she can become?

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Iron-fist regiment! that's what the world needs

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If all girls are "flowers" doesn't that mean Yuuka can manipulate the entire female population of Gensokyo?

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Shrink magic, maybe.

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Canonically, the touhous are screwed. Their powers are based off faith and ignorance, so to speak. Touhou magic only works because there's no one there to explain to everyone that it's logically impossible for them to perform such feats. Remember that, while the border was created to contain youkai, it was later strengthened by them. This is because human were moving away from believing petty mythical folk tales, to cold hard science. Moriya escaped from our world to Gensokyo for this very reason.

Basically, what I'm getting at is your average soldier doesn't believe in magic, fairies, and other crap. Thus, their tricks would have no effect. Even if the battle took place in Gensokyo, that massive influx of people that lack "faith" would be an incredible danger to it's ecosystem.

Of course, if we disregard that and just let the touhous go full blast, then yes, it would be a slaughter.

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Stepping on your troops and shrugging off your missles.

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I suppose so.

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Wooops didn't mean to link to shrink magic guy.

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i will never vote for the vegetarian scum

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Eat your vegetables, fatty.

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But she loves plants and would never eat them! If anything she's a carnivore.

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but you will!

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your average soldier believes in jesus or allah

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Well Reimu's one of the strongest being in gensokyo and was able to kill 4 tanks single handed when she was weaker and younger. Assume the youkais could kill between 1-5 tanks depending on their strength.

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So, Gensokyo logic are the same as Golden land logic?

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We print a billion sealing tags, for humans snipers and gorilla warfare and for Hourais concrete cells and send them to the space or the sun.

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I wonder if Gensokyo will ever have a group of anti-youkai or anti-(insert religion here) extremists that tear a hole in the border and bring outsiders in to deal with them.

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Not this retarded bullshit again.

Gensokyo protects weak youkai, like fairies, from dying. Powerful youkai live in there because they want to. Mamizou was living outside until she decided to visit her old friend.

Even the pro-human Akyu said strong youkai could invade the outside world and easily make humanity fear them again. But they choose not to.

And you can't even hurt youkai with conventional weapons.

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90% of humanity still believe in supernatural. Be it some religion or ghosts or magical aliens or whatever.

Youkai that get killed by disbelief are those super obscure types like Yamabiko. Or fairies that are dying out along with wild nature. The likes of vampires are actually getting more and more popular.

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Youkai are immune to weapons that aren't either inherently spiritual or have existed long enough to become an heirloom. Modern weaponry wouldn't do a thing against Youkai.

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Lunarian wa youkai janai. OP no kotoba to "youkai", "touhou kyara" janakkute.

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neither of them live in gensokyo

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Youkai be fucked.

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She could grow to something like 50 miles tall, but then she'd be about as dense as a cloud.

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Wait, isn't that similar to what happened in Demons Soul's?

If anybody could kill a Touhou it would be a Demons/Dark Souls human.

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Doesn't matter. What matters is they subconsciously accept the existence of supernatural.

Besides, Maribel live in the outside world and can use supernatural powers. And it was stated a couple of times that many youkai still live in the outside world.

Disbelief killing touhous is secondary bullshit.

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Only because canonically they can't die, not matter how many times you kill them. They always come back as a ghost/zombie, so they get plenty of tries against mortal touhous.

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Only because canonically they can't die, no matter how many times you kill them. They always come back as a ghost/zombie, so they get plenty of tries against mortal touhous.