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How do you survive as a NEET in the USA?

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No such thing. It counts as unemployed.

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americans on /jp/ who claim to be NEET actually have rich parents who care for them, won lawsuits/lottery/inheritances that gave them a large windfall to live off of, or actually have jobs and just lie about it.

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NEET lifestyle will be contained in only one thread, so the board won't be flooded with personal threads.

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Student loan and portal after 30

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I'm hoping to get an inheritance myself. Unfortunately I have many other fellow grandchildren to complete with.

Fortunately I seem to be the favorite though that might just be because I'm the youngest.

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Kill them. Kill them all.

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middle class parents that take care of me.

Thankfully I'm an only child and hopefully they'll leave enough for me to pay property tax and eat for the rest of my life.

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You don't need to be rich to support someone who doesn't do much other than eat.

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Disability benefits.

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>How do you survive as a NEET in the USA?

Mooch off your relatives, or after you piss off everyone who knows you, live on the street and bother strangers for money.

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Autismbux + unemployment = steady cash flow

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Obviously, everyone still posting here is in the first phase, since truck stop restrooms don't have internet connections.

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My poor mother takes care of my expenses. Hopefully I'll get my autism bux soon so I can help her out.

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Contain this!
*grabs dick*

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