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What is the one Touhou related game/doujin/figure/etc. you waited forever for, and then when it finally came out and you played/read/saw/etc. it, it was pure shit?

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Did Ufotable's Touhou thing ever see the light of day?

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It's shit

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Got a link?

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did they release that short?

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Maybe this is a subtle request thread.

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Nope, it was always a private screening.

From what I heard it lasts like 15 minutes, basically touhous pop out in the real world and Flandre starts making a rampage while Reimu tries to stop her, also the lucky star store guy gets caught in the middle and all sorts of shit happen to him.

Satori and Koishi also appear in it searching through a manga store.

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No, it's like buyer's remorse, except no one bought anything.

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Basically most albums with cute art.
Yet I keep doing it anyway.

Also I thought that youmu game could've been better if only it was shorter, a bit more balanced and if it had a stage select.

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Ten Desires.

The final battle was very disappointing, as was Miko.

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What about her theme?

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It's rubbish.

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Not as final-bossy as I'd like it to sound.

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I'd agree, but I wasn't that hyped for it to start with. Still underwhelming, though.

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It's really mediocre, so is the stage 6 theme.

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It was awesome

better than byakuren theme

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But Cosmic Mind was awesome.
Everyone knows that the real shit final boss theme is fate of Sixty Years.

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The stage 6 theme is the best music in all touhou

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Only if by "real shit" you mean "the real shit."

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Well, although they picked great reference material, this figure was sub-prize level and I was kinda disappoint.

Like, a hot fart could melt the PVC on this thing.

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You mean "The real shit" right?

But we all know who's the true Queen of stage 6 bosses.

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Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind is one of the best game bgms I've ever heard.
Please don't say that.

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Ten Desires had the best stage 6 theme, what the fuck are you smoking?

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I beg to differ.

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Kanako has the best stage 6 boss theme. Call the cops, I don't give a fuck.
Such an intimidating theme for an intimidating boss.

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It's more than decent, but I prefer Ultimate Truth.

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All the stage 6 boss themes are great, why bother arguing?

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Kanako's theme is so amazing at first, but it putters out so quickly. None of the best parts and included in the loop, and there's way to much mellow stuff in it.

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Is jp the slowest board on 4chan?