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Alright, /jp/. I figure you guys would know more about this than even /g/ would. I recently had to reimage my computer because it kept freezing on login after changing from Japanese to English locale. Has this happened to any of you guys? I'm looking to play a certain visual novel, but I need to go jap again to install it. I don't think applocale can help with this one.

So has anyone had computer trouble with system locale? Quite frankly, I'm afraid now to try again.

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Never had issues with it. You were probably unlucky or using a pirated windows version. Though, frankly, even with pirated version I've had no problems.

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No. Try not having your harddisk full with malware, bloatware and trojans. Really helps.

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I had a my computer "freeze" trying to boot up after changing the locale, freaked me out real bad, until I realized it was just loading and not actually "frozen" at all.

What's wrong with applocale? I use that for pretty much everything instead of changing my locale.

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>know more about this than even /g/ would

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Chances are that if it doesn't work with applocale and you have to install it in Japanese locale, you will also need to play it in jap. Then, you don't need to change to English again. Problem solved.