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Hopefully some metal will get uploaded unlike during Reitaisai 9.

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Music only thread?

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Music is preferred.

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>Hopefully some metal will get uploaded unlike during Reitaisai 9.
Hopefully not.

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Well, give us porn too. Just do it, damn.

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Sooooooo I take it that the Sharpnel and Hardcore Syndrome 6 releases haven't made it to anyone's PC at this point. Fair enough.

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>DDBY Relax time

Thank you so much.

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Should I continue updating this or am I just duplicating info?

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Comiket newfag here, are all of the albums posted related to Touhou or some other work or is there original music in there ?

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i liek yours better

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Some of both, mostly Touhou.

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Isn't the first one just a preview or am I missing something. Keep updating anon, you're the best!

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I hope there will be a non-music upload thread then.
It's all-music, every single comiket.

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Will do, then

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Most people dont chop their books or have scanner.

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Just go on exhentai for that, the torrents are gonna have seeders.

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Energy Breaker and Little Planet now on taikoyc

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Little Planet download link has been 502ing for the last two hours. I'm currently downloading Energy Breaker.

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Uploading Little Planet right now actually.

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Games, etc.

Also, >>9558595
Is this supposed to be the non-music upload thread?

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Does anybody have a straight answer on which release the new TeddyLoid music is on?

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New Tokyo Active NEETs album just showed up on Taikoyc.

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The chinese probably have everything uploaded by now.

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They are Japanese you idiot.

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The viet and chinese touhou community are leagues ahead of us in terms of uploading.

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Would you be kindly add what kind of music each is? If that's not so much trouble.

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Change that.

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Genre? Sure, if the uploaders include it with their posts

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Energy Breaker feat. 709sec


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Tohou or not? It would be helpful to specify.

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People are already uploading here >>9558595

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What do you think anon?

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Did you mean if it was vocal?

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This thread looks better. I'll be posting my uploads there now.

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Indeed, someone also started attention whoring in that other thread too.

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Does this picture implies that "Silent Difference" is somewhere in one of these mediafire-directories?

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Cubetype touhou game is out.

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If someone found the new Touhou RTS game from Neetpia, can you please upload it to Mediafire?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for keeping the title uniform
You, sir, are my hero

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stop showing signs of appreciation, they have to do this.

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Don't start that shit again. We've all heard enough of it already.

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Don't reply to him. Let meido handle this.

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love solfege - 蓋然性進化論Ⅰ (mp3)

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Can we make one thread for uploads? This one seems more organized >>9558595

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nice obscure download site fag

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Yeah, seems more organized, ima going there.

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fuck it, astost, lazy as fuck to re-upload

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>jaypee,本帖隐藏的内容需要积分高于 8 才可浏览,您当前积分为 1

No idea what this means, but if you/somebody else can download could you/somebody else reupload?

Also, jazz 3? Holy shit

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Thanks, I love love solfege.

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could anyone reupload this, i'm getting stuck everytime

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Any denpa albums yet? I think the new album of ちぃむdmp☆ was going to be released at C82.

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could someone upload this?

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