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I've been waiting this shit all day

Japanese dudes are so meanie

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can i pirate it already

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Can these names get any sillier?

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ZUN uses /jp/ as a creative outlet.
I wouldnt put it past him if he name the next touhou game The Moderation War.

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Don't underestimate ZUN.

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story seems very interesting

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Maribel is slowly becoming Yukari.

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wow trippy music http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv103794678

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Shame its fairly quiet, but glorious to be hearing it regardless.

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gotta love the face and pose she's making

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I really hope not.
If ZUN's really going with that, I'd be severely disappointed.

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You know how teenage writers and artists like to randomly use Latin or Japanese words to make things sound mysterious or clever? ZUN is the same, except he's 35 and it works.

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Shot of the disc, from ZUN's blog:
(duplicate file)

A high-res photograph or scan would be nice.

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His art style is getting better. This somehow saddens me.

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Why? It all fits? She becomes Yukari and goes back in time.

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If ZUN wants to end Touhou this seem like a plausible end

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Maribel is cool and all. But what's going on with Renko? Has she revealed the source of her pictures yet?

Maribel becoming Yukari or Yukari being a distant relative of Maribel seemed to have become the only options for her story after ZUN's tirade about Maribel having the same kinf of relation to Yukari as Lafcadio has with Koizumi Yakumo.

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This has been uploaded now and is in the 3rd upload thread

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Maribel already traveled in time at least once. And Yukari is a fake name.

Maribel being Yukari is pretty much certain at this point.

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Touhou isn't about "coolness" and tacky predictable time lapses.
It wouldn't be a suitable ending.

>ZUN's tirade about Maribel having the same kinf of relation to Yukari as Lafcadio has with Koizumi Yakumo
Did ZUN ever make a statement himself regarding their relation? All I've ever read on the matter is fan theories.

Maribel and Yukari are clearly thematically related, but them being the person is far from clearly proven.

Maribel's character is already heavly overshadowed by Yukari. I don't like that, she is her own character with her own traits, I'd like it if fans realized that.

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I liked "Led by Cow" track and the arrangements, other original tracks seem really bland and forgettable

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So apparently Maribel can even take things from her dream world now.

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She's been able to do that ever since CoSD. The new thing in TGA was that she was able to transport things (even people) into the dream world.

At this point her power is more like "the ability to make (her own) dreams into reality" or something. I wonder if her dreams are generated by her subconscious just like everyone else's.

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Those are not her dreams. She's seeing places that really exist.

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>At this point her power is more like "the ability to make (her own) dreams into reality" or something.

That would imply the worlds she visits are her creation. She visited a space station with Renko in TGA that clearly existed through her dreams.

Or maybe we're gonna get a mindfuck ending out of this.

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>She visited a space station with Renko in TGA that clearly existed

Actually, now that I think of it, the space station did exist but she could've created it in her dreams, which would explain some of the freaky stuff she saw. She didn't know how the station was supposed to look like so she made it up, consciously or not. So your theory has some ground to stand on.

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She visited Gensokyo in the faraway past and left a note there. Aya mentioned that mysterious note later.

It makes much more sense if she's visiting places that really exist.

Unless world she created in her dreams start living their own life.

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Even if the places she visits and the things she sees there do exist, what she's doing is that she's rearranging them in her dream. She goes there herself, she brings things with her and she takes things with her when she leaves.

Assuming that she herself consciously or unconsciously controls what happens in her dream, or at least where she goes and what she brinsg with her, she herself creates those scenarios using things that already exists. And in that sense the things she dreams do become real, even if those things already existed in a different composition.

So I guess it's matter of how you put it?

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Renko will probably end up as the first Hakurei miko.

It's pretty sad when you think about it. Maribel saw her best friend age and die.

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It never was a dream world.
She was actually travelling to those places.
Remember? She dropped her notebook in the bamboo forrest.
First she was going herself, and then she started taking Renko. But the first time they actually physically interacted with something was when Maribel was cut by the creature in Torifune.
Its not a dream or a dream world, they went aboard the abandoned satellite. Its the boundry transportation power, Maribel still being injured when they got back is proof.
She just does not know how to control it yet.
The mystery now in the story is: who, exactly is Renko and how does she relate to Gensokyo?

The evolved version of Renko now has her looking like Reimu with shorter hair, but acting like Marisa...

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>Aya mentioned that
Actually it was Akyuu

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renko being any relation to reimu would be too stupid.
what's sad is that her best friend is getting cool powers while she can only tell the time.

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By the way, where have both of them gone to in this CD's story? Still the satellite?

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why is everyone taking the stupid theory of Maribel and Renko's "true identities" seriously?

why does everyone assume that the stories about the two of them aren't just stories about two girls hanging out and doing weird shit, and that it instead is about the creation of gensokyo?

There is no proof of that
There hasn't even been a single mention of gensokyo since SoSD

stop it, seriously
I love these little stories by ZUN for what they are and I can't take it easy at all

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>what's sad is that her best friend is getting cool powers while she can only tell the time.

The way I see it, Renko is providing Maribel with moral support and changing her views on certain subjects. Like that time she told Maribel the children of today don't smile carefree because they have lost the ability to believe in dreams.

It's sort of ironic that the most methodic, down to earth of the two is studying a pseudo-science while the one who has more of a knack for the supernatural is the one studying an actual science.

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time AND place
don't forget!!

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I am still looking for a translation of the story part.
One has not yet been posted on en.touhouwiki.net.

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Poor Mari!

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Then maybe Renko is Marisa's ancestor?

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The whole "Maribel becomes Yukari and travels to the past" thing doesn't seem like something ZUN would pull.

If anything, Maribel is going to end up as an unrelated gap youkai/Yukaris reincarnation and just continue her adventures with Renko. Calling it now.

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Thanks a lot!

>Mari says she saw a little too much. When Renko asks her what she saw, Mari replies that she saw Hell
>Mari didn't tell Renko but she actually experienced the world deep underground.
>Mari no longer feels uncomfortable, because what she witnessed in the underground was not Hell. It was, as real as it could be, the world where gods existed.

Incoming mind break doujins.

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Maribel turns insane
Renko becomes a Miko's apprentice to stop her.
Renko cannot stop insane Maribel, pushes her back into time.
Maribel becomes Yukari.

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Am I reading too much into ZUNart or does Renko look worried in the CD cover?

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She's struggling to come to terms with the fact that her best friend is turning into Yukari.

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This. Touhou isn't really a series that would pull a twist like that. It's too gimmicky and, dare I say it, Western.

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Maribel turns insane. She begins studying youkai. She realizes there are ways to turn into a youkai. She kills seven honest man and becomes a youkai. She learns youkai can gain the power of the people they eat. She eats Renko's heart so she gains the ability to never become lost in her dreams.

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No, she just realized she's been wearing the same outfit since 2006 while Maribel has a brand spanking new two-piece.

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Because there is way too much foreshadowing?

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>seven honest men*

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Foreshadowing, resemblence etc. There wouldn't be discussion like this otherwise

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Now that's just stupid. Why would she try and become a yokai if she already has the powers? Why would she eat her best friend?

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Yes she is
because it's her fault mary was injured

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There's her powers, somewhat similar to Yukari's.
She visits gensokyo once, out of all the times she's probably gone to places in her dreams.
One line in Magical Astronomy.

Yeah it's overwhelming.

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Yukari's name is fake and related to Lafcadio, a foreigner just like Maribel.
Maribel traveled in time at least once.

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Because she's insane!

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I'd be surprised if most of the names carried by old youkai like Yukari weren't fake. It doesn't prove very much. And it has never been stated in Touhou canon that Yukari is related to the Hearn family.

I'm not saying it's not plausible. But the proof has been blown out of proportion. It's ridiculous.

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Stupid question but:

Does ZUN himself sell these and the games during Comikets?

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It's all pretty much that one line >>9565329 mentioned.

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What line? The post you linked doesn't come with anything new.

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>When fans asked about the implied connection between Yukari and Maribel Hearn in a high school open lecture program, ZUN brought up Lafcadio Hearn but did not elaborate.

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This is true /jp/


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Sorry. Another anon asked me to show it but I forgot. Here:


>Q. Is Merry related to Yuakin [Yukari] somehow!?? She's so cute!!11
>A. How should I say this. In the past, there was this Lafcadio Hearn....Don't think too much about this (laugh)

Again, it's just a tirade. This made everyone's gears to start turning, as vague replies usually do.

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Alright. So he did make that statement. They have the same basis for their name. I still don't understand why this is such a big deal and everyone saying it's canon.

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Everything ZUN says is G-canon.

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No-one is saying it's canon (not me, at least). Everyone is just pointing out there's similarities between Yukari and Maribel in terms of their power while also taking in account Lafcadio's own life story, as he was a foreigner who got Japanese citizenship and changed his name from Lafcadio Hearn to Koizumi Yakumo (bear in mind Yukari's name is made up by herself). This leads people to speculate Maribel will follow a similar path, by mastering her power and changing her name.

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Anyways, am I the only one quite disturbed by that human hand trying to get out of Yukari's gap in a canon picture?

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Don't think too much about it.

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I'm more worried about those eyes.

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I believe that Gensokyo is all just Maribel's dream.

It lies on the border between fantasy and reality.

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Nobody has thought of this before.

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So Mima will be back?

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Track 9 is my favorite. Yours, /jp/ ?

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Yes, I can definitely feel it in my bones.
Captcha: tyingac canonical

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holy shit this lovely cemetary remix is tyte

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I always liked these stories, but they always made me depressed due to making me remember how bland reality is compared to fantasy

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>the translation is not out yet
>most people here cant read japanese
>talking about the story already
and i kinda feel that the music is not related to the story...

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Lurk more.

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I'm fairly convinced Renko and Maribel and Gensokyo are parallel worlds.

Worlds can be parallel after all, and may coexist side-by-side in the same universe, and only be related thematically.

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Who is it that you're quoting?

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How long ago did you come from /a/ or /v/ that you're not saging?

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Led On by a Cow to Visit Zenkou Temple.
Augh I could listen to it all day.

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With her power Maribel can visit her time with Renko whenever she wants.
Probably thats what she does when she is hibernating as Yukari.
Her power allowes her to move through anything that has a beginning and an end.

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My god I'm orgasming at this album.
People who say ZUN lost it with TD should go fuck themselves, this is awesome.


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Translation out.