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Have you guys ever used this?
I mean, having a japanese friend is the best way to learn japanese, right?

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You made me feel very guilty because I have neglected two dear (non-Japanese) online friends for months. And they both basically have sent a “well, you're not replying since a long time sadly, but I hope you’re doing fine” mail months ago and I feel terribly guilty.

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"Hi folks,

I'm a really OTAKU in Japan.
Sounds cool?
GTH! -Go to Hell-
OTAKU means ugly, stupid and killing God in Japan.
If you say "I love OTAKU" or "I'm an OTAKU" in Japan, you will be eliminated by our society.
Foreign boys and girls use OTAKU very easy today.
I'm afraid it.
Because, I wonder if they realize the word actually.
If you have the fancy dream about OTAKU, and, want to realize about truth of OTAKU still.
I will fix you.

Just I want to improve my English.
You check my English for better.
I will fix your mind for live REAL OTAKU as same as Japanese, in future.
My message will be severe, nasty and crazy w/ my kindness.
You must find the truth from my message by yourself for becoming real OTAKU.
Of course, I can advise your Japanese a little.

To say honesty, stop becoming OTAKU.
It will be better for your Mam, Dad and your GOD.
Waste everthing, after contact me.

I cannot make daily communication with you.
Just e-mail.

No romance, please.
My girl friends in 2D.


Gun Sazawa"

This guy sounds awesome, I need to talk to him.

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I've been learning English on some sort of boards in 4chan. It's just much alike except I don't have friends.

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I just started learning Japanese, but I don't think I could do something like this. I had a Japanese friend once I met in an online game, nicest guy I've ever met on the net, but my anxiety got in the way and I fell out of touch with him.

Oh, and since this is Japanese learning related thread, let me ask you guys who have been at this for a while a question - do you do anything to improve your spoken Japanese?

Most phonemes in my language are pretty compatible with Japanese ones, so it's not like I sound as bad as, say, people from the states, but I'm still worried.

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I do this. Except for they know my phone number and they've called me several times and ask if ok okay or dead but I never answer...

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Well sure, it's easy for some whore like her to get japanese pen pals, but what are the chances of us getting them?

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You can just get a creepy gaijin-obsessed japanese gf like this guy says

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link please.

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>Ayumi (17)
Interests: Movies, Museums, Dining out

Nationality: Japan
Languages: Japanese <-> English

hello,my name is Ayumi.
I want to study English.
English is interesting.

I would like to study English and to go abroad.
Please let me know study, becoming friendly. I also teach Japanese.

thank you.

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They only go for the cute wealthy and confident gaijins

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I could never use sites like that even if I wanted to because I don't want to look like a tryhard that wants friends.

Everyone knows that cool people that don't give a fuck don't use social networking crap.

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>ひかり Hikari (17)
>Interests: Movies, Television, Music

>Nagasaki City
>Nationality: Japan
>Languages: Japanese <-> English

>年齢: 17

>趣味: テレビ, 映画, 音楽
>教えたい言語: 日本語
>学びたい言語: 英語

>My name is Hikari ('v')/
>I'm second grade sutudent at japanese high >school=D

>I am learning English.
>But my English is poor still .
>I'm sorry if you can't understand my English =)

>I like The UK =)
>So,I want UK's friends who are English >speaker.
>But other countries are also OK (≧∇≦)b

>My English is poor but My Japanese is good >because I'm Japanese haha X)
>So if you want,I can teach Japanese to you☆

>I like Harry Potter !!
>I have the Blu-ray BOX !!

>My hobbies are watching TV , watching >movies, cooking cookies and listening to >music !!

>I love Arashi so much ♥
>Arashi is the most popular group in Japan !!
>They are so cool, cute, interesting and kind >XD
>Do you know Arashi ?

>Could you be my friend ?

>Please message (o^∇^o)ノ

>Thank you ♪

Alright, let's get cracking.

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too normal, you can find girls like that everywhere

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Akari (16)
Interests: Anime, Comics, Movies

Nationality: Japan
Languages: Japanese <-> English

I'm Akari,16 years old.
I live in Japan.
I like Anime,comic,music and movie:)
I study English.
Could you please teach me English?
I can teach Japanese.
Thank you for reading this.

I'm tempted, /jp/.

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Nao (17)

I'm Nao,a high school girl in Japan.
I want a friend,and I want to talk about favorites!
I like comic books,musics,painting and movies.

I want a friend we can exchange e-mail.
I'm very shy.My English is not good,but if you are OK, please send me message!

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Everyone is named goddamn Rina.

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why did I read that in Little Kud's voice?

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I've tried messaging a few, but they never reply. Feels pretty bad.

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I'm not a native speaker.
What's the chance for the japs notice it?

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Someone find this guy please.

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Google the text.

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I am 14 years old(soon 15;) from Japan.
I want to make some new e-mail friends from aboard.
I already have some good American friends who are really awesome, so I think someone from other country would be more interesting for me.
I like Funnyyyy people and things. I hate Boooooring people.
I really hate it when people stop writing back suddenly, especially girls often do that, just a random thought.....=(
I have a lot of things I like to do.
If we have some common interests, we could be able to be good friends, I think.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soooon!
ナニカカイテオクッテクーダサイネー"o(- ̄*)≡))=Эブブーッ!!←屁

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Already tried.. no results.

Same thing for the other messages.. maybe google doesn't index it for some reasons?

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>Ciel Phantomhive (35)
Interests: Comics, Anime, Writing

Nationality: Japan
Languages: Japanese <-> English

Fujoshi as fug.

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Imagine all the emails from narutards they must get... they probably just ignore anything written in english.

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>mfw non native Japanese speaking weeaboos attempt Japanese and fall on their fat faces

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Much like japs stuff their mangled engrish everywhere and fail every time?

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If you really want some japanese friends you could try some sites like lang-8.

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Yes, that is equally as funny, but less pathetic.

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what's better to find Japanese people? Livemocha or lang-8?

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At least this one can't even write some lines in english.
I'm so tempted

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Where the fug do you register in that site? Trying as hard as possible to contact someone.

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click on "contact this person" then you'll see "You need to be a registered japan-guide.com user in order to use all of the community functionalities at our website. If you are already registered, log in below. If not, CLICK HERE to sign up for free. "

Click on "click here".

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Could be a she dick.

Mite b cool.

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おげんき です か
ヂエゴ です
三十 歳 です
私 わ 会社員 です
日本 が すき です

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this is why i'm so excited

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>Hi,my name is kazuaki.
>Live in Japane.
>I want a hobby is cooking friend.
I think I'm staying away from this guy.

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In all shame and being ready to be called a faggot and kicked out of here, what does this mean? I am confusing 女の子 with something else and don't know what the kanji is.

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Uses 'boku' but is a girl.
It's moe.

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where did you find her? I want to talk to this one

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こにちは 私の名前はジェイムズです。私したがる練習は日本語。
how wrong is this so far?

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In the language exchange seeker, filter and put 1-16 with nationality Japanese.

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It can easy understad james

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oh well I guess I'll use google translate.

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Before reading this, remember Kudryavka's voice.

>しいな (14)
>Interests: Fashion, Music, Computer

>Nationality: Japan
>Languages: Japanese <-> English

>hello!Nice meet you
>I am Shina
>I can little English
>I want Study Engurlish
>I can teach Japanese



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was it mylanguageexchange?

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Should be;
こんにちは、私の名前はジェイムズです。 私は日本語を習いたいです。 - ちなみに、私はチンコをなめる事が大好きです。

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thank toy very much man

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/jp/, if I get quoted once, I will post the ultimate profile. You will want to make an account there, I can guarantee that.

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小さい女の子が どこに いますか?

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>>/jp/, if I get quoted once, I will post the ultimate profile. You will want to make an account there, I can guarantee that.

say what bitch

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Hi everyone i am iku.

i am 12 girl and im live in shibuya in tokyo japan!

im want practice english to speak more better and if want when are go shibuya we can meeting for guide you fun to do to me for fun.

anyone is ok because i want only learn and having fun to me.

i like movie like im go see avenger! i like onsen becaus is feel sooo good but you canot jump in must go slow becaus is verrry hot!!!

please lets be friend in japan and speak english!

:) Iku

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someone please befriend and exploit her

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I'd iku all over her in an onsen if you know what I mean.

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oh god

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>if want when are go shibuya we can meeting for guide you fun to do to me for fun.

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Fuck,me too.

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>i like onsen becaus is feel sooo good but you canot jump in must go slow becaus is verrry hot!!!

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w-what does it say?

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James confirmed for international cunt destroyer.

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Sorry, left the thread for a while.

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Does anyone have this image without the offensive text?

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That's how women speak. Here's how a man would say it:

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Last line is
"i love to eat pussy".

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Purpose: Search Penpal

Job: Student Junior High
Interests: Anime, Music, Dancing
Languages: Japanese, English
Nationality: Japan


I'm 12 years old junior high school student. I like Manga, Anime, and ballet dance. I have a dog. Her name is Shusu. I would like to have a penpal about my age. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


She sounds pretty kuudere.

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Reminds me of this


>> No.9555509

Searched for 'men and women aged 1-12', found no such 'iku' person.

Erm... care to give a link for where you're looking? we can collectively care for and nurture her. At least, I hope you didn't write that yourself, I was looking to befriend her.

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I'm a little girl, so we should be able to get along.

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Hello, my name is James and I would like to learn Japanese.

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File: 49 KB, 968x593, iku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you even trying?

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I've suddenly become a scary penpal.

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She's the first one for me

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I found a 12 year old named Reimu.

Nowhere near Iku.


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うける~、 日本語うまいね。

>> No.9555533

Well this is pretty cool. I've always wanted a pen-pal, you know.

Now I just have to work up the courage to respond to someone.

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Thank you for quoting.

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I want to ask to ppl ITT ( restricted to hot teens )
Could I lick your pussy?

>> No.9555541


you're welcome?

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Bugger off to reddit.

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M... Maybe.

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some of these are just too cute

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mikuri (10)
Purpose: Search Penpal

Job: Student Elementary
Interests: Anime, Games, Comics
Languages: Japanese, English
Nationality: Japan

How do you do?

My name is mikuri.
I am 10 years old.
Favorite food is a strawberry.
A hobby is drawing a picture.
I am studying English.
Thank you

Not as cute as Iku, but...

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You are done for!

Haruna (8)
Purpose: Search Penpal

Job: Student Elementary
Interests: Anime, Hiking, Dolls
Languages: Japanese
Nationality: Japan

Hi, my name is "Haruna".
I am 8 years old. My third-grade.
My family is the parents and three brothers.
My favorite animal is a dog, two dogs are kept.
My hobbies are collecting stickers, and hiking, to watch the anime, "writing letters".
My lessons are "piano", "exercise", "abacus".
Please become my friend.
Thank you.


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This is kind of amazing. The website is 75-80% female (for Japan, at least) regardless of what age range you search for. Always.

if this had pictures, it'd be yellow fever online dating heaven

>> No.9555572

>I want to ask to ppl ITT ( restricted to hot teens )
No james, no.

>> No.9555581

Is anyone even reading? I found this one the cutest of them all

Purpose: Search Penpal

Nara City
Job: Student Junior High
Interests: Dancing, Anime, Calligraphy
Languages: Japanese, English
Nationality: Japan

Hello! I'm 12,will be 13 years old next January.
I lile ballet and I would love to make friends(both sexes OK!). I prefer letters to mail because I think exchanging pictures or goods is more intresting(^^)/ Also,I'd like to make my waritting English more improved! My city,Nara is one of the oldest traditional city ,used be the capital of Japan. If you are intrested in Japanese culture or ballet,p/s contact me!!

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>Not as cute as Iku, but...
>Favorite food is a strawberry.

Get fucked, man. That's adorable.

>> No.9555584

A lot of Japanese females specify that they're only interested in meeting females, since they're married or not interested in romance. Does this mean that everyone who are willing to meet males are interested in romance?

>> No.9555589

Conversations with these little loli are going to be impossible without a reasonable level of Japanese.

...That is perhaps the only thing that's going to motivate me to learn, actually.

>> No.9555599

I may have found my real life waifu.

>> No.9555595

Are you kidding me? Once I saw Iku I opened a new tab with kanji translations.

>> No.9555597

Stop being a bunch of pedophiles.

>> No.9555600

>Interests: Drinking


>> No.9555603

I bet she meant delicious milkshakes and hot tea in winter.

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>> No.9555607

>Mom, I met this really cool foreigner on the net. Even though he's in his twenties, he still likes anime. He's so fun!

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Iku can't be a little girl
Little girls can't into english,
and also this name is suspicious

>> No.9555616

Spat my drink everywhere.

>> No.9555622

jokes on you nerd, i'm in my 30s.

>> No.9555626

Was she named Moeka, Akari, Kagami, Kuu, Miku or Youmu, I'd suspect.

>> No.9555627

Lots of them are fakes and it often ends with two men faking each other, I have some epic stories.

>> No.9555629


I just added a few of these girls on skype, now you've put it that way I wish I never did. The way you said foreigner makes it sound even worse

also; who are you quoting?

>> No.9555631

Am I the only one adding the shotas?

>> No.9555633

Please tell

>> No.9555637

>I have some epic stories.

>> No.9555639

Unlikely. She'd probably be hiding it from her parents to begin with. What sane individual would allow their ten year old to talk to people on the Internet.

>> No.9555640

Oh boy. The things I'd learn and the good times I'd have if I weren't afraid as fuck from The Awkward.

>> No.9555647 [DELETED] 

you mean >>>/jp/
stop shitposting

>> No.9555643

Wait a moment, you're actually adding some of them? I was just posting profiles, but... be sure to use emoticons.

>> No.9555651

Who the fuck says >epic stories in /jp/? Frig off, faggot.

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File: 436 KB, 490x876, 1314016044598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My name is Kanako!
I am 15 years old.
I live in Japan.

I like English!
I want to learn English and foreign culture!

And I like music!
I like K-pop,Ladygaga and Avril Lavigne etc...

I look for a pen-pal or contact on Face bookand skype.
I look for the friend of the girl from 13 years old to around 17 years old.

Please contact.

And I have skype and Face book.

>> No.9555660

The /jp/ers who are adding lolis, either be good looking yourself or search for a picture of a semi good looking guy on the net.

>> No.9555666

Hello my name is Sydney and I would like to learn Japanese and I can help you learn English

I'm looking for someone online often
I'm kind of shy and I like music

Your age doesn't matter

>Your age doesn't matter

>> No.9555669


a lot of them leave their skype profile name, I'm just adding and leaving a message like "Hi !! :D im anon and i would love to help you with your engrish ^_^

>> No.9555672

What kind of 15-year-old knows about Avril Lavigne? I'm pretty sure she stopped being relevant almost 10 years ago...

>> No.9555673


she wants a friend that's female not a male you fuck

>> No.9555680

Break out the voice changer, say you're 17, and demand she call you onee-chan.

>> No.9555684


you're so stupid

>> No.9555689

For some reason Avril Lavigne is REALLY popular in Japan. I have no idea why.

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File: 31 KB, 600x750, i-want-to-believe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9555700

are you finn?

>> No.9555706


no, british, why?

>> No.9555710

You forgot friggin' Iku, man.
And why "want to believe"? There are several links in this thread.

>> No.9555713

tomoka (14)





What the fuck? 14 years and already know english and russian?

>> No.9555717


>> No.9555718

Why are you so frustrated?

>> No.9555720

>already know english and russian

>> No.9555723

Anyone who is single will be open to romance if they meet someone they like, surely.

I have a fujoshi friend from this site I met up with once and am still friends with. Actually I met a lot of people but ended up losing contact with most. Met up with one other person for a few days but we only occasionally contact each other now because there's not much we have in common.

I... actually found a nice girl on JapanCupid years ago and we're moving together in soon. I'm sorry I'm too normal for /jp/

>> No.9555727

>to do to me for fun.
What the fuck is wrong with you, /jp/, am I the first one noticing that?

>> No.9555735

A friend of mine was acting as female and exchanged emails with a fellow single japanese female (only via email and with people of the same sex onegaishimasu~, you know the drill) who helped him learning japanese.

He began to really liked her and made some serious progress in japanese.
She told him about her daily life in Japan and other ontouni kawaii stuff.
"Yeah acting as a female was definitely a good idea I would have never be able to know that much about her, she wouldn't even have answering".

And one year later they decided to make a step forward in their relation by using skype.

>Actually I'm a man. (You saw it coming)
>Almost simultaneously.

>> No.9555731

Hello everyone☆!
I'm Saki from Japan(*^^*)
I'm 15-year-old girl;-)
I can speak Japan and English!!
I'm learn France, Chinese and Korean^^
I want to learn Russian☆
If you can help me with these languages,I'm really glad♪
And i can help you with Japanese If you want:D
My hobbise are go to shopping,talk with friends,watching TV and movis,Snailmail and so on!!!!
Send me a message:3

What's wrong with these kids?

>> No.9555738

yeah now leave

>I'm 15-year-old girl;-)
It's just like /soc/!

>> No.9555739


their eye's are squinty and it means they can't see what they're typing properly

>> No.9555742

Did you even read the replies?

>> No.9555744

How do you identify the fujoshi? Real Japanese fujoshi are fucking disgusting, which turns me on.

>> No.9555752

You don't genuinely believe eight to ten year olds are posting on foreign exchange websites with this level of English, do you?

I'd call bullshit on just about all of them, unfortunately, maybe I'm just ultra-cynical though.

>> No.9555755

Jesus Christ

>> No.9555759

I am momo,japanese girl.
I am 15years old.

I cannot speak and write in einglish.
I am sorry(・・)

Do you like Japan?
I like all country very very much.
So,i want to make a lot of friends!

Thank you

>> No.9555765


>> No.9555767

It'd be fun if it was real and take a picture with her with a sign quoting your post number. Sadly, I'm poor.

>> No.9555772

I believe it's mostly google translate or relatives helping them out.

>> No.9555773
File: 53 KB, 245x274, 1275866171959.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since I don't want to make a shit thread for a question, I'll use this shit thread, I don't know Japanese extremely well, conversationally right now. I asked a girl out and after a blushing kaomoji she said 好きやで~ which I know is kansaiben which she knows I don't fucking understand it's meanings. I assume that just means she likes me too?

>> No.9555777

>ERROR: You may not contact more than 10 new users per hour.

>> No.9555778

>this level of English
English isn't my native tongue and I knew many words by 7.

>> No.9555781

Are you messaging only the lolis?

>> No.9555782

Not your personal translator.

>> No.9555785


She "likes" you.

>> No.9555790

and also the shotas.

>> No.9555795

You mean the monkeys.

>> No.9555796


Like in : I like ice cream.

>> No.9555801

You're probably right to a degree, but you have to remember that Japanese people are exposed to English everywhere—they have tons of English loanwords, and it's often used in songs and other media—so it's not surprising if they start to pick up the language at an early age.

>> No.9555806

They cold have asked their onee-chan for help.

>> No.9555811

I don't think I identified her, it was just a coincidence she turned out to be one.

I suppose you should look for the girls who use 僕, and of course the ones who have anime/manga as interests.

Obligatory educational note: Fujoshi does not mean female otaku in Japanese, it means someone who like yaoi/boy love.

>> No.9555809
File: 291 KB, 750x550, 1308570918440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My name is Yukari.
It is 29 years old.

I want to make a friend abroad.
English is poor, but, please e-mail it.

I keep a very pretty dog and cat in a house. :)

A hobby is to play with a video game and an animal.
I like watching a TV drama & Movie.

I live in Yokohama.
It is a very wonderful town!

Please E-mail :)

Thank you.

>> No.9555817

These lolis expect friends around their own age, right? Not 20+ year old losers.

If some /jp/ anon manages to talk to one please post your adventure.

>> No.9555824

Meh I don't get all the implications, Japanese not spoken is hard.

>> No.9555825

I talk to girls everyday so I want to find some hot guys but all of the guys (16-25) with anime as interests all seem like boring normals.....

>> No.9555820

Three finn lolis in the site looking for friends.
It's way more obvious than spotting a gorilla on a sheep herd.

>> No.9555822

Hello everybody.I want to tell you Bushido soul and Samurai soul and wabi sabi.I also want to tell you good and bad history of Japan.Japanese culture is very deep.For example, there are Ocya and Zazen and Ikebana in Japanese culture. I think I want to tell correctly the culture of Japan to the United States.I want to teach the essence through the history and culture.Japanese culture has a history. The background of the history has a Bushido. I think you hope to learn from the spirit of Bushido.I have respect for his samurai spirit.
This video can be better understanding of bushido.
Shunsaku Kudo is the story of the Bushido.
I think try to spread the culture of Japan.This is why I would like to create a site that explains the culture of Japan.But who does not have any cooperation. Do you have favorite Japan?I'm looking for a collaborator and someone to help me a lot.Please write your impressions of Japan.Could you give me e-mail. I hope you come to a close friend.Thank you for reading.

I don't quite get it, but I think I want her to teach me about the spirit of the samurai.

>> No.9555831

Way too suspicious to have had many guys messaging at the same time. The jig is up.

>> No.9555830


I am a 13 years old Japanese girl.

I love Axis Powers Hetalia.
(Hetalia is a Japanese manga.)
People who like it let's be friends!
I do not speak very little English.
But, I want to make a lot of friends.

Please feel free to write me a message.

>> No.9555832
File: 322 KB, 800x600, 1311498834121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My name is Aya.
I live in Japan.

My hobby is photography and a anime costumeplay.

I will go for a trip to America(Las Vegas,New York) next year.
If there will be a concert of "glee" next year, I go.
I want to see the Broadway musical, too.

I love "glee".
So I want the friend who can talk about "glee".

>> No.9555836

Some of these are simply amazing

>> No.9555841

Yeah, she'll probably get scared.

>> No.9555842

I wonder if hetalia fans in japan are as batshit as the ones over here. although a lot of the ones here moved on to homestuck.

>> No.9555843

5 at once in one hour. She'll never know, right?

>> No.9555844

My name is Yohei, Please call me Yohei.
I live in Fukuoka now. But I have once lived in Tokyo for two years.
I’m a student in the fourth year at university and majoring in law.
I’m studying in English,Deutsch, Français and 한글.
I'll talk to anyone from anywhere.
Please drop me a line!
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

See ya!

Je m’appelle Yohei. Appelez-moi Yohei.
J'habite à Fukuoka.
Je suis étudiant. Et je fais des études de la loi.
Écris-moi vite!

À bientôt!

Guten Tag!
Ich heiße Yohei. Bitte nennen Sie mich Yohei.
Ich wohne in Fukuoka.
Ich studiere Rechtswissenschaft.
Ich warte auf deine E-Mail!


저는 요우헤이 라고합니다.
저는 후쿠오카에서 살고있습니다.
나는 대학에서 법률학을 전공하고 있습니다.
이메일 주세요!

자, 또 만나!



P.S. I'm interested in all sorts of culture and language.Regardless of age, sex, nationality, Message Please!

>> No.9555852

Bonjour. Qui est toi? Je m'appelle anonymous :D
J'aime le anime et les petite filles. >,<
J'adore la chien et pomme.^^
Je suis tres petites. 8_8
Ma Francais est tres terrible-_-. Ma anglais est superbe.

I know random French words because I was forced to take french in a bilingual country that has one province for the toads. I stopped shortly after middle school and it's been quite a while since then. If I still have the ability to speak terrible French I think it's possible for japanese children to have the same level of broken English

>> No.9555853

Only post interesting ones, please.

>> No.9555860

kinda interesting I guess

>> No.9555861

what bird is that anime from

>> No.9555868

You don't believe 12 year old Iku have a bad english but you believe in capitalizing 8 year old Haruna?

>> No.9555871

I'm so ready for this permavirgen fagtory, fuck my pride.

>> No.9555878

What do you mean?

>> No.9555879

Bugger off to >>>/b/

>> No.9555881
File: 107 KB, 1000x750, moe homu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for watching!

Hi, My name is Moe.
I am a Japanese University student.
My English is not good X(
But I want to lean enjoy English :)

My hobby are
*Anime *Comics *Cooking *Music
and more!

Please chat with me.
I think that we use skype etc after free-mail.
Mail adress: confetti.cherry★gmail.com(★→@)

>> No.9555886


>> No.9555887
File: 69 KB, 720x540, hatsune miku_1girl_blush stickers_chibi_computer_cup_detached sleeves_green hair_hair ornament_headphones_long hair_mug_necktie_skirt_solo_steam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi,I'm Miku.

I love japanimation,manga voice acter or
actress,music(classical,sound track,ethnic)
and reading.

I'm interested in other country's culture.
I want to communicate with people in foreign
countries and exchange opinions each other.
But I can't speak English at all.

So please teach me English and I will help you
to learn Japanese with skype.
And please permit me to use electronic

Please send an e-mail with your profile,
skype ID and the time that you can talk
with me.

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

>> No.9555899

29-year-old female who lives alone with a cat and a dog... she also likes video games.

All her description is missing is an interest in anime and she's fujoshi as FUCK.

>> No.9555902

First, I am Gay. I would like to take contact with the person of Gay in the world. I wish to make friends.
If you interested, please feel free to send me some lovely e-mail.
Waiting from you....

>> No.9555904

Dude we can browse the freackin' site, no need to post everyone you find.

>> No.9555908

I'm not interested enough to browse the site but I like seeing them here. Calm your tits.

>> No.9555915

But I don't care about name coincidences. I care about moe, not names.

>> No.9555929

Are you legitimately retarded? You think they would get replies that quick?

>> No.9555927

Bottom line, no one is contacting anyone and posting her here.

>> No.9555933

No, I'm asking if anyone actually contacted anyone.

>> No.9555931

They're more than just name coincidences.

Is Yukari and has a dog(okay, which person has a fox anyway?) and a cat
Is Aya and her hobby is photography

>> No.9555939

>okay, which person has a fox anyway?
Oh god.

>> No.9555934

I'm too nervours, I added a loli in skype and when she asked "what time is it now" I replied "I'm fine".
I'm really really really really really ashamed
Guess I can't chat in japanese

>> No.9555935

I am actually contacting a couple people.

>> No.9555945


>> No.9555947

You asshole got a reply? I'm not adding anyone because I thought it would be pointless

>> No.9555950

What do you do about appearance?

>> No.9555952

It's kinda funny, you're a grown man talking to a little girl, yet you're the one getting all intimidated and screwing up.

>> No.9555953

Not everyone uses skype to video chat. Though they might be building up to that.

>> No.9555954

You looking for a fight dude?

>> No.9555956

>/jp/ in a nutshell

- Hamlet.

>> No.9555958

Are /jp/ers really ugly or just have bad self-esteem?

>> No.9555959

Be sure to look like Brad Pitt before showing in camera.

>> No.9555960

I knew a girl named miku...she was kinda slutty..cute tho

>> No.9555963

Fantastic chronicle. We don't care.

>> No.9555967

If you want a response you just need to add "Please Respond" to your email.

>> No.9555979

What are you supposed to talk about with a penpal?
I had one before and all we'd do was spend time correcting each other and translating back and forth. It was pretty stressful.

>> No.9555986

>spend time correcting each other

Don't do this.

Just get to a decent enough level of Japanese and have normal conversations.

>> No.9555989

some people are desperate for human interaction.

>> No.9556003 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 500x289, 20101006173155-1609159706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys would be surprised how many trolls use this page

>> No.9556004

If you are actually a Hikki there's not going to be anything to talk about

>> No.9556011

masturbation tips

>> No.9556022

Hi I contacted a girl who sounded cute and she added me on Skype, it's not terribly difficult just don't come off as someone who wouldn't be fun to talk to.

>> No.9556030

Just make sure you can speak a little bit of Japanese and you'll be fine.

>> No.9556032


Jokes on you, that cute girl is me and I'm actually a fat and hairy 27-year old man from England.

>> No.9556034
File: 3 KB, 142x138, 1295072376545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Iku fans, I've got some news for you.


>> No.9556038

... Disappointment.

>> No.9556042

...as if that wasn't clear from the beginning


>> No.9556050

I will ignore your unnecessary image just because I'm overwhelmed in deception.

>> No.9556057

So, drinking wasn't as >>9555603 said.
Such a sad society. It was just a typical whore who fooled us with her bad english and number.

>> No.9556060

>who fooled us
Speak for yourself.

>> No.9556065

I don't get it. What am I supposed to be looking at?

>> No.9556069

I would quote the rest of posts but I'm too lazy. Just check the post that posted her profile and check the replies.

>> No.9556076

If you are under the age of 13, you require the permisson of a parent or teacher in order to sign up.

>> No.9556075


>> No.9556081

Don't worry, maybe poor Iku considers herself too ugly and puts on an image of Juvia Loxar.

>> No.9556092

I think I was blocked in skype
I never spoke japanese do badly in my entire life.

>> No.9556094


>>9556081 is sucking dicks, but that indeed is a cosplay. Perfect bait for the people who, well... posted in this thread?
Iku confirmed for troll.

>> No.9556107

You might want to calm down a bit. Your English seems a bit shaky too.

>> No.9556120

His nose is stuffy because he's crying. Don't be mean.

>> No.9556255

I don't get it. How the HELL did you get that and why is everyone believing that it's iku?

>> No.9556268

Because I clicked "contact this person", which showed me the username, so I made my own profile, I clicked "see your profile", and in the bar modified my username for the one that appeared in "contact this person" right next to her name.

>> No.9556385

How am I supposed to introduce myself to people with this site? I mean, what do I actually say in the contact message?

>> No.9556390

Look at what they write to introduce themselves. Do the same. It's not rocket science.

>> No.9556404

Message them with your skype id.
Some of them give their skype in their message, so you just add them.
I'm doing this and I'm already talking with a 13-years old shota and a 18 years old girl.

>> No.9556407

Are you talking with them over video? I am really scared of doing that... They might see my face and not want to talk to me.

>> No.9556421

Of course not
I'm just talking with text

>> No.9556425

But what if they ask something like, "Hey! I want to see what you look like! Let's video chat!" and they are very persistent? That would be a sticky situation.

>> No.9556439

Lie about not having a webcam on you. Or I don't know, express your discomfort like a normal person.

Most people will not press the issue, however.

>> No.9556445

Tell them that you're not comfortable with it or something like that.

Or tell them that your webcam's broken.

>> No.9556468

Yes I did. It worked fine for me.

>> No.9556507

Lie and say you don't have a camera - or, be honest, say you do, but then mess with the camera settings to set brightness to zero / cover the camera with a post-it-note or some shit. Lie and say your camera isn't working, oh noes. Give them some technical bullshit and weasel out of it. They'll probably hang up soon after.

Congratulations, they have revealed themselves to you and you've not revealed yourself to them. Good for verifying whether lolis and or girls in general are genuine.

>> No.9556513

I got a reply from someone!

>> No.9556516

Don't talk to us, talk to them.

>> No.9556521

I am! I wrote some of it myself but am using a translator for the rest of it since my japanese is very rough.

>> No.9556524

Just don't Google Translate.

>> No.9556526

this is pathetic.

>> No.9556527

ah is bable fish better?

>> No.9556529

yes bablee fish is good.

>> No.9556539

...I don't see what's wrong with her.

>> No.9556543

I've never used Babel Fish, but machine translations of full sentences are always a little bit wonky.

If you end up keeping this person as a friend, try to learn some Japanese from them.

>> No.9556557

Yeah I don't get why /jp/ers even own webcams. Let alone be so hideous they'll scare lolis away.

Well I have no social skills, so I guess I'm just bitter.

>> No.9556570

i guess onlt reason i have one is because my old laptop died and the new one i purchased had a built in camera, they all do. I uninstalled the drivers for it at least.

>> No.9556586

Is Heisig really the best way to learn the language? Seeing this has me really wanting to learn again.

>> No.9556596

You want to know a secret? The best way is to go and use any method you want and actually learn it instead of spending your time asking people how.

>> No.9556599

If you don't hate /a/, they have a daily Japanese thread at 6:30 est every day.

>> No.9556602


>> No.9556606

and keep up with it. Doing a little every day can help a lot.

>> No.9556610

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I used it, I liked it, and others hate it. Asking one way or the other usually leads to a useless argument over whose method is better, which is what the /a/ Japanese threads spend most of their time doing. Either do it, or do something else.

>> No.9556617

Fuck these japs, everybody take 10 minutes to answer me.

>> No.9556620

That's not a long time at all, especially considering you're both somewhat clueless.

>> No.9556624

Who are you quoting?

>> No.9556627

It shouldn't be like this when I ask simple questions like "Where do you live?".

>> No.9556630

They could also be busy. Maybe they weren't expecting someone to actually message them, and they were doing something else.

Or maybe they're scared and they were thinking of a fake address to give you.

>> No.9556636

>Your inbox is empty.

How many people did you guys contact?

>> No.9556637

Fuck me, not address. Area.

>> No.9556798

I've already sent 5 messages, no return yet

>> No.9556831

I've sent 14 and received 4.
But I've also added 2 people in skype.

>> No.9556836

Why the fuck is the font in this thread (and only this thread) bold?

>> No.9556845

It's wasn't only this thread, it was the entire 4chan.
But it's already ok, just refresh the page.

>> No.9556858


Yeah it's gone now, and this is the only thread that seemed to have it for me.

>> No.9556983

Same with me, 0 replies.

>> No.9557018

I'm not a native English speaker.
So I searched for exchanging my mother language skills with Japanese.
I found just two girls who matched that profile.
Both of them have my waifu's name.

This must be destiny, right /jp/?

>> No.9557025

Alright I created a generic introduction message and sent off messages to 20 people. I hope they'll reply to me...

>> No.9557114

Japanese profiles with :3 and ;_; are obviously fake. I'll be not surprised if it's some of you, dirty pedophiles.

>> No.9557152



Yeah, she wants to go to a love hotel.

>> No.9557204

Bu-bu-but wouldn't you like to have a chat with the little girls on /jp/ :3

>> No.9557216

I have made four penpals from this. 2 females and 2 males. I didn't contact anyone. They all contacted me. I also got like 20 other replies but I couldn't handle that many so I just ignored them.

>> No.9557380

yeah I was surprised how quickly I got a message. It's a nice site.

>> No.9557460


I don't get it. What's wrong with this exactly?

>> No.9557673
File: 92 KB, 400x407, u wot m8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to skype with japs but I don't know how asians react to red hair. Do they hate it as much as everyone else in the world? Perhaps this is the one country where I am considered a diamond in the rough.
I have heard we are hated the world over, though.

>> No.9557697

I don't think most people have a problem with hair color. Where do you live?

>> No.9557761

Someone messaged me and then I replied promptly. They never messaged me back ;_;

>> No.9557777

>ERROR: You may not contact more than 20 new users per day.

>> No.9557820

Apparently gingers are burned at the stake in Australia.

>> No.9557857
File: 70 KB, 725x704, sadginger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm Australian and I get yelled at when walking down the street by people in passing cars. Without fail. It never used to happen before the south park episode with that coppercab guy.

People used to not mind it before then, even liked by some girls. Now it's a like a sign of something to avoid in a guy - Like obesity or acne. Feels terrible.

>> No.9557872
File: 37 KB, 509x619, feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Japanese-American
>tfw no native Japanese women want to talk to you because you're not 7 foot tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, and 12 inch dick

>> No.9557876


I think it must only be an undesirable male trait.
I live in Australia and my sister has red hair, despite that she seems well liked by her peers.
Come to think of it, apart from her I haven't seen anyone with red hair for about five years, perhaps the anti-ginger zeitgeist is driving you all away.

>> No.9557884

Perhaps, but I've dwelled upon the possibility that they are right and there are no handsome ginger men. I cannot recall a single one in my life or portrayed in media other than maybe prince harry.

>> No.9557914


Where in Australia do you live?
It might just be the area you live in that people yell out of cars at you.

>> No.9557925

Brisbane suburbs currently, happened when I was living in the central coast of NSW too.

>> No.9557935


Hm. I don't know anything about Brisbane so I can't comment on the culture up there.
Seems unusual behaviour to be happening repeatedly.

>> No.9557979

Okay, who of you is this?

I'm Jan.
I'm a nerd/geek.I study politics and history at university but I also like to discuss about many other topics.I prefer longterm contacts because many interesting people quit after few emails. I will not ignore anybody. MSN:duaerboeg@hotmail.com ICQ:123101387 skype:jan.christian.ruebsam (also facebook)

My interests are:
politics,reading,history,archaeology, anthropology,sciences,videogames,nature, philosophy,psychology,movies,cooking,medicine, geography,economy,foreign cultures etc.

I should add that I suffer from depression so I'm sometimes very gloomy. Except that, I think I'm an honest, caring and helpful person, who also has a dry(dark)humour.I think much, maybe too much and because of my weird interests I cannot relate to most of my peers.;I'm NOT into parties, clubs and the other "cool" stuff.

I hope for future friends and invite all who find my ad interesting to answer me. I do not care about age, sex, race or whatever else. I prefer secular thinking people.

Nerds/geeks and unusual or strange people especially welcome.

I will also gladly help you if you want to know more about Germany, its history, language, politics and culture.

>> No.9558007
File: 9 KB, 184x184, ahahahaha this faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and the other "cool" stuff.

>> No.9558084

So did anyone here actually contact a little girl and get a reply?

>> No.9558110
File: 1023 KB, 400x260, cat jump.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm making an account as we speak. Don't particularly feel like chatting with children though. I searched for females between the ages of 16 and 30. Shit's gold.

>> No.9558111

Who are you supposed to be citing, tho?

>> No.9558153

How do I make a profile like the ones we were browsing?

>> No.9558154

>My favorite animal is a dog, two dogs are kept.
Filthy Korean loving slut.

>> No.9558161

What a slut!

>> No.9558174

Filling out a personal is so depraving. Especially when NEET and nothing to talk about.

>> No.9558176

You don't have any interests?

>> No.9558185

When you are NEET you won't have anything to talk about except interests. Most normal people enjoy to talk about meta stuff like, what you are doing in your free time or they want to tell you about their social problems and stuff. Though you can try anyways.

>> No.9558193

>Of course I'm not looking for romance.
What a bitch.

>> No.9558215

What if I suffer anhedonia and consequently do nothing but browse the internet?

>> No.9558223

Sounds like an autismal excuse. I bet you love arguing with faggots and smile every time you genuinely annoy someone or read something fun.

>> No.9558235

Not really.

>> No.9558252
File: 403 KB, 666x672, nervous as fuck don't move.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fug what do you say when they ask what your hobbies are if you're unemployed and uneducated?

>> No.9558263

They're going to think you're weird and probably break up contact with you. If you're good at talking about interesting things maybe you'll be fine.

>> No.9558275


>> No.9558318

Gingers are unconditionally terrible people. Everyone everywhere hates them.

It's not fair, though, I'll give you that. Gingers are terrible because everyone treats them like shit. They aren't taken seriously as humans, and learn to act the part. They turn into worthless, hateful, spiteful sub-humans.

>> No.9558454

Souless faggot.

>> No.9558716

It's better to pretend you're female, right? That sounds less creepy somehow. But maybe that's just because I'm a man in my mid 20s and I browse /jp/ so I assume all men in their 20s who'd be interested in this kind of thing for all the wrong reasons.

What about age? That's a tricky one. I'd think 16-18 are would be the best, wouldn't it? Anything above 18 feels too old somehow.

Country? Germany or UK, which is better?

>> No.9558782

I don't see a point in pretending to be a female. As for the country, just put in your real one or if you must choose between those two, choose the UK.

>> No.9558819


>I don't see a point in pretending to be a female. As for the country, just put in your real one or if you must choose between those two, choose the UK.

In both cases it's a matter of improving your chances. If I were a 14 year old Japanese JC I'd rather respond to a 17 year old girl from UK than to a 'hi I'm 24, I fap to 2hus and I think Takane's butt is the miracle of the universe, I'd give everything to smell it' creeper.

Also an average Japanese (or rahter, an everage non-European) seems to believe UK, Germany and France are the only countries in Europe (I'm overexaggerating of course but you get the point). Except I don't know French so I'm left with UK and Germany.

>> No.9558850

I dunno, in my experience some teenage girls are actually interested in talking to older men, especially if they're "exotic" or foreign, in this case. It may be that they're too shy for it, though.

Also, there's no need to sage anymore, thread's hit bump limit anyway. I kind of wish some more anons would share their "progress" with this thing, this has been an interesting thread.

>> No.9558924

I don't know why you'd even want to talk to a young girl. What interests are you going to share? I'd rather just talk to some old salaryman bro instead. I saw one guy on there, he was like 40 and just wanted to talk about booze, anime and sightseeing.

Regardless, if you pretend to be a girl and then they find out you're a guy later, it's going to suck more than just trying to find one who doesn't mind talking to you in the first place.

>> No.9558993

You're not listing yourself as a 12 year old right? I put down my actual age 27 and got a reply reasonably quick.

>> No.9559001

oh and put in some japanese even if it's a translator mangling.

>> No.9559600

So, any updates? Letters from a loli? An image?
I've got nothing.

>> No.9559607

No one actually sent anything. In my case, in my case, I'm socially ankward.

>> No.9559723

sent 10 invitations yesterday, no response yet

>> No.9559723,1 [INTERNAL] 

I found it quite funny to find my old japan-guide ad here on this site. Can't sleep anymore so I googled my name to find out if anybody had already attacked me under it because of my political activism. Fortunately not. But that website was really great to find decent-minded Japanese people online and also some from other countries. Writing a proper introduction that shows that one isn't a weeb. I was really disappointed when it closed. The guy running it said it was costing to much. How is such a cheap platform costing much?

>> No.9559723,2 [INTERNAL] 

basted jan

>> No.9559723,3 [INTERNAL] 

I have no idea was basted means. That penpal site actually brought me much more than had initially expected. But anyways. Who cares anymore.

>> No.9559723,4 [INTERNAL] 

"Jan" is short for janitor around here, aka the guy who deletes off-topic threads. People don't like them due to a long history of janitors on this board clashing with the users over what's appropriate to post here. To make a long story short, things spiraled into ironic jokes pretty quickly and "based jan" (to make another long story short, based means "awesome" and basted is just a different way of spelling based) is now something people spout seemingly at random for laughs. >>9559723,2 probably found it amusing that you call yourself "The Jan guy" and jokingly made a reference by posting "basted jan."

>> No.9559723,5 [INTERNAL] 

you're alright jan