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I wonder if her body is cold as a ghost or just slightly cool.

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I'm from /x/ and ghosts aren't cold. Take my word for it.

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You'll just pass right through it

Feels like air

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Nah. She's got a physical form.

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Ghosts(yuurei) are cold, it's canon.
I don't know about bourei, however.

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Urgh. I bet your favorite cartoon translated "yuurei" as "ghost" once and now you assume they're the same.

Ghosts != yuurei, though they are similar.

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Now I'm really curious how her skin feels to the touch.

She's probably softer and smoother than any human. But slightly colder.

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As far as I can remember from PMiSS, you can touch her but you can't do stuff like punching her.

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So you can only touch her if you move slowly or something?

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I would assume so. You can only "touch" her. I think that if you try to grab her boobs they will kind of disappear in the air or become transparent.

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why does she have a tumour

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rip in peace

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That's how she died.

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Sorry, I was specifying, I didn't mean to sound like a translation note.
I usually refer to both yuurei and bourei as ghosts, unless I need to specify.

Take it easy.

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From my point of view, you can touch her as long as she allows it. So if you make a move for her boobs and you can feel the supernatural softness of her skin, on a level which youmu dreams she could achieve, then you can be sure she wants to get rowdy with you.

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>Bourei are different from yuurei, since they keep the appearance they did while alive, can touch and speak, and can't be told apart from a normal human by a casual observer.
>Their body temperature isn't low, and the only living things that can become bourei are humans.
>Bourei can easily influence the human heart with just their voices, so it is dangerous to carelessly talk to one.
>They don't have bodies of flesh, but they aren't as insubstantial as yuurei, so they can touch things.
>On the other hand, they find it difficult to pass through objects (Because many of them believe that they are still alive).

Looks like she's not cold after all. And can be touched normally.

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but she's a different kind of ghost, she has legs after all

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Bourei look like humans.

See: >>9554684

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Not all of 'em. Youmu's is warmer.

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Some of them have variations

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but she's half human

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She's only half as warm as the average human.

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But twice as soft.

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is that canon?

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nice and warm, and soft to boot