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Is good to see Ten Desires videos popping up


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Tojiko is pretty radish

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People still make these videos? I'm surprised.

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Futo is cute.

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There's more?

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For a moment there I thought it was gonna be another one of those nice OP videos, but no, its just another looping animatio set to music.

Though Im glad the TD crew are getting more and more popular. Maybe even more popular the the UFO crew (except for Byakuren and Nazirin-Shou gags).

I wonder what is causing it all of a sudden.

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I really can’t get over Miko’s design, I‘m not a fan. Futo and Tojiko have a lovely design, though.
I guess it’s not very wholesome of me to base my opinion on a Tōhō character mainly on the design, but oh well.

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Sadly most of them are slide storys, like this one
can't find any thats looks enjoyable like OP's video


fucking damn it man, it's too much for my heart

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Well, theres this:

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Fascinated, curious Futo is incredibly adorable.

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