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Anyone else notice the the quality of English grammar and mechanics has been decline on /jp/ recently?

in b4 sum witlessfaggot posts liek tis, break apart my post, Keine flood, or say it's how the Japanese do it.

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derp derp hurp furp gurp anglish rite

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in before full-width alphanumeric

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>in b4 [...] Keine flood
EXKeine thread, guys!

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I'll type, on /jp/, however the fuck I want.

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your wrong

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What's with his wrong?

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sage doesn't work when it's in full-width alphanumeric

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o rally?

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I think Anonymous engish ok.

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But how can Europeans(except UK) or Latin Americans know English?

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Because some Europeans aren't retarded and are able to learn new languages. You are obviously not one of them.

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Oh god this is why i hate summer......

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