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Why doesn't ZUN learn how to draw?

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I actually think his pencil sketches are pretty nice.

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Why don't you draw better than him, nub?

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I think his art is rather soothing to look at.

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They are really cute.

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Where can you find this footage?
I think they're cute too.

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So the problem is he can't color?

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That sketch is not bad at all.

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Unsure, sorry. Probably on Niconico somewhere.

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It won't sell any better, so it's not needed.

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I just want to say:

Great game, Mr. Zun. Great game.

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don't you mean anime? there isnt a game you fool

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You can't learn how to draw.

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The OVA was also good. Another episode would be nice.

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You can, but only if you're under ~20.

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you can learn techniques but it doesnt mean it will make you good

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NHK’s monthly TV series called MAGネット.

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he draws good you fukken newfag

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He draws potato heads.

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Touhou wiki

Also, I'd like to say ZUN's drawings are adorable.
In his interview, he says that he purposefully avoids drawing like the professionals do, because it'll lose its charm if it's something that's been done a thousand times over already.

>Don't you find such things adorable?
At the very least, I do, ZUN. Please don't give up your adorable drawings. I want Touhou to live through you.

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This picture warms my heart, you can see the sincere happiness as he draws the characters he holds dear to his heart.

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I think his art's fine. I can only think of two portraits I don't like. The cutest art he drew was back on the PC-98, though.

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I thought UFO was his best.

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Absolutely seconded.

That's pretty much why I'm so attached to unique art styles even when they might have flaws.

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I probably wouldn't attracted to Touhou if ZUN's drawing is generic like thousands drawing out there
His drawing have distinctive style, and it's rather cute

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I would say he did fine during his PC98 games and just hasn't adjusted well to a 32bit color depth, smooth dithering, or higher resolutions.

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...what about being pretty much exactly 20 (+some days)?

I want to make cute girls with silly hats.

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He didn't draw those portraits for UFO.

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Oh my, the gut on the second camera man in the lower left panel.

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Don't listen to people who say "once you reach age x, you can't do y".
A little bit of practice goes a long way, seriously. Just make sure you're drawing at least every day.

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But I am too lazy for that. Is there a method to get motivated to actually do anything?

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commonly medically used phenethylamines from lowest to highest tiered dopamine reuptake inhibition: ephedrine (OTC), methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine, dextroampethamine, ampethamine sulfate, methampethamine.

Complain about mild fatigue and focus issues to the glorified chemist and he will write a script (or several scripts, if you can bribe him) for one of these.

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Thank you

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I like his drawings.

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For nailing your coffin? Hah.

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I think his drawings look like dolls.

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and look like the garbage anime/manga of today? No thanks.

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Does anyone else think that his stuff looks like LN illustrations?

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ZUN made a trend on Pixiv
use the ZUN絵 tag

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some of them are actually really good

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He's gotten better, the only drawings that annoyed me are the derpy faces on Sakuya and Meiling.

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I actually like the original Keine a lot.

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Please remember that ZUN does get help with coloring in some games....

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I think Mei Ling may have been made derpy on purpose.

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Kaguya, Komachi and Keine are the prettiest.

But I have some real respeck for Remilia, she lays it out like a rela OG every single day.

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Wow that one is insanely cute

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She looks kind of ethereal in EoSD, I really like that effect.

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Me too.
If she'll ever be animated, she MUST look like this!

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A ZUN style anime would not be bad, not at all.

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ZUN style anime with ZUN having complete control of the plot, fanservice, and (possiblity of) voice actors.
He's would add so many inside jokes and references that'll completely fly through everyone's heads. But that's the beauty of it, all his games do that.

I really want to see the Gensokyo source code. I hope he'll reveal it one day.

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