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Jpee, I accidentally a cup of tea.

Wud u drink?

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Oh dear god no thank you.

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She needs to drink more fluids.

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That's not all her piss, silly.

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Yes, I'll have a cup.

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Yes. Also urine doesn't look like that unless you have kidney failure.

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That's her.

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I won't drink her piss, it's not elegant at all.

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wud I drink your pee out of that lovely tcup?? sure why not

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Her garter belt and stockings look really nice in that photo.

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Such a bad aim, girls can't even pee right inside a cup.
Clearly defective creatures.

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You don't like pee? What's wrong with you?

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She doesn't drink enough water, that pee would taste horrid.

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That's not the color of her pee you retard. There was most likely some other beverage in it and she just filled up.

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Quite does if they do not drink enough fluids.

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you like to drink pee? well you can drink my pee

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Take all the make up off she's just another pig ugly Asian.
And she has scabby hands 2.5/10
Would bang if drunk

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Please. There is no such thing as "bad tasting pee".

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If you are dehydrated, pee has varying degrees of yellowness. That shit in the cup is literally brown. That happens only when your kidneys fail.

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It depends on what I get if I do.

Fuck, it seems I have kidney failure.

brb, Gentokyo.

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Only if you bring friends along. Two people's worth of urine isn't nearly enough.

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or badly dehydrated

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We sure have a medicine graduate in here. My pee sometimes looks like this after not drinking much, and I'm healthy as far as I know.

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I guess my kidneys failed several times in the army.

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I think it's mainly just the lighting that's making it look so dark.

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>in need of medical attention...
All they do is put you on a drip if you can't hold liquids but if you go to the hospital and your pee is like that and you can drink all they will tell you is to drink more water.

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Apparently I spend most of my time dehydrated.

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Do you pee on your figs, /jp/?

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>in need of medical attention

"Help me doctors I'm to fucking stupid to drink water on my own! I need you to manually inject it into my bloodstream or else I will die very soon."

If you were dehydrated to the point of actually needing medical attention, you wouldn't even know what your piss looks like because you wouldn't have any piss to piss out.

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Only if I plan on selling them.

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You will always have liquid in your body as long as you are alive. Your body can collect it and piss it out.

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Nice spoilers dude.

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I am very interested in buying figures from you. Let's get in touch.

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>Let's get in touch

Just don't touch his balls and it's fine, remember that.

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If you're really dehydrated, your not going to piss out that water in your body though.

That's all your body is running on at that point, if it just drained all out you'd probably die.

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Glad she did another Sakuya set, but now that means it's going to be another couple of years before she revisits it if at all.

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lenfried a shit

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EPIC SPOILURS /a/ FRIENDS!!!11!11!!!!!!!!1