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Hey, /jp/.

Before we start with today's Hirano Aya-sama thread I have something else to tell you. You may have noticed that I have a name and tripcode now. Originally I never intended to become a "tripfag", but now there are several Anons impersonating me. I wouldn't care if these people were Aya fans, but they are not. Their only goal is to troll my Aya-sama, which I cannot tolerate. Therefore it was necessary to contrast myself with these impostors. I sincerely hope that my fellow Aya-sama fans can understand me.

That being said, let's start worshipping our eternal goddess! ♥

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Hi again. Sage and hidden.

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> You may have noticed that I have a name and tripcode now.
Sorry, I have disabled names and tripcodes in my HTTP client. ♥

@-moz-document url-prefix("http://zip.4chan.org/jp/") { .postertrip,.postername,.commentpostername { display: none; } }

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These threads do nothing to me now, try I different trolling technique.

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Hey, /jp/.

Before we begin with today's Hirano Aya-sama thread I'd appreciate it if you would sit back and listen to me for a minute. Those of you who have been here yesterday know things went a little overboard. I am partially to blame for this, but it's your fault aswell, Anon. We had multiple people hijacking my threads, trying to impersonate me and posting deformed pics of my goddess (yes, I saw that thread from a few hours ago). All in all, one can say that there is an Anti-Aya-faction on /jp/ right now that likes to destroy my daily topics. Even so, I still intend to continue my mission. You may think my objective is trolling, but you are wrong. In fact, YOU are the ones trolling my innocent threads for no reason other than your feelings of disgust towards my Aya-sama. I ask you kindly to stop, since I can't stand seeing other people wasting their time. The hide feature was implemented for a reason, so please use it.

Yours sincerely,
A very dedicated Hirano Aya-sama fan. ♥

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>These threads do nothing to me now

Good, because I wasn't trolling in the first place. ♥

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This is /jp/ unrelated content. Please leave. ♥

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Just asking out of curiosity, what do you do when not posting Aya?

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Well, these days not much except taking driving lessons and waiting to hear from one of the universities I applied to. The rest of my time I spend admiring my Aya -sama. ♥

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By constantly spamming Hirano, you're only making other people hate you, not to mention HER more. Pretty lousy fan. If you just kept it to maybe once or twice a week, and had done that from the start, I think people would be much nicer about it. Too late now though.

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Ok, that's fine. Hope you have a nice day.

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Another day, another thread to sage.

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Mono's more popular

hey dudes what's going on?

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I'm not one of the faggots who can't just let this thread go, but these thumbnails made me lol so fucking hard.

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no, the problem with your posts is your post this tiny 72 off the web images that are pure shit. Find something worthy to post and we won't have anything to complain about. As it stands now, you post shit so we will threat your posts as shit.

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Seriously, stop it. ♥

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no kindly GTFO until you can post something you grabbed off her fucking blog where everyone has access to

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forgot a "not" there?

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Here's a tip for getting fewer trolls.
Make a new thread when it's time. Then, when you add a reply, sage it. If you don't bump your own thread, then these 'trolls' won't have as much to complain about.

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Better tip: go to /s/.

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Yamete, yamete kudasai!


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Except he wants more trolls, not fewer. Unless you're even more retarded than Croatia it's impossible to not see that HE is the troll.

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yeah I forgot the a not
was raging too hard because I see these damn Aya threads popping up every few hrs

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>/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women


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This person needs to be killed pretty quick.

And I like Miho Maeshima better.

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OP, did you start worshiping her because you watched Lucky Star or Haruhi or something?

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No really,
Please continue.

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I hate you wota faggot but /jp/ just wouldn't be the same without you. Never leave.

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I want this figure.

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how about some lesbian Touhou please?

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this thread needs more Cirno.

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Hello Dedicated Hirano Aya-sama Fan, here's your daily sage.

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Cinrno baka janai yo!

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how about some Marissa, maybe?

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the strongest and the sexiest

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Last post. I'm too lazy to continue.

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Oh Anonymous, when will you learn? ♥

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More like, when will YOU learn?

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I'm convinced Aya Fan and the image dumpers are one and the same.

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who does these comics?

>> No.952490

some furfag from myspace

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Oh Ayafag, when will you learn? ♥

>> No.952524

let's start a new thread Ayafag, you post an image and I shall beautify it

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>> No.952527

Fucking stop posting these, I'm gonna die from laughing because of you!

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It is /jp/ related now

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it has been scientifically proven that laugher releases seratonin and dopamin so the more you laugh the better your body feels.

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No, there won't be another thread today unless someone else opens one. ♥

>> No.952550


Answer my question please:

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oke doke

>> No.952561

/v/ here: Why don't you get a life?

>> No.952566

>get a life
I loled.

>> No.952567

hey do you have the one where landwolf takes a shower with his socks on?

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No. Actually, I'm not really intersted in anime. I just saw a picture of her a few years ago and fell in love at first sight. ♥

>> No.952570

She would probably beat the shit out of you if she saw you.

>> No.952571

Wow. If /v/ thinks that you don't have a life, then you have some serious problems, Ayafag.

>> No.952572

Samefag, get out.

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>> No.952576

shuks, max image reached

>> No.952578

cool story, bro

>> No.952580


I doubt that. ♥

>> No.952582

Stupid moderator, stop telling everyone who is the same person all the time...

>> No.952586

What, you actually think you have a chance to become friends with her?

>> No.952588

>>who is not

>> No.952589

Not the same person, try again newfag.

>> No.952594

no, she'll probably see him and wanna have sex with him right-the-way

>> No.952603

lol yeah your right, she would also want to suck his dick, am i right??

>> No.952604

No, I think we are destined to be together. Not as friends, but as lovers. ♥

>> No.952605

she'll meet him and wanna have sex with him but he wont be able to perform, all he will do is bow infront of her and lick her shoes or something

>> No.952606

of course since she is a slut afterall

>> No.952611

DING! We got us a future stoker here guys!

>> No.952612

I don't want to have sex with her.
I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her. ♥

>> No.952619

Love her Platonically?

>> No.952620

Now it's pretty hard to believe you're not a troll.

>> No.952622

yup, stalker-kun it is

next stage is escalation then followed by violence. I can hardly wait

>> No.952626

and she would also want to pee all over her own legs and then she would make the Ayafag lick them until they're clean!

>> No.952629

good thing he is an unemployed Anon living in his mum's basement so obviously he dont have enough cash to go to japan and start stalking her.

>> No.952632

The sad thing, there is a very good possibility that he MIGHT not be a troll.

Fuuuuuck I wonder why I come to 4chan at all sometimes.

>> No.952633

He probably can't even speak Japanese. What a loser...

>> No.952637

No. Love isn't all about sex, you know? I mean, if she would like to perform the act of love with me, I wouldn't stop her. But I wouldn't do the first step, either.

I wouldn't dare touching my Aya-sama against her will. ♥

>> No.952638

you come exactly, for these sorts of LULs
of course.

>> No.952639

then she would poo all over his face and make him eat it!!

>> No.952641

epic thread. best one i seen in ages.

>> No.952645

Alright alright, you can shut the fuck up now.

>> No.952646

and he will probably do it too!

>> No.952647

you aren't Japanese so you'll never touch her at all, not ever

>> No.952648

I've been studying Japanese for almost a year now. I'm far away from speaking it fluently, but the day when I'm able to will come. ♥

>> No.952650


>> No.952652

generally jap girls like white men from what my friend who is a JET been telling me for years now. He said jap poontang is easy to get.

>> No.952656

Guys, Ayafag is actually kind of cute in his own way. Can we keep him?

>> No.952658

all you need to know is kimochii and dai skii.

>> No.952661

shush now, dont encourage the stalker

>> No.952662

if he starts posting some good Aya photos yes. otherwise NO.

>> No.952664

Would you eat Aya's poo?

>> No.952667

so have you sent her an email yet? doesnt she got email address on her blog?

>> No.952668

Aya wouldn't ask anyone to do such a thing. ♥

>> No.952670


>> No.952671

Only if you can stop him from shitting all over the place like he is now. Having a pet is a big responsibility!

>> No.952673

I just found ayafag's new favourite video


>> No.952674

OK. This is it. I've actually become attached to you despite how much I hate your threads. It was the tripcode that dealt the final blow and made me admit that I love you.

>> No.952675

But what if for some fucked up reason her life depended on it?

>> No.952676


>> No.952678

The jap women act all cute but turn real nasty. It's all an act they learn to put on.

>> No.952682

yeah, same here.

I will continue flooding his threads though.

>> No.952686

would you ask her to remove that mole on her face?

>> No.952687

damn, so far I've been convinced that he's sincere, but now he sounds more and more like a troll. Was that all part of your keikaku, Ayafag?

anyhow, if you're a troll, you're quite an awesome one.

>> No.952691

/jp/ is tsundere for Dedicated Hirano Aya-sama Fan.

>> No.952699

I-It's not like I like you or anything. If you ever left your absence will be noticed s-so it's best to leave the status quo intact.

And if you ever break it I will hunt you down. N-not because I care -- I'm just afraid of change.

>> No.952701

well he disturbs me

>> No.952702

Then I would do it without hesitation.

No, I think it's cute. ♥

>> No.952704

somehow I'm beginning to hear some cheesy cheerful BGM

>> No.952705

I dunno about you guys but I'm saving this. It's awesome, as good as being on /b/

>> No.952708

So -- has anyone figured out DHAF's password?

>> No.952709

>being on /b/

If you like /b/ so much then why don't you go back to it?

>> No.952714

so have you sent her a love letter yet? some flowers, anime plush toys. do it to the agency she works for.

>> No.952715

>I dunno about you guys but I'm saving this.

Yeah, I'm saving this too.

N-Not that I like the Ayafag or anything like that... I just thought that some posts by other people here were quite amusing.

>> No.952719

A good idea, actually. I'll think about it. ♥

>> No.952747

make a video of yoruself, send it to her too...;-)

>> No.952752

They're not going to let any Tom, Dick, and Harry send Aya something that could be filled with anthrax.

>> No.952754

you are mean. Don't be like that.

>> No.952779


>> No.952785

>your right
Get out and kill yourself.

>> No.952852

Finally, someone noticed my grammar mistake.

I was starting to think that it didn't bother anyone on /jp/.

>> No.952861

It's not grammar, it's a spelling mistake you dipshit

>> No.952861,1 [INTERNAL] 

>> No.952861,2 [INTERNAL] 

does anyone else remember when tonberryking used to post aya threads on /a/?

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