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A crossfade demo of ちぃむdmp☆'s C82 release was uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago. Figured I'd post the link.


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real thanks

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Nice, epic, I like it

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Odenpa Studio and toromi are going to release some stuff at Comiket too.

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I can't wait.

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This is really cute
I like it

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Unfortunately I'm getting sick of these guys now, everything by them is starting to sound the same. I've been listening to denpa for over a decade and I still find myself returning to UNDER17 and MOSAIC.WAV. The only newer stuff I like to follow is the GWAVE stuff, the newer influx of 'kawaii j-pop' denpa gets too samey after a while.

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Does anyone know if Burunyanman's OST has been uploaded? I just can't wait to listen to the songs.

I partly agree. While I'm not "sick" of them, it'll get dull if you listen to the same artist over and over. RapeTheLoli's MF is huge, you should try other artists.

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Very 可愛い
Re-do of おさかな♪らぶぞんぐ?

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>influx of 'kawaii j-pop'

dark as HELL

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I've listed to everything in rapethelolis MF folder. The stuff that's impressed me the most recently has been the Working BGM denpa CD and おでんぱ's latest album which is surprising because prior to that I disliked everything by them.

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As a fan of more energetic songs, I for one am waiting for new ポヤッチオ release:

I also think I'll like new monoROSETTA:

I don't know this circle but it sounds nice. SUMMER PARADISE:

Also it seems Holic Service are releasing something too. Wow.
And aren't MOSAIC.WAV releasing a single or something?

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>And aren't MOSAIC.WAV releasing a single or something?

A new Maxi single: 「七三値ぱすかはダイスを振らない!」

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Senbonzakura just went denpa.

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First song is a bit denser production than previous releases. I like it.

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Eat a dick

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i hate you

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Colorful OP reminds me of Sex Friend Beat Punk. Can't stop listening to it.

I wish Toromi released more crazy stuff like her older stuff.

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Wonderful. Sounds a lot more polished than their previous albums.

(can this be a general denpa thread? I actually found this reverse image searching the cover art to make one)

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New MOSAIC.WAV maxi single preview is up!

Yeah I think so!

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> New MOSAIC.WAV maxi single preview is up!
> http://www.sham.jp/studio/product/21pasca/cd.shtml

Oh you wonderful person.

Sounds good, can't wait for the whole thing.

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mmbk a shit

>First song is a bit denser production
I agree, this is something I like from denpa songs, this is why I love ave;new too. I hope they keep it up!


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I would not mind Kaorin being mean to me.

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There was a song where they actually said this, what was it?

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Excellent, sounds like Mi~ko is really making a statement with Stress Freestyle. It's similar to the Miku track they remixed too.

I can only hope for another full album soon.

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You mean とち×カノっ!~選んでお願い☆~.
I could listen to their "わたし?わたし?ピンク?青?" all day.

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The problem I find with ちぃむdmp☆ and a lot of more modern denpa groups/singers is that their voices are far too weak, they lack body and emotion. Some of the music behind the vocals is great but the vocals themselves often disappoint.

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Mind elaborating?

Also, it's probably a bit too early to get nostalgic. Denpa is still pretty young.

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>vocals disappoint
You can't be serious.

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Well first of all denpa started in the late 80s, but it's not a matter of nostalgia and I think the fact you'd suggest that is pretty immature.

I've pretty much elaborated all I can, they lack body, emotion and substance etc. They sound Melodyne'd to hell and back, which is probably why they sound so lifeless.

Take ave;new project, very similar cute vocals but they sound a lot fuller and less thin than ちぃむdmp☆ who even sing in harmony yet their voices lack a strong bottom end.

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Is RapeTheLolis still actively updated with new albums?

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Yes, but there hasn't been much between the upcoming C82 and the last M3 in April

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>I think the fact you'd suggest that is pretty immature.
Come on, you're generalizing "the more modern" denpa singers. What is that if not nostalgia at work? PROTIP: "nostalgia" does not necessarily mean you are wrong or misguided, as in sayings like "nostalgia goggles".

>I've pretty much elaborated all I can, they lack body, emotion and substance etc.
But I don't get what that means.

>They sound Melodyne'd to hell and back
So? We have vocals entirely made with a computer program now.

>their voices lack a strong bottom end.
I think this is the one piece of understandable criticism in your entire post.

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I'll give a few examples of this too.

Listen to the intro of 専属メイド☆宣言

The vocals sound fine because they match strings underneath which compliment the vocals and gives them a richer, fuller sound.

The vocals on this track aren't actually that bad compared to others, I think a big problem is that they force their cute voice too much, here's an example once again in the intro:

突撃!となりのツンデレようじょ the spoken word part is fine but the ハイ・ハイ・ハイ that follows is very strained and weak sounding.


I don't see how saying that something modern is like ______ should automatically be generalized as nostalgia. It has absolutely nothing to do with that at all, look at Momoi and MOSAIC.WAV who are still putting out great tracks to this day. You just sound like you want to disregard something you don't understand as nostalgia so you don't have to face it.

Do you know what melodyne does? If you don't understand what body, substance and emotion means then this isn't something you're in any place to argue. An artificial voice is meant to sound artificial, but when a normal recorded voice is processed with melodyne, you have all the connotations of a normal voice but flat and lifeless sounding to keep the voice level with the music.

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Is there any more good loli denpa like ななひら and ちいむdmp☆. I've been searching but havn't found anyone that tickles my fancy like they do.

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I'll give you another example you can try yourself with a copy of audacity or something.

Get an acapella or get someone to record some vocals for you, then slow it right down, listen carefully and cut out EVERY single part where the vocalist takes a breath before singing, you should be able to visibly see this on the waveform.

Now listen to the modified vocals alongside the ones you edited, one will sound a lot more full of life and emotion than the other because even short breaths characterize the voice and make it sound more human.

Yes we have artificial voices, we have things like Vocaloid which are designed to sound artificial and if your ears hear an artificial voice, they won't expect to hear these small human elements of the voice. But when you listen to a voice that sounds at least slightly human, you do require those small sounds because they add depth to the voice, it's something you don't pay full attention to when normally listening, but you can notice it when it isn't there.

Many denpa songs with better vocals are normally sung by established seiyuu and I think that makes all the difference.


Try おでんぱ☆スタジオ and U

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I understand your complains about dmp, they aren't perfect, but they are still great to me since they have solid quality output, good composers / arrangers, good humor, and the vocals are good even if they aren't ave;new level. (Saori actually takes her singing really seriously with lots of voice lessons for years.)

dmp's vocal's are rather smooth and perfected, while I prefer a bit more rough and expressive /emotional / "character" sound, even if it's "bad" singing. That's one of the best things about denpa to me.

Also the other GREAT thing about dmp and other groups like odenpa etc is they make original denpa music. There was basically no original denpa song scene for a while, all touhou stuff after most of the big denpa song singers from erogames moved on to other stuff in their careers. The influx of original groups is great. I only wish melo9 had been able to ride this wave, they were probably too early.

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Their denpa is a lot different from original denpa though. They only capture one half of denpa, which is the 'cute' side of it, their lyrical content is not reflective of actual denpa at all.

I do realise they filled a gap when the denpa scene is not very active, but on the other hand I don't see it as a requirement for a scene to be constantly active.

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By original denpa, I don't mean the origins of denpa, I mean not based on any series or franchise or whatever (not touhou, not a theme for a game, etc)

They have different lyricists for different songs, some are more "moe song" but some are still pure denpa. Denpa lyrics can be broad, I think the best example is comparing the classics. MOSAIC.WAV would add as many key otaku phrases and references as possible with some cynical humor undertones and naughty themes. UNDER17 would hint at otaku themes without blurting them out (usually) while producing some thoughtful or emotional lyrics. At the same time, KOTOKO's early denpa songs would use as many "kyun" and "moe" lyrics as possible, making them so cute and sweet it's cheesy enough to be pushed into denpa territory without having much references or naughtiness (and what originally defined the term denpa in the first place supposedly.)

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Naughtiness isn't what defined the term denpa.

I'm a denpa purist, I can still appreciate stuff like ちいむdmp☆ but to me it will only ever be 'loli-pop' never true denpa. True denpa carries dark themes even in it's lightest sounding songs, denpa is nonsense and insanity - that's where the term derived from; the slang term 'denpa' used to describe insane crazy people who believed to be under the control of the poisonous 毒電波 radio waves.

The first denpa song was a heavy metal track, but it's not the instruments or genre that defines denpa. Denpa is a mindset and a way of life, it's not something you can formulate or quantify. Momoi was a very rare singer for her time and it wasn't the fact she was singing cute sounding songs that led to her be called 'denpa'.

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My sentence was confusing... Since when was I this bad at English? I meant the were defined by KOTOKO's music first (supposedly Sakuranbo Kiss being first) without naughtiness.

It's your call, you like what you like, and you define how you like too. It's a pretty hazy subject and the general view of what falls into the scope has definitely changed over the years.

Momoi was (and is!) an amazing artist. Of course there is much more to her music than the sound which classifies it as denpa. Her lyrics are her greatest strength in my opinion (denpa or otherwise.) Though she doesn't like to have her music classified as denpa, she seems to have realize it's not an insult in recent years at least.

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That sounds very much pulled from wikipedia or whatever english denpa definition was floating around lately.

It's been a long long time since Momoi ever took offense to being called denpa, she was over it before UNDER17 were even putting out albums, so probably about 10 years ago.

KOTOKO was definitely not what 'defined' denpa, the music did not come first but the earliest example of denpa music actually comes from KING-SHOW. in the 1980s.

The general view of what falls into the scope may have changed but it doesn't make it anything more than a common misconception, it's as simple as that. Real denpa is still out there and what's considered denpa by some is not reflective of real denpa and is not real denpa.

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I actually never considered looking up denpa on wikipedia. In English anyway! By defined I don't mean it's the first denpa song created, I mean defined as in the term was defined / created for that song, in that someone heard that song and said "this is a denpa song". I read it on some Japanese site a long time ago so I can't really comment on it's validity though like I said. I also heard people arguing even old classical music made for humor / weirdness sake could be considered the earliest denpa.

I'm a long time listener of Momoi's radio shows, so that's what I'm basing her opinions on the term denpa on. She said the lyrics of Saigo no Rock "I know the shock of having something I thought was good from the bottom of my heart be laughed at" based on her songs being called denpa songs online. Actually I think she said that at a concert and not radio. Anyway, she said it as far as I remember. Obviously after UNDER17 was gone. During UNDER17, she coined the term "moe song" to describe her music. Then I remember Nomico coming on her radio and describing her own music as denpa. Momoi seemed surprised and asked her if she was really ok with calling her own music that. I get the suspicion that's what got her starting to think denpa is not a bad term after all. I don't think it was too long after that she decided to release "Cue" which was the first time I remember her calling her own music denpa, when she asked listeners to her radio show for suggestions to make the ultimate denpa song. Since then I heard her drop the term casually on her nico nama show. It's all just based on my memory though so I could be mistaken at some point.

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Er, gonna ramble a bit further.

It makes sense to me that Momoi doesn't like the term denpa though. I love denpa and I love Momoi. But Momoi saw denpa intended as something to make the listener laugh, when her songs were intended to be serious. But to me, the fact that she makes a serious song about wanting to be an anime figure or how Akiba is the best place to go when you're lonely cause there are (were) no couples, just makes her songs even MORE denpa weather she likes it or not! haha! The fact that some people who are outsiders to this world find those songs funny doesn't make them any less emotional to the people they speak to, so denpa song is not a negative term.

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This is comparing experienced and skilled artists like MOSAIC.WAV, ave;new, Haruko Momoi, UNDER17, Tamiyasu Tomoe, etc. with *younger* and amateur, doujin/independant artists like Team dmp, Odenpa Studio, Nanahira, Koko, etc. which isn't fair.

>True denpa
The definition of "Denpa" as an umbrella term is very broad, saying "True denpa" doesn't mean much.


>carries dark themes even in it's lightest sounding songs
I think this would be a good break for all of us in this thread so I'd appreciate if you could provide us with examples of songs and artists. I'm pretty sure people here would like it. It's just that we've exposed to recent cute stuff, it's not like we want to exclude any other forms of denpa. Please participate.

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>Real denpa is still out there and what's considered denpa by some is not reflective of real denpa and is not real denpa.
Could you post some songs? I'm interested.

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In before "real denpa = what I like".

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>This is comparing experienced and skilled artists like MOSAIC.WAV, ave;new, Haruko Momoi, UNDER17, Tamiyasu Tomoe, etc. with *younger* and amateur, doujin/independant artists like Team dmp, Odenpa Studio, Nanahira, Koko, etc. which isn't fair.

It's not a matter of fairness, I said I didn't like ちいむdmp☆ because of their vocals and I gave full examples as to why I thought their vocals in particular were lacking.

I don't listen to music to be diplomatic, I listen to the music I like and I give open criticism of music I like too. I'm not going to listen to something bad just because I should 'give them a break'. At the end of the day, it's a simple matter of being a good or bad musician/singer, if they're not up to scratch then they're not up to scratch.

True denpa is the same as denpa. ちいむdmp☆ is not denpa, their songs are not denpa - listen to the lyrics and the themes. These are the things that dictate whether or not a genre is denpa; not by having cute vocals, that's just J-Pop. By all means discuss them here because they're related to the scene, but musically I can't agree that they are primarily a denpa group - they are not.

You can throw your 'No True Scotsman' shit around all you want, but it doesn't change the facts. This is no different from saying that 'The word otaku has changed' just because you want to cling onto the label that you like the most with complete disregard for the meaning/scene itself.

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There's no need to get defensive. As I said, by all means share your songs, that's what these threads are for, to share and enjoy the music. Show us what you have.

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Let me get this straight. So you, a foreigner, are saying that groups called Team Dempa and Odenpa Studio, composed by Japanese artists, are not denpa?

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I don't think anyone's trying to tell you to listen to something you don't like. More like, give examples of what you do like so we can enjoy it too.

What themes of lyrics do you think are un-denpa from dmp? Maid? Yuri? Teacher / student? Tsundere? Or you think they are completely un-denpa because of some songs with more normal themes, like a song about radio? Even UNDER17 did a song like that before so I don't really see the occasional light song as a total deal breaker. I can understand if you don't like dmp, but to me they are pretty clearly denpa at least.

I kinda hesitate to classify dmp and the like as j-pop considering the average person would find it weird / creepy due to the extreme level of cute / moe / loli voice aspect, and the lyrics of course often have otaku themes to them. It's pretty rare to hear any j-pop with those kind of 'extreme' vocals or quirky lyrics. That's why it is only released on such a small scale I guess. Funnily enough MOSAIC.WAV did touch on this topic before though in unpleasant melody~戸惑いの仔羊たち~, I got a good laugh on that one.

I'm curious, I'm not trying to have a debate or prove your wrong or something, it's just a conversation.

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And this is just typical childish /a/ shit. Look at the examples I gave for ちいむdmp☆, do you really think I would be so familiar with their music if I didn't like them? No.

Believe it or not, some of us actually care about the genre and we can pick fault with stuff that doesn't fit in the genre without being mindless haters. It's all about the particulars and the small details and if you have no care for these intricacies then you shouldn't be on a board called 'otaku culture' to begin with.

Right, back to business for people who are actually interested.


Denpa is self referencing, it's a product of itself. Denpa is a slang term, so for something to be 電波系 it has to reference denpa 'culture' itself. Here's an example: Think of tribal people in Africa chanting random noises - someone might say this is the earliest form of denpa because it's nonsense jibberish sung by a madman. But the word denpa references madness caused by actual denpa waves (Radio waves). So a denpa song must be reflective of those references to denpa waves and/or nonsense insanity caused by those denpa waves.

KING-SHOW - 妄想の男 (Delusion Man)


KING-SHOW - 電波BOOGIE (Denpa Boogie)


Early self-referencing songs to denpa, also listen to their later album レティクル座妄想 which deals with more denpa themes and beliefs.


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I hate this "hai hai" shit that's in every denpa song. It's like I find a song with a nice tune, and suddenly "hai hai!" shit everywhere. Fuck moe.

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Dude I love the hai hais and kyun kyuns. Adds depth and more vocals to the song, makes it feel more crazy. Plus it makes it more fun to should out at a live concert.

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KING-SHOW? Isnt that Kinnniku Shoujotai / Ohtsuki Kenji, of Zetsubou-sensei and NHK fame?
Great music.

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He's annoyed by seeing people calling something he doesn't think it's denpa "denpa". I understand his point of view, but saying what's denpa or what's not isn't as easy as saying what's rock or what's jazz.

TruDenpa guy, Denpa as a term is just getting relatively known in the west so we're open to everything, please don't think we're trying to dictate what it is. Don't be so bitter about it.

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You're supposed to chant it when you go see them live.

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Darker denpa:

とろ美 - 逃げて!レアリア


This was labelled on 作業用A-POP【痛サウンド】 as 毒電波 it's reminiscent of one of the first denpa games; Leaf's 雫.

Darker denpa:



These could be seen as a reference to KING-SHOW earlier denpa.

Here's a surprising song, and ties in nicely with what these two are saying:


Above I also said I didn't like the "Hai hai" in 突撃!となりのツンデレようじょ because it was too weak. Listen to this song 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻

The 'hai' 's are more powerful because it's sung from the bottom of the lungs instead of the top. This is also a dark song if you pay attention to the themes, it's all about imprinting and brainwashing. Sometimes the darker songs are not necessarily obvious from the music itself.

To make a more vague example, sometimes it's completely from the music:

妄想・妄想・妄想 is the intro track of PARANOIA PARADOX's ぱらのいあぱらどくちゅ album. It's just instrumental but it's constantly looping tune and chanting title is meant to convey poison denpa waves.

ちいむdmp☆ sing about loli, cute, moe etc. themes. This has nothing to do with denpa and I don't understand why people think it is. There's nothing denpa about this. You can be cute while being denpa, but being cute doesn't make you denpa.

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If you're wondering why denpa is related to otaku culture, it's believed that denpa took shape in Akihabara (As opposed to anywhere else in Japan) because Akihabara was an electronics district with lots of radio equipment and thus, denpa waves flying about. Of course this is an urban legend but when you couple this with the many lonely, crazy unsociable otaku who were around at the time, it's believed otaku culture was more susceptible to these things, and they nestled inside themselves nicely. As time has gone past and newcomers have come into the scene, the misconception is that denpa is 'anime music' or that it's 'cute music' when this isn't the case.


Yes, Otsuki Kenji is very much integrated into the realm of otaku culture, he's familiar with the concepts of denpa and Akihabara, he features this kind of thing in his solo stuff such as 'Neet Fishing'. Ringo Mogire Beam is a denpa song; the lyrics are completely nonsensical but are loosely based on a guy having delusions.

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I believe what you say. In PD I've seen songs tagged as リアル電波(Real dempa) and others as 萌え電波(Moe dempa); it seems that the Japanese have accepted both kinds so saying that Moe denpa is not denpa is going a bit too far.

It's true that we've been dedicating these threads to moe denpa, but it's fine we could share both kinds as long as we all acknowledge the difference and respect it.

>> No.9535012

But we love とろ美 and PARANOIA PARADOX here.

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>ちいむdmp☆ is not denpa, their songs are not denpa

Are you fucking retarded? Yes, they are. Just because they don't sound like the same stuff you started out listening to when the term was coined doesn't change the huge umbrella of what is accepted as denpa, both in the West and overseas.

>> No.9535063


But you're missing the point, it's not denpa. You're just siding with the majority that you see (Note: This isn't even the actual majority itself).

All you're doing is say 'It's denpa because some other people said it is'. I've fully explained what denpa is throughout this thread, if you're too stupid to read it then fine but don't go calling other people retarded just because you don't understand it.

It's not like I'm saying ちいむdmp☆ can't be discussed here, I'm just saying - they're not denpa. It's as simple as that.

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So is their any music worth looking out for at C82 /jp/?

>> No.9535237

Haihai's and kyunkyun's are serious business on /jp/ I see.

>> No.9535287


Autism at its finest

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Sooo what am I missing here?

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Denpa is "crazy music". It evolved of its own volition from Japanese pop, anime themes, video games/VN themes and doujin music.

The name itself came from horror VNs where the atmosphere created was "insanity-inducing" due to the combination of creepy music and psychological storylines.

Since visual novels are a much beloved source of entertainment for otaku, it was only a matter of time before this influenced began to seep into the collective consciousness of the aforementioned music subgenres. Early denpa was very twisted and most rhythmic or electronic. Most of it was made by bedroom producers and circulated through file-sharing almost exclusively in Japan.

Then the moe boom happened and it infected almost every aspect of Japanese visual culture from snack food mascots to, you guessed it, music. The earlier denpa styles gave way to the moe denpa trend we are all familiar with.

However, I believe both styles can be considered denpa because they are connected by the "crazy" factor or denpa wave that causes some men to kill people and others to dance around at maid cafes with glow sticks.

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Quick edit:
>Denpa is "crazy music". It evolved of its own volition from Japanese pop, anime themes, video games/VN themes and doujin music.

Should also include the experimental music that started the whole thing. The above is really just where the moe denpa stuff came from, since none of the experimental shit had anything to do with a pop sensibility.

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>he name itself came from horror VNs where the atmosphere created was "insanity-inducing" due to the combination of creepy music and psychological storylines.
>Since visual novels are a much beloved source of entertainment for otaku, it was only a matter of time before this influenced began to seep into the collective consciousness of the aforementioned music subgenres. Early denpa was very twisted and most rhythmic or electronic. Most of it was made by bedroom producers and circulated through file-sharing almost exclusively in Japan.


>Then the moe boom happened and it infected almost every aspect of Japanese visual culture from snack food mascots to, you guessed it, music. The earlier denpa styles gave way to the moe denpa trend we are all familiar with.

Correct, but moe denpa is stuff like UNDER17 who combined denpa themes with moe music, unlike ちいむdmp☆ who have no denpa themes in their music at all and instead make songs about how 'onii-chan is a pervert' or songs about knee-highs. It's got nothing to do with denpa.

The word denpa comes from DENPA as in the japanese word for electromagnetic waves after the Fukagawa Street murders in 1981, when the murderer himself claimed he went on a rampage because the electromagnetic waves were telling him to kill people.

That's why the word 'denpa' is used to describe someone who is crazy or acts bizarrely as if they are brainwashed. Denpa VNs came much later and were based on this rampage.

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There was no 'experimental music' that started the whole thing. KING-SHOW made the first denpa songs as a reference to the culture, and since then it was picked up by a large portion of denpa artists we still know and love today.

Some of Momoi's very early stuff touched on denpa from an observational point of view, almost like social commentary but you won't find this stuff on her well known albums. Despite being the queen of Akihabara, she sung about very real topics.

The idea and conceptualization behind denpa music is similar to that of auditory hallucinations.

There are denpa anime and manga too, and denpa references within anime and manga. It's not just a genre of music, it's a world of it's own.

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>It's not just a genre of music, it's a world of it's own.
This is completely correct.

>It's not like I'm saying ちいむdmp☆ can't be discussed here, I'm just saying - they're not denpa.
They're still called "moe denpa" in Japan though, why is this then?

>> No.9536135

I appreciate this, but I already knew these songs and I love them, do you have more examples?

Also, you seem knowledgeable, if you have free time you could help on the wiki.

>> No.9536190

>ちいむdmp☆ who have no denpa themes in their music at all and instead make songs about how 'onii-chan is a pervert' or songs about knee-highs.
What do you think of things like ave;new project or おでんぱ☆スタジオ? They do the same thing.

>> No.9536234

Eat a dick

>> No.9536236

momoi discussion on /jp/
did not expect that

>> No.9536248

I followed her when she was in UNDER17, doesn't she do generic J-Pop now?

>> No.9536303

yeah, things have changed
she still does a lot of the older stuff at concerts though
i will do thundersnake with the rest of the idiots whenever it starts playing

>> No.9536445

Stop enjoying denpa moe music! Real denpa is crazy and dark. Worthless music without epic social commentary is not denpa! :(

>> No.9536540
File: 515 KB, 1000x1000, 1320716945335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do u truDENPA?

>> No.9537598

>The word denpa comes from DENPA as in the japanese word for electromagnetic waves after the Fukagawa Street murders in 1981, when the murderer himself claimed he went on a rampage because the electromagnetic waves were telling him to kill people. That's why the word 'denpa' is used to describe someone who is crazy or acts bizarrely as if they are brainwashed. Denpa VNs came much later and were based on this rampage.

Damn. Consider me schooled. I've never had the etymology explained to me so completely before but that's pretty fascinating and makes a lot of sense.

Thank you.

>Eat a dick

Fuck you.

>> No.9537920

Which albums are you guys getting for C82?

>> No.9537976

>I'm a long time listener of Momoi's radio shows
Where can I listen to those shows?

>> No.9538017

No, fuck you.

>> No.9538260

Fuck yourself.


That's checkmate.

>> No.9538286

He's got you there, anon.

>> No.9539191


ave;new project don't actually do that but not all of the time, however they do raise an interesting point that a lot of westerners don't realize in denpa: Most of ave;new's songs are entirely comprised of 'hai hai' 'chu chu' 'YEAH LETS GO' and there are a lot of songs that aren't like this that have completely meaningless lyrics. One thing about the 'doki doki' 'chu chu' etc. is that if you use them with other words, they have context but if you just start going 'chu chu' 'paya paya' 'bobon!' And make a song entirely like that it makes absolutely no sense to Japanese people. Westerners hear it more as like an audio effect similar to 'Doo-wop' barbershop quartets from the 1940s, but to a Japanese - they are actually trying to interpret these sounds into words because their language is more phonetically structured so it comes across as little bit more nonsensical than you might initially think. They don't really reference denpa but many of their lyrics are really nonsensical if you listen, I think there's a case to be made either way.

おでんぱ☆スタジオ are similar to ちいむdmp☆, but recently I think they're beginning to learn, their tracks have touched on denpa a little bit more lately. It's easier for people to listen to denpa and say 'It's cute songs that sound like they're from anime' rather than to understand the actual ethos behind denpa and I think that's why so many people get it wrong; both musicians and fans.

>> No.9540178

Here in the west that's because most people don't know Japanese so there's no way they would know. We should try making some translations, although that may be hard if the lyrics are nonsensical.

Also I think the wiki definition in
is mostly correct, but the part
>It’s usually extremely up-beat, happy, cute and ocasionally fast.
refers exclusively to moe denpa. As I said before, I don't think moe denpa isn't denpa, but I think we should try to fix this part to be more general, and/or maybe give a deeper explanation in the article (or another one) of the differences between realdenpa and moedenpa, if you agree.

>> No.9540183

Y10NRDY is losing a lot of arguments lately, and he seems to be taking it pretty well.

I have a feeling he's going to snap and do something terrible.

>> No.9540226


Well it's not western exclusive, non-Japanese speakers are at a disadvantage because they can't understand the lyrics, but I think the problem comes from the way people approach music.

If you're a western band and you love J-Pop and you make music that sounds exactly like the J-Pop you like, EXCEPT it's sung in English, people would argue that it's not J-Pop because it's English and it's the Japanese lyrical content that makes J-Pop what it is.

I think it's similar to denpa, even for new Japanese denpa artists. The original denpa artists understood denpa in it's entirety, they understand the themes and the ethos. As time passes you get a generation who listen to denpa and not all of them understand these themes - all they hear is cute sounding fast paced music and they think that's what makes up denpa. So they kind of get the wrong end of the stick. And then you get new listeners who grow up with the idea that these misconceptions are true and that denpa really is just cute J-pop, it's a vicious cycle of misconceptions really, especially when the scene is dead and the only thing filling the denpa shoes is something that isn't really denpa anyway.

A lot of people complain, just like when MOSAIC.WAV started doing songs mainly about Akihabara, people started saying that they were Akiba-pop and not denpa, and then they went back to denpa and confused everybody.

>> No.9540269


But to add to this, I should simplify that my rants aren't exclusive 'get them out of the scene' nonsense. They're just providing a closer look at the reality behind denpa and an opportunity to see it for what it really is and learn something new. I don't think denpa should be sub-categorized because it's too small and I see the rise of this 'moe j-pop' denpa as almost a social commentary of the current otaku scene so I'm not ready to exclude it just because I don't agree with it but on the other hand I'd like to make sure that the meaning doesn't get lost and people start making and interpreting the music based on set formulas and elements (Which is what it ISN'T based on) and instead take a deeper look at the microculture underneath (Which it IS based on).

I've seen several genres of underground music get killed because people treat it more like a science instead of an art and the misconceptions of the fans fuel the misconceptions of the artists, we need a balance of very traditional original denpa and denpa which reflects the trends and tries new things and combines them with the old.

>> No.9540391

I've always thought that ぱんださんようちえん is the perfect moe denpa song.

Just listen, no explanation needed. The "fucked in the head" feeling comes immediatly when listening.

Also Neko Nabe from the same album.

New moe denpa artists really should do stuff like this. I only know of (old) Toromi, does anyone know of someone else?

>> No.9540419

I know, thanks for that, I think it's a healthy discussion. The scene in the west is small and new so it's never late to clarify things.

>> No.9542376

It has happened with most genres of music. Rock was originally a style of life, now everyone thinks it's just distorted guitars with pentatonic riffs. But still, I think the basic idea of nonsensical and crazy in denpa is understood by most devoted listeners around here, so I wouldn't panic yet.

I loved kyn2carnival for featuring those kind of songs.

>> No.9543881

1 day left for Comiket, holy shit.
What are you guys expecting?
The wait for albums to get uploaded will be painful.

>> No.9544007

The wait is always worrying. Sometimes stuff doesn't get uploaded.

>> No.9545823

Which albums do you guys plan on getting? I'll be able to get those which you guys aren't buying so all of it can be uploaded.

>> No.9545896

Basically the team dmp, poyachio, and odenpa studio albums.

>> No.9546032

Doesn't sound like it'll be my favorite, but it's not bad.

>> No.9546808

I'll probably buy MOSAIC.WAV's.

I was also thinking of getting Soreyuke! Burunyanman Portable just to get the OST, but I already have the game and I don't know if it's worth the money just for the OST, besides I'm guessing the limited edition is sold out already.

I saw some people on Twitter #listening to the full version of 空とぶSuperCats. I'm jealous as fuck.

>> No.9553277


Oh god

>> No.9553448

I've always wondered, at Comiket do groups like ちぃむdmp☆ and Mosaic.wav have their own booths where they sell their albums personally?

Or do they have other people/sales people to do it for them?

>> No.9553878

Talking about nonsensical lyrics, anyone good with Japanese here?

The chorus of Endless Heaven is easy to understand but, what the hell is going on in the verses?

ドッキリなっな ビックリのっの 涙目うるる
ドッキリハッハ ビックリギョッギョ くねくねウー
たっぷりアッア こってりウッウ 揺れ揺れゆでる
たっぷりねっね こってりふっふ 群れ群れヌー

やっぱりだった ゆったりヒット 読め読めすべる
やっぱりまだ ゆったりして 嫁嫁と来て
ぱったりバッタ ぺっとりナット ポテ持ってポテト
ぱったりタッタ ぺっとりトット ポテ食ってゴー

>> No.9553913

I'm guessing ちぃむdmp☆ do since they're doujin, MOSAIC.WAV are not.

Poyacchio always doing a great job. This album will get uploaded.

The game was uploaded immediately, the music CD is going to take a while. Look out for chinese sites.

>> No.9553961

They put kata where there should normally be hira, its wacky.

>> No.9554006

But isn't it just a lot of onomatopoeia? I still have a hard time making sense out of them.

>> No.9556800

I can't stop listening to that Toromi preview.

>> No.9561039

Denpa bump.

>> No.9561088

It kinda seems that way, huh? I just really want to know as much as possible about my interests. I know a bit, but when someone with the kind of all-encompassing knowledge about a subject comes in to drop science, I pay attention. truDENPA guy is amazing.

>If you're a western band and you love J-Pop and you make music that sounds exactly like the J-Pop you like, EXCEPT it's sung in English, people would argue that it's not J-Pop because it's English and it's the Japanese lyrical content that makes J-Pop what it is.

You're absolutely right. In the 90s, I listened to a lot of britpop as well as bands from other countries who tried to emulate the britpop sound but they didn't get the label if they weren't from the country.

There are a few American bands around where I live who are super influenced by Dir en Grey but they're never going to be a J-Rock band unless they move and sing in Japanese, ya know?

>> No.9565043
File: 960 KB, 1064x1500, 23782738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie, I get a bit turned on listening to this group. I can't be the only one.

>> No.9567411
File: 137 KB, 500x440, cov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, first upload it seems.(by vorbisman)
What did you think?

[ふぉれすとぴれお] Perfect Pretty Phantom

>> No.9567427 [DELETED] 
File: 109 KB, 493x492, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ふぉれすとぴれお - Perfect Pretty Phantom


>> No.9567436

Since we were having a trudenpa discussion, to take a break I went over some リアル電波, I'd like to share.

(Gold lyrics)

Who made this by the way?



洗脳・搾取・虎の巻 (MOSAIC.WAV)

>> No.9567438

Y10NRDY knew about lipstick traces so he must be a good guy

>> No.9567440

The well known machinnegun.


Also I laughed:

I knew this one beforehand from a flash, addictive

こどものための合唱組曲 チコタン - ぼくのおよめさん
Piano stuff/non-moe, denpa for its lyrics

>> No.9567445

宍戸留美 - 地球の危機

(IOSYS) 株式会社ボーダー商事・社歌

Where did I hear this before?

What the fuck am I watching

Gold lyrics again, also cute video

>> No.9567450

Hell yeah





>> No.9567457

The well known, but good, Neko Mimi Mode


(Clean version where)

The well known Futari no Mojipittan
Couldn't find the original on Youtube

Mokyu Mokyu

The infamous Sex Friend Beat Punk
(Fuck AMVs)

now i'm outta here

>> No.9573225



>> No.9573314 [DELETED] 

Some anon recommended me this album and I haven't been able to stop listening to this track:

Thanks to whoever it was. It's great.

>> No.9573318

Some anon recommended me this instrumental album and I haven't been able to stop listening to this track:

Thanks to whoever it was. It's great.

>> No.9573544

Pretty good. Track 5 is mmbk by the way.

>> No.9573561
File: 157 KB, 1280x720, 1318238093420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(Gold lyrics)

Oh god can't stop listening to this, where is it from?

>> No.9573569

Thanks, anon.

You guys are fags.

So, the new Forest Pireo's out. Any other C82 moe-denpa/tru-denpa get upped yet?

>> No.9573608

It seems you have some fans in /jp/ huh.

>> No.9574086

I have a creep or two, unfortunately.

>> No.9574337 [DELETED] 

Eat my fat assdick

>> No.9574366

What did you do to him/them?

>> No.9574394


He is astroturfing his online presence, pay him no mind

>> No.9574405

Seems pretty good. Waiting on the non-Touhou denpa, like always.

>> No.9576308


So you have a dick coming *out* of your ass? No homo, but could you take a picture of it?

Nothing that I know of. The only negativity I've ever created on /jp/ is responding to trolls, which I know I shouldn't do, but because I post with a trip if I don't defend myself it will happen all the time.

Despite what you may think, when you embarrass the shit out of someone it makes them less likely to fuck with you again. Lay down for them and you'll take shit every time you post. It doesn't really bother me too much, though, because 9/10 times the aggressor is a fucking tool who can't express a coherent thought, much less argue. There's nothing to argue about. The only thing that they can say about me is shit like:


this guy, who thinks that everyone posting with a tripcode is some narcissistic megalomaniac on a desperate bid for internet fame.

The truth is I post with a trip because I don't make friends easily IRL and online communication is pretty much the level of socialization that I'm comfortable with, and even that is difficult sometimes. With my online handle internet friends can find me elsewhere. That's it.

>> No.9578730
File: 100 KB, 300x297, cover3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In case anyone was waiting for 天然ジェミニ, here's 東方HOT LIMIT. More touhou, but tracks 5, 7 and 3 are related.

(C82) [天然ジェミニ] 東方HOT LIMIT (v0)

>> No.9578774

check it






>> No.9578816

I don't know if replying to them would do any better, how do you humiliate an anonymous person over the internet? I don't think you should care.

Sex friend beat punk is so great. I remember I couldn't stop listening to it for months, many years ago.

>> No.9578820 [DELETED] 

Track 05 is truly a masterpiece. I love them.

>> No.9578828


This song is truly a masterpiece. I love them.

>> No.9578847

That was quick.

>> No.9579012



>> No.9579165

Isn't she the girl who sings Pururin from NHK?

>> No.9579600

I hope the album the op posted gets uploaded, I really like the crossfade.

>> No.9579627

It will.

Yeah she is. She's an idol from the '90s.
It seems the makers of NHK also knew about the denpa scene. In the NHK OST there also comes a version of Pururin called ~Denpa ver.~, which I can't find in youtube, but is a pretty dark version of the original.

>> No.9579840


Nice one, I didn't know about this, I found a link though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKFiGnPNwas

I knew Welcome to the NHK had it's finger on the pulse pretty well of that era but I hadn't heard this version, it's got more of that insanity vibe, I think I like it better.

>> No.9579904

Yes, I love it.


Gentlemen, we are in front of the two sides of the same coin. I think I finally found my favorite kind of music.

>> No.9580036

oohh my #%&$%/&//$%//(/&
weird version

>> No.9580053


I have another example:


>> No.9582036
File: 107 KB, 704x396, 1230833768368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/a/ here, any idea where I can find the Ginyuu Planet Akiba Pop album from mosaic.wav? There is a torrent on nyaa but it doesn't have any seeds so I thought you guys might know something.

>> No.9582057

I have it but I won't upload it because I don't like you.

>> No.9582061

I shouldnt have mentioned that I am from /a/. Forgot how homophobic /jp/ is

>> No.9582901


Buy it, MOSAIC.WAV are the easiest denpa group to support. They're all over iTunes and Ginyuu Planet is on CDJapan.

>> No.9582915


No, we just have a problem with subhum/a/ns. Nothing personal.

>> No.9583353

Not him but I prefer to support groups who actually need it like doujin artists. Nothing against MOSAIC.WAV, I love them, but they have enough support, they're popular enough.

You just called yourself homosexual.

>> No.9584947


They're on a major label, they're probably earning less than doujin labels believe it or not. Majors are extremely tight with their money and the artist sees a very small part of it.

>> No.9585921

That still makes it worse though; you would be supporting their recording label instead of them directly.

>> No.9586084
File: 964 KB, 1600x1200, chiimu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes a good wallpaper for your Android

>> No.9586126

I've been listening to the cute cover of Neko Mimi Modo by ななひら called Cheng♥Dere in Perfect Pretty Phantom. Great.

Also 幻想郷意識高いバンド from 東方HOT LIMIT. Truly a masterpiece.


Makes me wonder who 愛原千尋 is. Anyone know something about her?

>> No.9587896

Album in OP at >>9587875

>> No.9588031

I can't find any downloads for ななひら 's album, is there a /jp/ spreadsheet for denpa?

>> No.9588106

Honey days~おさなづまの場合~ is my favorite. Sounds great.

>> No.9588404


No, what it means is that the only support they get is the small amount that they receive from those CD sales.


Buy or google, it may not have been uploaded yet. A lot of stuff never even makes it onto the net.

>> No.9589733
File: 171 KB, 585x599, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ちぃむdmp☆ - 電波娘々


>> No.9589889
File: 124 KB, 500x500, cover2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(C82) monoROSETTA — Lotus Land St. (Vorbis)

>> No.9589926
File: 81 KB, 640x640, jk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ne /jp/, what's your all time favourite denpa album?

Mine is pic related.

>> No.9589941 [DELETED] 

Wow. This is the first time I see an idol doing otagei with her fans. I wonder if she's scared.


>> No.9589945

Wow. This is the first time I see an idol doing wotagei with her fans. I wonder if she's scared.


>> No.9589974
File: 93 KB, 399x399, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That one's pretty good but I only liked a few songs.

I think my all time favorite is ARM's ワァオ!ハイパー電波チャン because I loved every single song in it, and because it included Endless Heaven.

Also first Nanahira's, ゴキゲン77゚↑.

>> No.9589985
File: 183 KB, 400x400, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This right here. Without a fucking doubt.

>> No.9589996

Nanahira stuff usually gets uploaded, don't worry.

>> No.9591480


Could you post a link to that Mediafire please?

>> No.9591490

Since this thread wasn't started as a denpa thread, here it is:

Also the humble wiki:

>> No.9592021
File: 42 KB, 306x435, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're great, they've doing stuff for Taiko recently, with many songs featuring Chata and Kaorin (from ちぃむdmp).

Take this. Concept album from C74 by the same circle (Side Protea).
Same kind of weird ass shit, 97 tracks(!) but many of them are weird interludes a few seconds long, they're pretty funny if you understand Japanese, but if you don't there still are normal songs in there (Tracks: 5, 11, 19, 28, 30, 38, 48, 56, 81, 87, 93, 97).

If you liked Nekonabe you'll also like track 11.

(C74) [サイドプロテア] きりんさん女子大生 (MP3 V0)

>> No.9592243
File: 50 KB, 310x453, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And for the guy requesting Soreyuke! Burunyanman's OST, here it is. Yes it has the full theme song by Luna.

それゆけ!ぶるにゃんマン Portable サントラCD (MP3 V0)

>> No.9593238

I can't stop listening to it. Almost 12 hours now.

>> No.9594920

Oh god oh god I was waiting for this so much, thank you!
空とぶSuperCats is truly a beautiful song.

Track 30 is great.

>> No.9594997
File: 186 KB, 810x460, bomb_burunyan01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>空とぶSuperCats is truly a beautiful song.
It really is.


Almost makes me want to play the game again.

>> No.9595059

I was listening peacefully to this when suddenly, track 71.
I spit all my fucking drink.

>> No.9601304

Excuse me for the bump but I'm really desperate and I thought you guys would know.

Do you know any songs similar to this? I'm really dying to listen more of this.

>> No.9603399

Not sure if this is similar, but it's the only thing I can think of right now:

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