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Sometimes I don't even fap, I just get hard and slowly massage my erection for a couple hours. The gentle pleasure of rubbing extended for a long time makes me feel better than a few second's intense pleasure of an orgasm.

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You spank the monkey.

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tell more

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>Sometimes I don't even fap
>I just get hard and slowly massage my erection
that's called fapping

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Enjoy your lack of sensitivity when you get older faggot.

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Fapping is violently whacking off, hence the onomatopoeia.

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I can understand where you're coming from. Sometimes I'll just get an erection and I'll just hold it when I'm nervous or bored, not even getting any pleasure out of it, but just feeling more secure because I'm holding it........

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The other day I fingered my butt slowly for about three hours. By the end of it I couldn't hold myself back and I poked my dick and then sperm flew out.

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In usage, it's simply means masturbation. The strictly onomatopoeic use has disappeared.

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Fine, then masturbation as gentle massage rather than trying to orgasm as fast as possible.

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If you come after going for an hour or two the orgasm is amazing.

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Edging at least brings you near orgasm, I think OP just means a slow, constant fap.

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Edging is where you try and keep yourself on the brink of orgasm without quite reaching it. Not what he was describing.

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Why is /jp/ so lewd?

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It's natural to be interested in dicks if you're a girl.

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Why is she smiling and looking down at me?

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