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how many of you used to draw this

p.s. if you looped it round like an 8, you did it wrong

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I used to

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I'm the creator

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I saw it on desks but had no idea what it meant.

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no you arent it was miss andrews our art teacher

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What is it?

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"Kids, today you'll be drawing posters!"
*everyone does the title in bubble text*
*all the 'S'es are like this*

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But seriously, I don't understand how this thing was so globally recognized even though there was no mass media to warrant that, nor was there any real meaning behind this.

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It's an S, you nerds.

Some morons claim it's from a Stussy logo, but it's not. It's just easy to draw because there's a trick to it (draw three lines on the top and three lines on the bottom, join them up).

Goes back to at least the 70s or 80s. Good example of a pre-WWW meme.

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Do I even have to say it?

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Hahah, I remember that. Some kid in 2nd grade started drawing that, then our teacher yelled at him because "oohh it's gang culture" or some shit.
Only really saw kids drawing it in south Cali though.

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Damn nigga thats a SOUPER S

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Isn't that some baseball logo? I don't like sports so I never did it.

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Shit, I saw that thing everywhere in middle school.

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>not being NEET


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I remember doing braids kind of like this. Ignore the shitty ms-painting

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Anybody in this thread who knows of the stussy and hasn't watched this video needs to leave /jp/ right now.

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KoG believes stussy invented the s?


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I've drawn this thing like 800+ times.

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