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That image made me feel like sucking a dick. No joke. brb gotta fap

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Please stop trying to force this.

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Please don't use Sanae-chan for such lewd things.....

(I don't give a crap about Shiten though)

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>implying I am force it
>implying /jp/ isn't gay and is posting it like me

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Filthy gay propaganda.

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Get the fuck out straightfag.

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me on the left!!!

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wait if you guys are seriously fags i dont wanna be here.

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who da FUQ r u quotin?

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Why does "3DPD" not apply to gays?

It's one rule for us, and another for them.

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because cockus are kawaii :3

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The ronery boards always try to force a gay agenda to mask their hidden and repressed lust for women. You cannot deny this.

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I don't like this one, it's too mean.

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By far the most unfunny forced shitposting meme

I'm guessing it's just a few actual homos who want /jp/ to be their little gay headquarters and they won't give up until we're /soc/ with anime

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I honestly think this might apply in real life, too. I'm sure a lot of people turn to homosexuality to broaden the field a little, or just because they're lonely or want some sort of gratification.

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Of course they do, gays are all disgusting whores who fuck all the time so it's an attractive sexuality for hormonal retards

Same reason homosexual men are incapable of love (lesbians are different because 1. they can't actually have proper sex 2. homosex is gross but yuri is pure and adorable)

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Yukari x Ran and Yukari x Yuyuko are much better pairings than Yukari x Stipid idiot miko that everyone likes even though she is an asshole.

I agree with your post, though.

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good, fuck off then

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>Yukari x Ran and Yukari x Yuyuko are much better pairings

Ran-disagree, their master/servant relationship is too fundamental for me to see them as lovers

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>By far the most unfunny forced shitposting meme
No, I think the complaining about shitposting while shitposting is unfunnier, but that might not be a joke though.

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Back to

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Shut up homo, you aren't allowed to speak to actual humans

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I know, I am speaking to a subhuman so it's okay.

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Isn't it great?

Who are you quoting by the way, Faggot-kun?

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Jesus just fuck the shut up why do you have to assume every gay poster is a shitposter and outsider?
Why does my sexuality even matters to you?
Fuck off

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There are plenty of men in Gensokyo though.

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gays are subhuman

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oh u

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In the perfect 2D world it's great. Real life it'd just be a warzone though.

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your right end where my feelings begin

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Womyn logic.

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>Ran-disagree, their master/servant relationship is too fundamental for me to see them as lovers

I don't know. Sometimes I imagine Yukari to take advantage of Ran and keeping her around as a pet she really, really likes, with Ran being okay with it, if a bit too shy. Sometimes I like to imagine them in the way portrayed by tohonifun in Yukari vs Ran.

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Yuri = cute girls
Yaoi = flaming homosexuals

Go back to spreading AIDS

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They feel lesbians are different than gays, it's silly.

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btw I'm a girl

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Shut the fuck up and learn your place. If you want to be treated like a human then stop spamming /jp/ with your disgusting queer crap

Only 50 years ago your homo shit was illegal. Our forefathers were far more wise than us.

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Please be fair and dont post 3d/soc/ gay threads in /jp/
Thank you

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Notice the gays are the only anons ITT posting like /a/b/v/tards. Coincidence?

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Pick one


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imma poz your neg hole closetfag

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I fapped to op pic

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How can you know those anons aren't yuri loving secondaries trying to force their views on /jp/?

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I'm pretty sure those aren't even real gays, but landwhales and ugly fujoshi pretending to be guys.

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Their probably straight shitposters faking it to make gay posters look bad.

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They are

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I'm not a fan of yuri, but I'd take cute girls over faggots any day of the week.

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But Reimu is miles better as a pairing partner since the other two are just generic matchups based on the fact that they're related somehow.

It's like those numbskulls who pair kasen with seiga because they're both hermits or yuugi with parsee because they're one stage apart.

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Them being related is the reason they make far better matchups. You're acting like a crack pairer.