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Do you still hate them?

>> No.9499433

Yes. I will never stop hating them.

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I'm starting to like them.

Especially Toyohime.

>> No.9499438

Why do people hate them for being too perfect?
They got owned pretty hard at the end of SSiB and received a huge blow to their overinflated egos

>> No.9499443

I hate ZUN for making them the way they are

Lunarians could have been cool as fuck. Think about it. People from the moon. Wow. The moon is cool. Wow.

But no, we get some stuck up horseshit princesses. Good job.

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Tewi kicked their asses in what will one day be known as the Third Gensokyo-Lunar War.

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The Moon is to sci-fi what Gensokyo is to fantasy.
Just as the Gensokyo 2hus aren't running around in LARP gear, the moonbitches aren't wearing jumpsuits and helmets.

Their appearance and style of dress is fine.

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Remind me of the part of my post where I said I don't like their appearance please

They look fine. Aesthetically they are very cool actually. It's their attitudes, personalities and views that suck.

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But what's wrong with their attitudes and personalities? They're no different from any other Touhou.

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They think they are better than earthlings.

And holy shit, they are actually better than earthlings.

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The purity shit
It's gay
Also the whole marriage thing
Automatic worst 2hu criteria right there

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But they're identical to earthlings except they're bitches and better at fighting.

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I fucking love them. I post yorihime threads ccasionally.

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>they're bitches

So they're identical to earthlings, period?

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Deal with it.

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Not really. Yorihime is pretty great.

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No, Yorihime is easily one of my favorite 2hus.

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