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Seeing as I have no idea what's up with /jp/ at the moment, let's go back to something we can do well, appreciating touhou's.

Today is the turn of Eirin, show her your love.

As always, please post warmly .

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I'm completely indifferent to her as a character, but here's a contributing post.

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OK but i'd rather appreciate her butt

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Same. I like her theme though.

I actually don't have any pictures of just her so have one with Kaguya in it too.

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I always find the most beautiful pictures of her.

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putting on lipstick Eirin

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Oh and her skills in archery and medicine

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eating antibacteria Eirin

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shooting danmaku Eirin

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I just realized her hair is gorgeous.

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The only cure for my dick.

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almost-official art winky face Eirin

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ZUN official Eirin

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Dear Eirin,

If I crush adderall into a fine powder, mix it with a bit of water and inject it up my ass, will it have a stronger effect than taking it orally?

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When I first played touhou I thought Eirin was a boy.

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Eirin is a real woman.

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Someone in an earlier thread said that Kaguya was stronger than Eirin. What stupidity!

Everyone knows that Eirin is way, way up there in terms of power levels.

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Instead of Wriggle? That's odd. Also male Eirin is kind of awesome.

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God-tier 2hu

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I never understood why anyone ever thought she was a girl, she looked feminine to me. I even went in completely unknown to the touhou is a boy me-me.

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why is zun-eirin so flabby?

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Wriggle* not touhou

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..... what?
>stronger than Eirin
o pls. Just because Kaguya's the last LAST boss of the final stage.

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Makes sense for the bodyguard to be stronger than the person she's guarding though right?

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oh god, I was watching that video on fapdu the other day.
Reisen's voice... dear god...
It was not a good video.

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I worded that strangely. I mean I played IN knowing next to nothing about touhou. I didn't know the cast was all girls and I didn't know that a lot of people joked around with Wirggle being a boy. So I went in completely neutral and it didn't even cross my mind that wriggle could have been a boy. It's just for some reason I immediately thought Eirin was a boy.

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Secondaries everywhere.

Kaguya's Arcane powers are unmatchable in Gensokyo
-God-like Time Manipulation

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Aw, well, that's okay. I think the only male Touhous are Rinnosuke and um... Kongaara. And Youmu's Dad. And Reimu's turtle.

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Well I know now. This was quite a long time ago, long before /jp/ was made.

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Eirin isn't Kaguya's bodyguard. She's more of a caretaker, which is different.

>Kaguya's Arcane powers are unmatchable in Gensokyo

What spells does Kaguya have?

Eirin's charm that sealed the entire planet wasn't even her strongest spell, remember?

Also Eirin co-founded Lunarian society, and if Kaguya is to be believed the Lunarians were the first to use magic, which could mean that Eirin was the first magic user ever.

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I expect they're talking about her spellcards, which are arguably weaker.

>Youmu's Dad
Reimu's turtle.

Also you missed Unzan. And the human villagers. And those Lunarian gate guards.

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dumb Kaguyafag. Stop being mean.

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Not a big fan of the doctor, but I like these threads.

Don't you mean Shingyoku?

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"Long ago, Eirin was one of a party of messengers who were sent to bring Kaguya back to the moon; the crime for which she was exiled to Earth had been forgiven. For some reason, she helped Kaguya kill all the other messengers instead. To ensure that the earthlings who lived with Kaguya to remain silent, she bribed them with the Hourai Elixir. The elixir had the power to make people immortal. None of those earthlings consumed the elixir, however, and died shortly after. It was later discovered that they were murdered." - TouhouWiki

"Lady Yagokoro advised us to kill him right away, but that seemed like going too far." Of course, the fact that I'd looked after him so long made it difficult to kill him. My sister was the same, so she didn't want to kill him either." - Cage in a Lunatic Runagate

Eirin has had her murderous way with more innocent people than the fandom seems to let on to. So I decided to draw my interpretation of what went on 1,000 years before the events of the game Imperishable Night. I find it interesting that none of the people you face in the games end up getting killed for their actions (I suppose danmaku-play is a pretty safe game). Unless Im mistaken, Eirin is the only character to have ever murdered someone within Touhou, and she's done it quite a bit. ZUN was certainly poking around irony when he decided to make her a nurse.

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She's probably not even ticklish.

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Maybe not. But she IS STD-free.

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she makes a medicine that cures bad dreams :3

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Oh yeah?

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Eientei Strong.

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Good to know.

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Cute vulnerabilities like this make me like her more, honestly.

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If there's one faction I want to be a part of in gensokyo, it's Eientei.

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why is reisen a man?

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Because genderswaps are fuck-yeah.