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Japanese TV spot portrays Obama as a monkey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCmiKJLx5IY&feature=related

Discuss (in b4 sage)

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They're Japanese.
OF COURSE they regard Africans, Americans Europeans, Australians and all combinations thereof as sub-human pigdogs.

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Wrong, they've had that mascot since forever; It's not like they just chose a monkey to play him.

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lol niggers. That's fucking great. My opinion of Japan rose 10 points.

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Is Japan racist? Yes

Is that ad racist? No, just naíve.

Funny though.

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This is not Stolmflo/n/t.

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So what? Photographs portray Obama as a monkey.

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>This is funny because the Japanese aren't paying attention to American politics. They thought it was like the Taco Bell dog. You don't see Mexicans bitching about how a tiny dog is a stereo type of Mexicans. And you don't see Asian people bitching about Kung Fu Panda because it's racist and is a stereo type of Asian people. Which goes to show, that there will always be people out there bitching about something stupid and irrelevant. Grow up retards...

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If that was Bush it would have been a *real insult.

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Jesus christ a youtube video within a youtube video.

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Nobody is really calling it racist. Probably only 30 or more Black people in Japan complained about it. And the Blacks of America don't care and/or know about it.

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Not voting for a monkey or a nigger

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Enjoy your McFail

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>There isn't RACISM in Japan. It is the historical fact that Japan is the first country that proposed "the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Resolution" at the League of Nations held in Geneva in 1919. The Elimination of Racial Discrimination Resolution that Japan proposed was supported by a large majority of participating countries.

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I wwwwww'd.

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that's what America is all about, choices...although not necessarily good ones.

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As an asian who've lived in both the states and an asian country, I could say the same thing about the U.S., but to a lesser extreme I guess? It happens everywhere, whenever you enter another country different from your own race. It's called hazing. Growing up, I almost always had a disadvantage next to whitey. And of course, I had to deal with a fuckton of blatantly racist things as well. Although that allowed me to become more cynical, and more independent as a result. And I loathe Americans in general.

Prejudice aside, the sheer ignorance in the states is even more infuriating though. About 3/4 of my encounters with an American stranger, they would automatically associate me with "japanimation" and assume that I'm Chinese. People like to ask if I know any good sushi places, or what's good at Panda Express. Oh, lets not forget, I also happen to be a master at Kung-Fu and placing your hands and bowing is completely in the norm when meeting an asian person in public. I wouldn't mind that much at first... but after being subjected to this kind of shit for over a decade time it really gets on my fucking nerves.

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different context, asian people don't see any relation between themselves and panda's, neither mexicans to chihuahuas.

black people on the otherhand are made fun of look like apes.

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What's so bad about him being black?

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QFT, Being asian in Amerikkka sucks balls.

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I think we're missing the point here:

Niggers really DO looks like monkeys because they are.

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You can smiles and get the fuck out if you don't like it here.

Also never voting for a nigger, Though I would have no problem with a Indian or other Asian.

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What are you like 12 or something?

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Fix your horrid grammar and fuck off. I'm working on it.

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Nah... make it a chimp or gorilla and then you couls say it's racist.

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As a black Anon I don't see anything wrong with that ad. I guess the black people who were complaining in the op's link was born in the olden days when white people treated black people like monkeys.

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>>Japanese TV spot portrays Obama as a monkey

well at least the Japanese can see him for what he is.

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>>This is funny because the Japanese aren't paying attention to American politics.

if I was Japanese, I wouldn't give a shit about American politics either.

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If I was American I wouldn't give a shit about American politics.

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Coming from a guy who lives in a shitty third world country.

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reminds me of hideyoshi toyotomi

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This is not /n/ews.

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they love omaba in japan

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Politics in the world powers is a concern for everyone. They don't just affect their own country, they affect the world to some degree.

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niggers in japan?

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Funny niggers angry at the companys mascot advertising a product that has "change" with a parody of the guy that says "change" a lot.
Whos the racist here people? The japs that saw a monkey or the niggers that saw a black men?

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I loled.

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Or maybe it's because they've been hearing racist things their entire life (from people like you).

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further proof that americans believe the world should just stop and always pay attention to them.

lol at the niggers though.

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Again, it was probably only 30 or more black people who complained about it. Big deal.

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>Or maybe it's because they've been hearing racist things their entire life (from people like you).
Is that suposed to be an excuse for being racists in a self important way?
That does not change anything.

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there are 30 blacks in Japan?

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No there were 8 niggers there and a japanese nigger wanabe(Jigger?)

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Goddamn, bawwwww more niggers.

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More like its because their culture is one that puts itself in the role of the victim.

This is one of the more legitimate reasons why people still hate them: They blame everything on racism. Didn't get the job? Its because their black. It doesn't matter that the place that they applied at has black people working there. Got kicked out of the theater for being too noisy? Its because their black. It doesn't matter that there are still black people sitting in the theater enjoying the movie. GTA: SA is racist. It doesn't matter that its the first GTA game staring a black man.

(and these are all first hand examples that I've seen that I'm listing here)

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"The Mexicans are a different cup of tea. They have a heritage. At the present time they steal, they're dishonest, but they do have some concept of family life. They don't live like a bunch of dogs, which the Negroes do live like."

Richard Nixon

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>"The Mexicans are a different cup of tea. They have a heritage. At the present time they steal, they're dishonest, but they do have some concept of family life. They don't live like a bunch of dogs, which the Negroes do live like."

Richard Nixon

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if i was obama, I would spin it in a good direction

Hoping that a promotion and a rank amongst the gods would make him more manageable, the Jade Emperor invited Wukong to Heaven, where the monkey thought he would receive an honorable place as one of the gods. Instead, he was made the head of Heavenly Stables to watch over their horses. When he discovered the truth, Wukong rebelled and proclaimed himself the "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven", and allied with some of the most powerful demons on earth.

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>>949587 and >>948663
If you've heard that your entire life, you'd be angry at the ad too.

>They blame everything on racism. Didn't get the job?
Or maybe it's because 50 years ago Blacks didn't have equal rights to white people. That's only 5 decades ago. Meaning your grandfather could get an important job while my grandfather could only dream of getting such a job.

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> 50 years ago
Is that so now?
Stop crying and they will stop poking you.
You learn these shit in second grade.Some wort of discrimination will always exist but it can diminish.

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Let me guess. The person who keeps bumping this semi off topic thread is the same racist /jp/er who keeps trying to start race debates on the Internets.

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Too bad the people that I'm talking about weren't alive to experience that.

Their grandfathers that experienced true racism would probably be ashamed to see them blaming their inability to lose the dreadlocks and make themselves presentable and get the job on racism when it becomes pretty clear that the management isn't racist when you walk into the store.

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Back in the 60s and 70s there was still some deep segregation. You act as if all of America one day decided to stop being racist. My father's generation was a part of the said segregation/racism.

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Racism is the pride of 4chan.

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That's nice.

But guess what? There are lots of black people working at the retail shops around here. The people that I'm talking about were just denying personal responsibility in favor of viewing themselves as victims.

Same thing goes for the people at the movie theater. Noisy people get kicked out without exception. Its not as if they were just sitting there quietly. They had been talking loudly between each other and on their cell phones and were asked to stop before getting thrown out.

I don't care if your culture has experienced segregation in the past, it doesn't justify this kind of victim complex when you're clearly the one that's responsible for what's happening to you.

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I agree with you. Now can we go back to being e-friends now?

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I'm not racist, I just have a problem with the victim complex that a lot of black people have when it comes to their race.

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Still not voting for a nigger.

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Inaccurate. Hilary's not wearing a pantsuit.

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Oh okay, I didn't see how the TV spot and Obama had anything to do with eachother before but I guess it's about the CHANGE slogan.

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This makes me want to fuck Obama so hard. Sexy bastard.

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Is that Patty?

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Change! your underwear. Fuck this nigger.