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Which turns you on more, /jp/? A mother figure, or an older sister figure?

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Survey threads about my sexual preferences.

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His comments.

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ur mom figure

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/jp/ is the name of the board, not the name of the persons shittposting here

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He's referring to us as a collective, though. Like "Hello, Glastonbury!" or, "Ladies and gentlemen of the Board..."

I do understand your concern however, and I consider it racist. Similar to when a news article reads, "France backs euro bid." Did they ask all of France? Is France really in such unanimous agreement? If I was a component of France and I didn't back the euro bid, I would be deeply offended.

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Younger sister figure.

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Well my mom isn't attractive and I'm an only child so....older sister I guess.

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Can you explain the differences?

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Sisters are fucking annoying.

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Older sister.

Momfags are shit people.

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mother figure, no contest.

I have an older sister and a younger sister, and a mom obviously.

I just wish my mom had babied me more instead of being so mean and like a dumb young girl. She wasn't very motherly, I feel like i missed out.

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Mother figure

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Would you kiss Ran if she were your mom?

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Yes, I would hug and kiss her and call her mommy.

I want to be a mommas boy that gets smothered with love.

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Sure! also i want to be spoiled by her like a little boy

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Older sister

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Mother figure willing to care for me my entire life and change my diaper.

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Ya still wear diapers?

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You don't wear a diaper? Do you even NEET?

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Some time ago I realized I am really attracted to women with short and/or aggressive tempers. Simultaneously realizing that the angriest woman I have ever known is my own mother.

That aside, I like women with mature and independent personalities, but are still very feminine. And nothing wrong with being a bit doted on, but I also enjoy the demanding side of someone who wants you to be your best, just like a loving mother.

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Chen is now your little sister. Will you be picking on her while mom isn't looking?

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Mother figure.

I would love to be coddled by Iku.

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I'd pick on her vagina with my penis.

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I'd like an older sister that takes care of me like a mother would.

Right now I have a little sister that takes care of me like an older sister would (because I'm pathetic). I love my sister though.

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Aren't you the submissive type

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Why did you single me out.

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I like motherly older sisters. When she's old enough to take some responsibility over you, but doesn't treat you like her child. The type that ends up taking care of you when your parents go away on an eternal business trip.

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Older sister, that acts like a mother

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Neither, because I'm not developmentally stunted.

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well aren't you special

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Is a normal girl who is naturally attentive and loving, yet is not afraid of teasing you but then consoling you if she goes too far too much to ask for?

I guess I'd choose onee-san in that case.

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oh, that sounds so nice

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>normal girl
>attentive and loving
>teasing and then consoling

human girls do not work that way buddy.

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Who said anything about 3D, assfucker?

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>lel, 3DPD, wud not fuck xDDDDDDDDDD

No wonder everyone here is a virgin. With that attitude you never get laid, nerd.

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Yes, I'm sure that a 3D girl like that is out of the question though. I can only hope I'm lucky some day.

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I wish Letty was my mom.

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what would your mom say, if she heard that....

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A sister figure because I hate my mother and she disgusts me.

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probably the older sister figure, since I never had one and it mite b cool.

i wouldve said my mother, but she is a bad-tempered hag who ive never found attractive

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I could be your sister figure if you want let you fuck me in my tight boypussy.

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By "my mom", I mean "my second mom".

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Who the hell do you think you are to speak for France? What do you know about how they work? Maybe everyone in France agreed to it and you're just spouting bullshit in order to look smart and "in the know". Get you fucking facts straight before you evne daqre speaking for France again.

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>second mom

Oh boy, you don't know how hard she wants to fuck

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As long as you look somewhat feminine, then Im game.

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This is the kind of sister figure I want. I'd even call her "oneesama" while she fills me with her huge, throbbing futacock.

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full on mazacon

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I just want someone to love me ;_;