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Grown men like Komachi.

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Wish you could have one to suck everyday but you don't simply want to go through the ordeal of meeting gay people and asking for sex and you don't really like men just their cocks.

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She always seemed like a slutty 25 year old to me...not that it's a bad thing.

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what about them?

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I prefer her boss. She's pretty and cute and sexy all at the same time.

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I know d00d.
heh nerd

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what did you just say?

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Come on, I know you're thinking it too.

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I'm still high-spirited like 18 year old gal
I don't know how the fuck you think I'm slutty, though

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Everyone likes Komachi. Everyone had better like Komachi.

It's kind of hard avoiding eventually having to deal with her.

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Fuck that, I'll just chill on the shore without ever getting on the boat. What are they going to do, call security?

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The myth doesn't offer any clear explanation, but according to doujins you turn into a daffodil.

Be advised that the celestial bureaucracy does probably not consider doujins legally binding religious documents.

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someone should link to that doujinshi where she is a whore

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She is so perfect.

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she is pretty good

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She is underrated

OP is a good gentleman with fine taste

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This thread reminds me of the dream I had of her a while back. She's tied for my second favourite touhou.

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thank you

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Hi Komachi guys, I'm a Yuugi guy.

Can we be grown men together?

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Do your job you lazy shinigami.

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Why are her danmaku made of coins?
Also, doesn't she already fit Orin's niche anyway? I know Orin is a kasha, and Komachi is a shinigami, but they both fit into that whole "collecting dead souls" thing.

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>Grown men
>liking chinese cartoon girls

We're all mentally stunted children here.

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Komachi's job is to ferry the souls of the deceased across the Sanzu river, while Orin only wants you for your (dead) body. Totally different departments.

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One avidly collects corpses, other stacks souls on the shore. Orin is a better employee and desreves a promotion - a bigger cart with bells and whistles.
captcha - torsharp promotions,

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Woah. The coin thing makes a lot more sense now.
Komachi takes them to Shikieiki, who judges their sins, but where do they go after that? To the netherworld?
And could you tell me a bit more about Orin's occupation? I only vaguely understand.

I really like mythology and folk tales, so I find touhou characters really interesting. Especially the Tengu, the Oni, and the Lunarians.

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She is, by far, my favorite Touhou gal. Though SA was my first Touhou it ws Komachi's Higan Retour ~ Riverside View that got me interested in the game.

I'm no suicide faggot, but I can't wait for the day I can meet her. :)

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>Touhou gal

just leave

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No, /v/-kun, since the quote function in my post was actually used to quote text from the post I was responding to, that was simple quotation.

You on the other hand used greentext.

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Oh no, I put a link you did not approve of! Gosh, what ever will I~oh right, go kill yourself faggot.

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You can't read, and the shit you failed to mention ("Touhou gal" and ":)") makes you sound either like an autistic Tumblr nerd or a perverted old man who found Touhou on some 'cartoon porn' site. Either way, just leave

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The butthurt is strong with this one. May I recommend lube?

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Are you mad :p

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This nigga is maaaaaaaaaad!

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Can't we have both?

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Oni Alliance. GO!!

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Komachi = TITS
Komachi = TITS
Komachi = TITS
Komachi = TITS

Komachi is a walking pair of TITS

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But she has a moderately sized chest in the fighting games you secondary piece of shit

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Why do people like tits?

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What's wrong? You can't handle a real woman?

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Because I like to have something to nuzzle my head between like a soft pillow when I lie down on her chest.

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because it's what gave birth to you and fed you.

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>what gave birth to you and fed you
Oh my god, this is grotesque.

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1) Hell (not the abandoned place where the Komeijis live, the real deal)
2) Tenshi's neighborhood
3) Yuyuko's realm (which is a waiting place for reincarnation)

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She cannot compare to the lustful innocence of a pure loli.

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That chair when "epic DFC loli XD" fags are just as annoying as "lewd mature women for sophisticated gentlemen ;))" fags

Can you please just both shut up

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小野小町 = Poet renowned for beauty/beautiful woman in general
塚 = mound
小野塚小町 = woman with the most beautiful mounds

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you wanna go nerd?

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She doesn't have to be slutty but I stand by the 25 year old part.

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Please stop

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