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If only.

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10/10 would let him satisfy my everything and would slurp his cock

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I want him to fill my butt with his large thick demon sperm

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fucking succubs and demons go find a job dawdler

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>tfw you will never be filled with thick demon-chan sperm ;_;

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I'd trade my soul for an hour of sexual bliss with that demon.

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People don't get it.

The real problem here is that if you sleep with Devil-chan the contract will be fulfilled and he'll go back to hell.
How could you allow that to happen?

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It doesn't count as sleeping with him if you remember it, or you cum in his ass twice or more in a day.

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Not following your reasoning.

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Would you be able to give him blowjobs he give you blowjobs without leaving?
Does he stay untill you lose your virginity to him? and how is that calculated

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There wasn't any reasoning I'm afraid. It was just a short burst of perhaps inebriated sexual fantasy from a extremely sexually deprived pervert.
Wait shit

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Well the details of the wish in the series is never brought up, we just know he summoned a devil with the intention of loosing his virginity.
It's implied from recent developments that if he has sex with him the contract will be completed, but no mention on the details.

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Why is there no H of this series..

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There can never be enough trap demons

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jeffr draws the best trap demon things.

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Technically isn't a demon.

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True enough.

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There can never be enough traps in general.

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And this is by whom exactly?

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I lost my spoon, sorry.

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I found mine.


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mai waifu

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Husbando/waifus are the best!

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Ashura from some SNES RPG about Momotaro

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What a shame, I was going to read this but it turns out it's another shitty trap series.

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My...what a perfect body!

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ur mom is shitty

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Agreed! i love how the artist draws Deimons body very male-feminine instead of just a female body with a penis.

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This is one of the reasons i really like this manga. Its nice to see a "trap" with a male-ish body for once

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Does Saten!Anon-sama like this epic new meme image?

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This is my fetish

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seconding; stupid sexy PoJu

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Can someone please post their cock?

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Any of my Saten /b/ros going to be buying this?

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Fuck you summerfag

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I did buy the Saten-san figure in my image, its the only figure i own and i like it a lot!
The one in your picture looks like the quality may not be that high though.

Do you have any other pictures of it?

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Did you just say summerfag?

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umad :P

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What you going to do about it summerfag?

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I love Saten-san so much! I just want to suck his kawaii little cock so hard~

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Are you niggers dumb, they said they like the male-ish body and you post shit tier draw females with short hair and give them a dick Poju.

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le sad hetero face

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This joke isn't funny anymore.

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>shit tier draw females with short hair and give them a dick
That describes all 2D "traps", sometimes they don't even do the short hair part.

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It never was.

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Poju does it the worst, at least with whoever draws that succubus gives him a pretty manly chest. >>9476825
Most people seem turned off by this.

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As long as he looks like a girl and has smooth skin I don't give a fuck.

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>This joke isn't funny anymore.
Well she does have a side like this but it's more because she likes to joke around, not because of the ';retard moe'; stuff.

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Arguably so, but I think it was briefly amusing the first few times it was done, but now it's just beating the ground where the dead horse used to be hundreds of years ago

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Rance killed a bunch of children who tripped onto his sand castle in Rance 4.

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I see the body and I'm a little weirded out. I see the face and I feel kinky again.

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The body is the hottest bit, you gay.
It's perfection in demon hotness form

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And its not possible for Touka to make a body based on a true ancestor anyway, since the race is for all intents and purposes extinct.

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I don't know... It's too manly. At least for me, since I share the same body type.

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Give me your body
Not like in a 'I want to be in your body' kind of way, more of in a 'I want to turn your body into the plateau of sexual ecstacy' kind of way

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What the hell are you talking about, any average skinny guy can have that kind of figure. And 3D can't compare to 2D.

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Screw you, nerd.
Leave my sex-deprived brain's sexual fantasies alone

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>This application is optimized for Gree Feature phone platform, and it does not share kanojo data with current Barcode kanojo system (for iPhone, Android version).

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What does this mean? Could one of the normalfags disguised as truNEETs tell me? I don't have a smart phone.

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the things i'd do to him

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I'd damn well get good value for money on that soul for a trap demon deal.

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