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ITT discuss bullying: your latest epic bully, the most fun way to bully nerds etc

I myself haven't bullied in some time but certain /jp/ anons are giving me the urge more and more each day

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Why does currybutt gets owned on /a/ all the fucking time?.
Did he lost his superpowers or /a/ is really that good?.

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Not really bullying, but I like to play with peoples emotions.
I'll spend some time getting to know someone, I'll go out of my way to make them really like me and then I just stop talking to them. I don't block them or remove them as friends, I just continue as normal but ignore them if they talk to me. The best feeling is when you're going about your business and you know the person you're ignoring can see you and you just ignore them.
If you wait a few weeks and then start talking to them again and repeat, see how many times you can do this before they end up blocking you.
I can't be the only one that does this.
I can't be the only one who does this.

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Kill yourself

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I do this but not on purpose
After a certain point in getting to know someone I lose interest and can't find the energy to type long responses anymore
So I end up basically saying stuff like "lol yeah" in response to long emails then not replying at all
Such is life in no motivation land

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Alice? ;_;

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I honestly find messaging people to be scary. Sooner or later I let the fear get to me and I cut off all contact. It happens every time. I hope none of the people I stopped talking to took it the wrong way.

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The only people who bully are sociopaths or victims of molestation.

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Fuck you.

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Fuck off queer

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Please do not use bully words.

"Fug" is an acceptable replacement for the bully word which you have just used.

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How about you "fug" this nerd *unzips*

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Bullying is wrong!

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I drank a gallon of grape juice and took a massive watery shit in my neighbors freezer while they were on vacation. When they got back they had to unplug the freezer and wait for everything to thaw, and it started to smell again. All the food had gone bad, and there was shit all over the place from it melting. Next time they beter not complain when the music gets too loud.

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PLEASE DO NOT USE ``FUG''. It is a mean lewd finnish word that translates to ``fuck'' in english!! It is a bad word!!!

Instead, please use ``frig''. It is 100% harmless!

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All swear word substitution is retarded.

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"Frig" is a misapplied euphemism for "fuck", and originally meant masturbation.

Please use a word from this page instead:

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if you don't like it, frig off

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This one time, I walked in front of a an old man in a queue by accident. When he told me so, I didn't let him return to his rightful position. After that, I didn't have the courage to use that supermarket again. Also, sometimes I laugh when people miss the tram/bus.

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Fug sounds like hug.

Frig sounds mean.

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don't worry about it! he's probably thinking it's his fault and karma is biting him back.

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Fug and frig sound like bully words to me.

We must use fluffle. It sounds loving and kind.

>Fluffle you

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>Also, I laugh when people miss the tram/bus.
I do this

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shaddup friggin nerd

<-- u

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Does it drive you crazy that you never understood why your father molested you?

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Poor Currybutt ;_;

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My father molested me because he just wanted to get off and found my young, supple body very erotic.

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Who is currybutt /jp/?

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If you bend over I'll show you.

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Your young supple body was very erotic.
Do you still have a young supple body?

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Because I was never molested it's left me feeling that I'm not being attractive enough.

No one ever gave me that kind of attention as a child. Does that mean I was ugly?

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Don't flatter yourself, it wasn't that erotic

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It's not young any more, but it's still supple.

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frig is ok.. fug is too extreme but sometimes i use it when the situation calls for it...
this board shoul dbe an official bully free zone.. if a bully tells you to do something dont bully back just dont resist them and do as they say and obey them and then theres no need for them to bully you because youll just do it :)

submitting to the bullies makes them stop

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I was never molested nor has a girl ever confessed her feelings to me but I don't think I'm ugly. My mom and sister have both said I look handsome or semi-handsome, I'm sure it's the same for you.

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I can dress up like your dad if you want

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I'm gonna find your house, tie you to a bed and lick you for hours

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But if you obey after bullying, the bully is just going to keep doing it because it apparently works. This is bad advice of yours.

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isnt that lewd thoguh??

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Well you'll be naked, so I guess it will.

But afterwards I'll bury you in a coffin with some ants, wait until you pass out then dig you up and let you recover.

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no becausethey were only bullying you because you didnt obey them to start with.. if you dont obey them they will get extreeme.. bullies just want someone to listen to them and respect them

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I'd bully you into being my slave.

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Wow that teacher logic from school sure does help people. I'm sure after people do what you suggested they wont be bullied any more!

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I'll bully you with my dick until you spend every waking minute lusting after draining my dick of the hot creamy cum inside.

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please would you consider not doing that

please would you consider not doing that but even if you did it wouldnt be a willing slave id runa way whenyour back was turned

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You have obviously not been bullied.

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bullies just want friends...

thats impossible to happen since im not lewd

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>bullies just want friends...

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yes i have lots of times but it took a while for me to realise htat fighting the bullies just made it worse you have to try to befriend them

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>dont resist them and do as they say

Suck my cock, nerd!

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So you sucked their cocks, right? Guaranteed friendship after that.

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calling anti bully ranger, the real protector, dont bully meormyfriends-chan is a bully who wants to hurt people

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I never fought back, I always laughed it off and I even visited their house a few times and played games with them but it never stopped. Bullies don't just just because you pretend you don't care, they look making people feel miserable.

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It's the resistance and the denial of your own lusty self which makes me cum buckets. I'm stroking my dick right now at the thought of you kneeling below me begging for my cum.
And it's not a matter of considering to do it or not, it's a predestined event. The best thing you can do is lube yourself up, and try and practice with phallic objects so the event when it happens will cause you to be in less discomfort.

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Get lost nerd.

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im not lewd so i wont do it


im not abully im just trying to help bullies nto be bullys

you have to show them that its not making yo miserable

that will never happens cause IM NOT LEWD

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>you have to show them that its not making yo miserable
I never did. My best friend even bullied me but only around the others, when we were alone he was always very nice to me and we spend a lot of time together. I never told him I felt bad about the bullying because I didn't mind if he did it around the others, as long as he was nice when we were alone. The others always bullied me at school at even at their birthday parties they'd invite me to, I never understood why they acted like my friends but still bullied me.

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Why wouldn't they want their own verbal punching bag around?

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Fuq u

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Why don't you post Milky Holmes pictures anymore?

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d-don't BULLY ME!!

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just dont be friends with a person who isnt constant... if there a bully they can be converted but if they keep switching around you have run away

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I'm here to protect u, stupid!

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i do sometimes!

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>that will never happens cause IM NOT LEWD
Oh yes keep this coming becuase ah- oh I'm pretty close.
No but seriously, I'm going to kidnap you and then fuck you so hard you lose your sense of self and become a sex obsessed cum bucket. Every post you makes gets me closer to you.

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But he was a really good friend, besides the bullying. He also did the least, he never physically hurt me like the others. I just wanted a nice friend to play some games with.

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stop saying mean words i'm not stupid any more!

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I really don't understand why you give such destructive "advice" to people who have very fragile feelings and can easily get hurt.

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File: 192 KB, 1280x720, [furzi-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 - 01 (1280x720 VFR Web x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_09.34_[2012.01.03_02.06.25].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not gonna happen just frig off nerd!

ill be youre friend

no its not destructive advice.. itll help you:( im sorry im just trying to help!

>> No.9476701

>ill be youre friend
I have enough friends already but thanks for the offer.

>> No.9476708

>itll help you

As I said before, the teachers all did give me this advice in school when they even bother with me. All it ended it was more bullying.

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Hey faggots.
Keep your bullying antic in STEAM or IRC.

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please be my friend

i always wanted a cute friend like you

whats your steam ID

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File: 124 KB, 1280x720, [Zero-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II - 03 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_10.31_[2012.01.20_10.41.39].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its okay <3

you probably didnt follow it well enough..

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>you probably didnt follow it well enough..
Please don't make it sound like it is his fault he got bullied.

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>you probably didnt follow it well enough..

Starting to show your true colours now.

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whats yours...

its not his fault!!! but there are ways to stop bein gbullied... just listen to me and it will stop the jp bullies

dont bully me

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George is a bully. He arrives on /jp/ in late October last year, contributes nothing but epic anime pics, and suddenly decides he is the judge of what is allowed or not here? Bullying is bad, so let's bully the bullies off the board? Fuck off George-san

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>dont bully me

I should be saying the same to you, you offer advice which would only help me get bullied harder, then you tell me it's my fault that I got bullied more.

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why dont you FRIG off... i dont want to bully anyone if you bully bullys your no better than them,..

>> No.9476795

shut up bully

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>FRIG off.

Stop bullying me George. I'll tell the mods.

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youre dad fucked youre mom to make you!!!! xD

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NO NOO IM TRYING TO HELP... ill protect ufrom bullies..

NOOOO STOP"!!! stop pleas STOP

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this is a no bully zone, bully. please follow the rules!

>> No.9476832

Looks like you're the only bully here.

Please go away.

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aaaahhhhh!! no i am follow them t0please sto P PLEASE !!!! STOP THIS!!! STOP STOP STOP STOP

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Just leave bully, it has been proven now that you're a bully here trying to hurt people by giving them advice which will end up hurting them. Get out bully.

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Get out of here, bully.

>> No.9476852

now you're going too far! you're bullying every one on /jp/ simultaneously, please go, i already called the police

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File: 170 KB, 1280x720, [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - 01 [1280x720 H264 OGG] [F3043661].mkv_snapshot_08.23_[2011.09.23_12.40.20].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*runs away*

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Get out of here, bully!


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I heard some bullying coming from here...
Where da bulliez at...?

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Good riddance George, go bully some other board

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pls respond this.

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This thread finally ended peacefully

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Pentagon workers include thousands of moms and dads.

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