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/jp/ is damn slow today isn't it?

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Rachel the moon rabbit moves into Eternity Boarding Home for Girls on earth, where she becomes fast friends with sneaky Taylor, smart Ellen, and bossy Kaitlyn. They give her the silly nickname "Undies," and together explore the magical land of Gentleland, where they learn about the most magical power of all: friendship

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That means we have less trolls and touhoufa-oh.

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No, YOU are the slowpoke.
This first half of the week WAS slow, today IT ISN'T.

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/jp/ is moving at the same pace it did when school was in

4th of july = all the amerikan children are jerking off with their parents at their local fireowrks show

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Do I have to wear 3D glasses to see it?

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I lol'd.

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I wish I had one of those old 3-D glasses with me right now.

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oh ho, so you DO want people to stare, youmu?

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i just crossed my eyes and shook my head and it was 3d for me

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50 years, Anon...

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Are there any touhous who are blind?

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I want to be tewi and run over and snuggle her breasts, then disguie it as an act of bullyism by taking her popsicle

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I imagine there will be one in TH11. Living underground has that effect on people.

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It's been a hard winter, harder than most I can remember. The shrine has had few visitors; most people would rather stay inside where it's nominally warmer. As you can imagine, the donations have been even scarcer. The prices for just about everything have been rising steeply. Being a volunteer of sorts is particularly hard without resorting to begging, and I can't afford to lose face like that. I didn't save up nearly enough food in the fall. My arms and legs look so thin...

Lately I've been subsisting on two rice crackers and a cup of water per day. Every other day I make a cup of tea. I use every drop, wringing the leaves with shaking hands to squeeze out as much moisture as I can. I moved the rest of the crackers, clean water, and tea leaves to my room, because there's just no use leaving it. I look out the window at the driving snow. How long this has gone on I can only guess...

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All of my supplies are gone. I drank the last fresh water today. It's not that I've even been very hungry; in fact I've had a fever for about a week now. But today I feel a little better, and I know I need to find something to eat. I have to go outside. I step out onto the porch, where there must be two or three feet of snow. I take up my trusty broom and try to push some off. At some point I trip and land on the broom. I can't believe I even weigh enough any more to break it, but I've managed it. I make my way through the snow with red, throbbing hands until I get to the loose board. With a grunt, I heft it enough to comfortably get my arm in. There's grass down there, not covered by the snow, I can feel it! With a burst of strength I rip out a chunk of the stiff, frozen stalks. There's no time to look at them as I crawl inside. In my bedroom I spread the grass on the floor to thaw. I breathe on it to speed that up, but the sound of my ragged breath in the silence is enough to spook me. When it's thawed, I bundle the grass up and suck on it to get some water out. Then I begin to chew it, a few stalks at a time. It tastes terrible, but I don't exactly have a choice. After all, it's been a hard winter...

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A few days later I awake to the sound of groaning. I struggle to rub bleary eyes and sit up. After a few moments I realize that the sound I'm hearing isn't the sound of my poor stomach. I look up to see its source, the ceiling. And then I look outside again, at the snow. The snow! I focus my eyes on the ceiling again. It's visibly bulging inward, straining under the immense weight of the snow. I swear, a very unladylike thing to do but given the circumstances I don't care. I scramble to get up and out, my joints screaming in protest. The roof could go at any time. I'm almost past the front threshold when the aching of the wood turns to a wail and the boards give in in a tremendous clamor. I was almost outside. Almost. A heavy beam comes down on my right leg, throwing me to the frigid porch. All of the front of my body hits the wood at once. A few ribs break, a few teeth get dislodged. I lose consciousness immediately.

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so reisen is useless against blind enemys?

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Reisen is useless period.

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Hard to dodge bullets if you're blind.

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I was thinking about posting that Reisen diaper fic, but now the thread is too sad ;_;

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Reisen is useless period.

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Eyepatch moe~

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Nice foot.

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Post it anyway.

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This thread contains content relevant to my interests.

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Bunny girls?

The year is 2008 an you still fap to bunny girls. Stereotypical much?

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What's reisen's theme again?

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Fuck you.

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does anyone have the picture in this?

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I lol'd.

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what the FUCK man?

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Rabbit stew!

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D: I don't like rabbit stew, I want potato soup...

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Yes, Real Men Play Reisen, Its Obvious.

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Shut up, Gaiafag.

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Haha, welcome to 4chan faggot, enjoy your uncensored internet.

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Shut up 4chanfag

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Hey Anon, what's the internet?

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It was all Reisen could do to crawl into a corner and start begging. It had barely been two days since she had recovered from last time, and the mansion was starting to fall into decline due to her absence. Eirin seemed to enjoy it too much to dissuade her, however.

"Yet again you leave the mansion. How many times do I have to tell you before you will learn? You terrible rabbit, Udonge." She began unfurling a whip and moving in like a wolf on a cornered hare. Reisen knew better than to reason with her, but she had to try something.

"C-Can't we work out a punishment that won't put me in bed for three days?!" She blurted out, barely thinking in her panic to escape that whip. In an unexpected turn for the better(?) Eirin looked intrigued.

"Keeping you around to do your duties while being punished? I like your sense, Udonge." To the temporary relief of all, the horrible on-the-hunt look left Eirin's eyes. "This gives me the perfect idea. Tewi!"

In a blur of pink, Tewi hopped out of her hiding place and landed at Eirin's side. Reisen wanted to ask if she watched the punishment every time from that hiding spot, but decided to follow her better sense. Tewi, after listening to a short whisper, bolted out of the room giggling like a schoolgirl. It was about this time that Reisen realized how much of a rabbit she was in this mansion full of wolves.

"Don't worry so much, Udonge. Some people have ended up enjoying this instead of hating it." In an oddly personal move for her, Eirin gestured towards the door that Tewi just left, indicating her as somebody that enjoys her punishment.

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Tewi returned at the same bolting pace, this time carrying a curious looking white bag.(You can all see where this is going right?) Reisen, stirred by morbid curiosity, stifled her urge to ask. Tewi reached into the bag and pulled out an item that was recognized instantly as what it was; A diaper.

"You can't be serious. Tewi, please tell me you don't-" Tewi, in her infinitely careless manner, lifted up the hem of her dress to show she was wearing one too.

"It's not that bad! Anyway, it's only for a few days. I promise not to ridicule you for it for the rest of your life." Tewi was visibly bouncing in place, happy to see this happening. Reisen did not share her enthusiasm, but couldn't voice it. She was frozen in place, dumbfounded by how ridiculous this was.

"Let's get started then? Take off your skirt and panties, Udonge." Eirin never lost sight of the goal, and that trait shined as she reluctantly complied.

Standing there exposed, Reisen broke into a blush. Tewi turned around politely and handed a bottle of powder and a diaper to Eirin. Numerous giggles from hidden rabbits were stifled as she set to work.

"Lay down. Raise your legs." Compliance was all Reisen knew in this day and age, so compliance was had. Once the diaper was under her buttocks, she dropped her legs. Reisen knew this was going to be horrible and embarassing, but the result of resistance would be worse. Eirin wasted no time in sprinkling powder over her exposed parts, and quickly taped the diaper down before a rabbit found a video camera.

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"There, all done. Now stand up, and we'll see you in all of your glory." Reisen felt very strange, and that was shared by everyone else. The combination of a suit jacket and a diaper was simply a sight to be seen. Not waiting for the order, she pulled on her skirt and broke into a further blush.

"Ohhhh, you look so cute in that! We'll have fun in the next two days, I know it. You can see the diaper sticking out from under your skirt, by the way." Tewi was extremely pleased, Eirin was backing away with the look of a wolf back upon her eyes, and Reisen had almost started to cry.

"This is insane..." Reisen was still getting used to the bulge in-between her legs, and it crinkled audibly as she walked. "I don't want to ask, but why did you put powder on? It's not like I'll... USE it."

"I've got a mighty number of medicines, if that's what you want." The look of a wolf left her eyes and turned into the look of a vicious raptor.

"Do it! Do it! DO IT!" Tewi was bouncing so much she was barely evading the ceiling. At least somebody was enjoying this.

"Oho, no. No. You wouldn't..." Reisen was panicking by now. She was a fully grown adult, an ex-soldier even, and somebody wanted her to piss herself!? It wasn't her choice, however, and she found a vial of tangerine liquid in her hand before she knew it. She almost broke out into tears, but she knew the consequence for resistance would be worse. She hesitated and shuddered for a moment before putting it to her lips.

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Everyone in the room giggled uncontrollably as she drank it. At first it felt strange, stirring her insides. It worked it's way down her system slowly. Eirin's concoctions were effective, however, and within a minute she couldn't hold it in anymore.

Reisen was the last to notice the growing yellow spot on the front of her crotch. She was beginning to doubt the potion would work when Tewi pointed it out to her, still stifling a giggle. There was a silence as the fact sunk in.

Reisen finally fell to her knees and cried. She had endured a lot of punishment and never took a step off of her prideful stride, but this was too much. Every rabbit in Eintei was watching her humiliate herself.

"Come on, now, Udonge. It will only last a week, we will need to keep you in diapers until then. Let's go get you cleaned up." Reisen was looking like a four-year old that had an accident as she was escorted out of the room.

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Yeah i'm just gona hide this thread now.

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And something of value was gained.

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dammit, I'm hard now

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You people ASKED me to post it. Good lord.

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two people =/= majority

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I didn't see the majority saying "NO GODDAMNIT DON'T POST IT!"