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You can't strangle yourself by gravity when you are sitting on the ground. A door knob is not high enough even for a midget.

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What if you had the willpower to force yourself down?

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When you hang yourself, you're not trying to suffocate yourself, you're trying to break your neck. A doorknob is just stupid.

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Why is this picture drawn so erotic?

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Once you'd black out you'd stop being strangled.

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Try strangle yourself like that and masturbate.
it's the best feeling ever

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Because it's meant to be erotic.

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No, once you black out gravity does its work and you die. Of course you need to squat against the door like in the picture, and not to be sitting on the floor like you think.

Look it up, a lot of people hang themselves like this.

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Please stop posting that.

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What are Sanae's 10 desires?

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It's called erotic asphyxiation.

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東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires (Touhou Shinreibyou, "Eastern Divine Spirit Mausoleum"), known as TD in the English speaking community, is the thirteenth official game of the Touhou series. A trial version of the game was released on the web in April, and at Reitaisai 8 in May of 2011. The full game was released at Comiket 80 on August 13, 2011.

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She's getting off on that, remember David Carradine? that happens when it goes wrong.

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did she died?

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Go into more detail.

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>hanging yourself with your necktie on a door handle

Shit, that's classy!

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You're missing the point guys. It's a classic way of making it look like suicide. Obviously someone strangled her beforehand.

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It's the snake, isn't it? Who else could it be?

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That's even worse! Stop talking about murdering Sanae! Or Sanae dying at all!

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Perish the thought

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Grrr...I can't perish it if you guys keep bringing it up...
And I know what that picture's from! You can't fool me!

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>>9446814 sanae dread.png
Only one letter away of Sanae dead.

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How observant of you.

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I could never kill myself! Not when there are millions of big tasty cocks I have yet to suck!

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sanae is dead

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Sanae's 10 desires:

1 - Cum in her armpits
2 - Cum in her ass
3 - Cum in her pussy
4 - Cum on her face
5 - Cum on her tits
6 - Cum on her ass
7 - Cum in her hair
8 - Cum in her eyes
9 - Cum in her ears
10 - Cum in her nose

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You said ass twice.

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you said ass twice

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you said ass twice

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you said ass two times

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you said ass, suck my cock, dude

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>2 - Cum in her ass
>6 - Cum on her ass

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On and In are not the same

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Nobody said they're the same.

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Who are you quoting?

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Sanae really likes it in the ass.

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Sanae's 10 desires:

1 - Cum in her armpits
2 - Cum in her ass
3 - Cum in her pussy
4 - Cum on her face
5 - Cum on her tits
6 - Cum on her feet
7 - Cum in her hair
8 - Cum in her eyes
9 - Cum in her ears
10 - Cum in her nose

FIXED, no more ass twice.

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How does one get cum in ones ears and nose?

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How does one get water in their ear and the nose one speaks for itself, stop being autistic.

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but to do that Sanae would have to be bathing in cum, which may as well be added to her desires.

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this pic proves that Sanae is dead >>9446649

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and for the record, raymoo too.

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my doorknobs are high enough for a strangulation hanging
I don't want to do it that way because I'll leave an ugly corpse

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Why is her eye green?

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It doesn't even have to be particularly high, you can still adjust the tie or even angle you body weight on your own until you get the same amount of pressure as directly hanging. The trick about the whole thing is knowing when to back out before you black out and lose control of your body, however this gets more and more difficult since the whole thing is about getting a rush out of the experience and you start to get closer and closer to the edge all the time to top the last time you did it. It really is difficult to stop doing it to since there is nothing else quite like it, even doing drugs can't get you the same high as almost dying.

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best thread on /jp/

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It isn't. Green hair is in front of it.

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Why is her hair transparent?

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what is she doing?

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Playing dead.

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Erotic asphyxiation.

HELLa hot, dude.

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Fuck, how many people are going to try this shit now.

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I read that as
>Penis the thought

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Shoulder massage.

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What would you do if you found Sanae like this?

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I'd give her CPR.

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Finish the job.

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It's not rape if she can't say no, right?

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I wish you wouldn't post this kind of filth.

The other kinds of filth are better.

Some of them.

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I can imagine her vagina tightening while she's losing consciousness.

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Going to delete it in a few minutes so relax your shit. A mod already gave me a warning for the last one.

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LOL she got owned(literally)

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The three faces of /jp/.

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If anything she'll probably piss herself followed by rigor mortis which is a disgusting thought.

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It worked! Sanae lives! Though she's very distraught.
What would you do next?

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Let her have another go at it, she obviously didn't get off.

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Take her to a hospital.

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I comfort her.

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Punish her.

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That's how Sanae got into Gensokyo after Kanako and Suwako left her behind.

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That image makes me sad.

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What are Sanae's 10 psychological disorders?

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being a slut x10


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She just starts crying. Smooth.
What would you do next?

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Cry with her as we're both failures.

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Do away with her.
Weakness is not tolerated.

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According to what? You? And who the fuck are you?

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Reported. Guro doesn't not belong on /jp/.

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Darius, hand of Noxus.

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Please review the global rules before posting.

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Please suck my cock before you buy into that new bullshit.

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No tears now, only dreams.

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Actually too late. Your mom already finished me off. I wish I could blow it into a tissue like a gentlemen but I only had your moms mouth.

I at least said I was sorry.

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That's all?

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I kiss her.

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I want to hold her close so badly.

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No more or less.

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Reminded me of 3DPD film "World's Greatest Dad" where a typical /jp/er killed himself with a sexual asphyxiation.

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If you loosen the rope at that point, she will only be brain damaged, instead of dead.

You can tell from her posture.

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Who will take care of Sanae potato?

>> No.9448297

Keeps the corpse warm at least.

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Define brain damaged. How much are we talking here?

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Keep her fed on tubes and you have a fucktoy.

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Keep her as a mindless fucktoy and impregnate her and breed her

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You can somewhat tell she was about to stop doing it, but she did it too late. Now she will forever be stuck in that pose with the futile gesture of saving herself.

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Oh, she'll be fine. Have faith.

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It doesn't work that way...

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Stop it!!

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oh yes it can

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Hanging is no way to get the job done. Fall from something high, and fly into the next world.

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Which you why you gotta save her. Be a hero, anonymous!

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true, atleast you should make it entertaining for the people below

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No it can't. Giving a birth is not as easy as it looks.

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The pose is actually caused by the brain dying.
After about a minute the would tense her arms and legs the other way and then, eventually, go limp.


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Can you really impregnate a braindead person?

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we only do it because we love you sanae, mabye overtime you should learn to like it anyway

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I want to love Sanae tenderly and take care of her

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Why are you so upset? Dying is not a bad thing.

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Noo... Not worse than flu.

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it has more to do with subconscious instinct and human genetic programming than actual thought and effort

>> No.9448339

Bullshit. You just want her body. Sanae doesn't need that kind of love.

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are you asking that in a biological or moral sense?
morally i could give a fuck less due to my own perversions
biologically there is nothing at all to prevent you from doing it

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Well sure it is, however she was probably about to stop it but her arms were too numb and she blacked out. Even if you do plan on hanging yourself like that you will still try to stop yourself at the last second, too bad for Sanae-chan that last second was a little too late.

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if sanae was fully functional i would be kind to her and treat her with love and care
but if she is not aware and self conscious, then all she is a shell of a person with no intellect or thought and basically exists as the perfect sex doll

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The description for this pic says that it was an artists request, I wonder if the same artist would do a picture of that scene from Sanctum when that one girl gets her hair caught in the climbing rig and it is slowly tearing her scalp off until she pulls her knife out and tries to cut her hair off but ends up cutting the rope instead and ends up smashing into the cave wall and gets caught in a foaming whirlpool of razor sharp rocks, or that other woman from the opening part of the film that had her air line go out because she didn't check her equipment and ends up panicking while she slowly drowns instead of sharing the air line.

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You idiot. Giving a birth is pretty conscious thing. Get back to med school. You quack

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nope, not at all

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That whole film was nothing but guro fuel.

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Holy descriptive run on sentence batman.

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Holy shit. Still chance of miscarriage would be very high.

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Sanae heard that her mother sucked cocks in hell, so she wanted to go.

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possibly, but there are multiple cases of it being successful

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It was a very detailed film.

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I am reporting all NSFW content. I will not have my grand thread derailed by this.


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Then again being brain dead isn't the same as being in coma... Yes, of course. Well, that would be quite sweet turn in some very dedicated relationship.

>> No.9448400

happened successfully in both coma and brain dead, although cases with coma are much more common due to more people in a comatose state

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i dont mean to keep saging this thread, but whenever i go to reply it autofills the email line and i would like it to stop that without clearing my cache and cookies

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Wow, you might spend much time researching these things?

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literally spent like 45sec of googling it and reading about 1/5 of each article

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you seem to have a lot of sanae porn, not really interested in any facials do you have any of her being creampied or cum inside?

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Then you might not be as big pervert as you seem. But of course you are then.

>> No.9448466

How dare you question the Scale of my perversion!
I shall punish you for all eternity for this!
*drags anon off to dungeon*

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is she alright?

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I like where this is going

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deep dark fantasy

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cum in me

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just the way i like it, ill cum in your ass and watch it drip down your ass and then i will scoop it with my finger and make you lick it off

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