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>why do you have so many drawings of little girls on your computer?

Can you give a noncreepy answer /jp/?

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Not in this society. Any association of men with young girls is immediately viewed as a sexual one. We're uber paranoid about pedophilia. I bet even men looking to adopt girl children would be viewed with tons of suspicion.

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There is nothing as delectable as the liver of a female child, society doesn't let me eat them, and so my pictures are the closest thing to happiness in my meaningless life.

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I don't have drawings of little girls on my computer. They're drawings of little boys.

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All of those little girls are at least 100 years old.

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Thanks for replying to this thread!

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Drawings of little girls are arousing.

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How do you know if they taste good if you haven't tried one?

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I like cute things

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I know guys who have. What of it, nerd?

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Why don't you just ask them for some if it's so important to you?

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only thing keeping me from raping real children

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Don't tell me how to run my life. I'll eat a liver when I'm ready, okay?

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I'm not telling you to do anything, I'm just asking a question.
Does that 'female child' have to be a human?

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How'd you guess my encryption passphrase?
Also I just shot you for breaking into my house.

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Yes, it has to be a human. I'm told they taste better.
FYI: little girl livers are very expensive and hard to obtain, I wouldn't expect a liver ignoramus such as yourself to know that. Run along, kid.

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Same reason I have photographs and videos of them.

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Because they are kawaii faggot.

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Same reason why I have so many pictures of dogs. I like to draw and take references from them.

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>why do the children you draw wear nothing?

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Try to draw a human form without actually lookng at it. Any art professor will tell you it's stupid to do so, you need to see naked forms to understand them.

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>why do the dogs you draw wear nothing?

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Fucking zoophiles.

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Cool you doing bestiality doujins?

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I might try to do one, but I'm still in the bondage phase.

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I just want to know everything I need to before trying out my first liver. How expensive are they?

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You pretty much have to take out a loan to purchase a liver, although there have been a recent influx of livers from third world countries and the cost is now substantially lower.
My guy quotes $5000 per liver.

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I'm interested in purchasing a liver is this possible on DEEP net?

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Maybe. In my experience you have to know liver dealers though, good luck.

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Because they're cute

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enjoy your hepatitis

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Do you eat it raw or?

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Wear would I go about finding one? Like which 3rd world country has a prevalence in kidney dealers?

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Artistic reasons. You wouldn't understand.

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u mean autistic resons right homo lord llmao

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Would the judge understand?

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sick /b/urn dude

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Liver connoisseurs prefer to eat their livers raw. You will be laughed at during liver eating club if you order your liver well done, or even medium.


Don't ask questions about the liver dealer's chains of supply or you might end up on the menu, I nearly found that out the hard way.

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Because looking makes me feel happy and peaceful.

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"Oh, my girlfriend must have put them on there." is the best noncreepy answer I can come up with.

It is, of course, a huge lie.

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Because looking at little girls fills the hole in my heart from never being one...

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I thought that was the guy from Pawn Stars

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Really? That's the only reason? Nothing remotely sexual?

Why do you not have any images saved of ugly little girls, then? You understand this kind of ``cute'' is a continuum of sexual attractiveness, yes?

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There's big money in drawing shit like this for creeps, I'm trying to pick it up to make a buck and am currently studying the work of popular artists.

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>equating cuteness with sexual attractiveness
no, anon, you are the pedophile

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Consuming creepy shit because of an admittedly harmful compulsion which is out of your control


Making creepy shit and feeding these people's pedophilic compulsions because you're a lazy piece of shit who doesn't want to make a constructive living


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Uh, it is, FYI. The features which make a woman sexually attractive and a young girl ``cute'' are the same, other than those subverted by the more-important ``youth'' feature eg. breasts, hips.


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I don't have any sexual feelings. I've evolved beyond them. Take your ``psychology'' elsewhere, because it simply doesn't apply to me.

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Because YuruYuri is a good show!

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Yeah. You've consciously chosen to not have an unconscious sexual compulsion. You transcend human nature.

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I'm gay.

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love the scare quotes around ``psychology''

as if a peer-reviewed retrospect study isn't real science

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That link has nothing to do with cuteness.

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Obviously I only read the abstract because fuck you, but where does this back up what you said? Nobody is denying that cute is attractive. But there's a distinction between cuteness and sexual attractiveness. Normalfags find little girls cute. Hell, people find puppies cute. Doesn't mean you want to fuck them. And in the opposite direction, look at any "hot" woman, particularly models and porn stars. Tarty, makeup-clad, angular face. Not cute, but sexually attractive to most people.

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I'm not really sure what to make of this.

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Mangaka making huge money?
Really now? Are you going to work for Hentai Key?

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Jokes on you, I mainly have drawings of mature, dignified, older women on my computer.

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It's possible to beat your id. Look at people who meditate for years to become chaste or peaceful as HELL. Sure, maybe it's the unconscious part of their ego covering it up with duct tape, but then who gives a shit for all intents and purposes they're not experiencing it.

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Good luck, sir. Make sure you post your artworks here first after you've become successful, though. Something about remembering your roots.

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Puppies are ``maternally'' cute. Young girls are a blend of ``sexual'' and ``maternal'' cuteness depending on how much of a creepy shit you are.

Here's a good test of maternal vs sexual attraction to young anime girls: do you have more images of young anime girls being comforted/fed/etc. or more images of them posing sexually/partaking in sex?

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Confusing cuteness with sexiness like he just did is extremely fucking typical for pedophiles. They don't understand that normal people see an obvious distinction.

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They are cute.

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That's not `beating' your unconscious, that's `ignoring' it. It is not humanly possible to eradicate uncontrollable desires such as sexual want. That's why they're not called `controllable desires.'

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lol why do you guys sage this much? xD

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Well I'd like to add that although they're distinct, there's some overlap, if that makes sense. Like there are "third variables" that affect both. e.g. big round eyes are both cute and sexually attractive.

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Then who cares, what's the difference?
If >>9436969-san doesn't feel sexual urges--which is perfectly possible, and he's not alone--then who cares what goes on beneath the hood? I'd argue he's beaten his id in the same way that people who jump out of planes or join the army can get to the point where they no longer feel instinctive fear. Maybe some unconscious reaction is still taking place, but the fact is they're seriously not scared any more.

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I don't think that's quite appropriate when it's very clear that you are the one who's projecting here, anonymous.

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``You're a pedophile because of something arbitrary. I'm totally not trying to accuse you of being a pedophile to confer normality onto my own creepy shit'' - u

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>do you have more images of young anime girls being comforted/fed/etc. or more images of them posing sexually/partaking in sex?

The former.

And in a weird way, I agree with what you're saying, even if you're trolling. I don't care if people like images of lolis being brutally gangraped, but I do wish there was more awareness and more of a market for non-sexual artwork and manga. I know it's out there and it doesn't always have sexual overtones, but that's the stigma it now carries. It's similar to that guy who was upset in the kig thread because now the thread is basically admitting it's a fetish, which he disagreed with.
Sometimes you just find things cute. Sure, it may be a little abnormal, but I don't think it has to be creepy or anything to do with gender identity or sexual orientation like a lot of people suggest. I'll bet there are a lot of gruff, manly men out there who would love Chinese comics of little girls being little girls, if they knew they could have them.

Of course, it can go too far in this direction too. Like people who fall in love with cartoon characters or develop unhealthy (but pure) obsessions with them. Or it can just go full-circle, like the whole "moe" thing which is basically becoming a fetish.

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Can someone help me out with a 4chan x related issue? I filter all posts that use autistic quotes and I also have all tripfags filtered. I also use recursive quote filtering. I am totally fine for using this with tripfags but I don't want autism quotes to be recursively filtered because sometimes non-retarded people reply to these.

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Wait, what? I don't even have pictures of little girls saved, I'm just saying that there's a difference between cuteness and sexiness. Are you projecting your pictures of lolis onto me too now?

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Creepy is subjective.

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The vast, vast, vast, vast majority of my images are (young girls in) neither of those (situations). Of the rest, probably the latter, but only because there's like ten of them and I saved them all off /jp/.

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Well, are you pedophile? Do you think kids are erotic? Do you fap to CP? I don't. Cuteness is not mathematically measurable and you know it. Please try not to be so frustrated. I don't mind your preferences but you should understand that you really are projecting like hell.

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Sounds like you don't belong on /jp/.

Seriously, you won't be happy here.

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>Cuteness is not mathematically measurable and you know it.

Are you stupid? Feelings are not just dark magic that whirls around in our heads, they're actual electrical signals with patterns. That fucking blows me away that you would say something so dumb and bold.

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Most cultures put up an iron curtain between cute and sexy, and never the twain should meet. It definitely seems like something that's constructed and socially enforced, rather than something that has organically risen.

Otaku culture, and I think Japanese culture, doesn't buy into this distinction.

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no, most cultures don't condone sexual compulsions which can result in the permanent harm of children

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Look up teen (18/19) porn on google.

Also, Japan doesn't either.

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>18/19 yo

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Your reply has very little to do with the piece of text you're quoting.

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Stop trying to cover for your stupid shit.

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There has been recent studies that having sex with children doesn't cause the psychological issues, but rather them having to go through months of psychiatric treatment and being told that what they went through is a horrible thing is what causes the harm. However I wonder what the difference between a child that consented and a child that was forced and they both had been treated at a psychiatric hospital; those ramifications I would be interested in.

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How can you not be aroused by little girls? You would have to be evil and soulless, that's the only explanation.

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> Stop trying to logic your way around it!
Nice argument there, man.

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18 is a really arbitrary age. I really wouldn't consider them adults.

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A person is born with pedophilia, like homosexuality, it's not a choice.

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I don't understand where we are disagreeing.

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I have no interest whatsoever in 3D. What now?

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That's fine. I can respect that.

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"Taylor, Quayle and Holland (2001) also argue that regardless of whether the children portrayed in objectionable images are physically abused during the creation of the images, victimisation occurs each time an image of a child is used for a sexual purpose (including sexual fantasy generation, arousal and masturbation). In effect, this activity encourages non-consensual use of individuals as sexual objects."
- "Internet Traders of Child Pornography and other Censorship Offenders in New Zealand" by Angela Carr (Dept. of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2004), citing "Typology of Paedophile Picture Collections" by Max Taylor, Ethel Quayle, and Gemma Holland in The Police Journal, vol. 74, no. 2 (2001), pages 97-107

"Child pornography, by itself, represents an act of sexual abuse or exploitation of a child and, by itself, does harm to that child."
- Kenneth V. Lanning in "Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis" (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1992)

"Child pornography is not a computer crime. Every image depicts a child being abused. They are crime-scene photographs."
- Michelle Collins, the director of the Exploited Children Unit of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as quoted in Edison/Metuchen Sentinel, The Examiner, and The Independent (New Jersey, August 30, 2006) in an article about a man who sexually assaulted boys and girls aged 2 to 8 and videotaped these acts plus placed hidden cameras in rooms where the children undressed

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"It cannot be emphasised enough that behind every horrid piece of child pornography is a tragic case of an abused defenceless child, somewhere in the world."
- Chris Ellison, Australian Senator and Minister for Justice and Customs, as quoted in The Age (Melbourne, Australia, February 23, 2005)

"It's chilling to realize that every photo on every page of every child pornography magazine... is a permanent record of the works of a child molester."
- William V. Roth, U.S. Senator from Delaware and Chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, in Spring 1985, as quoted in The Los Angeles Times (September 16, 1985)

"While little is known about the specific long-term effects of use in child pornography, the immediate trauma and effects of sexual abuse on children is well documented. Because child pornography is a clear record of child sex abuse, its victims would therefore experience the same emotional and physical consequences in addition to any harm resulting from the pornography. ... Child victims of pornography face the possibility of a lifetime of victimization because the pornography can be distributed indefinitely. Physical, psychological, and emotional effects of child sexual abuse are coupled with the possibility of the pornography resurfacing. Being photographed during sexual abuse intensifies the child's shame, humiliation, and powerlessness."
- "Child Pornography: The Criminal-Justice-System Response" by E. Klain, et al. (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2001), http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/publications/NC81.pdf

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How am I trying to cover for my "stupid shit" if I'm notifying you about the fact that your asspulls have nothing to do with what I said. Cuteness is not mathematically measurable. Feelings are subjective. What you are saying is reinforcing what I am saying.

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>They are crime-scene photographs
Since when have those been illegal?

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"It is possible that victims of child pornography suffer as severely if not more severely than other victims of sexual crimes. It is psychologically very devastating, because every time that image is looked at or shared that child is being victimized again and again. The Internet allows these pictures to be shared."
- Kelly Kennedy, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Attorney General's office, as quoted in The Fond Du Lac Reporter (September 7, 2005)

"It does not threaten the First Amendment for the Federal legislature to conclude, for example, that inducing children to engage in sexual activity can physically harm them, and consequently to prohibit the photographing of children who have been induced to do so, and to legislate against the publication and sale of magazines or films in which such photography appears. The publisher and the seller are principals in the abuse."
- "Taking on the Censors" by Robert Sabbag in Oui, January 1978

"The use of children in sexually explicit films is of course criminal exploitation of people who can't defend themselves, and it is cruelty to the children and an offense against the parental feelings of anybody with the slightest amount of sympathetic imagination. I think the makers of such pictures must be tracked down and imprisoned."
- "Dr. Ruth's Guide for Married Lovers" by Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Warner Books, 1986)

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Cuteness to a large group of people can't be described exactly with a single number, but for an individual person at a single point in time it's definitely possible to calculate exactly how cute something is and describe it with a number.

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>Although what causes pedophilia is not yet known, beginning in 2002, researchers began reporting a series of findings linking pedophilia with brain structure and function
I'm quoting Wikipedia.

>> No.9437258 [DELETED] 

I took a statistics class in college, they can pretty much get any conclusion out of anything.
Those studies are biased as all crap.

>> No.9437266


I'm definitely going to take your word for it. You're a credible source.

>> No.9437273

>Cuteness to a large group of people can't be described exactly with a single number
We can make generalizations about it, though. That's how things like personality research work. We start out with a bunch of qualifiers, then factor analyse them over a few decade until we end up with a manageable number.

In a way, I think you're both right. Cuteness is subjective and qualitative, not quantitative. But at the same time we can identify a few patterns and get some rough figures. I doubt there's some type of "cuteness neuron", but there will be certain parts of the brain that turn on and off depending on non-sexual (or at least less sexual) attraction, and we'll identify them eventually.

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Wikipedia has citations. Where's yours?

>> No.9437290 [DELETED] 

...Unless you gain access to what kind of group they were surveying, in which case they gain a bit of credibility.

I bet they just interviewed a bunch of rapists and lumped them together with pedos/ephebos, that's what I meant.
I never meant to sound pretentious, sorry.

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No, really, tripfags are worthless people with complexes that require them to try to build rep by abusing a function on an anonymous site.

And I'm really sorry that I had to harsh your hilarious meme, "bro", but posts from people that take something that was a little funny and spam it endlessly because it's "hilarious" aren't worth my time.

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Nice generalization. It's the same as saying that every person who likes little girl games is a pedophile.

>> No.9437301

At least quote the whole thing:
>Pedophilic (and hebephilic) men have lower IQs, poorer scores on memory tests, greater rates of non-right-handedness, greater rates of school grade failure over and above the IQ differences, lesser physical height, greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness, and several differences in MRI-detected brain structures. They report that their findings suggest that there are one or more neurological characteristics present at birth that cause or increase the likelihood of being pedophilic. Evidence of familial transmittability "suggests, but does not prove that genetic factors are responsible" for the development of pedophilia.

>> No.9437322

Yes, of course you can make generalizations if there's a tendency among the group, but you can't come up with a number that perfectly describes exactly how cute every member of the group considers something (unless you stick all their individual numbers together, which doesn't give you a very useful measure), which is where people get the "subjectivity" argument from, which they then use to claim that it's impossible to draw any mathematical conclusions.

>> No.9437323

That's the first thing they tell you in any statistics class.

If you weren't a half-wit, you'd also realize that means EVERY person working with statistics knows this. As such, proper statistical methods are employed to accurately represent situations/problems/etc, and the peer-reviewing of modern research sits on a foundation of these scientific methods.

>> No.9437331

It's not a meme. It's a decades-old standard.

You should probably stop browsing the Web altogether. You're using the HTTP meme.

>> No.9437335

It's funny because I sit in courses with statistics majors and I can't agree with that at all.

>> No.9437360

Where do people get this idea from? It's almost as dumb as "math is useless in the real world" or "psychology is just pseudoscience".

Statistics is used to solve real-world problems. Yes, you can twist the facts to fit an agenda. But we got over that probably centuries ago, and all papers are now peer-reviewed and based on solid foundational guidelines to prevent this sort of thing. Of course, statistics deals in generalizations, but they're pretty strong ones.

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>regardless of whether the children portrayed in objectionable images are physically abused during the creation of the images, victimisation occurs each time an image of a child is used for a sexual purpose
Does the same apply to adults? Am I a rapist if I fap to an adult woman in a PG movie?

>> No.9437398

It's fine to abuse adults, they consented to it.

>> No.9437411

Complex math really is useless to your average person (no saying cellphones are math doesn't count) and psychology really is subjectively pseudo-science though.

>> No.9437413


You can't talk about gigantic number sets without generalizing anyway

If you could know facts to that degree we wouldn't need statistics at all

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Science has proven it: pedos are subhuman retards.

>> No.9437458

I masturbate to them so I can suppress my lust for actual little girls. We all have our crosses to bear, and I'm just trying to make mine a little lighter. Must you judge me so harshly?

>> No.9437490


I'm guessing the "pedophiles" they examined were people that actually abused children. If that's the case, this study might be flawed because such people generally aren't really pedophiles, they just get off on overpowering weaker people and violence, as such it's not very surprising that they'd generally have lower IQs and be more likely to have suffered brain damage. Of course, I could just be talking out of my ass.

>> No.9437493

it's the only way I can cope with my crippling depression

>> No.9437508

Lolis are disgusting, no matter if 2D or 3D. However I do like 14 to 16 year old girls. Creepy enough?

>> No.9437510

Most studies on pedophiles are based on sampling prison populations and mandated sex offender therapy results.

>> No.9437518

Considering it's almost a criminal offense just to be a pedophile I can't see how they would convince someone who hides it well to do a study

>> No.9437521

Because they're cute and I enjoy cute things?
For the record, I also like pink, purple, and I wish I were the little girl. I prefer masturbating to girls, but if I find porn with men who are pretty enough, I'll fa´p to them as well. I also find dicks more attractive than vaginas.

>> No.9437522

Why do you guess? It's right there, just check it out.

>> No.9437529

And this statement kind of destroys any credibility that that argument might have had. It's ridiculous to claim that fapping to a picture where the subject hasn't consented to it is the same as rape.

>> No.9437535

Why can't you huge people through the internet yet? I want to hug you.

>> No.9437536


...No one said it was rape...???

>> No.9437541

Read the quotes in >>9437219 again. They heavily imply that it's "sexual abuse" to fap to CP even if you have nothing to do with its creation.

>> No.9437542

lol you guys fap to cartoon little girls? What a bunch of friggen nerds.

>> No.9437552

what does it mean if you collect and view pornographic material but do not get aroused by it, you just enjoy watching it.

>> No.9437554

Does this have something to do with American justice?

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Alright, I've had enough of this bullshit autistic thread.
This guy, OP, is either a troll or a normal who's inadvertadly projecting his immalleable sense of justice unto the respected members of /jp/.

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> and it feels great

now gtfo

>> No.9437563

Their studies are meaningless due to their limited sampling pools. If you're going to go to prisons to get samples to study, it's inevitable you're going to find more people with abnormal brains. Most pedophiles in jails and prisons are there for violent crimes. Obviously, this is not a random, unbiased sample and it clearly is not reflective of the entire pedophile population. Are you looking at the brains of pedophiles, or are you looking at the brains of violent criminals? To conflate them is fallacious.

Until the social stigma around pedophilia is dispelled and we can study more appropriate samples, little of the information we get from these studies will be accurate. Whoever conducted those studies should be shot for propagating misleading information and not knowing the fundamentals of the statistical method.

>> No.9437571

You are quite the observer.

>> No.9437579


Why on earth are they then using the word 'pedophile' instead of 'child molester'?

>> No.9437578

Only because pedophiles are cowards. And when you count CP, I highly doubt that many "non-offending" pedos exist anyway.

>> No.9437582

Oh boy yet another useless pedo debate.

Don't you goons ever get tired of this pointless argument? You won't change anyone's mind.



>> No.9437586

But 90% of pedophiles are criminals anyway.

I'm not saying they're all child molesters, but if you're a pedophile then chances are you've downloaded the odd lewd image of a kid. I mean, if lewd images of grown women became illegal, half of the country's heterosexual males would become criminals overnight.

>> No.9437590

Not just CP. All those Mara pictures you got from Flickr? She is being abused every second because people are fapping to those images of her on vacation and stuff.

>> No.9437597

ur moms criminal

100% criminally good at suking cock LMAO

>> No.9437609

u mena GBS

>> No.9437612

Arguments are pointless only if they're of very low quality. Why do you think that changing someone's mind would be the only reason to engage in discussion?

>> No.9437613

Just for humor's sake. Define to me the universal definition of creepy and how this definition applies to all indiivduals regardless of relativistic views.

>> No.9437633

The guy removed them for that reason, though.

Anyone still have the pack? It's no longer on /rs/.

>> No.9437627

So I can masturbate to them.

>> No.9437631

Where did you get that statistic from? Even if they are criminals, that doesn't mean they're all in jails and prisons; similar to how people who smoke weed are criminals, but they aren't all locked up. The list of abnormalities that correlate with "pedophilia", strangely looks like the list for "violent criminal". Hmm, I wonder why?

The problem is, no one is going to step up and say, "I'm a pedophile" and participate in a study or be included in a sampling pool out of fear that they will get in trouble (and they will). Until the social consciousness changes, they should save their time and their breath, and refrain from making irresponsible claims.

>> No.9437655

The 90% thing was just a dumb estimate. Keep in mind I'm talking about proper pedophiles, for whom being sexually attracted to kids is a recurrent thing. Eventually they're going to act on it, even if it just means downloading some pictures. Doing so is a crime, and committing a crime makes you a criminal.

I think I might be overestimating the older generation's technical prowess, though.

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There is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to a healthy 12-17 year old girl. In fact, attraction to them is an indicator of mental health moreso than their sexuality.
Let's first take into account a man's instinct. Through evolution, the male is pressured to spread his seed to fertilize as many healthy females as possible. This is the purpose of the male. Let's also take into account the average lifetime of the human female for the last 15,000 years. It's, at most, about 30 years old. And the younger they are, the less likely they are prone to have taken some disease, which through most of the course of evolution, was incurable to them.
So naturally, the male was pressured to be sexually attracted to young females. And for a good reason -they're the ones most likely to bear healthy children. There is a reason why most heterosexual men like smooth skin and silky hair as well as having their women shorter than them and a submisive in comparison to them.

With this, I conclude that what most normals call "pedophilia", is actually a sign of health rather than a disorder. No, ironically, the ones not attracted to such are the ones who have something wrong with them. Because they're going against thousands of years of evolutionary pressure.

I rest my case.

>> No.9437675
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>> No.9437680


>> No.9437682

Except sexual attraction to post-puberty 12-17 year old girls isn't pedophilia.

>> No.9437687

>Let's also take into account the average lifetime of the human female for the last 15,000 years. It's, at most, about 30 years old. And the younger they are, the less likely they are prone to have taken some disease, which through most of the course of evolution, was incurable to them.

oh boy some shithead who doesn't know anything about history acting like he does, how enlightening

>> No.9437695

He said >what most normals call pedophilia.

>> No.9437700


However, secondary sexual features are a sign of sexual maturity and the ability to bear children, so being attracted to the lack of that is not what evolution taught us. Also, research has shown that young females have a high rate of anovulatory cycles in the first ferw years, and the phase of highest feritly are the early/mid twenties. Also, inn earlier times, with lack of good nurture, menstruation usually started later than today.

You are pedophile. Don't rape children.

>> No.9437704

According to Jesus Land and Soccer Moms it is.

>> No.9437705


30 years old seems about right to me.
Those days people were diseased as fuck, worshipped a man who did magic tricks and probably slept near their feces.
Not to mention the amount of murder and stuff. Where's your citation that the average lifespan is older?

>> No.9437709

>Eventually they're going to act on it, even if it just means downloading some pictures.
That's a baseless assumption. It's "they're going to eventually rape kids"-lite. A homosexual doesn't necessarily have to sleep with other men. Again, assuming they are criminals, this doesn't mean they're in prison (which is where these studies are getting their samples). What we have is a bad sample distorting the results.

"Looking at CP" is not a measure of pedophilia. I can stumble upon CP on 4chan, does that make me a pedophile? Before you can conduct any studies, you need to make sure your sampling pool is unbiased. They clearly haven't done that.

>> No.9437713

I took that as him disagreeing with the word itself rather than being aware of how normalfags have misused it.

Ephebophilia = fine and perfectly natural
Hebephilia = fine and mostly natural
Pedophilia = iffy, needs more research

Talking about actual relationships here. Caring about photographs or drawings is dumb.

>> No.9437719


These are both appeals to nature. It's not bad to be attracted to something that you're not evolved to be by default.

>> No.9437725

I'd say most homosexuals have intentionally looked at photographs of naked men, though.

>> No.9437730
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The younger they are the higher the chance is the mother can lose the baby or her own life when she is giving birth.

Ps.Kill yourself pedo scum

>> No.9437734

Here's a shocking concept, spoilered because it might shatter your fragile worldview:
Not all sex is for procreation.

>> No.9437739

>Ps.Kill yourself pedo scum
But if he is a pedophile--that is, sexually attracted to prepubescent children--then how would
>the mother can lose the baby or her own life when she is giving birth.
even be a problem?

>> No.9437740

>give arguments based entirely on sex-for-procreation
>when confronted, denies legitimacy of arguments based on sex-for-procreation
hahaha okay

>> No.9437742

Maybe because it isn't illegal to do so. At any rate, the logic behind the assumption is the same, and we still can't say that with certainty and as such it's a moot point. We're moving the goal post now.

>> No.9437743


However, attraction to the female shape is the result of millions of years of evolution. You are aberrant, pedo.

>> No.9437749


I call bullshit on your research. No, the teenage years are -by far-, the most fertile years of a female's lifetime.

Also, don't forget that failure to bear a child after an attempt to fertilize a female bears little to no consequence to the male. So, there's little to no pressure to push the male to search for older females if he stays in the 12-17 age.

And no, I'm not a pedophile, normal. I'm a healthy hebophile as nature intended. Save me your pathetic attempts at psychological trauma. You cannot sway me.

>> No.9437751

>Hebephilia = fine and mostly natural
>Pedophilia = iffy, needs more research
Oh wow. You can't be serious.

>> No.9437755

>I call bullshit on your research. No, the teenage years are -by far-, the most fertile years of a female's lifetime.
Please provide a source.

>> No.9437756

I haven't been the guy arguing with you.

I think non-procreation sex between two consenting human beings is fine. Whether younger children can consent might need a little more research, though.

>> No.9437761


>Women's fertility peaks in the early 20s, and drops considerably after age 35.



>> No.9437757

>Also, don't forget that failure to bear a child after an attempt to fertilize a female bears little to no consequence to the male.
What the fuck are you even trying to say here? That it only matters if he tries, not if he's successful? Do you know how stupid that is?

>> No.9437758

Anything you do is creepy to a girl unless you are attractive. Then creepy magically changes to "mysterious" or "interesting". That's it.

>> No.9437759

I respect your obvious love towards select Japanese Idols. Why can't you respect my love towards fictional little girls?

>> No.9437762

>I'm both ugly and creepy, but it's their fault!

>> No.9437765

>A woman's peak fertility occurs in her early 20s. After age 35 (and especially 40), the chances that a woman can get pregnant drops considerably.

>> No.9437767

Don't you guys ever fucking tire of this shit?


It would be one thing if people brought up new and exciting things to discuss whenever it came up again but this exact same shit has been gone over so many times I don't know how you can participate in the same discussion without wanting to throw up.

>> No.9437771
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I don't have nothing against you if you love your 2D fictional girls.
I just dislike people who sexually love 3D children

>> No.9437774
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Pedos are the most resiliant parasites.

>> No.9437776

It takes two sides to hold an argument.

>> No.9437777


Cause I can. Got a problem with it tough guy? Why don't you come meet me in real life to discuss my problem? I'll treat you to Basin Robbins.

>> No.9437781

Religious debates have been going on for millennia. People don't get tired because everyone has an opinion and it's fun to argue about. Same with abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, transsexuality, and a whole bunch of other shit that's based more on people's views than actual facts.

>> No.9437783

OP brought it up. Pedos keep to themselves.

>> No.9437784

Fact: women can't even begin getting horny or pleasure until they hit puberty.
I know because I'm a girl

>> No.9437787
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Oh look, he's trying to argue. How cute...
Yes, it matters, you dimwit. Even attempts to fertilize older women may fail. It makes no difference, because it's the attempts that matter.

Naturally, the male that targets whichever age is most fertile -the teenage years- will procreate the most.

Sex doesn't always yield in babies, Timmy. Even in the most healthy of females. Or are you going to try to argue with this too and make yourself look even more of an idiot than you already have?

>> No.9437791
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>> No.9437793

Hypocrite. What does it matter if they're photos or videos that *already* exist? What if there was some piece of evidence that showed the child happily consented and then lived a normal, mentally sound life? Why, then, should photographs differ from drawings?

Also, most lolicons would fuck a 2D loli if they could.

>> No.9437795


Teenage years aren't the most fertile you dunce.

>> No.9437799

My little sister used to masturbate on corners of anything she could find when she was 5. I'm pretty sure she hadn't gone through puberty yet.

>> No.9437800

I also find it tiring to watch people rehash those other exhausted debates again and again and again, but then, I can play the same game for a few thousand hours and still find amusement in it, so I guess I can understand.

>> No.9437810

You are literally simultaneously arguing that it doesn't matter if it's successful, and it matters if it's successful (since why else would you target the most fertile time (which you're still proven wrong about yet have not addressed)). And you think I'm ``trying'' to argue?

Go be condescending somewhere else, preferably where you're actually correct and coherent.

>> No.9437814

I'm learning to draw anime, and you know most of this shit is about little girls.
>B-but they are naked and having sex with oh my god what's that
Did you ever try to do a search with "little girl anime" on google ?
It's not my fault japs are sick fuck so I bare with it.

>> No.9437816
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But we've got two children. And we've had sexual intercourse twice.

>> No.9437826

>I bare with it.


>> No.9437829

I want neo-/jp/ to exit

>> No.9437831


>> No.9437832
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because i find them cute, just like you have millions of pictures of cats on yours

pic related, its one of your pictures