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Why is she so perfect?

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Don't get too attached, she might get killed by a monster in WaHH.

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Confirmed unvirgin. Would not bang.

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She's pure evil and confirmed to have married

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Nobody dies in tohuou

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Kaku nyan nyan seiga is cute as fuck and that's what really matters

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She had sex. She had cum all over and inside her at one (or many) points in her life.

She is not perfect.

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Mature and can hold a relationship?Better than most of the bipolar sexually repressed girls (Reimu and Kanako) in touhou.

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That makes her perfecterest.

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Kaku BUMP!

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Very right!

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It's her battle music. Pretty sure it's the battle music.

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Perfect? Is she ticklish?

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I don't trust her.

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she looks like she got down syndrome on that image

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that's her sweet innocent charm~

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Terrible personality according to SoPM, but she is the cutest TD.

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Too lewd.

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Tokatu summoning thread.

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My penis.

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Those little slips in her thigh bands...like bills...
Too lewd! Way too lewd! ABSOLUTELY too lewd!

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Why the hell is she evil personified?

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She is so titty!

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I think the word is wickedly attractive. That's pretty much her strong point. She not like most of Gensokyo's denizens.

Seriously ZUN, this hermit needs more time in the scene considering her character. (Hopefully next year?)

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virgin or not, she's still lovely <3

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It's true.

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I like this series.

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My god, they looks so soft.

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It's nice, isn't it?

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I like the bands and charms she has on her legs. They make me really happy.

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What is she up to? WaHH didn't do much to answer any questions.

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>Unreasonable and unjust
ZUN is trying to paint a bad picture of her but so far she has been the nicest newcomer from TH13 (Especially the way she talks to random people)

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WaHH isn't exactly known for flattering titles

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>nicest newcomer
Excuse me?

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Those wiggling hips. Oh god.

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She is lewd but nice (She is always calling Yoshika cute and she follows around people she likes)

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Shes horny for Reimu then again all the girls are.

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But she robs people! For Christmas, no less!

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I predict much rape in Seiga's future. Not with her as the victim, mind you, but as the one behind the faceless males.

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Isn't christmas supposed to be for giving!?They should be GIVING Seiga what she is taking anyway so it's fair.

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You know full well that's not how it works.

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Beware the nice ones they say. And yes, she comes across as very approachable and friendly.

But yet in this whole mess, we much remember:

Akyu claims her to be "unusually annoying" and has a "bad personailty"

Byakuren claims she could "sense the evil" within Seiga.

And now we have Komachi marking her as "wicked" and wants her soul to be taken to Higan because "she lived too long" (and there could be more to it than just that)

And let's not forget that Komachi sent the Kishin in an attempt to take her down (only to end up escaping and leaving the kappa's home gyser'd)

Truely there is a strange air about her that makes her both interesting and suspicious at the same time.

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I kinda feel YOU are being SELFISH now!Seiga would never do anything bad or naught!

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Yea leave your fanon shit outta this thread.

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You can be nice and evil. No reason we all can't be friendly and civilized about things.

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...take off the ofuda, anonymous.

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She's Chinese that's why.

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why is she nyan nyan? I always miss the birth of nicknames.

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the same anon. Is it because of hair?

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You know there's a wiki, right?

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>The Nyan Nyan (娘々) part of her nickname is an approximation of "Niang Niang", which is an archaic word for refering to an emperess, a consort, or a goddess.

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Do you think Seiga is into sexual deviations? Like masturbation in public, dogging, golden showers and stuff?

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Miyako is far superior.

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No she's not. Seig ais much more interesting.

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There are already doujins with her molesting random shotas.

Seriously, she's perfect for this role.

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Taoist propaganda thread.

Your kind isn't welcome here.

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Would you?

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We must go bare as to experience the greatest pleasure of being cummed inside.

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Up until the events of TH13 Yoshika couldn't even talk without Rin to read her corpse.

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bumpin' with more sexy Nyan Nyan

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WaHH made me like her more, Akyu made her sound really awful, almost like a slut that gets bored of a cock and chase a new one.

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tasty big thighs

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i have so few seiga pictures even though she's in my top 10. need more good seiga art because my standards are high.

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What if she finds another man?

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Do it without samples next time.

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Your top 10 right? Because she's around #40 in the character poll. Kasen was around #25.

Also lower standards helps when enjoying Touhou.

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Stop being so lewd, anon.

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But their sooooooo big.

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Yup, right next to Miko no less... course this was all before we knew that she disbanded from Miko's crew, started following people that caught her interests and found out that she's pretty much a huge target that the Shinigami and Kishin are after.

I say watch her popularity grow in the coming year.... depending on how things play out in WaHH and what ever else she gets involved in. I don't expect her to top Kasen though but do expect her to come pretty damn close.