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Where exactly did people get the /fanon/ concept that Sanae was a slut?

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>100 replies roleplay thread
Will it? Won't it? Will it? Won't it?

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read more Touhou doujins

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Aya is a slut because she was in so many games and got some to herself, therefore she must be fucking Zun. Sanae is in all the games after that so Aya is old and busted while Sanae is the new hotness.

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Where exactly did you get that nice, big, tasty cock from?

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because she was a schoolgirl in the real world and fucked salarymen for change.

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Nice one

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I'm too scared to read any Touhou doujins, for I might see my precious 2hus deflowered before me.

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Japanese nerds treat every highschoolgirl like a cumdumpster slut.

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She comes from the real world.
She's attractive.
There are no attractive virgins over the age of 14 in the real world.

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What are Sanae's ten desires?

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The hell are you talking about? Sanae is 2D, she's not necessarily a slut.

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She's 2d schoolgirl. From modern world. It's believed that no girl older than 16 in Japan is virgin. That is enough for them to desecrate young maiden on paper. And all other faggots dumbly follow this. It's hard to divert from all this vulgarity in her address when I never read anything good about her here.
I buttfrustrated and supermad.

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1. Ass in the ass
2. Ass in the ass
3. Ass on the ass
4. Ass in the ass
5. Ass in the ass
6. Ass in the ass
7. Ass on the ass
8. Ass in the ass
9. Ass in the ass
10. Ass in the ass

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Incredibly lewd.

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ayafags wanted to divert attention to someone else

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Lewdicrous even.

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She comes from the real world, and she's the descended of Suwako who is a goddess of fertility, and a confirmed non-virgin.

Also I think people are mad because she took Sakuya's place as "that third playable character" so they call her mean things.
But Sanae is a good girl!

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And Secondary Maid fans too

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Where does it say that?

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This doujin proves that Sanae is a slut

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Calling her a slut was originally was done out of hate for her when she became a playable character. Nothing to do with "she's from the outside world" or "Suwako is a non-virgin" or anything like that.

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I miss crowslut

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To be fair op, there isn't any non slut touhou.

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You're saying Tenshi isn't pure?

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Touhou canonically takes place in the 21st century.

Sanae lived outside the purity bubble that is the Great Hakurei Border, therefore she was tainted by the Zionist media.

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>To be fair op, there isn't any non slut touhou.

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All of the crowhous are pure. Ornithology proves it.

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Don't try and pin this shit on us.

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Actually, the logic in Japan was this:

Modern Japan schoolgirl
At her age, impossible that she's still a virgin
She is a slut

The fact that Sanae is a half, produced by Suwako's half-human bloodline and that the Occam's Razor for that is Suwako had sex with a man to produce said bloodline, also adds to the sexuality of the Moriya Shrine.

This is why they are pretty sexual (more than normal) in Japanese fanon, and by extension, outside of Japan.

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I've always wanted to ask, I know Sanae and Suwako being sexual is widespread. But how about Yuuka? What's her reason for being sexual?

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But she's not a slut. She's a good girl.

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>is Suwako had sex with a man to produce said bloodline, also adds to the sexuality of the Moriya Shrine.
that means every touhou is a slut
excluding the youkai that just popped out of nowhere

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I've never heard of Yuuka being sexual, but rather dominating and violent.

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Considering how religious Sanae is, I don't think she could be a slut even in the outside world.

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Source please? Prostitution is a fetish harder to find than others.

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Not all religions are the same. There are actually miko who served as prostitutes during feudal Japan. That's probably where Sengoku Rance got their Miko Institute from.

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I'm ok with consensual prostitution. They do that shit legally in good condition in Sydney or Netherlands for example.

I'm not ok with what happened to Sanae in this doujin though. Even that ending was just... Reimu a bitch.

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Type in Sanae on sadpanda. It's a new one so just look for it on the front page.

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Not every Touhou had a kid though.

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I know; I was referring to how she'd always be talking about god and faith and stuff.
Even besides that, she's a nerd. Nerds aren't sluts.

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>Nerds aren't sluts.
Male nerds aren't sluts.
Female nerds are. They're usually the sluttiest.

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ZUN confirmed that she had a boyfriend before since she lived in the real world.
Remember that shitstorm when Saten was confirmed for having a boyfriend before?
The nerds from /a/ instantly labeled her as a slut solely based on this information.
That somehow swapped over to /jp/

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Hey, remember about me ?

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Saten being a slut isn't even derogatory anymore.

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I rest my case.

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Oh, ok, thanks.


I find consensual prostitution to be incredibly hot. DAIVE has drawn a set of Sanae pictures of her offering herself since being a loli until maturity, and the prices she charged increasing. Wished he had drawn more of it, though.

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but most touhous are someone's kid

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>Male nerds aren't sluts
Well, /jp/ is full of male nerds and they all post lewd pictures and make posts about how they fantasize to be raped.
Male nerds are always sluts

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You are hot. I think /a/ celebrated when Nagi came out super slutty the last chapter.

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Sanae is a different case. She came from modern Japan. Everyone else was born in Gensokyo.

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people still read that trash ?

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I'm not sure WHAT happened in there. Sanae suddenly realizes what she's become?

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Tenshi is a sadistic bitch though....

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...that's completely irrelevant. And mostly false.

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I thought she was a M.

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I've seen that "Sanae had a boyfriend" thing mentioned a hundred times, yet I've never seen it cited.

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I still think it's buttmad sakuya fans

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the very definition of purity

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This. Female nerds are attention whores and usually whores to boot.
I went to a con once on a friend's advice.
3D is just gross.

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No, she wasn't always a god. She was made on because of how good a pure she was.

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No, she was just there minding her own business like a pro who enjoys sex when she gets blackmailed by a bunch of dumbasses from her class. She hated that so she moves to Gensokyo to get away from everything.

Cue in Reimu being a shit. Reimu being a shit made her feel her life was worse in Gensokyo and she wanted to be saved.

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No, she wasn't always a god. She was made one because of how good a pure she was.

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>completely irrelevant
The Japanese think so, so who cares?

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Who is a pure miko ? I am a pure miko!

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[Citation Needed]