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Why do the Japanese drink alcohol from a plate? Do they not know what a cup is?

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The dynamic technology makes it taste better.

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They are a primitive and backwards people.
I heard they eat with two wooden sticks, like off trees. Barbarians.

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because it makes your BAC rise faster, thus leading to greater intoxication sooner

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I think I found these at a local exotic restaurant. It made eating very difficult. I had to rub the sticks together and roll them in my hands to get a good feel for them. Then all I could do was stab my food with it. I gave up and stuck it into a bowl of rice.

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No, weak-ass Jap blood does that.

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Wow, you did well to escape with your life.
I ate at one of those establishments once and it was a harrowing experience.
"That will be $22, sir." says the female one.
"Danke, seniorita." I say, because it is advisable to speak in their native tongue.
She didn't take too kindly to that, staring at me in what I assume was disgust (I don't know if facial expressions mean the same thing in their language).
Then I remembered that they all carry katanas so I got the fuck out of there without paying, narrowly escaping with my life.