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I want to lean on Yuyuko-sama's belly~

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But then she'd eat you and you'd die then resurrect somewhere else.

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i want gamefaqs to leave

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At first I found Yoshika wearing Mystias dress cute and was searching for her in that pic.
Then I looked at the setting and realized how cruel this picture is

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Yuyuko was my second favorite. At the time of PCBs, she was elegant, she was acting like a lady. A real example of Japanese beauty, with her kimono and her fans.
Her story was touching, his captivating theme song.
The fact that she wanted to resurrect the person under the Saigyou Ayakashi, because as a ghost and also because of its power it is surrounded by death and that for once, she wanted to give life.

But now it's just a "ara ara" glutton.
And that stupid line in IN did not help matters with the fandom.
(I can not thanks enough Zun for what he did, but honestly dialogues in games are often stupid.)

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whos tohos belly would u slap

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What this picture is supposed to say?

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Yuyuko is still elegant. She is air-headed and has a sweet tooth, but she always acts composed in canon works. She is often relaxed because she doesn't have to do anything serious. And Youmu is plenty serious already. For me, she is still a great Touhou and her backstory is touching.

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I liked her parts in the moonbitches mango.

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I always liked the fact that she has great intuition and are actually pretty smart and sharp hidden on her carefree and airhead personality. It's like she's teasing you then give some insights before going back being a airhead.

Best Touhou Indeed

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I want to lay my head on her belly and listen to food digest in her.