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Keep up the good work!

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poor Tenshi

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The bodies of celestials are poisonous to youkai. Yuka couldn't get too close to Tenshi, let alone touch her.

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Then how do all the youkai go about punching her in the games? Wouldn't they only be poisonous if ingested?

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>Wouldn't they only be poisonous if ingested?

Maybe. I just remember ZUN writing that celestials are poisonous to youkai in one of the books.

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Well, Tenshi's a celestial in name only, so...

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That's pretty brutal.
As expected from the great Yuuka.

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I think he was just explaining why youkai didn't/don't eat celestials.

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Name and Power there yo. Note her abilities in 10.5, and all the super armor she has. When she ascended she got the powers as well, only her house may use the key stones and only true Celestials may wield the Sword of Hisou