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I was really hoping these pages were in sequence...

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This is why no one loves her

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I like where this thread is going.

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This is where it ends

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Nobody loves Alice because Alice is creepy and unlovable, and because she smells like cheese.

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I like her because she is cool, loveable, and smells of roses.

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also, source of any of these would be nice.

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Besides, she smells faintly of delicious pea soup.

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I love Alice.

Crushed and sobbing at my knees. Picture related.

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Just because she lives alone in the woods and nails dolls to trees does not make her creepy.

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It's the whole thing where she talks to herself in her own made up languages.

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So moe!

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Not canon. I don't even know what bullshit doujin you're getting this from either.

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