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We stand now in the ruins of the imageboard once known as /jp/.
Feel free to try to live here, but don't expect any sort of order. Everyone that cared for this place has left already, and unless you enjoy shitposting as culture I suggest you leave as well. There is no clear destination, but I'm sure we will meet again somewhere.

We had some good times together. Not so much recently, the war of attrition between shitposters and moderation only harmed us, but the memories will stay.

See you. Don't worry when you notice all the rubble and garbage piling up, it just means they have taken over.

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which makes me wonder.
where did everyone go?
is there another place like /jp/, but without the shitposting? why don't we know about it? did they settle for non-anonymous 2hu forums and such? or did they just abandon the internet in general?

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this shitposters are organised.

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The Great C-Butt Purge of 2010, a day so painful to some that it is referred to only as the "C-Buttnacht". Thousands upon thousands of the world's worst posters were massacred in a swath of buttownage and ass pain as curry was banned boardwide.The reason : the Chaos Ownage, an owning so powerful its mere existence threatens the balance of chaos and order. Among the few posters and fans that survived the Chaos Ownage was Curry Butt, the man capable of performing the "Assownage Jam"...

Flash forward 12 years to the post-currypocalyptic ruins of Neo-4chan, 2022. A Chaos Ownage rocks the board of /jp/, making 15 million kinectimal posts. When the finger is put on the aging Curry Butt, he must evade the banning of the C-Butt Removal department, led by former friend and shitposter Suigin, and disappear into the dangerous underground of the post-currypocalypse to clear his name and find out the mysterious truth behind the Chaos Ownage. Joined by allies along the way, including his bros Fake-Sion and ZUNbar, The Butt must face the dangers of a life he thought he gave up a long time ago and discover the secrets behind the autism awareness organization A.N.O.N.Y.M.O.U.S.

A tale of reports, shitposts, and atonement; brave mods unheard of, face spectacular challenges that even the greatest tripfags could not overcome, and maybe... just maybe... redeem CurryButt once and for all.

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/jp/ isn't a glorified bastion of 4chan culture anymore. All it has is shitposting, trashy /a/v/cgl/ retards who migrate here, since nobody cares about quality posting anymore and /soc/ homosexuals. Some of you may say that 2008-10 were worse, but you are wrong. Before, people on other boards actually considered /jp/ as a respected, quality board, with some high-level elite posters. Or so it was up until 2012. Today, people consider /jp/ a shitposting HQ, board of the worst quality and come here just to shitpost or spam. Otherboarders before, were scared to post/lurked before posting on /jp/ because they new they would get "owned". We had a lot of White Rens and good(or not really) /jp/ tripfriends. /jp/ also didn't have so many /a/v/cgl/ posters back then, and people actually posted with sage(which is used quite rarely now).
There are almost no good native tripfriends left ―
Sion is gay, and also probably a part of the shitposting IRC brigade(I'm talking about you, fagbutt, shit ranger, nagi, komeji etc)
Suigin joined fagbutt on /a/. He's also having a skin-change surgery
Arc was knifed by some nigger thug in ghetto
Mugen left
Jones is jew
Sudo is pig
Wth is dead
Yutanpo was kidnapped by Mossad
Liberty is too poor to pay for internet(cuz no more moonez from EU)
Hong was K.O.'d by russians during UEFA 2012
Zunbar will probably get sent to Syria soon
and many others who rest forgotten in the endless archives of /jp/...
This board isn't about to fall, it has already fallen. /jp/ can't be saved, may it be forever forgotten and deleted.

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this is what they want. this is why they shitpost.

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Bye AoC.

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>is there another place like /jp/, but without the shitposting?
/bun XD

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>Zunbar will probably get sent to Syria soon
Iran, pls. Can't wait.

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Shitposting is a natural part of /jp/, it's just that other boards are so shitty they think it's some kind of le epik meme.

most people here don't have lives, /jp/ is the only thing they do, they have nothing to talk about...eventually that gets old, and when you see every other board on 4chan going to shit, it makes sense to just shitpost as much as possible so no boards try to take over permanently.

It's apathetic posting, we have nothing to say but it's better than having people from /a/, /v/ and /b/ in here. Look at how shitty those have gone in the past 5 years or so, they seek to turn 4chan into some kind of cool kids club and give every board its own 'personality' with epic board-specific memes, comics, threads and charts.

It looks inevitable, but this is the last outpost of the original 4chan, when this place goes 4chan is officially dead.

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I am 24 now. It is now 26 minutes to midnight local time and today has won the award for most miserable birthday. By far.

Just leave me alone. I don't have anything you want and I can't do anything I attempt to do. I could blame someone else, save face in some way. It would be useless, it's all my fault after all.

It other words, fuck off. I finally see why those nice day threads were so hated, you don't want anyone to try to cheer you up with some canned post.

In other news, if you hadn't picked up on it before, I am not very mentally stable at the moment.

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It was nice while it lasted, we all saw this coming.
I'm surprised how fast it came to an end though, I swear I could see the post quality take a significant drop a week or so ago. And now there is nothing on the front page that is not shitposting, and even that has dropped in quality.

I had fun here, but it is time to move on to greener fields, thanks for everything /jp/.

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Teto isn't shitposting.

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Just as long as someone tells me where everyone else has gone, I don't care if this place dies, every board is fucking shit nowadays.

At least give me an obscure clue nobody else will be able to understand, I'll take years cracking the enigma just to find the new /jp/.

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They didn't go anywhere. There's no secret awesome board out there, anon.

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he doesn't know about the secret board

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Can you repeat that with greentext and a humorous image of an anime girl?

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/jp/ never really changes

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There is no one answer.
A lot of people are still here, just outflooded. There is /bun/, the archives, that god-awful 2d/random board and some have simply left. /jp/ as a community is probably over, but unless your interests change significantly, you'll find these elitist assholes eventually.

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After puddi, the train contract fiasco, and the countless /sp/ raids and the GET raids, this is nothing. Nowadays people complain about moderation. I am just glad it's over, take it easy.

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>>he doesn't know the secret board

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I hope so. I've gotten to the point where I want to be in the most elitist place possible with kanji captchas and an entrance exam.

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Puddi was the beginning of the end, when I started seeing it on 4chan I knew we were only going to get forced memes from then onwards.

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there's a secret board on tor. keeps the newfags out.
you'll find it if you're worthy.

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Exactly one month ago I uploaded OSP Chapter 16 to MF.
I hadn't done anything in years, but I felt doing that would be useful for /jp/ and Touhou people.
Exactly one month from then, I can barely see anything above the piles of shitposting.
What the fuck happened? I know it's summer on the northern hemisphere, but past years didn't have... this.

On a side note, I can understand "trolling", but this level of shitposting is beyond comprehension. How many people are in charge of this? There has to be something wrong with them, seriously. I try to wrap my head around it, but damn...

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See >>9383369

We got through many things before which are way worse than the finn fags. Just wait it out, like always.

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See >>9383369

We got through many things before which are way worse than the finn fags. Just wait it out, like always.

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/jp/ has been pretty shitty lately but Saten!Anon, Shino!Anon, Sparky, and the cocksucking threads show that some of old /jp/ is stil around and the normals haven't win yet.

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Take your cocksucking somewhere else. It's obnoxious shitposting, and no matter how much you try to force this post, it will never belong. It's gay bullshit that goes in >>>/soc/, >>>/hm/, >>>/b/, >>>/v/, et cetera.

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I blame Facebook, Soccer Moms, Jews.

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Someone seems mad~
How about you go suck a cock and calm down~

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Stop giving him attention.

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Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.Blogshit threads need to fucking go.

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You're right, I'm sorry.

>> No.9383492

If you really want to apologize then you should give my dick a sucking.

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/jp/ has been like this for the past 2 years.

nothing has changed.

don't let the door hit you on the way out faglord.

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If you know how to search through the archives, you'll find another board that's not /bun/, just don't expect more than 10 posts/day
there's waka too, but I don't really like this place

A part of the userbase has also returned to /a/, you'll find them deep in stuff that was discussed on /jp/ before (type-moon general threads are a good example, don't go during the week-ends/holidays and it should be fine)

>> No.9383531


It's not tohno-chan is it? That place is a horrific circlejerk.

/a/ seems more retarded than ever, most of them don't even know the characters names of the anime they watch, it's like they're not even trying anymore.

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/jp/ has been shit since early 2010. The permabanning of Fukune and Yama pretty much just cut the throat and bled out what was left of it.

>> No.9383555

I mean, not even Suigin or Currybutt go to /jp/ anymore. It's that fucking bad now.

>> No.9383558

Yama posts all the time.

>> No.9383563

>/a/ seems more retarded than ever
Well it's summer, what did you expect?
The threads during Type-Moon Fes were kind of okay, still better than here

>> No.9383564

I know under his old tripcode. The fact that they did it for nothing is disturbing. The mos are trying to control the board left and right now.

>> No.9383568


summer hasn't meant anything on 4chan in years, also I don't really care about Type-moon shit after they realised there was money to be made out of the fujoshi.

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I told this to a mod once: /jp/ has always been disorganized in one way or another since 2008. We came close to the brink of bringing some bit of /jp/ back a few months ago when the new janitors arrived.

But now they are lazy.

>> No.9383579

I never thought I would say this four years ago but maybe we should just split /jp/ up at this point. Doujin and VN's on one board and Touhou maybe being forced in like /c/ or something.

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Just what do people expect out of 4chan (or even the entire internet) anyways? A place full of deep, meaningful discussion? A worthy substitute for their non-existent social lives?


>> No.9383586

This isn't the time to do this but you are right.

>> No.9383592

There is one on-topic thread on the front page, two on page 1, four on page 2, three on page 3, one on page 4 and two on page 5. This board is a failure, why hasn't it been deleted yet?

>> No.9383599

I expected a place I could relax and have some discussion about niche topics that interest me. Not having to deal with teens spamming what they think is hilarious at every single moment.

I know you find this anarchy enjoyable, but it's not what I came here for and I'm tired of trying to fight it off. So whatever, shitposting is board culture now, let's post some anime screencaps with no text

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The universe is suffering from copy culture syndrome, the same shit is being rehashed from games, anime, music, fashion...all the way down to memes and internet culture.

In order to truly restart the 4chan we all knew and loved we need to destroy it and rebuild it in the form of something else.

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Do you guys don't like even a single thread?


I like almost everything. I don't know what is supposed to be on topic with /jp/ though. Except these:


is that what you guys are here for? the board is dying because it doesn't have more of that? why don't you guys make more of those threads then?

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>>I expected a place I could relax

I think expecting that is a mistake, because 4chan is still the biggest trollercoaster website on the planet. It's always been like that.

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Fukune wasn't being too serious when he said this but in some weird way he was right.

"now that im gone nsj knows no one will stand in his way so today he deleted everything to show that hes the boss now and no one will keep him in check!!"

>> No.9383639

It's more like the problem is a lack of people interested in on-topic material. You can make the threads but not many will participate.

>> No.9383640

You don't know what this board was about, you don't get a say in this. Go back to the threads you like, we're talking here.

>> No.9383647

I'll sink with this ship.As someone said, every other board is /b/ quality now.

And does it matter?. Even if /jp/ dies, we'll always converge in a certain corner of the internet.

>> No.9383656

>every other board is /b/ quality now.
/m/ isn't.

>> No.9383665

What REALLY happened to 4chan is a small influx of new people and a whole lot of trolls trolling trolls until the troll climax reached maximum overload and 'shitposting' was born. Shitposting is just trolling without being subtle.

>> No.9383657

It really does suck that other imageboards don't get a lot of traffic. One of the only reasons I keep coming back to /jp/ now is because I can expect a steady of flow of conversations of mixed quality 24/7.

>> No.9383658

an made bor

>> No.9383661

I don't see how you can blame the janitor for this. They're not the ones making and remaking shitty threads all day long.

>> No.9383669

Oh boy, another shitty metathread.

Yeah, /jp/ is a shell, tons of posters have vacated.

Fixing the problems doesn't matter too much now, cause the damage is done, but we could start by obviously making deliberately shitty posts a bannable offense.

That shit got way out of hand a long, long time ago.

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Nope, we just browse facebook and ignore the post queues

>> No.9383679

I go to tohno-chan, its a pretty nice place.

Although it really is a shame how far /jp/ has fallen, when I first found it a few years ago I was shocked by the quality of discussion and generally nice attitude. Now it seems like that's all gone. We are still holding up against a lot of what other boards face, but it'sn't the same.

>> No.9383686

I can blame him for wiping an entire 13 pages out. Not all of them were filled with shitposts and off topic threads.

The last time I saw that happen was in 2010 when we were nuked up to page 0

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>>What REALLY happened to 4chan is a small influx of new people and a whole lot of trolls trolling trolls until the troll climax reached maximum overload and 'shitposting' was born. Shitposting is just trolling without being subtle.

This right here.

>> No.9383693

playing wild arms again Zunby?

>> No.9383694

Just keep reporting and hiding the posts and threads.

The shitposters wont stop shit posting so I wont stop reporting. It's as simple as that.

>> No.9383690


Tohno-chan is a circlejerk of CRAWWWLING IN MY SKIIIINNNN 'truNEETs' who act too much like depressed teenagers. It's good on paper but shitty in practice.

>> No.9383698

Are /jp/ and /a/ the only boards that report things?

>> No.9383700

Any place that has a NEET/depression ends up looking like that. People said the same about anonib's /h/ board.

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My predictions came true. I am the best.

>> No.9383706

I don't see any of that on /an/. Why don't you just avoid whatever board that stuff is on?

>> No.9383711

I used to report every shitpost and such up until about a month ago. I dunno, it's getting old and despite seeing bad posts and thread deleted it's not helping.

I think we do need stricter moderation. It's the only thing that can stop it at this point and please don't give me the usual hurrr they will just reset their router shit. It will work.

>> No.9383708

NEET/depression board

>> No.9383709

Who the HELL reported my grocery store organizing thread?

>> No.9383724

Interesting posters getting banned and being taken away from us? I am sure glad we have such fantastic people like you shitting up the board in their place.

>> No.9383718

>/jp/ is so horrible now I'm gonna leave you should too
almost every thread every day
Nah, this is just some bullshit shitposters make to chase away people. Look at >>9383547
>the permabanning of Fukune and Yama pretty much just cut the throat and bled out what was left of it

Keep trying.

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Nope someone made a WA thread on /jp/ so I still got my image viewer opened to my folder.

>> No.9383731

Fukune wasn't an interesting poster, unless you think typing like a retard every post is cool and interesting.

>> No.9383728

I own Wild Arms and have been looking for something new to play. Does it still hold up?

>> No.9383735

The fact that so many nerds bought into it was absolutely beautiful. I don't condone shitposting but fuck I loved how he derailed shit threads on purpose.

>> No.9383734


no its absolute fucking SHIT

one of the worst JRPG's i've ever played

don't listen to that tripfaggot

>> No.9383745

>Interesting posters

And hello Yama, impostor-partimer, I know you're in here. You're pretty much the only one samefagging promote your name around here.

>> No.9383749

I knew a guy named Yama once, god damn it how much I hated that jap fag...

>> No.9383748

The problem with /jp/ is the lack of good posts, not the presence of bad ones. You can't blame /a/, the janitor, or ironic shitposters for that, you can only blame /jp/.

>> No.9383754

I still say split up the board. It will reduce shitposting by like 70%

>> No.9383755

>Arc was knifed by some nigger thug in ghetto
It's funny because Arc is black.

>> No.9383756

this is an interesting view of the problem, you guys should consider it

>> No.9383759 [DELETED] 

We're all waiting for you on .

>> No.9383760

No, it's pretty much the opposite. People that are browsing /jp/ get board and so they decided to shit up the place when they could have just gone somewhere else. But instead they decide to shit up the place because they are board with how "slow" /jp/ moves.

>> No.9383761


/an/ is full of flavor of the month wannabe-otaku shows.

/fig/ is full of 'Oh look I'm such an otaku because I bought X number of figures' it's like the anime blogosphere circa 2009

>> No.9383762

Yes, lets all ask the shitposters to take an oath to never shit up /jp/ again!

What a brilliant plan.

>> No.9383763

Yeah, and how about that suggestion to axe /jp/? Do you still keep emailing moot like always?

>> No.9383776

>It will reduce shitposting by like 70%
It will also reduce population by 70%.

>> No.9383769

Obviously people will talk about what's currently airing. Sounds like a problem on your end, anon.

>> No.9383772

I have never considered splitting up the board up until recent months. See >>9383579

>> No.9383782

You guys could at least give some suggestions instead of having that shitty negative attitude.
and why that people doesn't want to participate in those threads? Let me give you a hint:

your thread _ _ _ _ _

>> No.9383781

I will take quality over quantity any day.

>> No.9383791

There is nothing we can do. /jp/ is just going to get worse and worse. That Ron Paul spammer was banned, has had hundreds of posts deleted but that isn't stopping him. Nothing is stopping these assholes from shitting up /jp/.

>> No.9383787

>Yutanpo was kidnapped by Mossad
I have been and still am worried about Yutanpo. He is the only trip code user in the entirety of 4chan that I remotely liked. He seem to have posted less and less and each time he sounded more depressed each time and spoke less and less.

I hope he is still alive and well.

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Sorta. On the bad side the translation was 90's babelfish tier and the 3D battle scene graphics were made of up 4 polygons.

Still fun though if you like spaghetti western video games. OP movie is still the best too.

>> No.9383797

Maybe he was made a janitor or something.

>> No.9383795

A board with 150 people posting doesn't sound very profitable to moot.

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File: 269 KB, 1028x799, Rustle 21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9383802

Cool. I guess I will start when I am done playing Thousand Arms for the first time in years.

>> No.9383803

He said on /a/ he got an actual life.

>> No.9383804

Yeah yeah, you're probably that same guy who keeps going on about making /jp/ - japan/general. Fucking condense 2hu shit to one place, it's the japanese mlp, it's cancerous, etc yada yada yada.

>> No.9383816

Uh, no it's the opposite. I don't want Japanese threads in /jp/, I post Touhou threads from time to time and I don't make shitty metathreads like you.

Time to take your medication kiddo.

>> No.9383810
File: 1.03 MB, 1050x4963, 1336064288624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9383820


/jp/ is happy to go at it's pace, but unfortunately the kids from other boards aren't patient and keep spamming the good threads off the board.

They don't understand what a slow board is, they're used to /a/, /v/ or /b/ speeds and in order to stop /jp/ becoming another /a/, /v/ or /b/ we have to balance it out with our own posts or we risk a full takeover, and when /jp/ gets known as '/a/ lite' or whatever, that's when moot will consider honestly deleting it.

Most of us are NEET, or we are really interested in otaku stuff to the point where discussing it just feels like time that could be better spent immersed in it, if you look at other similar boards on the internet, you'll realize they go slow too because most people just are preoccupied with sleeping or something else to keep posting.

/jp/ is meant to be slow, newfags don't understand and basically troll for reactions, then the good threads they're not interested in get bumped off and we give up making them

>> No.9383823

Why is it that whenever I make a thread for serious discussion it gets barely any replies or else ravaged by shitposters but you faggots seems to enjoy contributing to 200+ post threads complaining about the "state of /jp/".

>> No.9383828

It's one of the few miracles of /jp/. Meta threads will always get 300+ replies and more until it dies off.

>> No.9383829

>I don't have energy to translate after starting to live real life...

And then the archive of his posts ends five days later.

>> No.9383832

Internet drama is more interesting than glorious on topic discussions.

>> No.9383839

Another successful KoG thread

>> No.9383841

Funny because iirc he's a chink/gook.

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File: 77 KB, 500x323, Hungry Slav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9383838

Didn't 4chan use to have a text only board? what happened to it? I liked that place because no one could post annoying images.

>> No.9383855

Madotsuki-puke.jpeg followed by >Mokou
that one image he spams
and various other gimmicks

He's still around.

>> No.9383860

King of Gets stopped posting along with his trip years ago. No one but you believes he still exists.

>> No.9383862


>> No.9383863

/prog/ and /lounge/ are still used as far as I know.

>> No.9383873

Probably 5 or 6 like usual.

>> No.9383870

Sudo is a pig? What was this reference to? Is he fatass in real life?

>> No.9383871

just more evidence that nobody on this board actually engages in any otaku-related activities they just come here to shit and wipe their ass.

>> No.9383872

how many pages are going to get deleted when the janitors come back?

>> No.9383874


>> No.9383877

Archive link? I miss him so much. I loved participating in his Sketchbook full colors threads.

he even went to the place where some of the anime scenes took place and took pictures of them.

>> No.9383887

>they just come here to shit
except I do not shit post.

If I have nothing ontopic that I want to post or discuss I simply dont post. People who wished to be entertained because they are board show fine somewhere else for their entertainment.

>> No.9383889


I do but I don't really feel like discussing it with a bunch of people, I use this place as more of an information board than a place to discuss things.

>> No.9383891

That one's pretty slow though.

>> No.9383899

And of all the shitposters, the people who spam meta threads are the worst of the bunch. What I don't understand is why they bitch about it so much but never actually leave.

>> No.9383901

I only shitpost in off topic threads. Does that make me a bad poster?

>> No.9383914

Everyone does this, even the people who believe they're protecting the board.

>> No.9383919

The prophecy is now fulfilled
what happens next is up to the crossposters from the big three how to turn this place from its current situation to a gagglefuck of shit compiled from the other boards.
Fuck you /jp/, you let this happen, you deserve this.

>> No.9383923

Wait, there's a new Wild Arms game?

>> No.9383924

/jp/ looks like "Shitposting Culture" only because it's a slow board.
If it was faster, nobody would even notice the same 10 "2D/Random" lobbyists we have here.

>> No.9383930

I shitpost because I'm frustrated with all the shitposting
Kill me

>> No.9383933


Lack of (good) moderation (which shouldn't be needed, since shitkids are suposed to go to /b/)/ overflow of shitpost bumps /jp/ related stuff off.

>> No.9383937

People need to stop assuming we are anything like the other boards.


That's why there's so much ironic shitposting, we're trying to show these people how fucking retarded they are, maybe it will stop their shitty hivemind board-culture mentality.

>> No.9383955

You do an excellent job janitors, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you for your service so far and even though I am not in your shoes I am think I can finally understand the amount of bullshit you have to put up with /jp/ on a daily basis and I am grateful for getting rid of it.

>> No.9383947

It's funny because you're complaining about hiveminds while making a hivemind post.

>> No.9383950

I guess you finally gave up on the "/jp/ is exactly the same as it's always been and all the people who say anything else are retarded" shtick. Took you fucking long enough.

>> No.9383951

Except that by flinging so much poop, you're attracted all the shit lovers of the arounds.

>> No.9383961
File: 26 KB, 320x240, article200805271638033017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It doesn't.
/jp/ was always full of shit-posting.
The only thing that changed trough the years was the userbase.
New people come and some old people leave this place.
1 month everyone is shitposting with who are you quoting and next month its "btw I am a girl"

For years allready , every few days someone is complaining that /jp/ is shitty it became pretty much a insider joker.

You know what will happen in 2 years?
The same shit , only with some new people and they will say 2012 /jp/ was so much better.

>> No.9383962

You say that, but this thread and 10 pages worth of off-topic trash are still around.

>> No.9383978

I think you have been spoiled from having 100+ replies every time you make a thread on /a/ or /v/. I'm ok with having 10~20 replies when I make an on-topic thread. If you don't have anything to add, why would you expect get fucking fascinating walltexts of discussion all of a sudden? People also move on, it's boring to speak and read the same shit all the time.

>> No.9383972

"Why can't the janitors be here 24/7? Why do they lead normal lives offline while I am stuck here bitching and moaning about everything. Moot should fire them because they aren't here 24/7"

- You

>> No.9383977

There's 5 at most, stop being such a nihilist.

>> No.9383992

I will.

>> No.9383993


Bring our boys home.

>> No.9383980

>will say 2012 /jp/ was so much better
No one will say that.

>> No.9383994

This guy has only been here for a year tops, don't listen to him, just filter and move on.

>> No.9384004

boards don't have janitors assigned by time zones?

>> No.9383997
File: 157 KB, 577x622, 1338936826649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about 10 minute to create a thread just like /b/ ?

I wish the new gimmix will be less shit than "btw I'm a girl"

>> No.9384008

They're here, they just don't care anymore. And who can blame them, they were not doing a dent at all

>> No.9384019

Of course you will just so you can be funny and spite me.

>> No.9384020

/jp/ never had a clear destination in the first place.

>> No.9384021

I am going to drink some more and ignore this thread. I don't want a bunch of shitposter to ruin my buzz. Have fun with your metathread.

>> No.9384024


>> No.9384028

Also I am serious about nominating Zunbar as a potential janitor or mod. I will admit he isn't perfect but you can tell by his character that he has a perfect balance to him and would be fair but strict about content on /jp/

>> No.9384030

I hope the normalfags die.

>> No.9384040

Didn't you see the image in the fourth post?

>> No.9384035

Why is everyone in this thread so frustrated?

>> No.9384043

No, he is fucking retarded and will only support shitposting.

Not to mention his little power trip he will more than likely go through and ban everyone except for the shitposters.

>> No.9384044
File: 41 KB, 200x164, a ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

le you mad face !
***** /e/p/i/c/ *****

>> No.9384045
File: 324 KB, 1006x1600, img20090115171408205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they do, from 2008 to today
You can go and search the archives , every year was like this
Every week , someone is asking the question"why is /jp/ so shitty"

surprise the board was always full of shitposting, sometimes its more and sometimes its less.But its 1 of the charming points of /jp/
How stupid or funny it sounds some threads can be very entertaining or funny with some shitposting.Anyway take it easy and relax and you will start looking at this things with different eyes.

>> No.9384048

You sound unstable.

>> No.9384050
File: 65 KB, 444x511, 1341338861321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This post relly rustled my jimmies

>> No.9384051

2008 wast better though. 2012 isnt.

>> No.9384052

Dude. Dick move.

>> No.9384054

I've been here going on 3 years in two months OP.

I came here form real life and no other board.
Everyone needs to calm down.

/jp/ gets f/a/ggots every year during the summer.
All those college/highschool kids think they're really NEETs or Otakus or even weeboos, but they have no idea and will be back to their "normal"/"normy" lives once school is back in.

They flood into /a/ and once the regulars on /a/ become sick of the summerfags they come here.
Eventually they will become sick of our /jp/ ways and go back to /a/.

There have already been several of them who made threads on how much they hate us, /jp/, and left.

Everyone needs to remain calm in this dis/a/ster.
We, the true /jp/ers, will be here for the rest of our lives here and people from other boards cannot deal with that kind of life.
I honestly believe this.
I care about the true /jp/ and the true /jp/ers.
You can too.

>> No.9384058

I'm tired. I wanted to go to bed but I saw this thread by mistake.

>> No.9384062

meido pls

>> No.9384063

Epic speech.

>> No.9384067


>> No.9384075

>Eventually they will become sick of our /jp/ ways and go back to /a/.
Thats where you are wrong. Each time some of those faggots stay around and each time an influx of shitposters come and go there are always those that stick around permanently until it is filled with nothing but shitposters.

>> No.9384076


>> No.9384078

You tell them Aniki!

>> No.9384086

sig heil dude

>> No.9384084


>> No.9384085
File: 109 KB, 400x400, 1339964094247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I love you.

>> No.9384089
File: 138 KB, 500x375, dvc00038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe, but boards are like humans they change trough the years.
Nothing we/you can do about it.
Just enjoy the threads that you like and laugh at some of the actually well made shitposts that can be funny.
Its a waste of time to complain about the past or future cause in the end you can do nothing to change it.

I imagine /jp/ as a river in that you are swimming.
Its up to you if you want to fight and swim against it even if you know you cant win or let yourself go and enjoy the ride.

The only thing that I don't like on /jp/ are unpolite people and the sometimes racism.

>> No.9384090

I know you also have that mod in your group too, somehow i will take care of him too. you most likely never have seen the old /jp/, but these /jp/ers are missing something. That is the /jp/ honor and spirit, i will get this board back under your little groups hands. you might of took it from the shadows, laughing at us at every turn in your shitty steam /irc group. you might have killed off the userbase and everything that /jp/ once stood for, but i will not give up until you all leave us alone.

>> No.9384091

Epic reply.

>> No.9384094
File: 551 KB, 1600x900, 1342468017467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9384096

>the actually well made shitposts that can be funny
except none of them are funny. 2008 was good. 2012 isnt.

If you bitching and moaning about being offended about everything maybe you should take your little gook self and post elsewhere then.

Oh wait you wont. You always stay around and contribute nothing but shit and add to the problems with your shitty tripe code presence.

>> No.9384102
File: 205 KB, 445x445, 1301465719467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>whining about racism on 4chan


>> No.9384105

Fuck off. You can't even spell kid, so I doubt you've been here since 2008

>> No.9384107

quality posting

>> No.9384108

Epic swearing.

>> No.9384111

epic quoting

>> No.9384112

I'm not the one complaining about racism and "rudeness" in 4chan of all fucking places.

>> No.9384113

Back atcha!

>> No.9384116
File: 39 KB, 500x500, GTFOrjp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crossposter scum pls go

>> No.9384117


To be fair racism has been rampant from the beginning of 4chan, we are on the internet and not facebook after all.

>> No.9384118

QUALITY thread if I ever saw one

>> No.9384121

for every shitpost made on /jp/, I make 10 shitposts on a randomly chosen board
maybe we should all do that.

>> No.9384122

le funny meme reply :) omg swearing is too lewd for us little girls! fuk me in the ass/ torture my boypussy!

>> No.9384124

fucking e/b/in idea

>> No.9384129

>except none of them are funny
Well, shitpost have no clear definition, so what you may not consider a shitpost might be considered a shitpost by some, and vice versa.

Try to be a bit less grumpy.

>> No.9384130

And perpetuate and exacerbate the ongoing problem? I think not.

>> No.9384131

This... sounds like fun actually.

>> No.9384140

People made threads about that here and I saved that pic. You are such a noob that you weren't here for those threads. I bet you were working NORMALFAG

>> No.9384143


>> No.9384144

I love when try-hard nerds get owned.

>> No.9384145

Requires too much dedication. If I had the willpower to make 1000 shitposts a day, I sure as hell would be using it to more interesting things

>> No.9384148
File: 101 KB, 1024x768, kago1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe its whining for you.
But I don't care actually the backstory of people on /jp/
I don't care if you have 2 kids and a job or if you are some black guy who is living with his mom.
its not important for me,If I come online I just laugh and enjoy the threads or posts.
Talking about some japanese drama or laughing about some fagot that is scared because a storm did hit his house almost is what makes /jp/ funny for me.

Also I know that for some people /jp/ is the only social contact so why you want to bring shit like racism or "U MAD brah" to this board?

anyway /jp/ I like that people complain "why is /jp/ so shitty" its 1 of the charming points of /jp/

/jp/ wouldn't be /jp/ if people wouldn't complain or report every god dam post they don't like.

>> No.9384151


>> No.9384153

And /jp/ will finally be cleansed once you guys are banned for invasion.

>> No.9384156

Go back to work, drone.

>> No.9384162

What is this, 2007?

>> No.9384168

I was referring to the guy you were replying to. Stop jumping to conclusions :)

>> No.9384175

The best solution is kanji captcha, it's as simple as that.

/jp/ should be for specialist subjects and posts, made only by people who are at least trying to learn the language. If we have a kanji captcha at least we can just disregard shitposting as trolling because there will be a level of intelligence required to do it in the first place rather than having to worry which board is shitting us up.

Kanji captcha will solve everything and it's a great way to do your reps too.

>> No.9384177

Epic ironic shitposting.

>> No.9384181

keep dreaming.

>> No.9384191


look at this mad weaboo nerd

>> No.9384198
File: 25 KB, 400x500, High-Five.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9384199

moot should just fucking delete this fucking board and permaban everyone who ever posted here

>> No.9384202
File: 23 KB, 559x254, asprin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9384203

I wouldn't say kanji captcha, but a kana captcha would only be logical. Moot did say he wouldn't be doing it though, IIRC because he was going to keep things consistent so he was going to keep recaptcha everywhere.

>> No.9384204

Epic retort.

>> No.9384213

Quality post.

>> No.9384222

No because 2012 was the year of Fukune's peak.

>> No.9384227

Epic sageru.

>> No.9384230

You have no reason to hate Zunbar. If you really did hate him you wouldn't reply to any of his posts.

>> No.9384235

It's the best, isn't it?

>> No.9384238

I think the ``Please Respond'' images are funny.

>> No.9384243


>> No.9384246

>kana captcha

What are you? Some kind of secondary?

>> No.9384247

Ok, boss. Who is gonna get whacked?

>> No.9384252


>> No.9384633

The only reason I'm here is because my IP is blocked from 2ch and I'm forced to lurk. I'm past calling people faggots and having to deal with children, sure 2ch has it's share of trolls but at least people are mature enough in dealing with them there.

>> No.9384648

It's funny because half of the people who posted here aren't even from /jp/.
This thread just proved it's point.

>> No.9384673

Yeah, everyone but you is an off-boarder. Thanks for the hard work.

>> No.9386742

Holy shit you're the worst weeaboo on /jp/ all week.