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best 2hou and best hag

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Underboobs are the lewdest

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racequeens can be cute and lewd

also, Ridge Racer V is underrated

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Race queen touhous? Nice.

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I haven't seen those first two before.
S-so lewd...I didn't they could get any lewder...

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Why is it so sunny in Gensokyo, that everyone would need umbrellas at all times?

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Yuuka's race queen outfit is a hundred times more lewd than Sanae's. I wonder...

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That wavy shoulder-length hair...all of my boners.

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The lewdest.

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Yuuka's lewder. At least Reimu's got a skirt.

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Shit car would not bang.

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she would make a good booth babe/whore
oh wait, she IS one
I love shitposting

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I don't see no skirt.

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Is IQDB not working for anyone else?

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weird isn't it

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Life without iqdb is suffering.

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ho-lee fuck this guy is awesome

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Why do they have umbrellas when race cars have roof and you wear a helmet?

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>He thinks Race Queens drive the cars

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fuc*king EPIC reaction image bro :) why dont you go over to >>>/v/ and show it to them instead

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who cares from where are these from. just post more

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Take it easy. Reaction images were here before you were.

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There are reaction images and there are reaction images. Yours is of the /v/-kind.

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oh god
whoa, WHOA
this is the first non-/d/ level pic I find sexy in months!

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How about report and hide it, and keep your mouth shut? You aren't doing a good thread any favours by shitting it up with pointless arguments.

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That's cute.

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How about you hide your mouth in this *whips out cock* *is 400 pounds*

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Why don't you shitposters fuck off to /v/ or something? They are accepting of subhumans there.

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But that will do absolutely nothing. It's not the janitors or the mods task to educate people on how to act on boards, it's the users.

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neways here the rest for you thaT RE NEW AS FCK LOL

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>You aren't doing a good thread any favours

Maybe the /v/tard should have left his /v/ folder at the door before shitting up a "good" /jp/ thread

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It's funny because you're shitting up the thread right now.

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n thje best, 10/10 wud fck wit fury

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dats it, u homonerds can go fap or sumthin now lol

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Nope I think my method works a lot better, letting the people with actual power to do anything fix it, eventually... I won't even need to know it's there if stubs were hidden.

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Just derailed an entire thread over a picture.

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this thread is ripe with the stench of bitches.

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im gonna derail my dick in ur ass

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If you think they will do anything about a misappropriate reaction image then you're fucking retarded. You're just closing your eyes and pretending it's not there.

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Better to tell them to start behaving so nobody would have to bother with hiding posts in the first place.

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Welcome to /jp/

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Yeah, if you just tell people to stop making shitty posts, they'll just stop. I don't know why nobody thought of it before.

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Back to Race Queens now

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Some will. That's better than none of them.

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What kind of magic is this?! I feel aroused, but without guilt or shame!
-said Anonymous quoting the race touhous

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On the other hand, it might encourage more shitposting.

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It seems as though that's all there is. This is the artist's pixiv, though, in case you want to monitor it for more forthcoming.

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Was hoping for more, but appreciate the source link. I find the concept works better than touhou pro wrestling for some reason. Maybe because the design manage to incorporate plenty elements from the original.

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10/10 would fuck with the force of a thousand suns.

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Is this the new thing after naked sweaters? I like it.

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wats this

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Oh man, it's that artist.

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I doubt it's got as much material as sweaters.

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How can you fuck up proportion this much ? Seriously.

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I don't get it... why do they censor it?

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What's wrong with the proportions, Walter?